Belgian Watch Brands (22 Top Watches Made in Belgium in 2023)

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Would you believe a G-Shock I was gifted in 2014 by my grandpa started my lifelong journey of a watch geek?

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Belgians are well known for their chocolates as well as waffles, but they also make unique timepieces.

Belgium’s expertise at making timepieces is undermined by the much more well-known watchmaking nation Switzerland, but it does have some fantastic watch companies that we’d like to show you.

Read further in our blog to get introduced to some of the best watch brands in Belgium, and we are sure that you will fall in love with them, for all these are affordable, unique, and simply so beautifully detailed.

We have detailed a list of the best watches made in Belgium so that you can get introduced to an affordable yet classy range of these wristwatches.

Steffen Design

Steffen Design watch

Steffen Design’s inaugural watch collection was introduced in 2005.

Ronald Steffen, a competent graphic artist and camera operator, founded Steffen Exceptional Timepieces. Their lovely wristwatches reflect an innovative mix of elegance and expertise, precisely produced in the timepiece’s homeland, Switzerland, and partially in Belgium.

The foundation of aesthetics, according to Ronald Steffen, is inspired by minimalism. For his one-of-a-kind sculptures, he uses around sixty elements including twelve distinct substances. Each component has its own distinct individuality. Each model is marked and comes in a limited run.

Their price starts from approximately €2,159 and above. Even though these watches can be classified as a bit expensive, each of them is individually crafted and is made with specific attention to detail, which makes their price justified.

Ronald Steffen has always had a soft spot in his heart for watches. This passion has culminated in his own formation: a wristwatch to feel happy with.

Ice Watch

Ice Watch

Ice-Watch has a short background, beginning in 2006, rather than decades or centuries ago.

Before starting Ice-Watch, inventor Jean-Pierre Lutgen worked for an organization that made everyday merchandise. He got involved with silicone (charity) bracelets while he was there. He was motivated by these wristbands to create inexpensive, multicolored timepieces with plastic bands.

Ice-Watch was established as a result of this rather peculiar chain of events. Ever since the beginning, Ice Watch’s prime goal has remained largely unchanged: inexpensive watches should always be accessible in a variety of sizes and types, as stated in the motto “Change. You Can.”

Since 2007, ICE-Watch has grown to become one of the most popular watch brands worldwide.

Their watch collection starts at as low as just €59 and goes far beyond based on your choice and the details of the chosen watch. They should definitely be your go-to choice if you want something colorful.


Patton watch

In 2009, Patton Watches was established.

Its items are “Swiss Made” approved, have a distinct personality, and are decidedly on-trend in appearance. They are developed and created with the very same philosophy as Ice-Watch watches and come in a range of hue and substance pairings.

Patton watches are extremely durable and can withstand the environment and the passage of time, as seen by the different trials mentioned on the brand’s homepage.

They are purposefully intended to survive extreme conditions, and each watch is put through extensive examination to ensure its durability. Hyperbare, the brand’s flagship version, epitomizes this excellence.

In the Swiss workshop, each Patton timepiece is meticulously built, regulated, and polished. Their timepieces are highly affordable, meaning that you won’t have to go around emptying your pocket for a wristwatch.


Venneman watch

Made entirely of high-quality Swiss parts, this is a very Belgian concept.

Belgium is recognized for bicycling, and notable national football players and confectionary, but that is not all that it has to offer. In that little nation, there are also some highly skilled and enthusiastic independent watchmakers.

Thomas Venneman, the founder of Venneman Watches, is among them.

Thomas Venneman aspires to make one-of-a-kind, limited-edition timepieces. There will only be 300 copies manufactured; no more will be made. It’s one of a kind and numbered!

Venneman watches are made of high quality and with specific attention to detail, which is why we are sure that you will not find anything similar to this anywhere!

Their price starts from € 1250 and goes beyond that depending on the collection from which you choose.


Twistiti watch

Twistiti describes its Numbers Watch as the “sophisticated” of the two alternatives for “elder” children beginning to tell the time with digits.

Both the Numbers as well as Animals watches feature a satin-finished 316L hardshell case with quite a K1 mineral display as well as waterproofing of up to 50 meters.

The Twistiti technique, which is aimed at children aged 3 to 6, encourages them to become acquainted with the notion of time by employing simple concepts: humorous and colorful animals will make the children seem at ease with the education process.

The timepieces will pique the interest of the children and urge them to understand how to operate them! Their watches are available at extremely competitive rates.


Pontiac watch

Ali Kinsbergen founded the Pontiac watch company in 1931. This year also led to the establishment of a life-changing journey.

Quality timepieces were scarce at the time. Durability, accuracy, and elegance were only available to the wealthy.

The creators of Pontiac had a straightforward goal in mind: to take full advantage of watchmaking available to everyone at a reasonable price.

From the start, it was all about the necessities.

Pontiac debuted a new series of premium watches designed in Belgium in 2014, equipped with a Swiss mechanism and sapphire crystal. They are made with the highest care and feature elements that are distinctive to the company, which specializes in traditional, high-quality versions.

Pontiac watches are all resistant to water and available with a three-year warranty from the manufacturers.

They are easily available for as little as €100 and can go as expensive as you would like to, depending on their different collections.


Tamawa watch

Hubert Verstraeten, an artist, began working with Saluc S.A., a snooker ball maker, in 2008.

He began making timepieces out of Bakelite, the same material used to produce snooker balls. Hubert Verstraeten’s award-winning timepieces add a splash of vibrancy to everyday situations. They’re happy and rounded.

The stained Bakelite balls may be swapped out, allowing the watch to be customized to fit any mood or aesthetic. The watches come with either a solitary leather band or a twin leather band that may be wrapped twice around the wrist.

The regular price of Tamawa watches is somewhere around the range of £255.00 which means that you can get a good quality, delicate watch at not too expensive rates.

S. Albert

S. Albert watch

The basis of these wonderful and innovative timepieces was laid sometime in the 1870s, and it has been onwards and upwards ever since.

S.ALBERT timepieces are created in partnership with skilled craftspeople and it is one of the best Belgium watch companies.

They’re made in tiny, specifically counted runs, making each piece one-of-a-kind, just like its new owner. Every one of the elements that make them up is created and built with high-quality components to guarantee their long-term endurance.

They are shaped with perfection and attention to detail by craftspeople, watchmakers, dial makers, and even experts in microstructures, all with the utmost regard for watchmaking history.

These watches are a bit on the high-end in terms of pricing and you can buy from their exquisite collection for just a couple hundred dollars.


Lebeau Courally watch

Auguste Lebeau, a Belgian armorer who created the world’s most complex shooting rifles in his Liège workshop, established the trademark in 1865.

These timepieces have a feeling of easy beauty and refinement, yet they’re also more futuristic and bolder. The Rolls-Royce Wraith has elevated the standard in bespoke watch production to new heights with its dramatic appearance and perfection in construction and workmanship.

Lebeau-Courally was so impressed by this achievement that he created a bespoke Le Comte watch variant in its honor. To commemorate its 150th anniversary, Lebeau-Courally has created a one-of-a-kind clock, the Le Baron ‘1865’. They’re always on the run to create more beautiful and visually pleasing watches than ever before.

Most of their watches are priced somewhere around 4250 .00 €. Even though they are a bit expensive, these prices are justified because of their craftsmanship and details.


Komono watch

Komono, which was established in 2009 in Belgium by ex-professional snowboarder Anton Janssens as well as Raf Maes, defies standards and delivers a unique experience. Belgium is where the company’s headquarters are located. The Komono watch is your safest alternative at a relatively lower price range if you want a fashionable but uncomplicated watch.

Komono watches have had a heavy consequence on worldwide fashion patterns with their designs, and the founders have affected global fashion patterns with their brilliant ingenuity and exquisite craftsmanship.

This Komono community is made up of visionaries and artists that are committed to creating timepieces that are accurate. The organization is also committed to classic Belgian values such as tenacity, quality, and craftsmanship.

All of their timepieces are contemporary and high-quality, designed for people with a perception of fashion that directs them away from the market’s low-quality and flashy timepieces.

The brand serves as a window into the world of global culture. Each watch is expertly constructed with meticulous attention to detail and is typically delivered on schedule.

The Komono timepieces are stunning in photos and even more so in person. These watches may be found for as little as £ 100 or as much as you like, based on the collections you select.


Adna watch

ADNA, a Belgian watch company made by brilliant designer Alain Denys, is offered in a first limited edition.

The ADNA watch has a huge advantage in that the wristband can be swapped out quickly and easily. As a result, you can alter the hue as needed to match your day’s aesthetic or temperament.

This is one of the few watch companies on our list which will be able to provide you with amazing yet extremely affordable rates. This means that you can style your day with the help of this Belgian company without having to go through a loss.


Gavox watch

Since 2011, Gavox has been a Belgian watch brand.

The timepieces are aimed at travelers and enthusiasts who use their watches as equipment. They are honored to serve each customer as brand advocates. Gavox, a Belgian watchmaker, has recently unveiled its new watch collection, which is inspired by the world’s most beautiful highways.

Many timepieces are designed with an emphasis on aviation or to respect aviation. There haven’t been many built expressly for military use. Gavox watches, on the other hand, have been named the authorized watches of two Belgian air force squadrons.

Under the cautious eye of Michael Happé, these excellent clocks were invented, designed, and made. He chose to become a pilot since he was the grandson of one of the renowned Flying Tigers.

The lowest price of this watch is €190.00.

Meraud Bonaire

Meraud Bonaire watch

Stijn Busschaert, an antique watch enthusiast and one of the founding presidents of the Belgium Watch Club, established the company.

Stijn, a long-time watch aficionado, is determined to launch his own business and bring his enthusiasm to the marketplace. Inspired by diving watches from the 1960s, many watch collectors regard it to be the golden age of tool watches.

Méraud’s objective is to make great vintage-inspired watches at an affordable price. The Méraud Bonaire is the end outcome. A mechanical clock with a pure appearance where form follows functionality, manufactured to modern standards. They understand the intricacies of vintage and traditional watches and approach Méraud’s designs with the perspective of a dedicated collector.

They are generally priced somewhere around $744, which means that they are not as expensive as you might have initially thought them to be.


Ressence watch

Ressence is a watch brand started by Benoît Mintiens in Antwerp, Belgium, in 2010.

The title is a combination of the words “Renaissance” with “essence.” Certainly, they’re pricey, but there’s a justification for that: the one-of-a-kind creation and the time and effort it required to get there.

Picking up a Ressence watch for the first time can be a bit disconcerting. Ressence timepieces, notwithstanding their appearance, are electromechanical — the base caliber is an ETA 2824.

To make their timepieces, they collaborate with a specialist workshop in Switzerland, the gold standard. As a Ressence is the culmination of years of exploration and innovation, perfection is a must.

Ressence aspires to provide the sensation of a high-end mechanical watch, enhanced by the advantages that digital technology can provide.

Ressence watches are quite on the expensive side, so you can expect to find them for a couple of hundred dollars with some ranging to even $29,950.


Raidillon watch

In June 2001, the very first Raidillon watches were unveiled on the Belgian circuit. Raidillon timepieces are developed in Belgium and manufactured in Switzerland with the meticulous attention to detail demanded by the Swiss-made designation.

Each model is one-of-a-kind since it is produced in a special run of only 55 pieces. The preponderance of their timepieces is nearly identical, with minor differences in color, texture, and strap options.

With that said, there are some good prices and some genuinely lovely pieces here, indicating that Raidillon is a label that timepiece collectors would enjoy when looking for something a little different.

The tiny business is genuinely enthusiastic about its offering and has a strong design focus. It’s simple to get behind some of their stronger designs, which have a racing theme and are almost always limited editions.

These watches can be purchased at low rates easily through their website.


Bombardier watch

Joseph-Armand Bombardier founded the Bombardier Corporation in Montreal, Quebec.

The business began creating timepieces in the early 1980s, drawing on its knowledge in aircraft construction. Watches by Bombardier are manufactured in Switzerland. The company is regarded as being in a high price range.

Watches with exceptional endurance are made possible by technologies utilized in airplane construction.

Only six models are available in the Bombardier collection: two automatics (BB1 and BB2), two quartzes (BB3 and BB4), one for water activities (200m water resistance), and 34 for ladies. Women’s models have cases made out of high steel as well as gold with some stardust.

ETA mechanisms are used in chronographs. Rubber, leather, as well as steel bracelets, are available. Watches are designed in a rigorous, laconic, and absolutely minimalistic manner.

These watches are available at extremely affordable rates which means that you can easily find a good quality one for around $87.81.

R. Baptiste

Roland Baptiste watch

Roland Baptiste’s first watch design was the Royal. The watch is made of steel and has a small aperture at 6 o’clock that indicates the time. The 42 mm diameter watch on display is a one-of-a-kind piece.

The R. Baptiste Royal is driven by a Swiss mechanical automatic movement that has been adjusted. A disc was added to the caliber to indicate time. 6200€ is the asking price.

When it comes to personalized and unique timepieces, the price appears to be more than reasonable when considering the amount of work involved. Of course, you are free to create your own particular one-of-a-kind item. I’ve witnessed two incredible renditions of the Royal.

Roland has more than two decades of embossing expertise.

The Belgian and his crew have collaborated with various prominent gunmakers in Belgium, as well as in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Roland Baptiste is the son of an engraver, and the craft of engraving runs through his veins.

And it’s easy to see this in his work. He is a passionate supporter of exquisite hand engravings, which is why R. Baptiste has the finest attention-to-detail pieces.

Broken World

Quentin Kocks with Andréia Muniken established Broken World in 2013.

The Welcome Collection is distinguished by its LED illumination all around the bezel, which is accessible in eight vibrant shades.

This is also one of the most affordable watch-making Belgian companies having most of its articles listed between €90-€150.


Rodania watch

Rodania was established in Bern, Switzerland, in 1930 by Hans Baumgartner, but it has been a Belgian brand ever since the 1950s when it relocated to Brussels.

Rodania was purchased by investor Philip Cracco in 2015 and currently provides a wide range of designs. They also have pocket watches for sale! The timepieces are inexpensive (usually between $100 and $200), but they are uninteresting.

With a few outliers, such as the Rodania Cirius, which features an automatic operation and is slightly more expensive than the norm.

Rodania only employs the well-known 316L rust-resistant steel. With a low carbon content to ensure strong protection against corrosion. to ensure great corrosion resistance, thus you may anticipate exceptional performance even with minimalist designs.

GMT Chronographs

GMT Chronograph watch

Serial entrepreneur Alain De Nys, the inventor of ADNA as well as Bombardier Swiss Chronographs, founded GMT Chronographs in 2010.

The timepieces feature a sporty design and are offered in two compilations: Classic and Dynamic, with prices ranging from €250 to €850.

They are amazing timepieces with remarkable attention to detail and a stylish style that will undoubtedly enhance your appearance.

Emmanuel Stevens

Emmanuel Stevens watch

They are the only true Belgian watch inventors and producers situated in Wallonia who can create watch and clock movements from start to finish, including all casing components.

Their timepieces come in a variety of pricing ranges and are highly gorgeous and appealing while being classy.


Manfred Cracco watch

The founder of Rodania, Philip Cracco, realized the necessity for a separate watch brand and took to calling it Manfred Cracco.

Manfred Cracco presently has eight minimalist watch collections. They are available for a reasonable price (€99-€249).

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