Best Quad Watch Winder (3 Popular Models for 2022)

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It’s a well-known fact that providing your watches with the proper care plays a massive part in their longevity. This is especially true when talking about mechanical timepieces.

The first sign that there’s something wrong with your automatic watch is degraded accuracy that can be a signal of a myriad of issues. Without a doubt, a once-a-year visit to your trusted watchmaker to check whether everything works well is a great idea and an obvious way to make sure you squeeze as many years as possible out of your watch. 

However, it becomes just a tad more difficult and expensive when you own a larger collection of automatic models. Unless you decide to wear a few watches at once (trust me, some people do it), it’s impossible to track whether all perform as well as they should. And the quicker you spot any abnormalities, the better chance of a full repair.

Not only can a reliable watch winder solve the problem but also spare you the dull task of having to wind your timepiece anytime you decide to wear it. Additionally, it just looks good and classy.

If you own a larger collection consisting of four or more automatic models, getting a multiple watch winder is an idea worth considering. By reviewing three products from three popular manufacturers, I hope to help you pick the best quad watch winder for your watches.

But first, let’s learn some basic about how watch winders work.

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Best Quad Watch Winder (Top 3 Overview)

Things to Know Before Buying a Watch Winder

If you’re mulling over the purchase of your first watch winder, learning about a few basic aspects of these products is highly recommended.

Last year I wrote a newbie-friendly watch winder tutorial. If you want as detailed information on the subject as possible, feel free to have a look. However, the brief summary of the said article below is absolutely enough to help you understand the matter and pick the right model for your collection.

Please focus for a minute or two.

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that no matter how much you fancy a watch winder’s design, it shouldn’t be the decisive factor when it comes to the purchase. The winder is pretty much useless if it can’t wind your watch properly (or damage it in the long run).

And that leads us to the two most important metrics in a watch winder – TPD (Turns Per Day) and winding directions. The specific requirements for both can be found in user manuals.

In other words, Turns Per Day are the number of rotations the winder makes during 24 hours. Some watches might have specific requirements in this field. However, 99% of automatic timepieces need anywhere between 500-1200 turns per day. Thus, it’s highly advisable to get a model that operates in this range. This way your watch is safe and sound – no matter the brand.

There are three directions in which the winder can operate: clockwise, anti-clockwise, and bi-directional. All the newly-released models offer all three which is excellent. 

When going for a multiple watch winder (such as quad), it’s important you pick the product that comes with independent rotators. Why? Different watch models might require different settings regarding the rotating directions or the number of turns. All three models discussed below meet the criteria.

Best Quad Watch Winder (Top 3 Reviewed)

Wolf Watch Winder

We could probably argue all night about which watchmaker leads the way in the horological industry. However, there’s very little doubt about who is the most trusted and respected manufacturer of watch winders. 

The brand in question here is Wolf. The UK-based company has been around since 1834, and in the last few decades, it has been the favorite choice amongst all luxury watch owners. We could say it’s the Rolex of the watch winder industry.

Wolf offers models that can store between 1 to 48 timepieces. The quad watch winder here belongs to Wolf’s Roadster line. The best-selling collection takes inspiration from the most popular British motorcars such as Bristol or Aston Martin. Especially the aged wood dashboards and glove-soft leather grab attention.

The model comes with ebony Macassar polished wood, chrome-finished hardware, as well as vegan leather. Similar to other products in this line, the Roadster quad winder uses a patented lock-in cuff locking the watch into the rotator drum for an extremely secure fit. Thanks to the low-density foam pillow, the winder can easily fit various watch sizes without pressuring the bracelet.

Crucially, the model allows for fully controllable TPD settings ranging from 300 to 1,200. You can double the number of daily rotations by selecting the bi-directional setting. The other two directions, clockwise and counter-clockwise, are also available.

Wolf stands out from its competitors in the way it counts the daily rotations. Whilst a lion’s share of manufacturers only estimate the number, Wolf watch winders count the precise number of turns.

All four winding motors can be set independently, according to the requirements of your watch. The product uses ultra-silent Mabuchi engines.

If the Roadster model is asking too much of your budget, you might want to have a look at the Heritage model that is available at half the price.

Leader Watch Winder

There are other manufacturers that won’t require you to dig as deep into your pocket as Wolf. One of the most solid alternatives is the US-based Leader.

At first glance, with a white, high-gloss piano lacquer finish on the outside and a black interior, we could say the winder presents a more minimalistic design. However, it looks much fancier at nighttime thanks to the LCD display and LED interior backlight

The four watch holders are made from polyurethane. They are pretty adjustable and can fit various watch sizes, from small case sizes of women’s models to oversized cases in men’s watches (up to 60mm). Additionally, at the bottom, you can find a large storage drawer with two watch slots and a multi-purpose compartment.

To meet the varying requirements of your automatic timepieces, the four rotators can be set with different settings. The Turns Per Day can be set between 650 and 1950, whilst the winder supports all three winding directions: clockwise, anti-clockwise and bi-directional. The watch winder can be set by either the touch screen control or the remote control that’s included.

Other Leader watch winders can be found here.

Chiyoda Watch Winder

Still not sure what is the best quad watch winder for your collection? Even if you’re on a tight budget, not everything is lost.

The last few years have seen an emergence of many low-budget brands – some of which deliver really solid value. One of the manufacturers constantly receiving glowing reviews in the savvy shopper community is Chiyoda. The US-based company produces some of the most budget-friendly watch winders, with the cheapest quad models available for as little as $150. 

Certainly, the model here isn’t any less stylish than the pair discussed above. It boasts a high-gloss piano baking varnish and a full see-through acrylic window through which you can peek at the winding process. At the top, there’s an LCD touch screen control with a backlight. The pillows are super flexible, fitting case sizes of up to 55mm.

All four motors are working separately, powered by the same Mabuchi engines used in the Wolf model. There are four TPD settings available – 650, 990, 1300, and 2000. All three winding directions (clockwise, counterclockwise, and both).

Other Chiyoda models are available here.

Brand-Specific Winders

The three quad watch winders listed above are awesome universal options.

Having said that, if you own many watch models from top-end brands, the safest option is to go for winders that definitely meet the TPD and winding direction requirements. The site offers articles about specific watch winder models that are best suited for some of the most renowned watchmakers: Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, or Patek Philippe.

If you own a high-end watch brand that’s not mentioned, let me know in the comment section below. I will do my best to help!

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