Best Watch Winder for Omega Watches

Best watch winder for Omega watches

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If you are a proud owner of an automatic Omega watch (or a few of them) then kudos to you! There’s no doubt that Omega timepieces are one of the best in the business and they deserve to be taken good care of. 

If winding the timepiece is not something you love doing, or you simply want to have a safe, classy-looking shelter for your collection, then getting a winding box is a great idea. To help you pick the best watch winder for Omega, I’ll be reviewing 5 products from 5 popular brands.

Below you can have a quick peek at the recommended winders. Before we have a closer look at each of them, let’s define what to look for in a watch winder for Omega.

Things to Know Before Buying a Watch Winder for Omega

Getting a watch winder is not all about the looks. Neither is it about the number of slots inside. The box might look beautiful and fit all your vintage Omega watches but if it can’t wind them properly, what’s the point? 

If you read my ultimate guide to watch winders, by now you will have learned about TPD (Turns Per Day) and winding direction. As an owner of an Omega watch, these are the two values you need to be aware of before proceeding with the purchase.

Different watch brands have different requirements regarding the subject. In fact, it’s easy to spot differences even amongst watches in a single brand – including Omega.

When it comes to TPD, Omega watches require between ~600 and 910 rotations daily (depending on the model). These numbers will ensure a power reserve for around 30 hours and that’s absolutely fine for an automatic watch. Remember that anytime you decide to wear it, the kinetic movement of your wrist will keep it self-wound.

As far as winding direction is concerned, most Omega watches will require clockwise or bidirectional movement. There are few models that will work only with the anticlockwise maneuver. Full information on the subject can be found on Omega’s official website.

When creating the list of the best watch winders for Omega, I made sure that all of the above criteria are met. All the winders on the list are either single or double. In case you need to store more watches, I have placed links to larger winders at the bottom of each product review.

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Best Watch Winder for Omega Watches (TOP 5 Reviewed)

Wolf 456002

Wolf is one of the leading manufacturers of watch winders worldwide and its inclusion on the list shouldn’t come as a surprise. The British company has been around since 1834, and during the last 3 centuries has gained a great reputation for producing beautiful leather winding boxes. If I were to pick one luxury watch winder on this list, I’d definitely point to this one. 

The model described here belongs to the Viceroy Collection and it’s one of, if not the best, single watch winder for Omega. Wolf’s signature style of the black exterior is present, as is the textured silk lining. With the elaborate look, it does seem like a great place to keep your Omega watch, doesn’t it?

The patented technology in Wolf watch winders allows for counting and recording the number of rotations during use. This is hardly a given as many other brands just estimate the turns. Even though Wolf winders are super silent and inconspicuous, they can handle the biggest and heaviest Omega models.

The watch winder uses Japanese Mabuchi Motors. They are known for working in an extremely silent way and being designed with zero magnetization, meaning no risk of damaging your watch. The number of turns per day you can set is between 300 and 1200. Equally important, all movement directions (clockwise, anticlockwise and bidirectional) are allowed.

What’s also cool about this watch winder is that it’s mobile. While at home, you can use the standard power adaptor. If you’re on the road and would like to keep your Omega watch wound, switch to battery mode and you’re good to go.

Wolf produces watch winders that can fit from 1 to as many as 32 timepieces. To explore winders that can fit more than one Omega watch, click here.

Heiden Monaco

Heiden watch winders have been around for more than 10 years now, and the American company is a popular choice amongst many luxury watch owners. If you need to fit two Omega timepieces, this model is a great option to consider. 

Similarly to Wolf, Heiden products are renowned for their stylish, high-end design. Elaborate materials such as cross-stitched leather and linen have been used with the model described here. With large interior space, the two soft pillows can hold both small and large-sized Omega timepieces.

Both Japanese Mabuchi motors can be set individually so you can adjust suitable settings for each of the two Omega watches.  Depending on the individual TPD requirements of your watch, you can set the daily rotations to 650, 950, 1250 or 1850. Naturally, the winder works in all 3 directions possible.

Just like in the case of the Wolf model above, the Heiden watch winder can be either powered by the AC adapter or batteries.

The brand produces winders that can fit up to 8 watches. You can view more of their products here.

Barrington SPEC006-S

Barrington is another company originating from the United Kingdom although its presence on the market is considerably shorter than the previously-mentioned Wolf. Nevertheless, since the foundation in 2009, they’ve made a name for themselves as a reliable brand offering solid mid-price products. 

The single watch winder described here is available in 7 different colors. Additionally, you can also get one of the 6 Special Edition models with real wood finishes. The model you see here happens to be one of the special edition releases. Due to its elegant wooden exterior, it’s definitely more suitable for a high-end timepiece like Omega.

The single watch winders by Barrington come with a proprietary “Jump” feature that lets you connect multiple devices from the brand via a connecting cable. It’s convenient if you want to keep your watches in separate boxes as they can all be powered from one AC source.

Like the previous two winders listed here, SPEC006-S uses Japanese Mabuchi Motor. Hence, even the most noise-sensible folks will struggle to hear a peep when turned on. The super gentle rotation comes with 5 different TPD programs to make sure it fits the requirements of any Omega model.

If you are frequently on the road, this model can serve as a great travel watch winder, too. All you need to turn it into a mobile winding machine is two AA batteries.

Apart from single winders, Barrington also offers double, quad and more capacious models. The biggest available can fit 12 watches. You can explore more of them here.

Chiyoda SWI12

You might be surprised that even though it looks every inch as classy, this product is considerably cheaper. In general, Chiyoda watch winders are seen as low-cost alternatives to the more expensive brands mentioned earlier. And the SWI12 model is a prime example of that. 

This watch winder boasts a high gloss wood patchwork. The shiny metal hinges add to the graceful look, as does the super soft velvet interior. Both inside and out, the winder looks well above its moderate price.

Luckily, the low cost doesn’t deprive you of the most important features. The Mabuchi motor renowned for extremely gentle and silent work, and present in the previous models, fuels this winder as well. The product described here works in all 3 directions. The pre-programmed TPD settings for 650, 950, 1250 and 1850 rotations make it a great fit for any Omega watch.

Unfortunately, this winder, unlike the previous three, can only be powered by an AC adapter. If you are a frequent traveler, other winders from the list will probably be a more pragmatic choice.

Apart from single watch winders, Chiyoda also produces bigger boxes that can store up to 24 watches at once. Click here for more options.

Versa VR001

Just like the Chiyoda device above, this watch winder by Versa is one of the cheapest yet reliable options you will find online. The VR001 model is in fact one of the least expensive released to date by the California-based company.

The Versa watch winder described here boasts a classic black leather finish on the outside. The interior is quite spacious, allowing for the storage of even the biggest Omega models. 

Since the Mabuchi motor is currently the quietest available, it won’t come as a surprise that this watch winder uses it as well. The Japanese motor allows for 4 different Turns Per Day settings (650, 950, 1250, 1850) and can work clockwise, counter-clockwise, or both directions.

As this is another low-budget product, unfortunately, it can’t be powered by batteries. The winder comes with a 110-240V power adapter, making it a good choice only if you plan to use it at home all the time.

As of now, Versa produces watch winders that can store between 1-4 watches. More models from the budget brand are available here.

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