Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle Review (A Detailed Look)

Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle review

Luminox is an American brand known for producing high-quality and affordable watches perfect for occasional as well as daily wear. These watches are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories in Switzerland, where quality is never compromised, and customer satisfaction is kept as the number one priority. Not just that, Luminox meets roughly 80% of its own energy … Read more

Torgoen T9 Review (GMT Watch Made Affordable)

Torgoen T9 watch review

Torgoen was founded in 2009 by a collaboration of aviation enthusiasts with watchmakers with generations of expertise manufacturing timepieces for some of the world’s greatest prestigious labels. Torgoen only uses high-quality components. Moreover, the company thoroughly inspects the goods and materials at every stage of the manufacturing process. Swiss watch mechanisms are a component in … Read more

Longines Dolce Vita Review (Tank Watch Made Affordable?)

Longines Dolce Vita review

Watches are the most commonly worn accessories these days, no matter the gender and age. Despite cell phones being equipped with digital clocks, the feeling and satisfaction of having a watch laying on your wrist is something different. However, with so many brands and types of watches available in the market, it can get really … Read more

Luminox Pacific Diver Review (Most Rugged Diving Watch?)

Luminox Pacific Diver review

Because of constant exposure to water, diving watches should by definition be durable. However, there are durable watches, and then there are d-u-r-a-b-l-e watches. If you’re after the latter but at the same time don’t feel like spending more than half a grand, then you should probably continue reading. Just over 30 years after its … Read more

Gevril Wall Street Review (Best Submariner Homage in 2022?)

Gevril Wall Street review

The number of watchmakers striving to deliver the best-crafted homage to the Rolex Submariner is on a never-ending rise. Little wonder that. Despite being introduced as early as 1953, the Submariner is still one of Rolex’s and the world’s most iconic releases. The brands that have taken up the challenge of recreating Rolex’s masterpiece range … Read more

Phoibos Wavemaster Review (Best Value Diver on the Market?)

Phoibos Wavemaster review

If you’re a massive diving enthusiast, you probably know that finding a proper diving watch isn’t the simplest of tasks – especially if you’re on a limited budget. In this day and age, diving timepieces are oftentimes considered as essential a part of the gear as an oxygen tank, diving suit, or rescue devices. On … Read more

Mathey-Tissot GMT Review (Collection Overview + Best Model Analysis)

Mathey-Tissot GMT review

Who can resist a tempting Swiss-made timepiece? Especially when you balk at spending year-long savings on a single watch, yet you still can’t stop yourself from dwelling over a Rolex kind of model. Being out of your reach, and at the same time, irresistible – relatable feelings, aren’t they? But who says that only a … Read more

JBW Phantom Watch Review (Best Value Diamond Watch On the Market?)

JBW Phantom Review

If we were to compare JBW watches with some of the best-known brands in the watchmaking industry, one thing that’s easy to notice is their relatively short presence on the market. In contrast to some of the well-established old hands such as Bulova, Seiko or Citizen, we could even go as far as saying that … Read more

Bering Solar Watch Review (Is It a Good Low-Budget Option?)

Bering Solar Watch review

It’s been more than 7 decades since the release of the first-ever solar-powered watch. Time certainly does fly. The prototype model, named Synchronar 2100, was designed by American inventor Roger Riehl and launched in 1972. With a full solar panel on top of it and the time display on one of the sides, the watch … Read more

Gotham Pocket Watch Review (Reviving Pocket Watches in 2022)

Gotham pocket watch review

Did you know that pocket watches were already in use more than three centuries before the world saw the first-ever wristwatch? Let me repeat – 3 centuries. The debut pocket watch model was released as early as 1510. That year, a German watchmaker named Peter Henlein utilized the recent advancements in mainsprings to produce the … Read more

Mathey-Tissot Rolly Review (The Cheapest Collection)

Mathey-Tissot Rolly Review

Mathey-Tissot is known for producing quality Swiss timepieces that some will find surprisingly affordable. The low prices of Rolly models, in particular, are appealing to many. Very often a low-cost watch goes in pair with poorer quality. Does this rule relate to this particular collection as well? Let’s find out. If you have read my … Read more