Best Watch Winder for Breitling Watches (5 Affordable Picks for 2022)

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Next to other premium brands such as Rolex or Omega, owning a Breitling timepiece is seen as the ultimate goal for many watch enthusiasts and collectors.

And no wonder.

Even with the ever-growing competition, the Swiss-made luxury timekeepers are still some of the most exquisite pieces available on the market.

If you are already familiar with the hard-to-beat feeling of owning one of Breitling timepieces, hats off to you. You’ve achieved what millions of us around the globe strive to achieve in our lifetimes.

I think we have to agree that top-end watches such as Breitling deserve to be taken extremely good care of; an annual visit to a local watchmaker to check on the engine of your watch wouldn’t go amiss, just like having a proper place to store the timepiece while feeling like wearing something different for a change.

During the last few years, watch boxes have been gaining popularity. But, since most Breitling watches are mechanical, wouldn’t it be wise to kill two birds with one stone by getting a watch winder?

In this article, you will find 5 reliable products that will hopefully make the task of picking the best watch winder for Breitling much easier.

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Top 5 Watch Winders for Breitling (Overview)

Product ImageOrbita650-1300PrimeCheck Price
Product ImageTop Top TopWOLF300-1200PrimeEligibleCheck Price
Product ImageHeideneditablePrimeEligibleCheck Price
Product ImageBarrington650-1950PrimeCheck Price

What to Look for In a Watch Winder for Breitling Watches

Even though there’s no point denying that the exterior of a watch winder is crucial, there are more important aspects to consider before going ahead with the purchase.

The winder might be the best-looking thing you’ve ever seen but if it can’t wind your Breitling watch correctly, it won’t be much of use.

When it comes to watch winders in general, there are two extremely important metrics to consider: Turns Per Day and the winding direction. Both are explained in detail in my beginner-friendly guide to watch winders. Below you will get familiar with their importance relating to all mechanical Breitling timepieces.

The most basic fact you need to be aware of is: there’s no universal watch winder that is going to work with all watch models on the market. It simply hasn’t been discovered yet.

The reason for this is: the above-mentioned TPD and direction settings will differ between watch brands. Moreover, they can differ even amongst timepieces produced by the same brand, of which Breitling watches are a great example.

Luckily for all Breitling owners out there, the brand – unlike some of its equally-renowned competitors – makes the task of picking the right winder pretty smooth as the settings don’t differ that much from model to model.

When it comes to TPD settings, Breitling watches require either 650 or 800 turns daily. There’s no in-between. Those are fairly standard numbers that are normally offered by the most reliable watch winders manufacturers.

Breitling Antares series is an example of a timepiece that runs on 600 TPD, whereas the Vitesse is one of the series that require 800 Turns Per Day.

When it comes to the winding direction, all Breitling models require either a Bi-Directional or Clockwise setting. The third variant, the Counter-Clockwise direction, is not present in any series – making the task of selecting the right winder even easier.

An example of a series requiring Bi-Directional settings is the Breitling Sky Racer. A popular choice running on Clockwise settings is the Breitling Chronliner series.

To sum up, as a Breitling watch owner, you need to look for watch winders that offer:

  • Turns Per Day settings including 650 and 800 TPDs
  • Winding directions including Clockwise and Bi-Directional settings

When creating the list of the best watch winders for Breitling, I made sure all products included come with the above requirements.

All the winders you will find below are single.

Not to worry, though, at the bottom of each product review you will find a link to larger boxes that can fit up to 48 timepieces. Just remember to check whether the watch winder you’re after offers the settings I mentioned above and you’re good to go!

Note: if you’re unsure about the specific requirements of your Breitling model, visit the brand’s official website. You can look up the required watch winder settings by typing your watch model / serial number here.

Best Watch Winder for Breitling Watches (TOP 5 Reviewed)

Wolf 456002

Without a doubt, watch winders by Wolf are currently the most renowned on the market. The fact that these are the top choice amongst luxury watch owners speaks volumes.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that I’ve listed a Wolf watch winder as the top pick for your Breitling timepiece.

The British-originating company has been providing excellent storage boxes since 1834. During the last 3 centuries, they’ve gained a great reputation for producing stylish, durable, and efficient winding boxes.

The best-selling model listed here belongs to the Viceroy Collection. For a variety of reasons listed below, it can be considered one of, if not the best single watch winder for Breitling currently available.

The 456002 model has all the characteristics of a splendid watch winder from the UK company, with the black leather exterior and textured silk lining, particularly standing out.

What differentiates this (and other) Wolf watch winders from the remaining brands on the list is the patented technology used by the UK brand, which allows for counting and recording the exact number of rotations during use. On the contrary, most other brands just estimate the turns.

Crucially, all the Wolf models use ultra-silent Mabuchi motors. On top of being super inconspicuous, they are designed without any magnetization which effectively rules out the possibility of damaging your watch in the process.

Wolf 456002 allows you to set the ever-important TPDs to 300-1200 turns, meaning it’s suitable for all Breitling watches released to date.

Equally important, the model allows for all movement directions – clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional.

What adds to its list of premium features is the fact that it’s mobile. During homestays, you can use the standard power adapter. If you’re a frequent traveler, all you need to do is switch the winder to battery mode and you’re all set!

As of now, Wolf produces watch winders that can store up to 32 timepieces. To explore winders that can fit more than one Breitling watch, click here.

Orbita Siena W13006

Orbita might not boast as rich a history as Wolf but it’s still one of the few go-to brands amongst owners of top-end timekeepers.

Since the 1996 foundation, the US-based company has established itself as a trusted source of affordable and stylish watch winders – all produced in the United States of America.

The W13006 model we have here belongs to the Siena collection which, along with Piccolo and Voyager, can be considered as the most affordable of all the series released by Orbita to date.

With the luxurious maple burl exterior and lacquer finish, it’s fair to say the winder doesn’t look any less elegant than the Wolf model above.

The lift-up front prevents the scratching of the surface of the table or bureau.

Just like the vast majority of Orbita watch winders, this one uses a high-quality Swiss motor. Silence-wise, it’s probably on par with the Wolf product described above.

Using this watch winder, you can select from 4 different TPD settings – 650, 800, 950 and 1300.

The model allows for winding in all directions possible (clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional).

Naturally, all of the above means it’s a perfect fit for your Breitling – whatever model you currently own.

Similar to the previous pick, Orbita Siena is a great choice both for home use and travel. The watch winder comes with a power adapter but can also run on alkaline batteries.

If you own more than one Breitling timepiece, you can check out other Orbita watch winders that can fit up to 48 models.

Wolf 457056

Since Wolf watch winders are considered the best in the business, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the list includes more than one.

This particular model belongs to the Roadster series. The design of all winders from this collection was inspired by popular British motorcars such as Aston Martin, Jaguar or Bristol. This is precisely why the model is equipped with aged wood dashboards, vegan leather and chrome-spoked wheels.

The 457056 model comes with a lock-in cuff that securely locks your Breitling watch into the rotator drum. Thanks to the low-density foam, the watch winder can easily accommodate all watch sizes without putting too much pressure on the bracelet.

Just like the first WOLF model on the list, this one also allows for TPD settings suitable for your Breitling model. You will be able to choose between 300-1200 turns daily.

The winder also provides all three winding directions: clockwise,  counter-clockwise and bi-directional.

Thanks to the universal power adapter and battery slots, the winder is a great choice both for home use and while traveling.

Currently, WOLF offers winders that can fit as many as 32 timepieces. Other available models can be found here.

Heiden HD009

If the above choices are asking too much of your budget, this Heiden watch winder is an excellent alternative available at fraction of the cost.

The California-based brand has been on the market for nearly 15 years now. Over the two decades, it has gained the trust of tens of thousands of luxury watch owners in the United States. Heiden watch winders are seen as reliable yet super affordable alternatives to top-end brands such as Wolf or Orbita.

Style-wise, the HD009 model doesn’t seem any less elegant than other products on the list. Its exterior boasts black leather with white stitching, as well as a clear display top. It also has a gray-colored velvet interior with a watch pillow. The classic design means it should fit great anywhere in your room.

Similar to Wolf, all Heiden watch winders are really quiet thanks to the inconspicuous Mabuchi engine. Unfortunately, most of the US company’s watch winders – including this one – come with pre-programmed TPD settings: 650, 950, 1250 and 1850. To keep things safe, I’d suggest going for this model only if you own a Breitling timepiece that requires 650 turns daily.

When it comes to direction settings, all is in place. The model allows for all three directions: clockwise, anti-clockwise and bi-directional.

Like all the previous products on the list, Heiden HD009 can be powered either by an AC adapter or batteries.

There are other Heiden watch winders that can fit up to 8 watches. You can view larger models here.

Barrington SPEC005-S

Closing the list of the best watch winders for Breitling watches is the best-seller from yet another reputable UK brand, Barrington.

Many see the British company as the more affordable version of Wolf. It’s hard to argue that the cost of Barrington products is in fact a lot smaller but it would be unfair to compare it with the super elaborate design and the quality of the material present in Wolf products.

Nevertheless, Barrington watch winders, particularly the SPEC005-S model described here, provide excellent value for money.

The watch winder is available in many color variations. Apart from the American Walnut exterior, the winder is available in 9 different colors that include black and white.

There are also two sizes to choose from. The versions differ when it comes to the sizes of cushions. The Standard size is made for watches with a bracelet circumference of 19cm-24cm. The Flex version is suitable for smaller models that measure 14cm-20cm.

Thanks to the availability of all rotation directions and programmable Turns Per Day settings ranging from 650 to 1950, the model is sure to work with all Breitling timepieces.

On top of that, it comes with a cool Jump feature that allows you to connect numerous Barrington watch winders via one cable.

The model is run on the popular Japanese Mabuchi motor and can be powered by either AC or batteries.

Barrington has something on offer for those with more than one Breitling watch. As things stand, the biggest watch winder from the UK brand can fit 12 timepieces. You can explore the whole collection here.

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