Luminox vs Victorinox Watches (2023 Brand Comparison)

Luminox vs Victorinox watches - featured image

Watches can serve multiple purposes. For example, they can be used for telling time, but they can also be used as a fashion statement or a sturdy tool during more demanding activities. Watches come in many different styles, colors, and materials. Some people prefer to wear a watch that matches their outfit, while others prefer … Read more

Casio GBD 200 vs GBX 100 (The Battle of the Smart G-Shocks)

Casio GBD 200 vs GBX 100 - featured image

The world of watchmaking and wearables is constantly evolving and so are all the industry leaders – including Casio. In the last few years, the Japanese watch giant has started releasing watches operating on the G-Move system, which is a considerable departure from their usual “basic” quartz-powered timepieces. G-Move watch models are Casio’s answer to … Read more

Hamilton Khaki vs Seiko 5 (Which Field Watch = Best Value?)

Hamilton Khaki vs Seiko 5 - featured image

There are conflicting stories on when exactly and by who the first field watch was invented. What we know is that, originally, field watches were designed for military personnel to wear during combat so they could easily and quickly check the time. While field watches were first created for a more utilitarian purpose, today they … Read more

Invicta Pro Diver vs Grand Diver (the Ultimate Comparison)

Invicta Pro Diver vs Grand Diver - featured image

Because of their head-turning looks and affordability, Invicta’s dive watches are some of the best-selling in the market. The Pro Diver collection has been around for years and is one of the favorites amongst aficionados looking to get a good value dive watch. The Grand Diver, on the other hand, is a newer and bulkier … Read more

Tissot Seastar 1000 vs 2000 (Ultimate Comparison)

Tissot Seastar 1000 vs 2000 Comparison - featured image

As good as Tissot is, the Swiss watchmaker isn’t particularly known for its large collection of dive watches. Instead, in the brand’s offer, you will find more timepieces oscillating in the dressy spectrum, as well as quite a few chronograph models. With that said, Tissot’s Seastar line – dedicated to those who love the ocean … Read more

Invicta vs Fossil Watches (The Complete 2023 Comparison)

Invicta vs Fossil comparison

The number of reliable (and less reliable) brands in the watchmaking industry has never been bigger – nor the market has ever been more competitive. In the past, things were much simpler, with a handful of brands controlling the industry, and customers having to choose from a limited selection of watches. However, this has changed … Read more

Armitron vs Casio Watches (The 2023 Brand Comparison)

Armitron vs Casio watches comparison

Nowadays, there are pretty much endless options when it comes to watch types. Some prefer timepieces oscillating in the dressy spectrum, some lean toward the technological advancement of smartwatches, and some still stick with the old-school, tough-to-beat sporty watches. The latter type is loved by many because it’s highly versatile and can be worn with … Read more

Rado vs Longines Waches (The Ultimate Brand Comparison)

Rado vs Longines watches - featured image

Although Germany is credited with the invention of the very first watch, it is Switzerland that has for over a century enjoyed the status of the capital of the watchmaking industry, with many of the world’s most prestigious brands headquartered here. The country’s laws and regulations regarding watchmaking are among the strictest in the world, … Read more

Seiko vs Tag Heuer Watches (The Ultimate Brand Comparison)

Seiko vs Tag Heuer Brand Comparison

The beautiful world of watchmaking is full of top-quality brands fighting for your attention and loyalty. Many offer contrasting styles and target different audiences. While it’s possible to get a solid watch in the low-end price sector, it’s hard to deny that the highest level of craftsmanship and the best value resides in mid-to-high-end brands. … Read more

Casio vs Seiko Watches (The Complete Brand Comparison)

Seiko vs Casio comparison - main image

Outside of the world’s capital of the watchmaking industry (Switzerland, naturally), the Japanese watch market is probably the one that offers the best value. In general, Japanese watches are definitely more affordable than Swiss ones, but they don’t sacrifice quality – on the contrary, some of the most popular watch brands in the world come … Read more

Citizen Nighthawk vs Seiko Flightmaster (A-Z Watch Comparison)

Citizen Nighthawk vs Seiko Flightmaster

If you’re a massive chronograph watch enthusiast just like I am, you will probably know how difficult it can be to find a capable timepiece in this category. The list of watchmakers offering chronographs is pretty much endless nowadays. On one hand, it might sound like we’re spoilt for choice. On the other, there aren’t … Read more

Bulova Moon Watch vs Omega Speedmaster (Resolved)

Bulova Moon Watch vs Omega Speedmaster

Timepieceking is reader-supported and might earn a commission (at no additional cost for you) for purchases made via links in this article. There are tonnes of watches available out there and the number of competing brands grows with each passing year. Thus, always make sure to choose one that provides value in return for the money … Read more

Citizen Promaster Tough vs Victorinox INOX (A-Z Watch Comparison)

Citizen Promaster Tough vs Victorinox INOX

Even the most splendid-looking timepieces with the most accurate movements will count for nothing if they can’t get past the first year of use due to durability-related concerns. The watchmaking industry is flooded with brands advertising the toughest watches on the planet but very few deliver on the promise. That’s especially true when we’re looking … Read more