Best Watch Winder for Tag Heuer Watches (3 Picks for 2022)

Best watch winder for Tag Heuer

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The feeling of wearing a luxury Swiss timepiece on daily basis is one that most watch aficionados strive to experience.

As things stand, Tag Heuer watches are just outside the holy grail of Rolexes, Omegas, and Patek Philippes in terms of global popularity. But that doesn’t make them any less of an ideal collector’s item.

With the brand’s beginnings dating back to 1860, Tag Heuer is one of the oldest hands of the horological industry. Throughout three centuries, the Swiss watchmaker has delivered some excellent timepieces, many of which are just as desired today as they were on the day of the release.

If you’re a Tag Heuer watch owner, you’re already a giant step ahead of where many watch enthusiasts want to be. Way to go! 

Whilst worth every cent of your money, Tag Heuer timepieces are some of the most pricey watches you can get. Hence, they deserve the best care in the world. Without a doubt, an annual visit to your trusted watchmaker to check on your baby is an excellent idea.

But how about providing the watch with a classy-looking, comfortable shelter in case you decide to wear something different for a change?

A watch storage box is definitely a good idea. However, since the vast majority of Tag Heuer watches are automatic, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and get a watch winder. 

Looking at all the important metrics, this article will help you pick the best watch winder for Tag Heuer in 2021.

Watch Winder for Tag Heuer: Things to Know

There’s nothing wrong with desiring a watch winder that can fit in nicely with the style of your living room.

Despite this, as painful as it sounds, there are more essentials things you need to check off the list before proceeding with the purchase. After all, even the most stylish watch winder on the planet will be pretty much useless if it can’t wind your Tag Heuer watch properly.

Worry not, I’m here to help.

If you’ve never owned a watch winder before, there are two important specs you need to get familiar with: Turns Per Day and the winding direction. Both are explained in a pretty detailed way in my watch winder introduction I posted last year. However, the info you will find below is more than enough to help you understand the importance of both and ultimately pick the right product for your watch.

Before we proceed, be aware that there’s no universal watch winder that can work equally well with all timepieces on the planet. It just hasn’t been unearthed (yet). The reason for this shocking fact is simple: the above-mentioned TPD and direction requirements vary between watchmakers. They can even differ between models of the same brand – including Tag Heuer.

Thankfully, the differences in Tag Heuer watches aren’t huge, and finding the proper product should be pretty straightforward.

Let’s start with the Turns Per Day settings. With few exceptions, Tag Heuer oscillates in the 650-800 TPD range. In practice, that means they should be rotated no less than 650 and no more than 800 times during 24 hours. 

When it comes to the winding directions, the dominating settings are bi-directional (interchangeable) and clockwise. None of the models require counter-clockwise winding which makes the task of picking the right watch winder even easier.

Concluding, if you want to make sure the winder works perfectly fine with your Tag Heuer model, pick one that:

  • allows for TPD settings ranging from 650 to 800
  • offers clockwise and bi-directional winding directions

When coming up with the list of the best watch winders for Tag Heuer, I made sure all three products meet the requirements.

However, all the winders we will discuss below are single – meaning they can fit only one Tag Heuer at a time. If you own a few Tag Heuer models, at the bottom of each product review you will find a link to larger boxes that can store up to 48 timepieces.

Important: if you’re unsure about the winding requirements for any particular model, visit Tag Heuer’s official website. By typing your watch’s serial number you can get all the necessary instructions.

Best Watch Winder for Tag Heuer (Top 3 Reviewed)

Wolf Roadster 457156

There’s next to zero doubt that at present Wolf leads the way in the watch winder industry. Frankly speaking, the UK brand has been dominating the market for decades.

Wolf watch winders are the preferred choice in the community of luxury watch owners. If that doesn’t speak volumes, nothing will.

The huge amount of trust put into Wolf products might have something to do with the brand’s extremely long history. The British-based company has been producing storage boxes for watches since 1834. In the last few decades, with the growing demand for watch winders, they’ve started delivering in this field as well. 

Wolf 457156 is a best-selling model from the brand’s Roadster collection. Just like the remaining variants in this line, the winder has been inspired by some of the most famed British motorcars such as Jaguar or Aston Martin. The influence of both is especially visible through the aged wood dashboard, glove-soft leather, and chrome-spoke wheels.

If you’re a fan of an elegant approach, you will certainly appreciate the ebony Macassar polished wood and chrome-finished hardware. The winding space for your Tag Heuer timepiece is in the front, protected by a locking glass cover. The watch winder comes with an openable “roof” under which you can store three additional watches.

The Turns Per Day settings range from 300 to 1200, making sure the product is the perfect fit for all Tag Heuer watches released so far. The same applies to winding directions as the model allows for all three: clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional.

Just like any other watch winder manufactured by Wolf, this one is powered by an ultra-silent Mabuchi motor.

Probably what helps Wolf winders stand out is the way they calculate the rotations. The vast majority of competitors merely provide estimations while Wolf counts the exact number.

Furthermore, the model is an excellent choice for those who travel frequently as it can be powered both by AC and disposable batteries.

If you like what you see but need to fit more watches, feel free to check out more spacious winders here. Some of these can fit as many as 48 timepieces!

Barrington WW-207-S

Next to Wolf, Barrington is the second most reputable manufacturer of watch winders from the United Kingdom. 

Despite not being on the market for anywhere as long, the last decade has seen Barrington emerge as one of the leading watch winder brands in Europe. The last couple of years have been particularly successful for Barrington in terms of its expansion to the US market.

If you feel like the Wolf product above is stretching your budget a bit, Barrington WW-207-S is available at half the price. Despite the considerably smaller expenditure, it offers everything a Tag Heuer watch needs.

The white color theme you see in the picture is not the only available – you can pick from 7 additional colors. Compared to the Wolf model above, it’s clear Barrington has taken up a more minimalistic approach.

The model is available in two cushion sizes:

  • Standard – fitting Tag Heuers with a 19cm-24cm bracelet
  • Flex – fitting smaller-sized models measuring 14cm-20cm

Naturally, the winder works perfectly fine in all directions, including the two required by Tag Heuer models – clockwise and bi-directional. The TPD settings range from 650 to 1950 so it makes the product a perfect fit in this aspect as well.

Characteristically for Barrington, the model is supplied with a “Jump” feature that lets you connect a number of brand’s watch winders via one cable. It’s especially useful if you own a few automatic watches and want to store them separately.

Similar to the Wolf model discussed above, it can be powered by both AC and batteries – making it a good choice for traveling.

At the time of writing, Barrington has watch winders that can store up to 12 timepieces. You can explore different models here.


A capable watch winder for Tag Heuer doesn’t have to cost you a few hundred dollars.  

The last few years have seen an influx of low-budget manufacturers – many of which provide really solid value. One of the frequently praised names amongst savvy shoppers is Mozsly.

Similar to other low-budget brands, Mozsly is a Chinese manufacturer.

It’s an undeniable fact that the prejudice levels are still high when it comes to brands originating from China. However, Mozsly watch winders regularly get positive feedback from users all around the world.

Thanks to the bargain-basement pricing, stylish design, and a reliable motor, the DAN-001-BN model currently leads the way in terms of sales.

Certainly, what contributes to the elegant look is brown PU leather and crystal clear acrylic glass through which you can observe the winding process. The product is supplied with two pillows. The interior features an extremely soft foam cushion that makes sure the winder fits all types of watches: bracelets measuring between 17cm-22cm and case sizes as big as 55cm.

Thanks to the availability of all three winding directions and TPD settings ranging from 650 to 1500, Mozlsy DAN-001-BN is compatible with all Tag Heuer watches. Just like the previous two models on the list, it runs on the Japanese-made Mabuchi motor.

Considering the super low pricing, it’s a massive bonus the watch can run both on AC power or batteries. It’s a rare quality amongst watch winders in this price category.

More Mozlsy models available here.

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