Best Double Watch Winder (3 Affordable Dual Models for 2022)

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Every watch aficionado will agree that taking the right care of your timepiece plays an integral role in its longevity. That seems to especially be the case when it comes to mechanical models.

Certainly, an annual visit to a trusted watchmaker just to confirm everything’s running smoothly wouldn’t go amiss. This is an obvious way to prolong the lifespan of an automatic watch.

But what if you own a larger collection of automatic watches? Checking on each would certainly multiple the cost. Unless you decide to wear all your watches at once (trust me, I’ve seen it all), there’s no way you can keep track of whether they deliver the right performance. And the quicker you spot any issues, the better chance of a full repair.

Having a reliable watch winder can not only solve the problem but also spare you the tedious task of having to wind your watch every time you feel like wearing it. Plus, it simply looks good.

If you own two or more automatic watches, a dual watch winder is certainly worth considering. By reviewing three products from three popular brands, I hope to help you pick the best double watch winder for your timepiece.

Without further ado, let’s go.

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Best Double Watch Winder (Top 3 Overview)

Things to Know Before Buying a Watch Winder

If you’re contemplating the purchase of your first watch winder, you might want to learn about the essential aspects of these products.

Not so long ago I’ve written a beginner-friendly watch winder tutorial. If you want super detailed information on the subject, I advise you to have a look. Nonetheless, the summarized info available below is more than enough to help you choose the right product for your collection. 

Now, switch to the focus mode.

To begin with, as shocking as it sounds, the design of the watch winder isn’t the matter with the highest importance.

Primarily, the winder needs to be able to wind your watches properly. And for it to do so, it must support TPD (Turns Per Day) and winding direction settings required by your watch model. You can find those in the user manual or by typing the serial number of your watch on the brand’s website.

Turns Per Day are the number of daily rotations the winder is programmed to make for your watch to keep running accurately. The vast majority of automatic watches require anywhere between 500-1200 rotations per day. As long as you get a watch winder running in this range, you’re sorted – no matter the brand of timepiece.

There are three winding directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and two-way. The good news is, all the newly-released models offer all three.

P.S: if you own battery-powered watches, there’s no point in getting a watch winder. Watch storage boxes are a much better idea as they’re cheaper and less of a hassle to maintain.

Best Double Watch Winder (Top 3 Reviewed)

Wolf Watch Winder

Whilst we could have an all-night argument about who is the best watchmaker in the world, there’s next to zero doubt about which brand leads the way in the watch winder industry.

Wolf watch winders are the go-to solution amongst all luxury watch owners. If you can afford a top-end watch brand, you might as well make sure the watch gets the best care possible. And Wolf products certainly deliver just that. 

If you’re new to the name, it’s worth knowing that it’s the longest-standing manufacturer in the world. The UK brand has been established as early as in 1834. For the most part of its illustrious history, it was focusing on watch and jewelry storage boxes. However, as the technology advanced and the demand for watch winders increased, Wolf started delivering premium products in this field as well.

The double watch winder model you see above belongs to Wolf’s Roadster collection. The line has been inspired by some of the most known British motorcars, such as Jaguar and Bristol. The sports car influence has been transferred onto the Roadster winders with the inclusion of the aged wood dashboards and glove-soft leather.

The double winder we have here comes with ebony Macassar polished wood, chrome-finished hardware and vegan leather. As far as premium quality is concerned, there’s no-one getting close to Wolf.

Like all Wolf products, this winder uses a patented lock-in cuff that locks your timepiece into the rotator drum for a super secure fit. Because of the low density foam, the winder can accommodate all watch sizes without putting too much pressure on the bracelet.

When it comes to the TPD settings, the model allows for rotations between 300-1,200. The number of TPD can be doubled by selecting the bi-directional setting. Other direction options are clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Apart from the high level of craftsmanship and premium quality materials, what helps Wolf watch winders stand out from other brands is the way they count the number of rotations. Whilst other manufacturers provide estimations, Wolf counts the precise number of turns.

Apart from the 2 winding modules, the top part of this model includes storage space for three additional timepieces measuring up to 52mm (case diameter).

Finally, the watch winder is powered by the ultra-silent Mabuchi motor. It runs either on the AC or batteries, making it an excellent option for those who travel frequently.

Other Wolf models are available here.

Smith Watch Winder

There’s no denying that the double Wolf model isn’t the cheapest – far from it. Watch Winder Smith is an excellent alternative if you’re not looking to break that $200 price barrier and still get a good-looking, reliable product. 

The brand is US-based and has been on the market since 2007. Especially during the last few years it has seen a notable rise in terms of sales and recognition not only in the United States but also Europe.

The sides of the watch winder are made from bamboo whilst the top part and the openable front are made from acrylic glass. Inside you find two winding cups that can fit watches of varying case sizes, from as small as 26mm to as big as 56mm.

The Smith watch winder supports three winding directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional. Combined with the TPD settings ranging from 550 to 1,500, it’s a suitable choice for most automatic watches produced to date.

Similar to the Wolf model above, the winder runs on the Japanese-made Mabuchi engine. The product is also a good choice for frequent travelers as it offers dual power supply in the form of AC or disposable batteries.

Other Smith models can be found here.

Triple Tree Watch Winder

Not all hope is lost for those with a budget constraint.

The last couple of years have seen an influx of low-budget watch winder brands that offer all the essentials at fraction of the cost. One of names that constantly score positive reviews is the US-based Triple Tree. 

Unlike the previous two brands on the list, Triple Tree offers a wider range of goods including automobile parts, kitchen accessories and pet supplies. However, they’re mostly known for their watch winder line. At the time of writing, Triple Tree watch winders are one of the most frequent choices amongst the savvy shopper community.

The double winder model you see above comes with a wood shell, PU leather skin, and an acrylic glass through which you can peek at the winding process. The pillows are quite flexible which makes storing both small and large watches easy.

The product supports all three winding directions (clockwise, anti-clockwise and bi-directional). However, there’s just one pre-programmed setting for TPD – 2,800. If you own a top-end watch that requires no more than 1400 rotations daily, you might want to skip this model to avoid any excessive wear.

Akin to Wolf and Smith products, the winder runs on the Mabuchi motor and can be powered by either AC or batteries.

You can explore more Triple Tree winders here.

Looking for a Specific Watch Winder?

All three dual watch winders discussed above are excellent universal options.

That said, if your watch collection consists of some top-shelf names such as Rolex, Omega, or Breitling, you might want to make sure that the product meets all the requirements of the particular timepiece. I’ve written separate articles regarding watch winders for the most popular and prestigious watchmakers in the industry. You can find them below:

If you own a high-end brand that’s not listed, let me know in the comment section below. Let’s see what I can do for you!

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