Best Watch Winder for Rolex Watches

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For a large portion of us, watch enthusiasts, owning a Rolex is the ultimate goal. The ultimate dream. The moment one could take a deep breath and say, “Yup, I’ve made it!”.

I mean, what could possibly beat checking the time on the iconic Submariner?

If you already know the feeling and are a proud owner of a Rolex timepiece, hats off to you. There’s little doubt that these are probably the most exquisite watches on the market and they surely deserve to be taken good care of.

If you own more than one Rolex model and are not too fond of winding the watch every time you want to put it on, getting a watch winder makes total sense. To make the task of choosing the best watch winder for Rolex, below find reviews of 5 awesome products from 3 quality yet affordable brands.

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Top 5 Watch Winders for Rolex (Overview)

What to Look for In a Watch Winder for Rolex

Although how the watch winder looks on the outside is crucial for aesthetic reasons alone, there are more important things to look out for before picking your Rolex watch winder.

The winder might look like a million dollars but if it’s not able to wind your timepiece correctly, what’s the point?

TPD (Turns Per Day) and the winding direction, as mentioned in my beginner’s guide to watch winders,  are the two most important metrics you should verify before going ahead with the purchase.

Why? It’s quite simple. Not all winders are suitable for all watch models as they offer different TPD and direction settings.

Most importantly, the requirements on the above will differ between watch brands, too. In fact, they can vary amongst different models by the same brand. Luckily for you, Rolex – unlike some other top-end brands – makes the task quite easy as the recommended settings barely change from model to model.

As far as TPD settings are concerned, all Rolex watches require 650 rotations daily. The only exception to the rule is the Rolex Daytona models. Those with the standard 3255 caliber need 650-800 TPD, whereas models powered by the Cosmograph 4310 movement require 800-950 rotations per day.

On the winding direction front, all Rolex models require bi-directional winding settings. Again, the exception here is Daytona timepieces with the above-mentioned Cosmograph 4310 caliber which need counter-clockwise movement.

To put it simply, if you own any Rolex watch but a Daytona, you need a watch winder with 650 TPD settings and bi-directional winding maneuver.

On the other hand, if you are a lucky Rolex Daytona owner, you should target watch winders with up to 950 rotations per day, as well as counter-clockwise movement.

The great news is, when creating the list of best watch winders for Rolex watches, I made sure all included products are suitable for any Rolex model out there. Your only task is to pick the one you like the most.

The not-so-great news is, all watch winders are single, meaning they can fit just one Rolex timepiece at a time.

Don’t worry, though! At the bottom of each product, you will find a link to larger boxes that can fit up to 12 watches. Just make sure to double-check the TPD and direction settings before buying!

Best Watch Winder for Rolex (Top 5 Reviewed)

WOLF 456102

WOLF steals all the top three places on the list for a reason.

The British company is currently one of if not the leading manufacturers of watch winders in the world and is a popular choice amongst owners of luxury watches such as Rolex or Omega.

The brand has been around for quite some time, too, having been founded as early as 1834. Throughout the 3 centuries, it has gained a reputation as an excellent source of watch and jewelry storage goods. And, since the first watch winder model in 1989, WOLF is considered the go-to brand in that field as well.

Wolf 456102 belongs to one of the most exclusive collections of Wolf watch winders, Viceroy.

A classic design that exudes plenty of elegance as well, the Viceroy model comes with a smooth pebble exterior, silver textured silk lining, and a locking glass cover. Moreover, it includes a backlit LCD display.

Although it’s a single watch winder, it’s also equipped with 3-piece watch storage on top. The storage can fit in timepieces with up to 52mm case size.

Naturally, the winder ticks all the boxes for a Rolex timepiece. The Turns Per Day rotations vary between 300-1200 and the product offers all directional settings as well.

Further good news is that the watch winder is an excellent choice both to display at home or to use during travel as it can run both on AC power or batteries.

As far as Rolex winder recommendations go, there won’t be many that provide better value than this WOLF model.

If you own a larger collection of automatic watches, consider getting a multi WOLF watch winder.

WOLF 457056

The second WOLF watch winder belongs to the Roadster collection, inspired by some of the most known British motorcars like Jaguar, Bristol, or Aston Martin.

Because of that connection, Roadster watch winders come with aged wood dashboards, chrome-spoked wheels, and glove-soft Vegan leather.

WOLF 457056 is equipped with a patented lock-in cuff that securely locks your Rolex timepiece into the rotator drum. Because of the low-density foam, the winder is able to accommodate all wrist sizes without putting too much pressure on the bracelet.

What differentiates this and other WOLF watch winders from other brands on the market is the rotation counting system. Every WOLF model counts the exact number of rotations whereas the vast majority of other watch winder brands estimate the number of rotations instead.

Like the WOLF 456102 discussed above, this one too is equipped with TPD settings suitable for your Rolex. You can set the TPD to 300-1200 and choose any direction setting: clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bidirectional.

The watch winder comes with a universal power adapter. At the same time, it’s a great choice for travel as it’s also battery-powered.

The biggest difference between this model and the one above is the lack of storage for additional timepieces. If you own more than one Rolex watch, the previous model is probably a better bet.

WOLF offers winders that can fit up to 32 timepieces. The currently available models can be found here.

Wolf 454410

The third and the last WOLF winder on the list belongs to the Savoy collection. It’s the only WOLF model on the list that’s available in two different colors – burlwood (the one in the image) and black.

WOLF 454410 features a ten-time hand-polished exterior that reveals the deep textures and shades of burlwood. With the locking glass cover and gold-finished hardware, it’s probably one of the most elegant WOLF models produced to date.

Typically for all winding boxes by WOLF, this one too is equipped with the patented lick-in cuff and can fit oversized models. Because it can be powered by both AC and batteries, it’s a great pick either for your home or travels.

The TPD (300-1200) and directional settings are just like in the two models above – and that means they are made for all Rolex models.

Just like the previous WOLF winder on the list, this one too includes just 1 winding model and isn’t equipped with any additional storage. Again, it’s a great choice if your Rolex collection isn’t huge yet.

To check out WOLF watch winders that can fit more than one Rolex, click here.

Chiyoda SWI11N

Although WOLF is by far the best choice for luxury watch owners, there are some other options out there that will cost considerably less. A fine example of a budget-friendly brand is Chiyoda.

Chiyoda watch winders come at fraction of the cost but are equipped with pretty much everything needed to keep your Rolex watch wound and safe.

As far as single watch winders are concerned, the model discussed here is one of the brand’s best sellers.

In fact, we could argue that Chiyoda SWI11N isn’t any less elegant-looking than the premium WOLF models above. Certainly, the high-gloss black and camphor wood patchwork pattern adds to the graceful and refined design, as does the soft velvet interior.

On the Turns-Per-Day front, the Chiyoda watch winder differs slightly from the WOLF models above. The product is equipped with 4 pre-programmed TPD settings – 650, 950, 1250, and 1,850. Naturally, all three rotating directions are allowed. That, of course, means the settings of this model are suitable for any Rolex model on the market.

Some initial Chiyoda models released years ago produced an annoying sound while running but that’s been rectified with the ultra-quiet Mabuchi engine. Apart from being a lot quieter, the Japanese motor tends to last considerably longer, too. Nowadays it’s present in all Chiyoda models.

Unlike all the WOLF picks above, this model, unfortunately, is suitable only for home use as it can only be powered by AC.

Some Chiyoda watch winders can fit up to 24 timepieces. You can explore the whole collection here.

Barrington WW-204-S

Closing the list of the best watch winders for Rolex watches is this chartbuster from Barrington.

Similar to WOLF, the brand originates from the UK and prides itself on manufacturing lasting winders at prices that won’t break the bank.

Since 2009, it’s been considered the second-best watch winder provider in the UK and Europe. During the last few years, Barrington watch winders have also been enjoying a rise in popularity in the United States.

The model discussed here is one of the brand’s best-selling single watch winders. Apart from black, it’s available in 9 different color variations. Compared to all previous picks on the list, this Barrington model presents a rather minimalistic design.

It’s important to note that it’s available s in two sizes of cushions. The Standard size is suitable for watches with a bracelet circumference of 19cm-24cm. The Flex size is made for smaller timepieces that measure 14cm-20cm.

With all rotation directions allowed and TPD settings ranging from 650 to 1,950, the watch winder is a safe bet for all Rolex watch owners.

The model comes with the “Jump” feature that allows numerous Barrington watch winders to be connected together via one cable. Similar to the Chiyoda model above, it’s powered by the Mabuchi motor.

Crucially, Barrington WW-204-S can be powered by both AC and batteries.

Barrington has something on offer for people with more than one Rolex watch. Currently, the biggest watch winder from the UK brand can fit 12 timepieces. You can explore the whole collection here.

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