9 Spanish Watch Brands (Best Watches Made in Spain in 2023)

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Spain is renowned for its laid-back lifestyle, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking surroundings. Metropolitan areas with distinctive cultures, dialects, and must-see locations include Madrid, Barcelona, but also Valencia.

Bright celebrations like La Fallas, as well as La Tomatina, attract sizable numbers of both residents and visitors. But one thing that we do not know about Spain is its ability to produce good quality watches which will not only help you elevate your looks but will also serve as a fashion statement no matter the occasion.

This article is formulated to introduce you to some of the best Spanish watches. Stated below are a few of the most famous Spanish watch brands, each accompanied by a brief description and their average price range so that you can better assess which one works best for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the topic.


Marea watch

Fashionable watch company Marea has grown steadily ever since its foundation in Barcelona around 1998.

It began selling internationally in 2001 and is currently available in over 20 nations, with Europe serving as its primary marketplace. The colorful, resin/silver series of Marea timepieces are made in Spain and then not only pleasant to dress, but also quite useful and reasonably priced. A business with more than 25 years of expertise is Marea. Their selection is wide-ranging, and appealing, and offers a variety of hues, styles, and patterns at competitive prices.

Numerous additional designs are available from Marea as well. There is truly plenty to go around, whether it be leatherette or chained bands like this lovely rose-gold option. It is perfect as a present for a particular someone or as a pleasure for oneself.

If we take into account the cost, craftsmanship, and testimonials we’ve read, Marea Watches well exceeds our assumptions. The wide, colorful, and transparent dials of the Marea watches, together with their adjustable straps, end up making them excellent beginner timepieces. They come in a variety of sizes and are water-resistant.

The price range of their watches starts from just 49 euros and goes all the way up to 121 euros per their official seller website. This price range shows that it can easily be purchased by most people as they do not cost an arm and a leg while offering the best craftsmanship and details.

Philippe Vandier

Philippe Vandier watch

This name is among the best Spanish watch companies.

With well-assured aesthetics, advanced surgical metals, and the greatest Swiss mechanism, Philippe Vandier’s timepieces perfectly straddle contemporary and immortality.

Timepieces and jewelry by Philippe Vandier blend the finest workmanship with a stunning, cutting-edge appearance that can withstand fluctuations in trend.

Philippe Vandier, a dedicated designer with impeccable taste and avant-garde sensibilities, ultimately made his home in Las Merindades in Castilla, Spain, in 1927. He established his first timepiece store there.

The Philippe Vandier Spanish company now has some eastern taste as a result of its connections with several of the greatest prominent jewelers in places like Doha, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. This is due to its robust international activity and extensive presence in Arabic Gulf marketplaces.

Their female line includes alternatives to fit all events and characters and therefore is influenced by the elegance and tenacity of modern women. Their range for men perfectly combines the principles of classical watchmaking with an overpowering individuality to give your wrist unrivaled magnificence.

Their automated line, nonetheless, ensures that their self-winding watches are powered when your natural movements do. All of the founding family’s legacy is upheld by Phillipe Vandier, including history, flair, craftsmanship, dependability, and elegance.

But at the other extreme, it is also relying heavily on modernism, innovation, as well as intelligence in its attempt to take over market opportunities.

Colomer & Sons

Colomer & Sons watch

Automatic timepieces by Colomer & Sons blend the capacity to assess the quantity of remaining energy with the capability to keep track of two time zones.

Colomer & Sons have been producing timepieces since 1950. The famous caliber used to make these watches, which would be a premium product, ensures the smooth functioning of the movement. They stand out from the competition because of their after-service.

You would still have a team of talented experts at Colomer & Sons’ convenience, wherein they already have the components needed to fix their timepieces.

Along with their after-sales support, they also provide 10 years of warranty coverage, and international delivery so you can experience their products without having to deal with trying to locate them locally and engraving on their watches.

The price of their watches ranges between 140 euros and 1990 euros. Though they stop at a little higher price range, they do have some timepieces available for those who do not want to splurge cash but also want a unique watch that gives their appearance a little more refined look.


Kronos watch

Carlos Vendrell established Kronos in 1930. He was an astute businessman from Barcelona who came from a huge queue of watchmakers dating back to the eighteenth century.

His goals have been very abundantly obvious: Kronos would almost always remain a label with its own identity and personality, well enough for making exceptionally rare timepieces acknowledged for their sense of uniqueness and individuality, but he’d never considered large-scale manufacturing.

These values are still relevant now and serve as an example for the youth of today in the twenty-first century. The original prototype was developed in the 1950s.

The device was the legendary Venus 175 with 17 gems and 18,000 cycles per hour. The frame is constructed of chromed steel which measures 36.50 mm. Only 500 pieces of the most recent edition, which was introduced in 2005, were made.

Minor technical changes as well as a Côtes de Genève finishing on the vibrating weights were the only differences between the device and the preceding generation. In this round, the container was 42 millimeters in width and constructed of stainless steel.

Their watch prices start from as low as $124 and go all the way up to the range of approximately $9500.


Calypso watch

The Calypso trademark first appeared in 1996 as a Festina parent organization division. The Calypso brand’s fundamental tenet was to target a younger demographic.

Calypso has a lot of colorful or sportier-looking timepieces in their line as a result. These odd design decisions depart from the standards established by well-known watch companies. But Calypso intended it that way.

They had to be distinctive if they were to connect to their intended audience. Although they are neither elegant nor formal, their timepieces do have the young flair they set out to achieve. Most of them do have distinctive colors, design styles, and appearances. Nevertheless, some of them seem to come out as being rather standardized.

The preponderance of Calypso timepieces has plastic bodies and rubber or plastic wristwatch bands, which is the first item in connection with them. Dependent on the kind, the dial panes of these timepieces may be made of glass, minerals, and perhaps even plastic. They can withstand water for 50 to 100 meters.

They have, in fact, consistently served as The Color Run’s authorized timekeeper. That they are making their identity known to the public is undoubtedly a positive indication.

Calypso watches will never be very pricey in terms of price. They are often less expensive than some of Casio’s more affordable watches, although not by as much. The price of their watches starts from just $36 and goes all the way up to the range of only $58.

Pita Barcelona

Pita Barcelona

Pita Aniceto Jiménez Pita, a competent independent watchmaker and AHCI member, created the watch company in Barcelona in 2004.

Since he was a little boy, Pita has been quite interested in timepieces. Each Pita invention has its unique character and is made with a specific end in mind: to display a treasure that stands out for both its high quality and appealing design. In addition to designing and constructing watches, the Spanish watchmaker also instructed students at the institution.

The unique Pita-TSM movements were created by Pita in 1990 and were granted a patent in 2003. The movement’s special characteristics enable it to operate without a crown while preserving the watch components and minimizing their bulk.

This watch company’s models are all distinctive. The watch’s uniqueness is seen in both its appearance and the lack of a crown. Aniceto Jiménez has been working in his beloved industry for even more than four decades, and he has rarely grown weary of it since he pours his life and soul into each watch.

Because of this, Pita Barcelona timepieces never fail to astonish and astound the audience with their elegance and intricacy at the very same time. They also give us a sense of independence, elegance, and comfort. Watches from Pita Barcelona are miniature, one-of-a-kind works of art with no counterparts.

Although the price isn’t low, it is considerably less than what else you can pay if you dealt with the majority of individual Swiss or perhaps even German timepieces personally. Pita Carousel costs vary, of fact, but the kind shown costs around $20,000.


Lotus watch

The Festina Group’s Lotus wristwatch brand was founded in Spain in 1980 by Miguel Rodrguez Dominguez.

The business introduced the Moon Phase wristwatch in 1985, making it the inaugural best-seller for the business. He produced many adventure sports chronograph clocks in 1990. The Lotus brand has established a fantastic record over the previous 25 years for producing contemporary, premium, inexpensive timepieces, which is precisely what Miguel Rodriguez has always wished to accomplish.

The Festina Group was founded in 1984 by Miguel Rodriguez with the addition of reputable watchmaker Festina. The popularity of Lotus watches, which are sold all over the globe and are a leading company in Spain, is particularly high.

Most of their watches are priced at 299 euros so they very much lie in the affordable price range of most customers.


Viceroy watch

The Viceroy timepieces have their roots in 1951, when a household in Switzerland, a leader in the wristwatch business, invented them.

With three worldwide brands under its ownership—Maurice Lacroix, Sandoz, as well as Viceroy—owner Grupo Munreco is a market leader in Spain’s watch sector. Viceroy is not unfamiliar with watches.

The company has produced high-quality timepieces that are not only trendy but also in the vanguard of the movement since it was founded in 1951 in the center of watchmaking in Switzerland. To make Viceroy known to a global clientele, the Spanish corporation Grupo Munreco acquired the brand in 1982. Viceroy adds a unique touch to the traditional watch by experimenting with forms and hues.

The price of their watches starts from a very low range i.e., only 39.20 euros, and goes all the way up to the range of only 236 euros.


Festina watch

The Stüdi household in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds invented Festina in 1902.

The trademark was transferred to industrialist Willy Burkhard von Wilhelm by the originating household in 1935. Because the elements are made and the timepieces are constructed nearly completely in Switzerland, these timepieces represent the greatest level of craftsmanship and accuracy.

They are nicely constructed with high-quality components and provide reasonable value. Ever since its founding in 1902, Festina has developed a particularly specialized European wristwatch design that offers the consumer of today a practical and utilitarian perspective.

It is the Tour de France’s official timekeeper. They have a high-tech manufacturing plant in Switzerland, an additional specialist location, in addition to their Barcelona base.

Festina is a household brand name in Spain and they are available to be purchased at an affordable price range. The price of their watches starts at just 69 euros and goes all the way up to 449 euros.


This article was intended to walk you through some of the most famous Spanish watch brands.

Each brand was chosen after a meticulous procedure to ensure that you get to know only the most genuine ones. We hope you get to take away from this article what you originally intended to. Happy shopping.

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