Best Chinese Watch Brands (Top 17 Watches Made in China in 2023)

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Watches made in China vary from inexpensive knickknacks to several of the world’s most exquisite handmade timepieces.

China produces greater than 95% of the world’s timepieces. Many of the world’s most well-known companies manufacture their timepieces in China, either partially or wholly. Almost all watches under $500 are produced in China, notably several well-known Swiss models.

Numerous watches under $2000, which include those from well-known Swiss brands, feature Chinese faces, bands, or casings.

China also produces high-end timepieces for the native Chinese market. These may be very expensive, costing upwards of $50,000.

Instead of you surfing through various web pages in search of high-end Chinese watches, we’ve done the work for you and present you with this list of famous Chinese watch brands with their description and basic specs.

We hope you find this useful.

Sea Gull

Seagull Watch

In 1955, the Chinese government issued an instruction to start a nationwide drive to establish the watchmaking sector in Northern China.

In accordance with this strategy, Sea Gull, also referred to as the Tianjin Watch Factory, was established in the industrial district of Tianjin. Regardless of the fact that it is the world’s largest maker of mechanical movements, few individuals or aficionados are familiar with this name.

Sea Gull watches come in a wide range of styles. You mention it, and the brand definitely has it, whether it’s antique, contemporary, aviator, diving, militaristic, skeleton, even tourbillon. Sea Gull watches have received largely positive reviews, particularly considering how affordable they are in comparison to Swiss as well as German watches.

It is the world’s largest maker of automatic chronograph mechanisms, accounting for one-quarter of total worldwide output by volume. It was founded in 1955. The quality of Sea Gull watches is on par with or better than that of comparably expensive Japanese watches.

The lower-end Sea Gull timepieces ($300) appear to be well worth the money, according to the general consensus. Their timepieces are reasonably priced, so you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to treat yourself to one of their items within your budget.


Fiyta watch

Fiyta is the most popular indigenous brand in China. They’ve created two official timepieces for the space program (along with various souvenir replicas to go with them), one for the air force, and at minimum one for the Chinese Olympic swimming squad.

Fiyta leverages its expert manufacturing abilities to continually provide timepieces with exceptional beautiful design, thanks to its exploratory energy in aeronautics.

Fiyta watches are of the same high quality as the most prestigious luxury brands. The brand has placed its bet on high-precision automated movements, some of which have been produced by the company itself.

The bulk of the timepieces, as well as the leather bracelets, have a retractable buckle clasp.

The company has been providing timepieces to astronauts since 2003. Fiyta won the prestigious Red Dot Design prize for a model designed exclusively for astronauts.

Fiyta introduced a wristwatch with a 3D dial in 2014.

A twofold readout of time is possible because of this invention.

In the heart of the watch, we may locate the typical reading utilizing the hands. The latter interpretation is quite clever. The time may be seen without turning the wrist to see the dial thanks to an angled disc situated around the standard hands.

As a result, a face and profile scan are possible with this watch. Fiyta is one of the top watch brands on the market nowadays, owing to its 30 years of expertise and ongoing developments.

Fiyta watches are available at extremely affordable rates; hence, you can expect to get your hands on any of their watches for under $500.


Ebohr watch

Ebohr Luxuries (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a premium watch company within Citychamp Watch & Jewelry Group Ltd., was founded in Shenzhen in 1991. It has effectively integrated the design, manufacture, and selling of high-quality timepieces.

‘Engineered Elegance’ is the brand’s philosophy. Their watch ranges include sporting, professional, informal, and formal watches with a vast selection of clocks for men, women, and couples.

The majority of them are reasonably priced. It’s now a part of the Citychamp security network. In 2018, the watchmaker launched the Ebohr Timepiece Culture Museum in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Ebohr continues to provide clients with high-quality, useful, dependable, and collectible wristwatches.

The Ebohr Complication series seems to be the cream of the crop from the Chinese watchmaker located in Shenzhen. EC items start at roughly $600 and can go up to a few thousand dollars. If you’re looking for high-quality Chinese watches at a reasonable price, we feel Ebohr is the place to go.


Rossini watch

Rossini is a watchmaker who breaks the mold. Rossini has proudly established a leading brand reputation by earning several exceptional awards for high-quality customized designs.

Rossini has received awards for ‘Chinese Famous Brand Products’ and is the only Chinese watchmaker to be recognized among the ‘Top 500 Asian Brands.’

Rossini relocated to Zhuhai in 1984 and founded the Chinese watch industry’s first joint venture. And it is dedicated to producing high-quality, high-taste, and high-tech well-known cultural watches for customers, capturing the attention of hundreds of thousands of people with its distinctive simple aesthetic and wisdom meaning.

Rossini is steadily becoming a worldwide diverse fashion boutique conglomerate. Rossini has established the first watch cultural and industrial tourist project in South China, as well as watch and eyewear boutique production and brand marketing.

Rossini watches are priced to appeal to lower-income customers; thus, they may be purchased for a fraction of the cost of comparable watches. Most of their automatic watches are priced at lower than $300.

Tian Wang

Tian Wang watch

Since 1990, right preceding the Central Chinese news broadcasts, the tagline “Tian Wang tells you the time” has already been replayed countless times.

Tian Wang may well have produced a billion timepieces, but the company remained obscure, nearly unknown, with no history or identifiable identity.

Its real advantage is in controlling its distribution network, from manufacture to delivery. Tian Wang creates, arranges, and distributes everything himself, with no middlemen.

The firm began in 1980 when two Hong Kong entrepreneurs founded the Winning Metal Products Manufacturing Company Limited (WMP), which concentrated on the manufacture of watch mechanisms.

Tian Wang is another of those extremely affordable watch manufacturers in China and is rightfully placed among the list of top Chinese watch brands.

You can easily buy their premium automatic watches for not more than $500, which makes this brand one of the best and most affordable ones in the market.

Beijing Watch Factory

Beijing Watch Factory watch

The mechanisms produced by the Beijing Watch Factory were among the best in China as well as on level with all the others. The Beijing Watch Factory, established in 1958, is among China’s earliest watchmakers.

Fiyta has held it since October of 2016. Its early offerings, like those of many Chinese watchmakers, included high-quality replicas of Swiss models, as well as largely unique mechanisms that reflected advancements and approximations.

After gaining experience in this field, the firm ended up playing a key role in the design and production of the Chinese Standard Movement, creating numerous high-quality variants, notably the first automated version.

BWF is now primarily focused on the high-end sector, but it is the most prominent Chinese watch factory, manufacturing a variety of timepieces of unsurpassed craftsmanship and technological complexity.

BWF is not well-known outside of China due to the high cost of several of their goods and their absence of foreign marketing. Under the Beijing brand, they sell complete timepieces.

Even now, in their tourbillons line, they’re introducing new, Chinese-style timepieces with a metal frame but no lacquered face, costing between 2,500 and 4,000 yuan. The median cost of a Beijing wristwatch at a boutique is currently 3,500 yuan.


Peacock watch

Tourbillon watches are uncommon and costly, but Memorigin timepieces all have them. Not just that, but the timepieces aren’t Swiss. They are, in reality, created in China.

William Shum, the company’s creator, was schooled in the United States and aspired to develop a watch business that combined the engineering that rendered Swiss watches renowned with Eastern-inspired looks.

The end result is a collection of intriguing, high-quality timepieces with unique, though occasionally ridiculous, style.

As you’d anticipate from a luxury product, the construction craftsmanship is excellent. The majority of the cases are made of high-quality stainless steel, with a few exceptions in gold.

The wristwatch displays and casing supports are shielded by sapphire crystal, which is far more scratch-resistant than ordinary glass.

Memorigin, which was established in 2010, presently has over 100 watch types ranging in cost from $3,800 to $38,000, all of which are meant to represent Hong Kong’s passion for Chinese iconography, pop-culture folk art, and dazzle.


Memorigin watch

With its excellent workmanship, outstanding design, as well as convenience, Timex has solidified its position in the watch market. It is a high-end premium watch that satisfies the needs of anyone wishing to purchase a luxurious wristwatch at a reasonable budget.

Since 1854, Timex has undoubtedly risen and impacted this industry. This is mostly because their high-quality products are available at such reasonable rates, i.e., starting from 2-dollar digits and going beyond that based on their collections.

Timex provides an excellent customer experience. They can either maintain your watch by fitting newer or refurbished and tested elements or substitute it with the same or comparable model.

Even though Timex Group USA is an American corporation, it hasn’t produced timepieces entirely in the United States in nearly two decades. In addition to exporting to the Philippines, Timex has moved manufacturing to India and China, from whence they export globally.


Longio watch

Longio was established in 1996 by Mr. Mi Changhong, and after placing their own trademark on watches, they quickly gained international acclaim as one of China’s best and most distinctive watch companies.

Longio is known for producing high-end mechanical clocks as well as cheap luxury tourbillon timepieces. Classically inspired styles, as well as unusual avant-garde versions and strong macho sport-watches, including chronographs, are all part of their product category.

Longio, headquartered in Hong Kong, also provides bespoke luxury timepieces and ODM/OEM services. Longio watches have always embodied the spirit of the artisan in terms of invention, progress, and perfection.

Longio is a Chinese company that creates its own patterns with ties to Chinese culture instead of copying other companies’ trends. Each assortment of time art is created by Longio utilizing its exceptional handicraft.

Longio watches are dedicated to bridging the gap between art and history, timing and elegance, power and enthusiasm, fashion and tradition, and allowing everyone to experience the “Chinese time show.”

Because their products are competitively priced, you may get some of their high-end watches for less than $5000.

Shanghai Watch Factory

Shanghai Watch Factory

The Shanghai Watch Company holds the reputation of being China’s first watch manufacturer, having created the country’s first mechanical watch more than 60 years ago.

Shanghai Watch attempted to rebrand itself as a premium brand a decade ago in order to contend with European competition. It created a few studded pieces with intricate tourbillon mechanisms.

Shanghai is a watch that is worth your time. Definitely a good investment. Hand-winding, as well as automatic timepieces, a wide range of calendars and dual-time complexities, automated chronographs, open-heart movements, and tourbillons, are among their current offerings.

Over the decades, the factory has manufactured timepieces under a variety of brand names. Shanghai and Chunlei are two of their current brands. Shanghai 2000 was a brand that was utilized for a short time earlier this century.

Shanghai watch factory is one of the top producers of quality Chinese watches and is also labeled among the Cheap Chinese watch brands; hence, most of their products are priced well under $1000.


Corgeut watch

If you are on the lookout for the best Chinese automatic watches, then Corgeut might be the one brand you’ve been looking for.

Corgeut is a Chinese company that straddles the line between genuine tribute watches and design copyright infringement. It’s easy to understand where the brand’s inspiration originates from when you look at the diversity of models they produce.

Many of the watches purposefully deviate from the traditional design in order to get the most accurate appearance.

Despite the fact that the brand was just trademarked a few decades previously, it has been producing watches for over 20 years. In China, this is quite prevalent. It doesn’t sound right to integrate and copyright a brand name when there are other enterprises openly duplicating designs with no actual individuality of their own.

Corgeut produces high-quality tribute timepieces. The design isn’t really unique. Yes. A Corgeut that prices more than $150 is quite rare.

Given that these are unmistakably tribute imitation watches of classics like the Tudor Black Bay or the Omega Seamaster, they provide excellent value. In general, automatic watches for this cost may be found in China, although they are frequently of inferior design.

San Martin

San Martin watch

San Martin is a corporation based in China. Their timepieces are made in China. Many people are unfamiliar with the San Martin brand. It’s a Chinese watch company.

In many instances, their low-cost items put higher-priced ones to discredit. As a result, they’ve gotten a lot of notice from critics, including yourself.

A Seiko automatic mechanism, sapphire display, and water resistance are all included in a standard £200 San Martin watch. Furthermore, the construction grade will be excellent. Mr. Liao JiaMing, a veteran, founded the company in 2016. From the identification of the first watch collectors to the path of the watchmakers, San Martin is unique.

They sometimes take cues from lesser-known models, such as classic Japanese timepieces.


Perpetual watch

In 2004, PerpetuaL Watch Company was founded. Hong Kong is the location of their workshop. Every month, they sell 60-80 watches. Their own watchmakers build and inspect their timepieces. Perpetual watches may only be purchased through their website and at ex-workshop pricing!

Permanent calendar watches are one of the most stunning complexities available from watchmakers. The major advantage of perpetual timepieces is that they never need to be reset. This implies the watch is aware of the number of days in each month and when leap years occur.

On average, a perpetual calendar watch will set you back $30,000 or more. Perpetual watches, on the other hand, are incredibly reasonable, with one costing just under $1000. Low costs, on the other hand, do not imply a significant reduction in quality, dependability, or affordability.


Geya watch

Geya Watch was founded in 1993 in Shenzhen and has been in the watch industry for 17 years.

The company’s mission is to provide “first-class quality, first-class service” to its customers, which has resulted in the launch of many consumers watches.

True, the proper mix of a variety of components may make a Geya watch attractive and spectacular. Every facet of the ideal, seamless art project known as the Geya watchmaker is represented by the Geya table construction and combining method.

In reality, before the final shape, each watchmaker link is subjected to extreme tension, meditation, and careful contemplation. Furthermore, Geya traditional and Science and Technology collaborated on a number of popular watch programs that were well received by the audience.

The major components of the Geya Watch are made in Switzerland. Strap testers are used to ensure that high-quality items are produced by putting each product through a more stringent testing process before it leaves the factory. The majority of their timepieces cost between $100 to $300, making them a fairly inexpensive brand.


Rarone watch

Shenzhen Rarone Watch Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 in Shenzhen.

It is known for its unique design and quality approach, as well as its high quality, cost-effective goods, and flawless service system, which has earned it consumer accolades. Some retail malls stock Rarone timepieces. Watches range in price from 300 yuan to two thousand yuan, with a few high-end versions costing more than 10,000 yuan!

They create and produce hundreds of designs using the company’s top designers’ great market sense and amazing inventiveness, as well as current watchmaking technology.

It has evolved into a combination of exploration and innovation, aesthetic, manufacture, and marketing over the years, introducing the world’s most sophisticated conceptual designs and watchmaking expertise.

The brand meticulously assembles various components one by one using precision equipment. As a result, each watch is a work of art, with beautiful craftsmanship, functional functions, and flawless design.

The design style is quite popular among young people, and it is both cost-effective and versatile.


Poscer watch

Poscer timepieces are a Shenzhen Myrg Watch business brand that was founded in 1997.

The name is extremely close to the automobile brand’s “Porsche.” Despite the fact that Porsche makes timepieces, it is still a far cry from “Poscer.” After all, “Poscer” is a brand that originated in the United States.

The company was founded in 1997 in Shenzhen, China’s watch capital. Poscer’s focus on research and development, design, and adhering to the original path to establish distinctive core competitiveness has earned the market and industry’s highly recognized brands in Shenzhen.


Megalith watch

Being a relatively new brand being founded only in 2015, Megalith has managed to make its name be recognized over the course of years.

Megalith is a comparatively recent watch brand with inventive design when compared to other watch companies. The design style is quite popular among young people, and it is both cost-effective and versatile.

Megalith passionately believes that the importance of a watch as an accessory extends beyond just telling time. In recent years, sports watches have grown increasingly fashionable. They offer your personality a new radiance. Megalith is a brand to keep an eye on if you’re searching for a sports watch to wear every day.

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