Norwegian Watch Brands (Best Norwegian-Made Watches in 2023)

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The Country of the Midnight Sun is Norway’s nickname. It is known for its spectacular coastlines, rivers, and starry sky. Norway is sometimes known for its dialects, history, and mythology, as well as for being environmentally sustainable and producing oil.

However, one thing that we do not know about Norway is that it is also quite famous for producing some high-quality watches. In this article, we will be briefing you about some of the known Norwegian watch brands. These Scandinavian watches will offer you the best return on your investment and will surely give an upgrade to your looks.

Following this, you will come across a list of Norwegian-made watches. Just for heads up, each product has been added to the list after detailed scrutiny to ensure that each product offers the best quality, productivity, and reliability that lasts longer than you initially anticipate.


Hvitsten watch

Hakon-André Blad launched the microbrand Hvitsten in 2014. The firm professed to be based in the Norwegian town of Hvitsten.

Hvitsten watches’ Norwegian manufacturers think that men must be capable of grabbing the very identical wristwatch for any situation and be ideally prepared at all times.

To that aim, the company produces timepieces that are extremely adaptable, looking both sophisticated and laid-back whether worn with formal and leisurewear. All of the timepieces are handmade in Switzerland and incorporate fully automated Swiss movement synchronization systems to assure dependability and unsurpassed quality.

Hvitsten Watches as of now has two styles available. The Aurora Watch had been Hvitsten’s debut watch, and it perfectly reflects the Scandinavian visual identity of simplicity and sophistication. The wristwatch is available in gold or silver having a white and black display. A fine black leather sheath completes both designs. This style can be purchased for $695.

The North Sea clock features a beautiful midnight sapphire display that gleams in the daylight and was influenced by the pristine, bright waters of the ocean bordering Norway as well as the United Kingdom. Authentic lapis lazuli jewels provide the watch’s blue tinge, rendering it extremely elegant. A black textured suede band is available, as well as a small silver-toned wrist display.

This style was marketed for $2295.


Bruvik watch

This is one of the best Norwegian watch companies offering products at amazingly reasonable rates with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Bruvik‘s amazing yet unique wristwatches, which were founded in 2009, soon gained a reputation for their innovative approach, which allows clients to sport a fragment of Norwegian essence on their wrists.

BRUVIK’s beautiful but athletic line emphasizes the principles of time, fusing distinctive natural components with top-notch contemporary Swiss watch craftsmanship. Plunge the valleys, ascend the platform rock, and experience the polar and Svalbard Islands with this selection.

Their rates are also rather cheap, ranging from CHF 800 to CHF 3,500. The usage of conventional Swiss quartz, as well as automated ETA or Sellita mechanisms, keeps expenses reasonable. Surprisingly, the skillfully polished sapphire crystal might account for approximately one-half of the whole watch manufacture cost.

The outset was everything from easy. Distributors were wary of Bruvik or rather their Scandinavian-designed as well as Swiss-made timepieces since the nation lacked a watchmaker tradition. But perseverance bears rewards, as three months afterward, Bruvik landed a place beside the Breitling in a store’s storefront. Ever since the company’s offerings have grown.


Brathwait watch

Since 2014, Brathwait seems to have been the world’s largest only transparency watchmaker, offering exquisitely crafted, superior watches for men and women for a fraction of the price of elite products.

Producers have mechanized most of the manufacturing operations in the latest generations, lowering manufacturing costs dramatically, and yet so many luxury brands have maintained or increased their pricing attributed to the reason that few customers peek beyond the industry’s shroud before actually buying expensive watches.

Brathwait’s aimed to do everything completely independently, and it still is.

They have limited collections available on their website from where you can easily order the watch that you like. Most of their watches are available at $145 however their watches often go on sale so you can keep an eye out on their website to bag your favorite watch for as low as $125. Their watches go up to a maximum of only $169, so this is a relatively much cheaper Norwegian watch company.

The display of most of the Brathwait wristwatches is guaranteed to appeal to fans of a minimalistic aesthetic. The golden ratio was used to figure out the proportions of the fingers, hourly markings, and logo positioning on the display. Ultimately, you’ll adore this finish; the rose gold, as well as other details, are stunning, indicating that simple is still fashionable.

Cursus Victus

Cursus Victus watch

Designer Torgeir Sanders developed Cursus Victus in 2015. Except for its Swiss core, the wristwatch was created and manufactured in Norway as well as boasts entirely in-house conceived components in every minute aspect.

Cursus Victus is still a Kickstarter campaign just at the time of posting, thus no timepieces have been created yet. The initial model, the CMXI chronograph, is influenced by legendary sports automobiles from the 1970s, particularly the Porsche 911.

The single big display, as well as the perforations leather band, are two of its interesting characteristics. On Kickstarter, the cost is roughly $270.

Von Doren

Von Doren watch

The firm, which was founded in 2016, borrows heavily from the beautiful natural surroundings of Aalesund. Von Doren is a wristwatch company based in Norway. These one-of-a-kind timepieces are developed in Norway and produced in extremely small batches.

All of them have Swiss mechanisms. It all began with a Swiss timepiece that talked to people of all ages. An inheritance passed down from a great-grandfather onto his great-grandson that influenced the course of history. The port community is bordered by stunning fjords, peaks, and rivers on Norway’s western coast.

It’s also known for its distinctive Art Nouveau architecture, which has exquisite outlines and stone structures with American architectural style and regional romantic elements.

Their watch prices start from $425 which is quite reasonable considering its exquisite designs and detailing along with the quality materials used which promise longevity and comfortability. Their watches do not go beyond the price range of $1895 so with a little splurge of cash you can lay your hands on one of their best watches from premium collections.

Harper & Brooks

Harper & Brooks watch

Harper & Brooks is a group of dedicated designers based in Oslo, Norway. Their ideals are straightforward: they create things that they like using. They are constantly striving for the greatest level of excellence. They are concerned about the environment and use materials that are both sustainable and intelligently chosen.

Diamond-cut Swiss mechanical Harper & Brooks’ critical characteristics are sapphire crystal glassware as well as 316L professional stainless steel. They are proud to use resources sustainably produced, such as vegetable-tanned leather by Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden as well as natural wool from Scandinavia.

Quality, elegance, and originality are key to our brand. Even though we admire traditional design, we work closely with prominent designers, engineers, illustrators, filmmakers, and composers to explore new ideas. We collaborate to create Harper & Brooks’ personality and style.

They feel that the elements are what make a good design great. As Scandinavians, they prefer simple and minimalist design concepts to over-decorating.


Berg watch

Berg was founded in July of 2016 to create beautiful timepieces for men and women while also demonstrating the heritage of Norwegian design and components in a clean and innovative way.

Their watches start from 300 euros and go all the way up to 999 euros.

BERG’s objective is to develop the greatest minimalistic fashion wristwatch available. On the wrist, is a timepiece that appears excellent. This is also why they chose a Ronda superior Swiss-made mechanism, which has been producing trustworthy manufacturing mechanisms since 1946.

They used an anti-reflective diamond leaded crystal to eliminate cracks on the screen, as well as to limit reflectivity on the watch’s crystal.

The Berg wristwatch wristbands are manufactured of salmon hide from Atlantic Leather, an Icelandic tannery that was named the best in Europe in 2016. Because salmon hide is ten times tougher than conventional leather, it will last longer. The straps appear in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to find one that you like.


Valhalla watch

Valhalla of Norway is a wristwatch, eyewear, and accessory brand from Norway. Norrin mythology served as inspiration. Roy Klokk founded the company in 2013. After sixteen years in the luxury goods industry, he decided to embark on this career.

They opted to produce high-quality timepieces, with stainless steel frames and bands.

Genuine leather is used to make the leather strap. They employ Citizen/Miyota quartz and automated movements from Japan.

Most watches are priced at an average of 4300 KR.

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