Tissot Chrono XL Classic Review (Is It for Everyone?)

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The “Classic” label collection by Tissot has always been the most sought-after by customers. Hence, the number of watches we can select from is also the biggest, with over 400 models available. Picking just one might prove to be quite a challenge – but I’m here to help. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at one of the most popular chronograph series in Tissot’s collection – Chrono XL Classic.

If you are currently contemplating buying the watch, this Tissot Chrono XL Classic review should give you a better idea of whether it’s the right one to go for, taking into consideration its pricing, design, durability, and movement.

Also, if you have never owned a Tissot watch before, I suggest you take a look at my detailed review of the brand. Apart from giving you a more general idea about the company, you might also learn more about how Chrono XL fares against other Tissot watches.

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Tissot Chrono XL Classic – Collection Review


Even though Tissot is considered a luxury brand by many, the pricing of their watches varies a lot (and thank God). Unlike many other Swiss watch companies, Tissot caters to the needs of people with contrasting budgets.

Tissot watch price structure
Where does Chrono XL stand in terms of the Tissot watch price structure?

Those who are willing to stretch their dollar can get totally high-end watches, some of which are made of 18K gold. Savvy shoppers have no reason to complain either – there are just as many models to choose from at the lower end of the pricing table.

Whereas Chrono XL watches are not the cheapest, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The official Tissot shop has them available for around $350 but you can also check Amazon for Chrono XL Classic in case it’s available for less there (just make sure the seller offers a warranty).


We are all used to the super-stylish look that basically any Tissot watch presents. In this case, Chrono XL models are not an exception. There’s one feature that makes the collection stand out from others, though.

  • Case

Tissot themselves describe the Chrono XL series as “Larger than life” and you have to hand it to them, these watches are particularly massive. Most Chrono XL Classic timepieces come with a rather big watch case (45mm in width/length).

To get a clearer picture, the average size of watch cases in the Tissot Classic collection is 37,7mm. The difference is quite striking in this aspect. Of course, whether one fancies this watch or not depends on the individual’s style and judgment in the end. In my opinion, though, the majority of Chrono XL models are better suited to people with larger wrists. 

Difference in case size between Tissot Classic and Chrono XL
The difference in case size between a regular Tissot Classic watch and Chrono XL Classic
  • Straps

Whether you are a fan of the urban feel of stainless steel bracelets or the more vintage leather straps, the Chrono XL collection has both.

According to the official Tissot website, currently, there are nine Chrono XL models to select from. Six of those come with genuine leather straps and three are stainless steel. Stainless steel bracelets come with a folding clasp with a push button whereas leather straps use the standard buckle. Personally, I always recommend going with the steel bracelets due to the comfort of cleaning and a longer lifespan.

  • Dial

When it comes to dials, there are a few color variants to select from. Stainless steel models are available in white, black and blue dial versions, whereas the leather timepieces have an additional choice of brown. Each Chrono XL model comes with luminous hands ensuring comfortable nighttime use.

For maximum protection, the dial window is made of high-quality, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The same glass material is often used in watches from some of the most expensive brands in the world like Omega or Tag Hauer.


All Tissot watches come with reliable Swiss movements known for their precision and durability. The particular movement type used in the Chrono XL series is ETA G10.212.

It might not be the best Quartz movement in the world but it’s still a solid option for the price quoted. Apart from ensuring great precision, watches with ETA G10.212 calibers tend to stand the test of time. On average, the minimum lifespan of its battery is around 38 months but some users report even 4 years of hassle-free use.

The same movement is also a popular choice for many other chronograph watches by Tissot as well as timepieces produced by other reputable Swiss brands.

ETA movement used in Chrono XL series
ETA movement used in Chrono XL Classic Image source: eta.ch

In the case of the Chrono XL Classic series, the ETA display shows hours, minutes, seconds and a date at 4 o’clock. The chronograph includes three different counters for 1/10th of seconds, 60 seconds and 30 minutes, and comes with ADD & SPLIT function. All the functions can be navigated through the two push buttons located on each side of the crown.

Chronograph watches from Tissot come in handy for people who lead an active lifestyle but who are not keen on the often unsophisticated and cheap design of regular sports watches. In this aspect, other chronograph watches worth considering from Tissot are Supersport Chrono.


As long as you buy a Chrono XL classic watch from a legit dealer/seller, it will come with a two-year international warranty. By saying legit, I mean either the official website of Tissot (although the prices are the highest there) or Amazon (consider only listings with good reviews). The first option gives you maximum security whereas the second much more affordable products.

The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects. Before replacing a faulty watch with a brand-new product, Tissot will try to repair it first. What’s worth mentioning is that the warranty doesn’t cover battery defects. Naturally, it also won’t be much of a use with any damage caused by our own negligence.

The Good

  • Swiss movement
  • Chronograph timers
  • Stainless steel or genuine leather strap
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial
  • Water-resistant (100m)

The Bad

  • Many of the models might not look that great on people with smaller wrists

Tissot Chrono XL Classic Series: Conclusion

Final take on Chrono XL Classic series

I really hope that my review of the Chrono XL series has helped you decide on whether this is the right watch to get.

To summarize, it’s hard to find many faults with it. Considering where the Chrono XL series stands in terms of the pricing of Tissot watches in general, it does seem to provide a great quality-to-price ratio.

In my opinion, by buying Chrono XL Classic, you are getting a mid-end timepiece for a price of a low-end watch. Many models from the series can put some more expensive counterparts to shame with their movement, durability and style.

Perhaps the only thing that I personally find a bit problematic with these watches is their massive case size. It simply wouldn’t look that great on me due to my slender wrist. Hence, I think the series is best suited to people with bigger (or at least medium-sized) wrists.

And what is your opinion on this series? Are there any points I have failed to address in this Tissot Chrono XL Classic review? Feel free to let me know in the comment box below. Let’s interact!

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