Mathey-Tissot vs Tissot Watch Brand Comparison (Similar or Not Really?)

There aren’t many watch brands that can get easily mixed up even for a beginning watch enthusiast. Nevertheless, since I launched my site a couple of years ago, there have been endless cases of people mistakenly taking a Mathey-Tissot watch for a Tissot model and vice versa. Whereas both brands provide excellent quality-to-price ratios and … Read more

Seiko SARX033 vs SARX055 Comparison (Which Watch Is Better?)

Seiko SARX033 vs SARX055

If you’re an automatic watch aficionado, kudos to you – some am I! I’m glad to say that after the industry-shaking Quartz Revolution of the 1970s, mechanical and automatic timepieces have again been enjoying lots of attention in the last couple of decades. The strong pull of complex movements and a higher level of workmanship … Read more

Seiko vs Citizen Watches (The Ultimate 2022 Brand Comparison)

Seiko vs Citizen watches

Next to Casio, about which pretty much everyone and their dog have heard, Seiko and Citizen are the most known and respected watchmakers from Japan. Quite surprisingly, they’re still largely untapped brands for many beginning watch enthusiasts. The so-called Quartz Revolution in the 1970s opened up the door for many watchmakers from Asia to start … Read more