Australian Watch Brands (Top 14 Watchmakers in 2023)

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Many people are not aware of Australian-made watch brands, and hence, they haven’t been in the spotlight as much as American and Swiss-made watches.

With features that are equally practical and attractive, Australian timepieces are getting a lot of attention.

The Australian watchmaking sector is continuously expanding, whether you’re looking for a high-quality timepiece, a trendy sporting timepiece, or a functional Fitbit.

Here in this article, we will be introducing you to some of the best Australian-made watches, which will offer you complete value for money and will surely catch your attention.

Melbourne Watch Company

Melbourne Watch Company watch

Melbourne Watch Company is an Australian watch company established in 2013 and has been producing high-quality and affordable watches since then. They have been committed to manufacturing attractive and unusual Australian watches that are affordable to lovers around the world, recreational collectors, and even beyond since its start.

Melbourne Watch Company, an Australian watchmaker, has a great deal to offer. Its high-quality construction and specifications provide excellent worth for investment, while its thematic components imaginatively bring Melbourne to daily existence on your watch.

Melbourne Watch Company’s watches have been described as “renowned,” “stylish,” “accurate,” “hardwearing,” and “beautiful,” to name a few adjectives. The Melbourne Watch Company has made a name for itself by mixing heritage and purpose with convenience and value for money.

They currently have five different collections to display, namely; Flinders, Portsea, Chelsea, Fitzroy, and Carlton.

  • The Chelsea line strives to blend the traditional dive watch’s robust characteristics with a luxurious 40mm size.
  • The Flinders series features a Swiss-made mechanism in a conventional dress watch form.
  • The Carlton line features a Swiss-made chronograph movement and vintage 60s style.
  • In their Portsea Collection, they adopt a contemporary approach to the old ‘Deck watch’ aesthetic, with multi-layer ceramic displays.
  • With a combination of sturdy craftsmanship and stylish design, the Fitzroy line is intended to be comfortable both within the business conference and at the beach house.

Melbourne Watch Company is known for its affordability, so here, you can get your hands on their premium watches easily for somewhere around $500. This means that you will not have to compromise on fashion and style because of money issues.


Bausele watch

Christophe Hoppe, the inventor of the Bausele watch company, founded it in 2011 in Sydney, Australia. It arose from his love for Australia as well as his significant experience in the Swiss watchmaking business.

By 2015, Bausele had become the inaugural and also only Australian company to be showcased at Baselworld, the world’s biggest timepiece and jewelry show. The firm was fortunate to work also with the Sydney Opera House to create its debut watch in 2016. Bausele was selected in 2020 to design the Authoritative Wristwatch to commemorate the Royal Australian Air Force’s Centenary in 2021.

Bausele’s success is due to Christo’s rigorous design sense and understanding of, and accessibility to, cutting-edge Swiss technology. He analyzes each element and creates watches that exceed standard operating procedures, which he then sells at prices that make luxury accessible to a devoted fan base. Small edition quantities and modest marketing expenses ensure that you get a lot of watches for a low price.

Currently, they have three different collections in their displays, namely Oceanmoon IV, Vintage 2.0, and RAAF Centenary 2021. Beach sand, red mud from the wilderness, tile from the Sydney Opera House, and other materials are used in Bausele clocks. Also, the brand title was derived using the initial writings of three sentences in the core mission, “beyond Australian elements.”

Their watches are available on a slightly high budget, so you can expect to find a good quality watch from their Oceanmoon collection for approximately $1200.

Nicholas Hacko

Nicholas Hacko watch

Nicholas Hacko is a 28-year-old company with modest origins. Nick Hacko, Australia’s first and so far only prestigious watchmaker, is located in a studio in the middle of Sydney’s CBD. His company, ‘Nicholas Hacko Watches,’ began modestly 28 years ago and has outlasted the competition thanks to one clear purpose: to preserve the existence of an independently Australian watch manufacturer.

Nicholas Hacko watches are available in a little high-end range, so you can not expect to get your hands on their collections for a lower price. Expect their watches to be over and beyond $1000 if you are looking for something luxurious and comfortable.

Creux Automatiq

Creux Automatiq watch

Creux Automatiq was founded by the geniuses driving Culet Jewellery, a premium diamond jewelry expert. After decades of rigorous struggle to refine their skill and have a real enthusiasm for timepieces, the Culet team embarked on a new enterprise — to build an inexpensive, high-performing premium wristwatch.

Creux Automatiq, a Sydney-based luxury watchmaker, debuted its first Swiss watch, the “Ghost CA-01,” in late 2016. An athletic yet beautiful appearance, according to Creux Automatiq, it pays homage to the classics while thinking about the destiny of timepieces.

The Shadow, as well as Gen II, are the most recent additions to the GHOST line, boasting a 10 ATM waterproofing and a dual anti-glare coated sapphire glass that allows for a great view of the watch’s intricate Swiss-made technical core. With a black pad brushing finish and a 36-hour power backup, the 33-jewel automatic movement is a sight to see. The pricing is even more remarkable! The Ghost series has a suggested retail price of $2400 USD.

Creux Automatiq’s backstory is just as fascinating as their watches. It’s the story of a Kiwi who lives in Australia and makes Swiss watches. Creux Automatiq’s founder, Dane Rumble, confesses that the Ghost collection is indeed the product of a passionate process that required multiple years to complete. The goal of introducing Creux Automatiq was to bring a stylish, high-quality timepiece with a sophisticated mechanism to the marketplace at a reasonable cost.


Panzera watch

Panzera is ranked among the top watch brands in Australia because of its high-quality watches and affordability. Panzera has been a trendsetter for Australian watch brands since its inception in 2009.

With the exception of the mechanism (Japan and Switzerland) as well as the bands (Italy), all Panzera Australian timepieces are built in Germany. Except for the Swiss models, which are created in their Swiss factory, all timepieces are developed, built, performance certified and dispatched from their Sydney workshop.

The Panzera watches get so many things right in terms of style, durable construction, and sturdiness that it would be an absolute winner for anyone searching for flexible mechanical watches that can be donned for both professional and informal occasions on a daily basis.

Panzera has grown to become Australia’s largest and rapidly rising watch manufacturer, with clients in over 50 nations and more than 100,000 watch wearers globally. This gives these timepieces an excellent price and explains why they have the same great quality products as much more expensive alternatives.

Much about their timepieces appear to be far more premium and high-end than the price suggests, so you can expect to get one from their collection easily for somewhere about $1500.


Adina watch

Since 1971, Adina has already been creating and manufacturing high-quality wrist timepieces for the Australian environment. Their enthusiasm for producing unique Australian clocks blends the capability to develop with indigenous workmanship.

They are a corporation built on honesty and trustworthiness, from the inconspicuous workplace where its technicians manufacture each wristwatch to their powerful father-and-son leadership. Adina strives to set the bar in terms of manufacturing and innovation development while staying true to their Australian family company heritage.

Adina excels in a variety of areas, particularly the production of high-quality wristwatches. Adina watches are high-quality and dependable. Adina is an Australian family-owned company that has been producing high-quality timepieces for over four decades. Adina watches are built to last and are designed to make you seem competent whilst not sacrificing convenience or affordability.

Nearly all of their watches are available for under $1000, so you can get your hands on their exquisite and premium collections without having to splurge a lot of cash.

Haigh and Hastings

Haigh & Hastings watch

Haigh & Hastings is an Australian wristwatch and leisure company co-founded in 2013 by Matt Sears with Simon Haigh that has already been making waves throughout the world.

The brand or rather company presently has a few product offerings and are bringing a lot of media as well as budgetary recognition, as well as new consumers and corporate associates, such as collaborations with the Western Force rugby squad, Perth Thunder ice hockey squad of players, the Australian Ice Hockey League, but also brand advocates in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Haigh & Hastings was formed out of the Australian environment, and its current product, the Classic Range, developed by world-renowned Swiss watch architect Emmanuel Gueit, is rapidly expanding. Haigh & Hastings’ goals have become an actuality, with an increasing variety of watch and band offers and a rising global client base.

Haigh & Hastings watches are developed, keeping in consideration the financial power of many of their consumers. Hence here, you can easily find a watch for $500, which you can totally and very easily rock both formally and informally.


JDRT watch

JDRT started as a talk among two friends who sought to build something in 2013 to provide something unique. Rhys and Joel started their sideline endeavor with this notion, which grew into thousands of late-night brainstorming meetings, which grew into a worldwide expedition to find the greatest materials, which grew into the timepieces they create today.

The brand’s goal is to produce anything unique, adaptable, and long-lasting, not just to retreat and find a thrill in something they enjoy doing. Another feature that distinguishes JDRT is the company’s use of biodegradable and compostable resources. Because the focus is on endurance, the timeless patterns may be changed with different bands to keep you looking attractive and current.

Rather than buying new timepieces, the concept is to combine multiple styles on a single watch face with appropriate bands. This brilliant concept, combined with the packaging and production practices, resulted in a lower carbon footprint, and a company that believes in climate change as much as it cares about style is a brand worth noticing.

JDRT watches are not expensive at all, so you can easily buy one for a couple of hundred dollars. Also, the fact that its bands are changeable makes it much better since just by changing its bands, you can make it pair with any of your outfits.


Erroyl watch

Erroyl was founded in Canberra, Australia, in 2014. Their main objective was to create exquisite and polished watches that were both inexpensive and approachable, allowing more people to experience the style and elegance of a great watch.

Starting in 2014, Erroyl has experienced remarkable growth. Erroyl has sold timepieces solely on their web to consumers in over 50 countries, and they are a well-known watch microbrand with a substantial market reputation, not terrible for a small three-man operation based in Canberra, Australia.

Erroyl focuses mostly on automatic movements, which are a watch collector’s fantasy. They include the Japanese Miyota movement in their Heritage and Regent Collections, which is noted for its dependability all over the world.

There are dozens of sports timepieces, professional watches, aviation watches, and other timepieces in the under $500 price range at Erroyl, making it one of the most affordable brands without sacrificing durability, longevity, or quality. Erroyl continues to concentrate on manufacturing cheap premium automatic watches that are styled for aesthetics, produced with accuracy and priced affordably.

Bow & Stern

Bow & Stern watch

Bow & Stern is an eight-year-old Australian wristwatch manufacturer that has quickly established itself as a microbrand. Its most recent watch, the brand’s first automatic divers’ edition, is a strong testament to the company’s goals, which include quality, dependability, and remaining carbon-neutral.

Bow & Stern Watches are really remarkable watches from an Australian manufacturer, and it’s tough to imagine how inexpensive they are when you disintegrate the numerous elements employed in their manufacture. These gorgeous, subtle timepieces, which have a Swiss-made mechanism, excellent Swedish leather, and clear sapphire glass, are very attractive and completely adjustable to your own individual style requirements.

They want to provide you the opportunity to express yourself through the production of customized watches that enable you to select from a variety of strap styles and watch faces until you create the ideal look for you.

One of the main key selling points of Bow & Stern is its affordability. The price nearly all of their products in an affordable range, so you can lay your hands easily on any of their premium and luxury watch without having to spend a lot. Most of their products can be found at ranges between $500 to $1000.

The 5TH

The 5th Watch

Alex McBride, the founder of The 5TH, established one of Australia’s greatest watchmakers, producing limited-edition timepieces for men and women. Even though 5TH is not well-known around the world, it is building a name for itself by providing high-quality, affordable timepieces that enable wearers to improve their appearance and personality without spending a lot of money.

This Melbourne-based watchmaker creates classic models in compact, special edition runs. Their timepieces are a leading element that discreetly boosts the wearer’s appearance, with a concentration on extraordinary qualities and immaculate details. Their models are made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Brilliance takes time, so they recruit world-class production partners and design contributors with each latest release until the ideal team is gathered to bring the vision to reality. Their commitment to producing the right features at a reasonable price is unrivaled. The 5TH was created with the goal of allowing as many customers as possible to benefit from the power of watches. It will instill a daily sense of assurance in the wearer by offering exceptional styles at an accessible price.

The Horse

The Horse watch

The Horse Watch, one of Rushfaster’s best family businesses, has been in operation since 2009, creating a name for itself in the timepiece industry by manufacturing classic timepieces that attract every watch enthusiast.

The Horse Watches’ feedback would concentrate on the distinguishable models of the Horse watches by having drawn your consideration to the utmost representation of simplification that the brand integrates into the making of each timepiece in its archives. As one of the few manufacturers, the Horse watches enforces the manufacturing of classic watches that combines aesthetics with wonderful features.

The Horse watches feature a powerful and strong style that is revised and modified on a regular basis to stay up with the brand’s goal of creating wristwatches for everyone who enjoys keeping things uncomplicated and elegant.

With the timeless influence of workmanship and precise handcrafted details that gives this watch the uncommon artisanal quality, the brand has brought the retro style to a whole new level. They have a design that exudes strength and character in a little yet strong wristwatch. They have a design that exudes strength and character in a little yet strong wristwatch.

Their watches are available at highly affordable prices, and you can get your hands on some of their premium watches for less than $1000.

Orange Watch Company

Orange Watch Company

Orange Watch Company (OWC) realizes its objective by optimizing each component for its function. It involves obsessively selecting the best component for the purpose, even if it involves going against the grain. An equal diamond knurled design is used by OWC.

For their Snowflake design, they do pay tribute to the heritage and then use the coin edge clutch and scalloped bezel as other dive timepieces do. OWC goes a little crazy with their bands; instead of using pins or small flathead screws which strip to connect just a few changeable links, they go all out. Torx head screws are used to remove each link.

Their watches are known to be luxurious; hence, if you plan to buy from them, be prepared to splurge a little cash here since their precision, high quality, and longevity come at a price.

Rip Curl

Rip Curl watch

Rip Curl watches was started 50 years ago by a couple of Australian surfers who now manage the company. Rip Curl watches, together with Quicksilver and Billabong, are currently considered one of the “big three” firms in the surf gear business.

Despite the fact that the business is not principally a watchmaker, they do provide a wide assortment of watches in a wide price range. While Rip Curl watches aren’t likely to be worn to a business meeting, they do have acceptable styling and functions for sports watches. They’re also fairly tough, so they’ll probably take a hammering in the wild.

Because these watches are principally meant for sporting use, the quality of construction is much more than sufficient. Although they offer much better waterproofing, with most versions rated at 100 meters, most versions include harder ABS plastic casings and rubberized bands. These are timepieces that the maker knows will become wet during use and will more than take a stand to it.

Since their watches focus more on sporting features than class and looks, they are generally priced lower, so you can lay your hands on most of their products for somewhere around $500.

Australian-Made Watches: Conclusion

Australian watches are gaining in popularity worldwide and for good reason. They bring much to the table in terms of fashion, usability, and reliability.

Thus, the watch industry has sat up and taken notice of the “Made in Australia” tag, and we have accordingly introduced you to some of the most reliable and well-known Australian watch brands. We hope you found this list informative and insightful!

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