American Watch Brands (Top 26 American-Made Watches in 2023)

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Watches are consistently being designed in many areas of the globe. The majority of these are low-cost, while some are unique and premium.

Even though Switzerland is known for its watches, America is not very far behind in producing high-quality yet affordable watches for everyone. From kids to professionals, all can easily find watches of their liking.

Watches made in the USA are not just known for their low prices, but for their making and promise of lasting long enough that you’ll be assured your investment is worth it. We will introduce you to some of the best American-made watches for you to check out and fall in love with.


Timex Watch Company

With its excellent workmanship, outstanding design, as well as convenience, Timex has solidified its position in the watch market. It is a high-end premium watch that satisfies the needs of anyone wishing to purchase a luxurious wristwatch at a reasonable budget.

Since 1854, Timex has undoubtedly risen and impacted this industry. This is mostly because their high-quality products are available at such reasonable rates, i.e., starting from 2-dollar digits and going beyond that based on their collections.

Timex provides an excellent customer experience. They can either maintain your watch by fitting newer or refurbished and tested elements or substitute it with the same or comparable model.

Even though Timex Group USA is an American corporation, it hasn’t produced timepieces entirely in the United States in nearly two decades. In addition to exporting to the Philippines, Timex has moved manufacturing to India and China, from whence they export globally.


Shinola watch

Even though Shinola has not been there in the market for long, being established only in 2011, it has still managed to make its name in the watch industry by providing high-quality yet affordable watches. In a variety of aspects, the Shinola watch is a wonderful investment.

Even though it does not compete with Rolex in impacting the investment value, it is just as desirable. Its excellent vintage appearance, all-American backstory, and capacity to produce effective promotional strategies will guarantee that its value is preserved for the foreseeable future.

Shinola timepieces are a touch more expensive than others, but there’s a purpose for that. Shinola watches are now a little pricey since they are made in the United States. Employees get paid much above subsistence wages and receive several benefits.

Their watches have unique designs that you may not easily find everywhere, which ensures that you can easily shine out from others because of these classic watches.


Brew watch

Another relatively new company founded a few years back in 2015, Brew also has managed to penetrate the highly-saturated watch market with its unique ideology and exceptional quality watches.

The Brew watch catalog was created to commemorate and preserve the pleasures of caffeine consumption. They were inspired by commercial espresso equipment, which offers a unique combination of bright contrasting colors and brushed textures.

Every component employed to build these stunning watches is highlighted by these color schemes and patterns. They convey their own industrial essence with distinctive flared characteristics on the edges, case back, and top, comparable to a coffee maker.

Notwithstanding the excellent aesthetics, Brew Watches continues to manufacture cheap quartz watches. You’ll undoubtedly find something inside your price range. To give you an idea, for just $350, you can find something equally luxurious, comfortable, and classy at Brew watches.


Nodus watch

Nodus was founded just a couple of years ago, in 2017. Still, even in this relatively less time, it has created an impression in the minds of consumers as one of those companies where luxury isn’t equated with higher prices.

Nodus is a small watch business that focuses on functional timepieces. Nodus watches are produced and developed in Los Angeles for crucial moments in daily existence.

Nodus has carved out a niche for itself in the world of watches. Outstanding patterns, high-quality supplies, and mechanisms show that they care about the merchandise by manufacturing and monitoring it in the United States. Even the display upon arriving is remarkable.

On the marketplace, Nodus watches normally sell for approximately an average listing price of $353. Nodus is the eighth-most costly manufacturer, but it is good enough to justify it.


Hamilton watch

Hamilton is one of the old watchmakers in the United States of America, with an extensive and strong customer range. Hamilton timepieces are tough, long-lasting, and resilient to any damages that can occur due to excessive wear. Furthermore, their battery can easily last around 2 to 4 years.

Hamilton watches are not regarded as luxury timepieces, despite being a division of the Swatch Group. Despite their timepieces’ high precision and durability, they do not pass the grade due to the high expense of purchasing one.

You should anticipate paying more than $1000 for one of their high-end watches. Their highest-priced wristwatch costs more than $6000.


Bulova watch

Bulova also is among those watch brands which have been on the market for quite long, to be more precise, since 1875. The Bulova brand isn’t particularly among those high-end brands, but it does include several high-quality watches in its lineup.

Their prices range from $100 to $600, so there’s plenty for everyone on a shoestring as well as those who want to spoil themselves.

They do not even lose worth because they’re a well-known brand, and some of their historical items are worth more because they’re no more in manufacturing. Bulova was a renowned timepiece brand in the market, and they are known for their precision.

According to the maximum possible estimations, Bulova timepieces from the initial part feature expensive precious jewels and materials in their straps and displays.

Watches made of 14K and 18K gold, rose gold, including white gold, can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, whereas enamel timepieces will cost little.


Vortic watch

Vortic Watch Company has evolved from a mere golf course talk regarding watch interests among two Penn State undergraduates, R.T. Custer and Tyler Wolfe, in 2013 to become a nationally recognized high-end timepiece development and production company.

Vortic Watch Company, based in Northern Colorado, specializes in limited customized watchmaking and antique restoration. “Preserve and strengthen the tradition of technological innovation in America,” they say.

To accomplish so, they blend conventional and cutting-edge technologies to make one-of-a-kind, high-quality, operational watches that are also highly affordable. Their one-of-a-kind timepieces are unlike anything else.

All wristwatches on this page are made with vintage American pocket watch mechanisms, dials, and hands. All of it on the inside is antique, but everything else on the exterior is contemporary.

Although their products are pricey, they are well worth the money because they are high quality and last a long time.


Monta watch

Monta Watches presented its first collection in 2016. They have a track record of producing high-quality timepieces at reasonable costs.

If you like watches that have a well-thought-out appearance and, very significantly, high-quality craft, the Monta timepieces are very well deserving of your attention.

They are dedicated to preserving the millennia ago Swiss manufacturing heritage. Monta has acquired the esteem of watch collectors in much less than five years. They’ve given major names a significant run for their money.

Monta watches is an American-born Swiss manufacturing company producing high-quality, affordable, and classy watches for quite some time. Even in their short existence, they have successfully penetrated the watch market and have created an impact with their names.

Some of their collections can be a bit pricey, but we believe that the prices are well worth it for they are long-lasting and offer more value for money than you can get at any other watchmaking company.


Haven watch

You adhere to a watch that hits the mark like a lifeboat amid a sea of vintage-inspired wristwatches. Watches from Haven Watch Co. are precisely those life-saving gadgets.

They make highly well-made timepieces that can withstand anything you throw at them. Their watches are uncomplicatedly lovely, and they don’t need to be preserved.

They import their materials worldwide – cases, dials, and hands are from Asia, movements are from Switzerland, then installation, regulation, and resistance testing are done in the Midwest.

There are simpler and less expensive ways to produce timepieces, but they’ve found this is the ideal way to get it properly.

Due to this lengthy process, you can often find their timepieces a bit expensive. However, there is always something at Haven that will definitely suit your budget and, at the same time, please your heart as well.

So make sure you check them out if you are on the lookout for something classy yet extraordinary at the same time.

Oak & Oscar

Oak & Oscar watches

Oak and Oscar was founded in 2015 to produce affordable yet exquisite watches.

Oak & Oscar is a self-governing watchmaker with a minimalist touch created by Swiss-trained professionals in Chicago. Oak & Oscar is dedicated to trustworthiness and openness in its brand portfolio.

Three fundamental principles characterize it: having no small plans, believing that excellent people make excellent items, and the intricacies that ultimately make the concept.

Because of its emphasis on environmentalism and purchasing domestically whenever feasible, all Oak & Oscar timepieces come in unique cases instead of boxes.

Finally, Oak & Oscar’s skillfully created items represent its workforce. Oak & Oscar watches are best-in-class while also being beneficial for the climate and contributing to support Chicago’s booming economy, thanks to their team’s level of skill and commitment to excellence.

Their timepieces are available in a reasonable range, so with $500 in your hands, you can easily get your hands on a luxury watch with intricate details.


Pelton watch

Pelton was formed in 2016 to bring luxury timepieces to the United States in a way never before. They are committed to producing their watch elements in their Detroit factory and offering their consumers high-quality mechanical clocks.

Their wristwatch casings and bracelets are all designed and manufactured in-house. These elements are handcrafted from a block of pure metal using precise CNC equipment and delicately polished by hand employing classic watchmaking processes and unique machinery.

Their commitment to American watchmaking is exemplified by their handcrafted watch bracelet, the sole metal watch bracelet produced in the United States.

Even though Pelton watches promise affordable luxury, you can lay your hands on all of their collection for under $3000. Their watches promise longevity; hence, we would suggest you not compromise the price for the quality.


Autodromo watch

Autodromo was established in 2011 by Bradley Price, an industrial engineer with a self-proclaimed automotive fanatic. As a result, this watch brand is only a few years older. It does, however, have the flair and sophistication of most of the top watch brands that have been there for a lot longer.

Autodromo’s watches ooze mid-century automotive elegance, concentrating on the traditional feel of European motorsport, and are made in the Brooklyn offices of owner and lead creator Bradley Price. They made their entrance with an intriguing and distinctive collection of quartz-powered timepieces.

Their timepieces are accessible for a deal. They appear luxurious, even sophisticated, but the rally design provides them a dynamic flair that fits in with Intereuropa’s auto spirit. A customized buckle and tang are included with each strap.

The wristwatch is a joy to wear on the wrists. Checking at what Autodromo has to supply is a wonderful idea if you want vintage-looking timepieces with just a little elegance thrown in.

Their watches can easily be bought for a couple of hundred dollars and will surely elevate your appearance.


Waldan watch

Waldan watches have been in the market since 1979, which means that they have been in this industry for quite long.

Waldan has been creating excellent watches for jewelers and consumers worldwide for over three decades. It is a family-owned and operated American watch company in New York, NY. In the field of wristwatch innovation, selling, and production, Waldan was renowned as a “shark” by 1976.

The “best-kept secret” in the realm of luxury timepieces, the company has a storied history dating back over 35 years, such as its founder Oscar Waldan’s dramatic narrative of surviving WWII.

Following that, he worked for generations in the Swiss watch business, inventing, producing, and distributing beautiful watches.

The timepieces, which range in value from $8,000 to $36,000 and are manufactured in Switzerland, are recognized for their great number of complexities (more than what a watch has been doing in regard to showing time, such as indicating the calendar or lunar phase) and low price. Other Waldon watches can readily be found for a sensible rate.

Detroit Watch Company

Detroit Watch Company

The Detroit Watch Company watches were born in Detroit in 2013, from the first design to the ultimate approval.

Each clock is manually constructed and controlled in their Michigan USA workshop, and their mission is straightforward: provide timeless style combined with high-quality Swiss mechanical movements.

They manufacture every element of their watches after choosing a certain mechanism, and all of the casing, dial, hands, and heads are unique. Mechanical movements were selected for their complexity and the awareness that a watch collector would relate with a lovely intricate tiny powerhouse on their wrist.

Detroit watch company specializes in engineering high-quality but affordable watches so that you may not have to compromise on looks and fashion just because of money.


Throne watch

Watches from Throne are built in Illinois, incorporating Swiss parts plus straps manufactured in Florida. Throne originated as a leather watch band firm in Brooklyn, New York, in 2003 and swiftly expanded.

The Throne team learned that distinctive style embraces every little element of watch architecture and production, so they pulled cues from classic timepieces to develop a timeless watch that pays attention to the smallest details.

Their watches are also extremely reasonable, so you can buy a minimalistic-styled stainless watch for approximately $350 quite easily and expect it to last for about a few years very easily. Their products are manufactured with the main ideology that they provide you with the proper value of the money you have invested.

You may even find the name of this watch brand in the list of the top most expensive watchmakers, and that is because their premium collections can go beyond 4-digit price because of the immense work done on them. Their intricate designs speak for themselves and justify their high range.


Dufrane watch

Even if you’re a first-time watch purchaser or an experienced enthusiast, DuFrane offers limited-edition premium timepieces with a choice of styling selections that are sure to delight you.

Each DuFrane is a one-of-a-kind timepiece that combines my enthusiasm for a traditional look with Austin’s distinct spirit, resulting in a watch strongly entrenched in the current, referring to a glorious past while looking ahead to a destiny that will inspire future decades.

DuFrane was founded in 2016 and produces limited-edition luxury timepieces in various styles that are likely to impress while remaining affordable.

DuFrane watches are often not too expensive, and you can easily get your hands on one of their amazing watches for under $500. This means that you can up your personality and looks without emptying your pockets.

Keaton Myrick

Keaton Myrick watch

Keaton Myrick is an entrepreneurial watchmaker headquartered in Sisters, Oregon, specializing in custom-made clocks. Keaton Myrick is renowned for creating one-of-a-kind clocks and is famous for meticulous hand-finishing. Each watch Myrick produces has distinct digits, displays, crowns, and pins.

Myrick will sometimes take on repair jobs, but only for unique timepieces he is eager to engage in. Keaton Myrick produces 10-12 watches per year in general. Keaton Myrick watches are expensive, so if you want to pick a product from their expensive collections, then you can easily expect to pay somewhere around $5000.

Just to let you know that even if their products are a little above the average bar in general, they are well worth it for they are of exceptionally high quality and provide full value for your invested money.


Lum-Tec watch

Mr. Chris Weingand founded the Lum-Tec watch company in 2008.

With a creative experience, adolescent Weingand chose to build his own watch company, which many people only dream about. Lum-Tec produces a wide range of watches, from modest minimalism timepieces to highly functional professional timepieces.

Although the brand is still new and its future is bright, Lum-Tec timepieces have succeeded in carving out a niche for themselves on the horological map in a relatively short period. The mechanisms for the brand’s watches are sourced from Japan and Switzerland.

The Swiss or Japanese watch movements used by the US-based watch brand are from Switzerland or Japan, two nations with the industrial and technological know-how regarding trustworthy watch mechanisms.

You may rest easy knowing that these tough timepieces are built to last. Lum-Tec timepieces have a one or two-year warranty, yet they can last for decades. Watches are composed of high-quality components and constructed by skilled watchmakers in the United States.

Lum-Tech offers affordable and high-end watches, so there is always something for someone to choose from.


Luminox watch

Luminox is one of the oldest founded watchmakers in the nation, founded in 1989.

Luminox, situated in San Rafael, California, is a high-end manufacturer. Their timepieces are constructed in Switzerland and use tritium implants that provide long-term illumination.

This company’s headquarters are in San Rafael, California. Every one of these goods, however, is Swiss-made. The rationale for this is that the Swiss watchmaker Mondaine has fifty percent ownership.

This product line includes three different types of clocks, each suitable for any type of harsh environment. The sea, air, as well as land series, are those three-time works.

Sea products are known for their dependability and are widely utilized in airplanes that do not have time inaccuracies.

This brand’s Air series emphasizes sturdiness and accuracy. It was created for all types of aircraft, and it has a high level of dependability. The land series is ideal for any weather situation you can encounter on the ground, and it also comes with night vision.

These functions are uncommon in a watch with such a comprehensive package; therefore, this brand is so pricey. But don’t be concerned. This will be a wise investment for the rest of your life.


Kobold watch

Kobold was founded in 1998 and hasn’t looked back ever since.

The company was built on adventures, and the timepieces are made in the United States to withstand the environment. Kobold watches’ traditional yet rough look goes well with the company’s slogan, “Encompass Adventure.”

When Mike Kobold and his wife ascended Mount Everest to collect funds for the Navy SEALs Fund, they pushed their timepieces to the proof.

The Spirit of America model, released in 2006, was Kobold’s inaugural watch manufactured in the United States.

However, it featured international Swiss parts. The Spirit of American Automatic, the very first sequentially made American watch in 39 years, was introduced in 2008. Over 80 to 90 percent of the parts were built in the United States, while the case was entirely made in the United States.

Easily for somewhere around $1000, you can get your hands on one of their high-quality watches from their premium collections.


RGM watch

There are no diversions or concerns here, as there are with all RGM watches, because their manufacturing excellence is top-notch.

Any unintended errors in their quality control department are immediately corrected. Roland G. Murphy, an American watchmaker, started RGM in 1992. RGM produces watch mechanisms in-house, unlike most other American watchmakers, and 90% of their components are made in the United States.

This American watch company upholds its watchmaking legacy by using vintage, hand-operated equipment to manufacture its timepieces.

RGM watches are basic but elegant, and many of them have a vintage feel. RGM is noted for making high-quality dive watches and chronographs and bespoke watches like the Caliber 801 and the Pennsylvania Tourbillon.

You can expect their premium watches to go up to $11,000, so there will be little to no options for cheaper, affordable watches with them. However, if you want to treat yourself, they are a great option.


Weiss watch

Weiss was established in 2013 by professional craftsman Cameron Weiss in Los Angeles, California.

Weiss is among the handful of watch companies in the United States that manufactures their original automatic chronograph movements.

Weiss also makes all of their casings, panels, spring bars equipment, bands, and boxes in the United States, and each watch mechanism is polished manually in Los Angeles, California.

Watches with the Weiss Caliber 1003 movement are manufactured in the United States, while versions with a combination of American and Swiss movement components are manually polished and reassembled in the Weiss studio in Los Angeles, California.

Day after day, Weiss works to expand their selection of 100% American-made timepieces, but resurrecting a practically extinct sector in the United States is a long-drawn-out process if handled well. To achieve this purpose, the firm incorporates new American-made components into each new model it releases.

Their premium watches can easily be bought for somewhere around $1000; hence, this watch company can be labeled as affordable and not-so-expensive.


Martenero watch

Martenero creates stunning, inexpensive, and high-quality timepieces.

Each watch is produced in-house in New York by a tiny staff. Currently, they get their motions from Miyota, a Japanese manufacturer, and the manufacturing of the elements (case, dial, including hands) is done in Hong Kong.

While they place a premium on appearances, their goods are more than simply lovely faces; everything they create is intended to be functional and comfortable. You’ll want to rock a Martenero watch every day because they’re so stylish. They’re simply gorgeous and well made, plus they’re jam-packed with functionality.

The ability to customize the dial, hand, and even strap colors may be the most distinctive feature of the company.

A New York-based craftsman will construct your custom-designed watch according to your requirements once you process your request.

The brand’s mission is to establish contemporary timepieces with simple designs and various styles. Despite being more contemporary than others, Martenero watches have timeless features that never go out of fashion.

You can buy their watches for just a couple hundred dollars and easily expect them to last for about a few years without giving you any kind of trouble.


Devon watch

Devon Works is a premium watchmaker that creates one-of-a-kind timepieces that reflect the American culture.

Devon is a unique luxury watch brand headquartered in Los Angeles, California, headed by Scott Devon, a lead designer, inventor, and intellectual thinker.

The hours and minutes are shown on these American-made timepieces using an interlaced time belt method. Devon watches are utilitarian masterpieces, and the Devon Tread 1 was the first American timepiece to be shortlisted for the prestigious Gran Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve in the Design and Concept Watch Division 2010.

They were originally founded in 2008.

Devon watches are totally created, designed, and produced in the United States.

Because they wouldn’t even be successful in obtaining a common architecture anyplace else, it’s logical that the company makes its own motions. The Tread 1, or interwoven time belts, are a pioneering work that Devon may only use.

It is one of those high-end brands and will usually cost you a few thousand dollars, but it’s okay to buy one of their premium watches once in a while when you want to treat yourself.


Nixon watch

Nixon Watches make an excellent first-quality timepiece for a gentleman.

Nixon watches establish a connection between the inexpensive, practical watches that many people wear without thinking about it and the more expensive, luxury timepieces mainly worn to impress and only distantly serve as trustworthy timepieces. Nixon watches were first introduced in 1997 and have since become well-known.

Nixon watches are powered by MIYOTA quartz mechanisms and are often regarded as the best in their class. Citizen Watch Company’s movement section is also known as MIYOTA. I

SA and Ronda Swiss movements are used in some of Nixon’s higher-end quartz watches. Nixon isn’t recognized for making high-end timepieces. It usually caters to younger customers with brightly colored watches made of less expensive rubber or cloth. Therefore, its watches are considered inexpensive, available at about $500.

You can learn more about the brand by reading our in-depth Nixon review.


S&B watch

Sport, tactical, and luxury timepieces with Swiss automated and quartz movements are designed and manufactured by S&B Watches.

The S&B watch collection represents the company’s heart and soul. Their timepieces are created in-house in the United States, and many are handcrafted in their Florida and Illinois locations. They seek to create the greatest and most inexpensive sports and tactical timepieces that are equally at home in the boardroom as they are on the field.

Their watches are available at a wide range of prices, and you can easily find a product within your budget.

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