Canadian Watch Brands (Best Canadian-Made Watches in 2023)

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Would you believe a G-Shock I was gifted in 2014 by my grandpa started my lifelong journey of a watch geek?

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Renowned sites, architectural marvels, delectable cuisine, extraordinary heritage, and then all the recreational adventures one could imagine can be found in Canada.

It will be difficult to decide between Canada’s fantastic travel spots, which range from urban excursions in Quebec but also Vancouver to the very famous Rocky Mountains.

But, did it ever occur to you that Canada could also be famous for producing wristwatches? Canada is known for producing some of the best watches.

This article is intended to introduce you to some of the best Canadian-made watches so without any further ado, let’s get straight to the topic.

Marathon Watch Company

Marathon watch

Morris Wein established Marathon Watch around 1939, and the company soon started producing and delivering luxury watches to dealers across North America.

The Wein household began four generations of private proprietorship with the founding of Marathon Watch, a custom that is still followed nowadays. Gallet & Co. in Switzerland produces Marathon timepieces, which are built in Canada.

As a result, timepieces are marked “Swiss Made” upon that display. Aesthetics and appearance are subordinate to endurance and practicality.

Marathon timepieces have become a cornerstone in the EDC, or everyday carrying, culture for decades. Military personnel is known to use Marathon products because they are not impractical, hard-as-nails precision timepieces.

The cheapest watch from their men’s collection starts from the price range of just USD 27 and goes all the way up to a price range of not more than USD 4860.


Tense watch

Ken Lau, a self-taught timepiece and wristwatch inventor who moved from Hong Kong along with his small family and lived in the Vancouver neighborhood of Port Coquitlam, created Tense Watches in 1971.

Their product lines have been developed and produced by our fundamental values of excellence and craftsmanship. Modern Canadian company Tense Timepieces makes high-quality hardwood timepieces that are driven by Miyota Watch Mechanisms from Japan and are entirely built from repurposed or salvaged wood.

The Tense wristwatch is a beautiful piece of contemporary jewelry. To produce a variety of aesthetics, Tense Watches are constructed from a variety of woods. The Tense Hudson wristwatch suits you well enough and appears beautiful because the majority of the band rests flat across your wrist.

Their lowest-priced watch is available for sale on their website for just $135.99 while their highly-priced watch is available for sale at just $1159.


Timetree watch

For its Timetree members of the family, Timetree Canada focuses on producing stylish yet environmentally responsible hardwood watches. The finest exotic woods are used to meticulously create each as well as every Timetree watch.


Novo watch

Novo is a modest, artisanal producer that creates stunning watches with a narrative by repurposing old materials. They offer unique clocks handcrafted by hand from salvaged components in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, that each conveys a lovely tale.

Super ghetto, yet functional, were the original NOVO timepieces. The goal of NOVO Watch, according to Steve Christensen, is to design the most exquisite and legendary watches. He accomplishes this by employing recycled materials that reflect their origins’ histories and cultures.

To construct a successful company named NOVO Watch that makes handmade watches in limited quantities from salvaged components that convey a narrative, Christensen has currently coupled that longstanding devotion with economic ingenuity.

A quality watch not only performs its intended job but also conveys your identity and sense of style. And Novo watches carry out this function. The price of their watches starts from just CAD 199 and goes all the way up to the range of CAD 5020.


Archer watch

A developing list of companies with Canadian ownership that offer products in Canada comprises Archer Watches. In St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, there is a modest entrepreneurial wristwatch company called Archer Watches.

Here in Canada, a fantastic craftsman creates the Archer. He used German casings and Swiss ETA 6498 movement patterns. And look! Archer Watches has unveiled a couple of new designs! Al Jenskey, a craftsman, is the only employee at Archer Watches, which is a one-man business. The quality and reliability are really good, demonstrated by the casing rear.

Their timepieces are a prime illustration of the naval commander’s design, which gives superb readability and tasteful classic craftsmanship, and they fit into the informal niche among dressy and sporty.

Currently, on their website, only their Archer Aero 45 is available for sale. This watch showcases a very durably built German-made style. It also features a 45 degrees bezel that is profiled along with water resistance rated up to 50 m. This watch is available on their website for a price of only $1145.


Momentum watch

Since 1980, there have been momentum watches available in the market. Momentum Watches is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, as was previously reported.

Technically, St. Moritz Watch Corp. is the name of the firm that manufactures these timepieces. Nevertheless, the business creates, combines, and provides maintenance for the Momentum watches.

Actual worth is everlasting; therefore, they pay attention to the little things, eschewing trends in favor of craftsmanship, use, and elegance. They create quality that you can rely on without charging a premium. The primary concept and manufacturing strategy of the business are to create timepieces with uncomplicated, informal, and energetic styles.

The business asserts that its timepieces offer exceptional waterproof capabilities at a fair price. Their timepieces are geared toward those who lead active lifestyles, if not exclusively.

The price of their watches starts from just $99 and goes all the way up to the range of just $595 which implies that most of their products can be bought without having to splurge cash.

2nd Shot

2nd Shot watch

An enthusiasm for skateboarding and its history led to the creation of the business 2nd Shot.

A unique, multicolored plank of wood is created when bits from several skateboards are squeezed simultaneously. This wood can be used to create anything and everything you can think of, from bird figurines to eyewear and timepieces.

John crafts each item by himself, paying close consideration to every last aspect. The trademark item of 2nd Shots is handcrafted timepieces fashioned from discarded skates.

The price of their watches starts from CAD 325, however, most of their watches are priced at CAD 525.

Whitby Watch Co.

Whitby watch

The Intrepid Dive Watch was the very first timepiece released by Whitby Watch Co., which was established in 2017.

Their range of timepieces is motivated by valiant deeds, exceptional invention, and outstanding Canadians who have left a lasting impact on the land of the free, making their work distinctly Canadian.

With seven founders who are linked by two families, this company was born and raised on the Whitby coasts.

They make luxury timepieces that are easy to get carried away with thanks to fine components, skilled workers and artists, and tried-and-true mechanisms. Their journey begins with an appreciation of Canada’s rich heritage and its historical struggles, victories, and setbacks.

Their cheapest watch is available on their website for just CAD 339 whereas their most expensive watch is available for CAD 2140.


Solios watch

Since its inception, Solios has sought to demonstrate that style, elegance, and sustainability can all coexist.

There is no compromise here: each clock is made with carefully chosen components, moral manufacturing practices, and, above all, timeless, understated design. To ensure that your wristwatch will beautify your wrists for decades to pass, they guarantee a flawless fusion of simplicity and refinement.

Mother Earth has indeed been thoroughly considered in the selection of every Solios watch element. Driven by green, sustainable energy to prevent programmed errors and failures and promote a better, more eco-friendly future.

Solios was created by two businessmen in Montréal, both of whom were 27 years old, and it was an immediate success. All of Solios’ collaborations are based on the idea of improving the world, which unites them all.

Most of the watches from their men’s collection are available in the price range of $275 and $280 only.

Ferro & Company

Ferro & Company watch

In Vancouver, Canada, two brothers founded Ferro & Company in 2014. Their goal was to make high-quality, distinctive timepieces with a focus on aesthetics and nostalgia. As a result, they create unique vintage-style timepieces that transport you backward in history and are unrelated to other manufacturers.

They provide you with the option to adorn your wrists with a premium wristwatch in a historical design that oozes enduring beauty. At its Vancouver headquarters, they create our watches. They have unique watch designs. They are distinctive clocks with retro features that will spark attention.

Their timepieces are expertly crafted and finished using materials of the finest standard. They have made and shipped hundreds of timepieces worldwide to date.

The price of their watches starts from just $455 and goes all the way up to $3,900.


BERG + BETTS watch

In 2013, Jessie started her webpage at BERG + BETTS after starting the eco-friendly watch company, Berg and Betts. They use extra suede leftovers that could otherwise be put in the garbage to make each watch.

The watch components are created in a Hong Kong plant that has received Sedex approval, and the Berg and Betts group in Canada subsequently assembles them. “The future belongs to sustainable fashion.

According to Jessie Atkins, who established the environmentally-conscious watch company Berg + Betts, it ought towards becoming our latest trend. Since their timepieces are so beautiful, you will be lured to their display right away.

Berg and Betts are unique because they take a comprehensive approach to production and the environment. Jessie creates every product on her own with meticulous attention to detail.

Their watches are available in three different price ranges respectively $119, $125 and $139.


Konifer watch

When the creator of Konifer first discovered his appreciation for combining wood as well as beautiful surroundings, the concept for this unique, particular line of timepieces was born years ago.

This watch range has been manufactured since 2013, and ever since then, it has expanded. For both men and women, Konifer Watch provides a variety of beautiful wood timepieces and bracelets with associated equipment.

Konifer was established in Canada in 2012 after years of trial and error with diverse fashion patterns and styles.

Ever since he has indeed been developing unique watch patterns. Konifer has primarily produced watches for men up until now, but with its three Classic versions, it hopes to draw in more women. In Canada, this company produces excellent hardwood watches as well as other items.

The price of their watches starts from just $235 and goes only up to the range of $495.


Medium watch

Prominent Canadian wristwatch shop WATCH IT carries a variety of names on its site, but it does have its label called Medium. The wonderful thing about Medium timepieces is that they have been reasonably priced while still providing quite excellent quality.

All timepieces from the firm have sapphire crystals that are scratch-resistant and feature the Japanese Miyota mechanism. Therefore, you should think about Medium Watches if you’re searching for a Canadian watch company that offers good value for the price.


Whytes watch

They produce exquisite watches of the highest caliber and are based in Metro Vancouver, Canada.

They are surrounded by nature, and they draw inspiration from both their surroundings and the heritage that is ingrained in the landscape. They present you with timepieces that will serve you for many future generations, fully supporting and engulfing history.

To increase the durability of their watches, the business uses premium components including stainless steel and sapphire glass. Therefore, Whytes Watches should be a consideration if you’re looking for a vintage watch of great quality at a reasonable price.

This article walked you through some of the best watch manufacturers in Canada, where each was accompanied by a brief description and average price range.

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