Best Affordable Luxury Watches Under $500

Best Affordable Luxury Watches Under $500 - featured image

The term “affordable luxury” is oftentimes overused and doesn’t necessarily live up to its hype. Affordable luxury watches are unfortunately not an exception to the rule. Many up-and-coming watchmakers abuse the catchy phrase in their aggressive marketing campaigns to gain (and inevitably lose) their first customers. With that said, there’s some excellent value to be … Read more

Best Automatic Dive Watches Under $100 (Top 3 in 2022)

Best Automatic Dive Watches Under $100 - featured image

Without a shadow of a doubt, dive watches are one of the most useful and versatile types of timepieces available on the market, which is why they continue to be so popular among watch enthusiasts. While nowadays it’s possible to find divers at truly bargain-basement prices, most of these are running on cheap quartz movements. … Read more

Best Automatic Watches for Women (Fresh 2022 Trends)

Best automatic watches for women (Top 8)

The debate about whether automatic or battery-powered watches are better has been ongoing for decades and it ain’t stopping anytime soon. If you’re in the automatic watch group, you probably appreciate the craftsmanship and tradition of watches that are powered by the movement of your own arm. You also know the convenience of never having … Read more

Best Dive Watch Under 1500 Bucks (Top 7 Divers in 2022)

Best dive watch under 1500 dollars

The variety of watch types has never been greater than it is now. We now have to choose between technologically advanced fitness trackers and smartwatches, and more conventional wristwatches that have been admired for decades. If there is one traditional watch kind that has been in great demand since the publication of its pioneer model, … Read more

Best Women’s Digital Watches for Small Wrists (Top 10)

Best women's digital watches for small wrists

The never-ending battle of attention between analog and digital watches is, well, never-ending. Those who lean towards digital watches above everything value their unbeatable accuracy. All digital watches are battery-powered, hence they are unlikely to lose or gain more than 15 seconds monthly. Often, because of their rugged construction, they’re also more suited to sports … Read more