Best Italian Watch Brands (Top 27 Italian Watchmakers)

Italian watch brands

The Renaissance in Italy is well-known, as are the magnificent artists who sprang from it.

Italy is known for its tourism, art cities, and breathtaking scenery. It is also well-known for its language, opera, fashion, and high-end brands. Its football team is equally well-known!

But did you know that its timepieces are among the best in the world? We’re sure you were completely unaware of it.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best Italian watch brands including certain Italian watch brands under 500.

So, without any further ado, let’s get on with the details of each Italian luxury watch brand that we have shortlisted.

1. Anonimo

Anonimo watch

Its timepieces are made in Florence, Italy, using Swiss mechanisms from ETA SA or Sellita. In 1997, the company was created in Florence, Italy.

Many connoisseurs seek out the timepieces, which are noted for their longevity, elegance, and toughness. Watches from Anonimo are so much more than accessories.

Anonimo is all about independence. It encourages people to appreciate and embrace life in all of its forms. The quality and reliability are excellent; the cases are made of stainless steel as well as bronze. Anonimo devices are known for their commitment to excellent craftsmanship and dependability, making them the ideal partner for travelers and enthusiasts. As a result, Anonimo’s launch signaled a fresh beginning, as Anonimo was the last luxury watch brand in Florence.

Since it is a luxury brand, you can expect to have their prices a little higher as compared to others. Its price range starts approximately from roughly $160 and ends at $22,000.

2. Gucci

Gucci watch

Gucci was one of the first clothing companies to venture into the world of watches in 1972, producing spectacular, iconic designs that blended current spirit and heritage, creativity and workmanship, fashion and elegance. 

Gucci’s Swiss movements are extremely reliable. It is well-known for producing exceptionally artistic watches that are both attractive and collectible.

The watches include stainless steel casings (some with gold accents) and Swiss internal movements that are known for their reliability. If you admire the brand’s design, Gucci watches are a good investment.

Gucci is a high-end fashion house that also produces timepieces. The timepieces are of excellent quality and really fashionable. They appear to be a cut above the ordinary fashion labels, and they appear to be rather nice.

Their men’s watch collection starts from $950 and goes all the way up to $9,500.

Read our Gucci brand review for more detailed information.

3. Bvlgari


Bvlgari is a premium Italian label noted for its jewelry, timepieces, perfumes, accessories, and leather items.

Bvlgari oversees and executes the preponderance of designing, manufacturing, and promotion, but it does collaborate with other companies on occasion. It was created in Rome, Italy, in 1884.

Bvlgari stands out among watchmakers for its commitment to elegance and industry-leading technology. The brand is revered by wristwatch enthusiasts all over the world for its outstanding models and wonderful marriage of Italian flair with Swiss watchmaking. 

Their affordable watch collection starts from around $300 while the most exquisite models can be bought at the maximum price range of $202,919.

4. Breil

Breil watch

Breil began as an alarm clock company in Milan in 1939. They started creating watches in 1942.

The brand’s origins can be traced back to a small Swiss municipality of the same name, which produced watches. Binda, an Italian watch company, developed the first Breil watch in 1937. Breil has been the sole luxury watch company with a strong Italian identity.

Breil timepieces have been worn by both men and women. Even some of the larger, more masculine-looking timepieces were designed with women in mind. Breil watches have become known for their refinement and clear understanding of Italian flair since their founding in 1942 in Italy.

Their watches range between the price of a minimum of $50 and going all the way up to the approximation of $2800.

5. Ennebi

Ennebi watch

The Ennebi Business was founded in February of 2004, with its headquarters in the Chianti countryside of Florence.

Ennebi’s first watch, created just six months after its founding, was a professional device that required a long and precise production cycle.

Ennebi watches, like Panerai and Anonimo, are Italian divers with a retro attitude and an even more strong retro atmosphere.

With each watch, Ennebi will include two handcrafted Italian leather straps. The black strap will contrast with the brown strap.

Their watches start from a little higher range i.e., $1,950, and go to the range of $5,500.

6. Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loreti watch

In the mid-2010s, a couple of Lithuanian brothers formed Filippo Loreti.

Filippo Loreti watches are manufactured to the demanding standards at state-of-the-art production facilities in the global tech capital of Shenzhen province, Hong Kong,’ according to their website.

The Japanese Miyota quartz mechanisms utilized in Filippo Loreti watches are known for their precision and reliability in the watch industry. Filippo Loreti creates watches for men and women that are inspired by Italian culture. Filippo Loreti claims to create high-end Italian timepieces. The brand has put all of its watches through rigorous testing to ensure that they satisfy its high standards.

Their watches start from the range of $140 and only go up to the range of $529, so we can classify this brand as an affordable Italian watch brand.

7. Meccaniche Veloci

Meccaniche Veloci watch

Marco Colombo, an Italian watch manufacturer, launched Meccaniche Veloci in 2006.

His second interest, engines, is what created the groundwork for the brand’s growth. The firm, which began as an innovative time lab in Vicenza, Italy in 2006, is dedicated to introducing the emotion and thrill of motor driving to watchmaking.

Meccaniche Veloci was founded in Milan in 2006 as an independent Swiss-Italian modern watchmaker.

This new Italian brand decided to combine motor racing with timepieces by creating components that resemble racing car parts. Because of their first-class appearance and powerful athletic and technology signature, their watches radiate speed as well as energy.

Their watches start from the price of approximately $500 and go all the way up to the range of $88,000.

8. Meccaniche Veneziane

Meccaniche Veneziane watch

Meccaniche Veneziane is a wristwatch brand based in Italy that was established in 2017.

Alberto and Alessandro Morelli, two brothers, produced a variety of Kickstarter projects, such as the year’s most successful. The two brothers who manage the brand originate from the Venice area of Italy, the bands are handmade in Tuscany, and the real wood presenting boxes are also handcrafted in Italy, so this looked like a fantastic Italian watch microbrand to collaborate with at first.

The brand makes high-end automatic Italian watches that are timeless classics and exquisite bits of history for the current and beyond.

When it comes to distinctive collections, Meccaniche Veneziane watches provide three options, allowing you to pick the watch that best matches you.

Their watches start from the price of $300 and go as far as approximately $1,500.

9. Officina del Tempo

Officina Del Tempo watch

Officina Del Tempo is a prominent “Millennial” brand that embodies the Italian essence of flair and elegance. George and Robert Emili founded this premium watch brand in 2000 to provide customers with a new sense of refinement and Italian style.

The metal body’s craftsmanship and polish exemplify the appearance of a much more costly object. Overall, it gives an excellent consumer experience while purchasing a high-priced item with minimal pressure to buy.

Each Officina del Tempo timepiece has offered a unique experience since the earliest designs, owing to a distinctive style and unrivaled quality in its market sector. Officina del tempo is a market leader in high-end Swiss watches, both new and pre-owned.
Most of their watches fall between the price of range $100 and $850.

10. Panerai

Panerai watch

Panerai is a luxury watchmaker based in Italy. It was created in Florence, Italy, in 1860.

Panerai watches are, without a question, extraordinarily expensive. However, like with most products, you get exactly what you pay for. The name is linked with quality, and it has a long and illustrious history. A Panerai watch retains its worth due to its larger-than-life design that truly captivates. The brand’s traditional dials, for instance, attract a broad audience and have helped it become a highly sought-after investment choice.

The beginnings of Officine Panerai, which translates to Panerai Workshops, can be traced back to 1860 when Giovanni Panerai launched his first watch shop.

Since it is also one of the high-end brands, its wristwatches start in the range of $2,900 and can be bought for a maximum of $179,000.

11. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo watch

Salvatore traveled to Italy in 1927, where the namesake business name “Ferragamo” was born.

Salvatore Ferragamo is among the most well-known and significant ‘Made in Italy’ premium companies in the world. It represents sturdy workmanship and inventive creativity, two distinguishing characteristics of the brand that have evolved significantly through time while remaining true to its roots.

Ferragamo watches are constructed in Switzerland and come with a four-year product warranty, which is significantly longer than the industry average.

Their watch collection generally lies between the price range of $1300 and $2400.

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12. Squale Watches

Squale watch

Squale is a tiny Swiss watch company that specializes in expert diving timepieces and was created in 1946 by von Büren S.A./Montres. Squale is now controlled by the Maggi line, who were formerly von Büren/Squale watch wholesalers in Italy.

Squale watches are Swiss timepieces of exceptional design and craftsmanship. Squale knows how to manufacture a good timepiece, one that can comfortably endure a lifespan of intense usage, and while they may not be as widely known as other top brands, they know how to make a timepiece that can resist anything life can hurl at you.

Despite the fact that the Squale name comes from 1959, the company’s history extends back to 1948, when Charles Von Buren began making the timepieces.

Their watches collection lies between the price range of approximately $1000 and $2800.

13. U-Boat

U-Boat watch

U-Boat was founded in Tuscany, Italy, in the year 2000 by Italo Fontana and is recognized for its enormous casings and large timepieces.

Swiss movements are used in U-Boat watches, which are handcrafted one at a time. Craftsmen assemble the pieces at the brand’s base in Lucca, Tuscany.

To achieve this level of perfection, the bulk of their timepieces use complex and uncommon design/manufacture procedures and materials. Each U-Boat watch has its own personality, but they are all unified by their heavy features. This Italian luxury watchmaker creates timepieces inspired by the watches that Italo Fontana’s grandfather, Ilvo Fontana, produced for the Italian navy in 1942. The straps are constructed of vulcanized rubber and are extremely robust.

Their watch prices start from $450 and go all the way up to the range of approximately $22,000.

14. WeWood

WeWood watch

WeWood is a wristwatch and furniture company that manufactures hardwood watches and furnishings.

Patrick Laimer, the company’s founder, has extensive experience in the wood sector. He currently uses his expertise to create lifestyle products, such as watches. Flowers, snake prints, and even camouflage designs can be seen on WeWood watches.

WeWood intends to continue to grow year after year. WeWood is an Italian watch company that was created in Florence. In 2009, the first timepiece bearing this registered trademark was manufactured.

WeWood watches are among some of the leaders in the industry currently if you like the notion of wearing a hardwood watch. Their offerings are all-natural and environmentally friendly.

Most of their watches can be found for under $100, since the quality is not that exceptional, so if you are looking for a long-lasting Italian watch brand, we suggest that you look at the other brands on our list.

15. Visconti

Visconti watch

Visconti was founded in 1988 with the goal of proudly reintroducing the art of fine watchmaking to Florence, Italy.

As a result, a series of clocks with an Italian design and the greatest Swiss automatic movements has emerged.

The Visconti narrative originated in Florence, Italy, and since then has spread around the world as watch enthusiasts have realized what true passion means.

Visconti timepieces may be worth considering if you’re seeking watches that are both stylish and fit your taste. A competent diver’s watch, a chronograph, and a showpiece with a sapphire crystal with a Visconti caliber mechanism are all part of Visconti’s line.

Master watchmakers develop and manufacture their timepieces, which have high-performance movements.
Their watches mostly lie between the price range of $550 and $5,000.

16. Giuliano Mazzuoli

Giuliano Mazzuoli watch

Mazzuoli is a skilled Tuscan designer who goes back a long way family of remarkable Tuscan artists.

Giuliano’s father established the current business empire in 1949, and he turned over the business in the 1970s.

Giuliano Mazzuoli had long aspired to create a unique and identifiable timepiece.

One of the most popular models released by Giuliano Mazzuoli is the Carrara watch is a wonderful timepiece albeit with a few flaws.  The watch’s usefulness is highlighted by its familiar design. It’s simple to read, tidy, and uncomplicated. Beautiful contours and a simple, yet incredibly attractive design. Their timepieces were introduced at a time when large watches were in vogue.

Most of their wristwatches start from the price range of $1,400 and go all the way up to the range of $8,950.

17. Unimatic

Unimatic watch

Unimatic is an autonomous Italian micro watchmaker like no other. The outcome of a partnership between industrial designers Giovanni Moro and Simone Nunziato, Unimatic was established in Milan in 2015.

When it comes to timepieces, the concept of sustainability is crucial. It means longer life and lower replacement or repair expenses, which is exactly what Unimatic timepieces provide. Their editors choose each product with great care. Unimatic timepieces are not only extremely attractive, but they also continue to stay on the wrist.

Their watches almost always lie between the price range of $450 and $9,000.

18. Versace

Versace watch

Versace is a world-renowned fashion brand that was launched in 1978. 

Versace timepieces are the epitome of the brand’s hallmark aesthetic: powerful, daring, and priceless. Versace watches are manufactured in Switzerland, and the Swiss certification “Swiss Made” guarantees the excellent performance of each timepiece through a proven track record and stringent standards.

Versace is a premium product started by Gianni Versace in the late 1970s and expanded with the support of Donatella Versace.

The groundbreaking designs were unlike anything seen before in the world of fashion. Since its beginnings in 1978, the Italian firm has been a go-to location for high-end clothing and jewelry. Gevril Group exclusively represents Versace Watches in the United States and the Caribbean.

Their watches start from the range of $150 and go all the way up to the range of $5,000.

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19. CT Scuderia

CT Scuderia watch

They’re Swiss-made, although Enrico Margaritelli, an Italian, created them.

They’re quite large. They’re daring. They aren’t discreet at all. This brand is not a smart choice if you want a wristwatch that will not draw emphasis to itself. They’d be great for you if you’re seeking a wristwatch that would get a lot of attention.

Margaritelli launched the CT Scuderia brand in 2013. CT stands for ContaTempo, which means “timepiece” in Italian. It was designed for people who, like him, live in a world of quickness and beauty.

Watches from CT Scuderia are handcrafted in Switzerland. The brand chose Ronda, a Swiss manufacturer, for quartz and automated mechanisms. Both automated mechanical and quartz electronic mechanisms are offered.

Their watches lie in the price range of $700 to $13500 approximately.

20. Locman

Locman watch

Locman watches are known for their high quality and durability. These hi-tech watches are made of high-quality components like metals, platinum, gold, carbon fiber, and other high-tech components to suit the demands of demanding wristwatch aficionados who desire anything more than timepieces.

The Locman brand, established in 1985 by Marco Mantovani, produces around 250,000 timepieces every year. Locman’s models are all excellent timepieces. In addition, the watch casing is built of a composite of stainless steel and titanium, and sapphire glass is used.

Most of the Locman watches generally lie between the price range of $110 and $5500 so they can easily be classified as a watch brand that has something for every budget.

21. Zannetti

Zannetti watch

Riccardo Zannetti started Zannetti Handmade Watches in 1982 in Rome, Italy.

After inventing and manufacturing for some of the most prestigious classical watch manufacturers, Zannetti launched his first Zannetti branded range, “The Stradivarius,” in 1986, and it remained in operation until 2003.

Zannetti, which produces about 800 watches per year, spends a lot of time and effort on the aesthetic nuances that make each watch unique. Most of their watches, like so many of the brand’s best timepieces, have hand-painted dials.

In terms of dependability, price, and endurance, their watches are unrivaled.

Since Zannetti watches are regarded as luxury timepieces, most of their watches lie between the approximated price range of $2,000 and $14,300.

22. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani watch

When it comes to craftsmanship, Emporio Armani is on pace with other high-end fashion watch companies.

Emporio Armani is a sub-brand of Armani, an Italian fashion house established in 1975 that specializes in high-end luxury men’s and women’s clothing and accouterments. Production is also done in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Peru, and Bangladesh, in addition to home manufacturing in Italy.

The collection is exceptionally high-end, as the things are primarily designed for the exceedingly affluent and powerful. Because Emporio Armani is a lower-cost line, the materials aren’t as high-quality as those utilized in higher-priced lines.

Giorgio Armani, among of the greatest luxury Italian luxury labels in the fashion sector, is more expensive than Emporio Armani watches.

Their watches start selling from the range of just $170 and go all the way up to $650 only.

23. Haurex

Haurex watch

In 1989, two individuals – Maurizio Bianchini and Giuseppe La Giusa – created the Haurex watch brand from Emilia-Romagna, Italy’s north-central region, and the splendid arcade-lined streets of Bologna, its city.

They’re tough and handsome, and they’re not too pricey, at least in terms of luxury timepieces. Their timepieces are well-crafted and feature Swiss quartz movements. It looks much more costly than its selling value because of the fit and quality.

All Haurex timepieces are of high quality. It has a lot of value and is well worth your money! Haurex Italy has been manufacturing timepieces that blend great craftsmanship with Italian flair since 1989.

Their men’s watches start from the price range of just $370 and only go up to the range of $600.

24. Mazzucato

Mazzucato watch

Mazzucato translates to “never settle,” “never average,” and “never dull.”

Mazzucato is synonymous with cutting-edge innovation and exceptional workmanship. It’s no surprise that individuals all throughout the world adore their watches. Simone Mazzucato was founded in the Italian city of Milan. He grew up immersed in his family’s silversmith business and has had a fascination for aesthetics and craftsmanship since a young age.

Great, one-of-a-kind, high-quality timepiece that no one else will be sporting. Mazzucato is a brand of timepieces. Mazzucato timepieces, created in Milan by a creative designer, are sought all over the globe for their avant-garde features. But they’re far more than nice looks, featuring precision-driven mechanical movements and chronographs.

Their watch prices start from just $350 and go up to the range of approximately $2500.

25. Roberto Bianci

Roberto Bianci watch

The Roberto Bianci watch collection is a limited-edition collection of timepieces with unrivaled design and refinement.

Roberto Bianci was founded by a skilled watchmaker and craftsman who developed an early passion for Italian flair and craftsmanship while mastering the jewelry industry from his father. The brand has a long and illustrious history that encompasses two generations and seven decades of expert manufacturing and design.

All watches were handcrafted and custom-designed in that era, and that craftsmanship and pride in manufacture have not changed since then, save for technological advancements. Each of their timepieces is handcrafted from the best materials, with the finest Italian design, Swiss or Japanese movements, and is created for both beauty and precision.

Their watches start from a mere $200 and go all the way up to $1200.

26. TB Buti

TB Buti watch

TB Buti is an Italian watchmaking firm founded by Tommaso Buti, an avid watch collector.

In 2001, the brand debuted its first collection. A year subsequently, in 2002, the business debuted its high-end timepieces at the Basel International Watch Fair. The Italian watch manufacturer TB Buti is known for its distinctive styling, workmanship, and significant proportions.

TB Buti is a watch company founded in 2001 in Florence, Italy by Italian businessman Tomaso Buti. This brand is distinguished by its large and thick body, vibrant coloring, and unusual design models. Fine taste, elegant style, and artistry are all combined in TB Buti high-end timepieces. The statement ‘Made in Italy’ on the dial attests to TB Buti watches’ exceptional quality.

Their watches start from $1000 and go all the way up to $18,000.

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