Best Danish Watch Brands (Top 32 Danish-Made Watches in 2023)

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Though Switzerland is the first nation that springs to mind when we think about watches, several other European countries, like Denmark, produce high-quality timepieces.

Denmark’s little kingdom isn’t only about beer; they also create a lot of timepieces. It would be a shocker if you didn’t discover anything you like among the ever-growing variety of Danish watch brands available.

When it relates to watches, Danish manufacturers are known for their clean lines and compete mostly with other trendy watch brands.

We know that some people might be unaware of how to find the best Danish watch brand which suits their temperament and aligns with their personalities perfectly. This is the sole reason why we have curated this list containing the best Denmark watch brands with their basic description to help you get to know more about them.


Nordgreen watch

Nordgreen is a Danish brand that is causing quite a stir.

In terms of value for money, Nordgreen watches are fantastic. These elegant Nordic watches are manufactured with great care and regard to precision, as well as high-quality materials, and are a fantastic complement to more pricey luxury watches. They began in 2017, with Nordgreen’s collaborators Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt establishing a visually beautiful and useful range of designer watches while focusing on sustainable processes.

The only drawback is that the mechanism is manufactured by Japanese quartz mechanisms of unclear provenance, save for the fact that they are Japanese. It might have been fantastic to try out a Nordgreen wristwatch with a mechanical motion, but going that way for a fledgling watch manufacturer is a whole new matter. Nordgreen makes no mystery of the fact that design is at the heart of their collections, and customers are typically pleased with their purchases.

Nordgreen has its watches quite reasonably priced which makes them fall between the range of $150 and $300 easily.

Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen watch

The concept of Jacob Jensen is grounded in the notion articulated by the company’s founder, Jacob Jensen. He thought that anything the studio produced had to be unique, transcending the passage of time and fashion fads.

Jensen created a functional minimalist style that became a key component of the Danish modern trend, designing several well-known high-end consumer items. Jacob Jensen’s design was founded in 1958 in Denmark. It is Scandinavia’s most award-winning design company.

With sister facilities in China and Thailand, the corporation is headquartered in Hejlskov, Denmark. Jacob Jensen design delivers creative and identity solutions for organizations all over the world, with much more than half a century of expertise in development, technologies, and marketing.

Their watches are quite affordably priced starting from just $93 and stretching to only $365, hence you can treat yourself to their products without having to splurge a lot.

Larsen & Eriksen

Larsen & Eriksen watch

Jeppe Larsen and Magnus Eriksen believed timepieces were becoming too comparable and ridiculously priced, so they planned to construct their own in 2015.

With a profound admiration for their Scandinavian concept heritage, fairly distributed with a desire to do what they believe is appropriate, Jeppe Larsen and Magnus Eriksen experienced watches were becoming strikingly similar and way too overpriced, so they planned to construct their own. They’ve evolved steadily since the beginning.

LARSEN & ERIKSEN is a self-contained, CO2-neutral design firm informed by Copenhagen’s aesthetic inclinations. They argue for a varied and democratic future in which everyone has access to good, ethical design.

Starting from just $40 their watch prices can be stretched up to $300 KR.

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen watch

The Georg Jensen brand promotes superior workmanship and ageless unique appeal, manufacturing lifestyle goods spanning from hollowware to timepieces, jewelry, and household items, with a heritage spanning more than 100 years.

Georg Jensen’s approach was to develop universal ideas that were both useful and beautiful. Georg Jensen was founded in Copenhagen in 1904 based on his craft competence and aesthetic brilliance, as well as his ongoing capacity to find and encourage design talent. Their most crucial role is to take the master’s ideas and concepts and apply them to modern design.

Georg Jensen is a high-end label. The price of their watches starts from $990 and goes up to the mark of $19,000.

About Vintage

About Vintage watch

About Vintage is a premium watchmaker with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sebastian Skov Regeser with Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen founded the Scandinavian watchmaking in 2014 after being unable to buy an antique timepiece they genuinely coveted. Their major goal is to create high-quality timepieces in Copenhagen using a combination of old characteristics and minor modern components.

Vintage-inspired timepieces created in Copenhagen with Swiss and Japanese mechanisms. Their timepieces mix historical styles with cutting-edge technology.

Their watches are available at an extremely affordable price range so you can easily buy their watches at a minimum price range of $199 and a maximum of approximately $3,999 if you opt for a watch from their limited collection.

Andersen Geneve

Andersen Geneve watch

Svend, who is now 78 years old, has indeed been creating personalized timepieces since 1979 when he founded Andersen Genève.

Influenced by the Louis Cottier-style world time timepieces he collaborated on at Patek Philippe in the earlier 1970s, he presented his debut world-time timepieces in 1989, and they have remained in the collection in various incarnations since then.

Svend may also supply photorealistic representations prepared by an independent architect who focuses on computer-generated images of timepieces if a buyer needs something more substantial and three-dimensional to have a better concept of the design.

Andersen Geneve watches are available at a median of approximately $9,500.

Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen watch

Arne Jacobsen watches are named after the world-famous Danish designer who created them.

Arne Jacobsen was a major engineering and creative figure in the twentieth century, and these timepieces represent his approach – simple, elegant, and unmistakably Scandinavian.

The design’s minimalism is exactly what makes it ageless, and those who recognize and understand Jacobsen’s aesthetic philosophy like it. With strong, straightforward dials and stylistic characteristics, Arne Jacobsen’s timepieces are influenced by Jacobsen’s famed three-wall clock designs (Banker’s, City Hall, and Roman).

Wearing an Arne Jacobsen watch on one’s hand is like wearing contemporary history with Danish quality. The brand was established in October of 2014.

The price of this watch starts from $200 and goes all the way to $350. This means that you can easily buy their watches without having to splurge a lot.


Bering watch

Bering, which was founded in 2008, is a well-known watch brand that is both attractive and trustworthy. It has earned a name for superb workmanship since its start, and it even uses surgical steel to assure long-term endurance.

Bering watches are famous not only for their high construction, but also for their use of high-end materials such as clinical stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and, on the bezel, titanium even ceramic. Swarovski crystals adorn the faces of several of the women’s designs as well!

Bering watches are elegant and sophisticated, and they are the result of an idea that began amid the Arctic’s stark whiteness. The ultra-minimalist watch company’s Danish founders have taken their concept and turned it into some magnificent timepieces.

Their men’s watches range from $100 to $300 approximately. Yes, they are expensive for a lesser-known brand, but they are well worth it! They are composed of the highest quality materials, including sapphire crystal and a ceramic body.

For more detailed information, read our Bering brand review.


Bulbul watch

After attending BaselWorld, the world’s biggest watch expo, Jacob Juul began focusing on the Bulbul trademark in 2011.

Juul, an adventuring aesthetic aficionado, launched Bulbul watches in 2013.

The unusually asymmetric Pebble watch was ultimately launched under the watchful public glow of the heritage-driven watch market after a lengthy construction process that spanned multiple years. Bulbul watches are made by professional artisans in Copenhagen under the supervision of three renowned Danish designers. Safe to say, it’s a modern Danish watch company aiming to fuse traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge design innovation.

Though it is a little more expensive than others, with watches, starting from $300 and going way up to approximately $350. You will have to spend a little, but you can surely expect a good product in terms of quality and longevity.


Copha watch

Copha Watches, headquartered in Copenhagen, has been providing a wide selection of mass-produced timepieces to the globe since 2004.

Copha’s timepieces are for individuals who value both craftsmanship and elegance. The majority of their timepieces are equipped with Miyota or Seiko quartz movements. Copha designs are influenced by current ethnic communities and the worldwide watch business, with a Scandinavian freshness and minimalism incorporated.

Their inexpensive men’s and women’s watches are designed for durability and fashion-aware people. Most of their watches are priced at an approximation of $135.

Danish Design

Danish Design watch

Danish Design has been operating for quite a while, having been founded in 1988, yet time hasn’t remained still.

Their timepieces provide a level of luxury that is always at the touch of your fingertips yet never specified. Danish design is a functionalist design and architectural style that emerged in the mid-twentieth century. It was first introduced in 1988 in response to the growing desire for simple and contemporary wristwatches.

Danish Design timepieces are now offered all over the world. DD produces a large selection of simple and ageless wristwatches for men and women, and also titanium jewelry.

The watches, which are largely offered through the company’s website, fluctuate in price from 200 to 550 dollars.

J&M Denmark

J&M Denmark watch

Jonas Janjooa with Peter Mrup, childhood buddies, formed J&M Denmark ApS in 2013.

They sought to make timepieces that were both economical and stylish. J&M was created on the notion that style should not be associated with empty pockets; its mission is to transform the way you are thinking about trends by delivering high-quality items at an accessible price.

The Danish watch brand specializes in timeless masterpieces with a Scandinavian twist. Their ageless and minimalist timepieces combine elegance, uniqueness, and a basic design. J&M Denmark clocks are timeless and beautiful, influenced by the alleyways of Copenhagen, Denmark, where contemporary architecture meets traditional charm.

Johan Eric

Johan Eric watch

The Gevril Group, a significant watchmaker, manufactures and distributes Johan Eric’s timepieces.

The construction quality is excellent, particularly for a watch in this price bracket. Stainless steel, mothers of pearl, and even actual diamonds are used in the company’s creations. There isn’t much in the form of technology innovation here; it’s all about the looks.

There are no mechanical complications such as moon phases or numerous time zones because they all use quartz movements. However, there are a few chronograph variants available, as well as a lot of current styles. The movements are Japanese quartz electronic movements that are extremely dependable. While quartz mechanisms are dependable and need little upkeep, they have fewer functions than more sophisticated mechanisms.

Their watches are available at extremely reasonable rates with their price starting from just $80 and going all the way up to $350.


Llarsen watch

Llarsen watches are reminiscent of a longstanding tradition of Danish engineering excellence.

Denmark has a long history of producing attractive, enduring, and high-quality items in a variety of sectors, with straightforwardly exquisite and minimalist aesthetics establishing itself as a brand in its own right. INCE 1919 is a non-profit organization founded in 1919 Being Danish has always been at the heart of Llarsen since Lars Larsen created his inaugural line of timepieces over a century ago.

The timepieces are inspired by the famous Danish design history, and they all have a unique and traditional look. Every Llarsen watch is expertly built in Denmark by professional watchmakers. A Llarsen watch is a true affordable luxury to wear because of the workmanship and artistry that goes into it.

Their most expensive watch currently on sale is priced at approximately $150 while the cheapest one can be bought for $90.


Leikr watch

Leikr was founded in 2012 by a group of specialists with a shared background in producing cutting-edge electrical goods for one of the industry’s most well-known companies.

Leikr timepieces are extremely sporty. Leveraging the team’s shared interest in extreme activities such as marathons and cycling, the Leikr fitness watch was born. The goal was to design the finest training equipment an athlete could want, based on all of their years of skill and experience. And they were successful in doing so. Another discipline, sailing, has received its Leikr precision gadget, providing real-time access to amazing details of what is occurring on sailboats during sailing competitions.

The Leikr GPS Sportswatch is priced in the middle of the sports watch market. It costs more than $250.

Linde Werdelin

Linde Werdelin watch

Linde Werdelin is a Swiss-Danish manufacturer that specializes in making restricted and unique versions of timepieces and gadgets. It was formed in 2002 by Morten Linde as well as Jorn Werdelin.

It concentrates on functional tool timepieces, such as diving timepieces and adventure watches. Linde Werdelin was founded on August 26th to create a family of traditional clocks with technology tools that may be attached.

Most of their watches are quite expensive, with price tags between $2,000 and $30,000.


Manniche watch

Manniche watches are a Danish design business that creates high-end men’s timepieces.

Artist and entrepreneur David Manniche launched the firm in 2013. Manniche has set a new level in blending exclusivity, durability, efficiency, and sophistication, driven by the ideals of aesthetic, ageless trend, and current architecture.

Modern Scandinavian simplicity, portrayed in a sophisticated and manly style, defines the Manniche brand. Manniche is a luxury brand as much as it is a watch company. For the man who values and strives for all of life’s lovely elements. It’s more than simply a watch. More than just a style icon. A Manniche watch is the latest timeless masterpiece to educate today’s discerning man about the importance of living in the moment.

Their watches range from $400 to $400, hence a little more amount will have to be splurged to get your hands on them.

Nexo Denmark

Nexo Denmark

Marie & Martin Heidemand, who live on the Danish shore of Bornholm, are the founders of Nexo Denmark.

They have always had a fascination for contemporary architecture and genuine affection for timepieces. They aspire to offer Danish timepieces more available to individuals all around the globe and to create jobs on the land they currently reside in by creating Nexo Denmark.

The timepieces in the Nexo Denmark line are all influenced by the island of Bornholm. Nexo Denmark is a very private stash that includes designs designated after locations and people important to Marie and Martin.

Nexo Denmark timepieces are available through a limited number of online and in-store shops. Not only does the company provide watches for men, but it also offers a range of Danish watches for ladies. From simplistic clocks with vivid canvas bracelets to sporty models with tactile rubber bands to vintage-inspired appearances with leather banding, the men’s selection has something for everyone.


Norlite watch

Their Roskilde-based firm has consistently aspired to create and manufacture distinctive timepieces with characteristic Danish build aspects from the debut of the first Norlite timepieces in 2015.

Masterfully constructed, simplistic timepieces for men and women – all designed in-house, enabling each version to stick out from the pack and providing customers with a wide range of options.

They are dedicated to offering world-class service. They wish to work directly with their consumers in regard to order processing and after-sales care, thus they want to sell items that they can vouch for 100% in terms of reliability, aesthetics, and budget.

Their watches start selling from $150 and go up to $200.


Obaku watch

Obaku’s co-founders, Johannes Arvin with Catherine Chan, felt ecstatic at the prospect of merging the two traditions they embodied – Danish and Asian – when the company was created in 2007.

The goal was to combine these two drastically diverse universes creatively and fascinatingly. Obaku creates timepieces that are both inexpensive and luxurious. All of the Obaku designer timepieces, which are engraved on the rear of the casings, were developed by Danish artists Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengrd Ruge.

Denmark has a historical design heritage that emphasizes utility and compositional simplicity. Obaku has taken the greatest aspects of both cultures and melded them together.

Obaku offers an expansive scope of dress timepieces for men and women, all with a sleek and modern design aesthetic, with prices ranging from $150 to $300.

If you want to learn more about the company, read our Obaku brand review.


REC watch

The firm Ole Mathiesen has a renowned watchmaking legacy that dates back to 1845 when craftsman Carl Matthi and J. P. Christensen formed a watch brand in Copenhagen.

In the decades that followed, Ole Mathiesen’s watches were designed with the same core concern. Many of the timepieces were the earliest of their type in terms of functionality, philosophy, and aesthetics. Long before Swatch joined the watchmaking market, the whimsical “Bubble Watch” was a watertight summer watch molded in plastics and launched in 1972.

Notwithstanding the large selection of models available, the Danish manufacturer has a distinct design that distinguishes it. The design is based on Danish design heritage from the 1960s, which was heavily inspired by the Bauhaus philosophy.

Their watches are mostly priced between the range of $850 and $1,000.

Ole Mathiesen

Ole Mathiesen watch

Its timepieces are made in Florence, Italy, using Swiss mechanisms from ETA SA or Sellita. In 1997, the company was created in Florence, Italy.

Many connoisseurs seek out the timepieces, which are noted for their longevity, elegance, and toughness. Watches from Anonimo are so much more than accessories.

Anonimo is all about independence. It encourages people to appreciate and embrace life in all of its forms. The quality and reliability are excellent; the cases are made of stainless steel as well as bronze. Anonimo devices are known for their commitment to excellent craftsmanship and dependability, making them the ideal partner for travelers and enthusiasts. As a result, Anonimo’s launch signaled a fresh beginning, as Anonimo was the last luxury watch brand in Florence.

Since it is a luxury brand, you can expect to have its prices a little higher as compared to others. Its price range starts roughly from roughly $160 and ends at $22,000.

Sebastian Frost

Sebastian Frost watch
Sebastian Frost watch
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Sebastian Frost debuted their first series in 2009, the exclusive classic line, which featured ultra-thin classic timepieces with Swiss movements and sapphire glass.

They place a premium on using identical substances all across to achieve a level of consistency that enables the specifics to stick out. Imagine a watch designed by a goldsmith that can be worn on any occasion—even in the water—is a limited edition and combines Swiss mechanisms with Danish design and sapphire glass. Ultra-thin as well as comfortable- available in 3 distinct sizes: small, unisex & grande. This is what Sebastian Frost’s timepieces have to offer.

Their watches range between $200 and $700.


Skagen watch

Skagen Denmark began as a wristwatch trademark for Skagen Designs Ltd. but has now expanded to include a larger range of modern American accessories centered on the Danish aesthetic.

Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, who had emigrated from Denmark to the United States in 1986, established the company in 1989.

Purchasing a Skagen watch assures that performance is maintained without sacrificing looks. Skagen dress timepieces are made of sumptuous materials such as rose gold and titanium, giving them an affluent appearance on the wrist. Skagen can maintain the expense of manufacturing down by constructing these wristwatches using Swiss-made components rather from separately created components.

Their men’s watches start from just $65 and go all the way up to $300.

Urban Jürgensen

Urban Jurgensen watch

The narrative starts in 1745, not with the year 1773 added to the Urban Jürgensen emblem to commemorate the company’s 245th birthday, but with the birth of Jrgen Jürgensen, the son of an Adelgade servant.

Among the most important watchmaking families in history arose from modest origins. Urban Jürgensen is among the most gorgeous and impressive hands in the business. The meticulously handcrafted hands are a lovely compliment to this lovely dial.
Experienced artisans create each Urban Jürgensen Swiss timepiece by hand.

Their watches are quite expensive hence you can expect to get your hands on them within the range of $24,000 and $250,000.


Picto watch

Since the 1980s, ICTO has been stirring things up by providing timekeepers all around the world with something they’ve been lacking – something unusual.

The company’s timepieces are the first in the world to use a pictograph to indicate the time (hence the name). Their philosophy is reflected in the watch’s appearance, which tells time differently than any other on the market. There is only one-minute hand instead of three racing around the dial. A little dot marks the hour on the dial’s face, which is visible but inconspicuous. For fans of minimalism, the layout is a dream come true.

Their watches start at the price of $140 and shoot up to $200.

Mermaid Stories

Mermaid Stories watch

Mermaid Stories is a new Copenhagen-based business that creates innovative, elegant women’s timepieces and jewelry. They seek to produce a handpicked range of beloved goods that will follow you for a great many years, inspired by Scandinavian style.

In November 2016, they debuted their first timepiece. Their commitment to product quality is unwavering. Mermaid Stories is the name of their company, which symbolizes their love of Scandinavian style and the narratives that lay beneath the surface – the intricacies that you might not see at first glance.

They want you to spend your time learning about them. The mermaid, which can be seen on the back of their timepieces, represents the aspirations that we all have. All of their watches are priced in a similar price category – around $300.


Borgvardt watch

Borgvardt is an intriguing option in that it is one of the few companies that offers a Danish-designed chronograph movement watch, which is uncommon in and of itself.

The firm is situated in Esbjerg, Denmark, and its designer’s name is Lennart, however, its webpage does not provide much information about the company’s history.

Borgvardt states on its website that they are influenced by classical pocket clocks from the nineteenth century, and it is evident from the language and photographs on its homepage that they are attempting to market its products as affordable luxury watches.

Borgvardt is a Danish watchmaker known for its futuristic designs. They have lofty goals for each collection, which they achieve via unique Danish design.

Borgvardt watches normally range from $200 to $250, except perhaps their tourbillon collection which is more expensive.


Studsgaard watch

Studsgaard was created in 2020 by the same people who established Dissing watches which we will cover in a moment.

It’s tough to find something that’s only evocative of Danish design with this brand, and one would ask why the company’s Danish inventors opted to build multiple watch companies that are deceptively similar to one another and where the world-famous Danish design is non-existent.

Again, Rolex was the major influence, so if you’re looking for a reasonably low-cost-made watch that looks like a Rolex but has the word ‘Studsgaard’ inscribed on it, this is the collection to look into.

Their watches range between the price of $50 to $130.


Dissing watch

Dissing Watches was founded in the fall of 2018 by two brothers, Kasper and Mikkel Dissing, and hence has a short history and not that strong reputation yet.

These watches are not intended for watch collectors, but for the average customer. Quality and design are more important to them than marketing. This is a Scandinavian watch company that sells “stylish, high-quality wrist timepieces that seem like a million dollars but only cost a few dollars.”

Their watches are usually priced between $160 to $240.

Copenhagen Watches

Copenhagen Watches watch

Mai Johansson, who has specialized in advertising, marketing, and designing for many years, established Copenhagen Watches.

She’s put together a lovely collection of timepieces with the Danish flag as the focal point of each design. The watches have a basic and brilliant design while also having a superb edge and refinement, which Mai has successfully contributed.

The starting price is roughly 160 USD. Watches with leather or mesh straps are available, and the watches are available in unisex sizes that are ideal for both men and women.


WoodMe watch

Kim Mathiasen, a Danish entrepreneur headquartered in Kolding, Denmark, started the company.

Kim Mathiasen had a profound enthusiasm for wood as a material as a result of his childhood in a carpentry studio in West Jutland, therefore it’s no surprise that wood is one of the key elements in WoodMe watches. Sandalwood, acacia, walnut, and zebrawood are among the materials utilized.

The timepieces are lovely looking, but the difficulty with wooden wristwatches is that their durability is limited. Furthermore, the watches are only water-resistant to 30 meters.

The price range of these watches lies between $200 and $315.

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