Best Orient Dive Watches (3 Affordable Diver Models for 2022)

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It’s been nearly nine decades since the world saw the first-ever diving watch. Time certainly does fly.

It was the spring of 1932 when the mogul of the watchmaking industry, Omega, released the world’s debut diver, the Marine.

At that time, the ~100m water-resistance rating of the Omega timepiece was making jaws drop. It’s fair to say that since then, the trends and craftsmanship have changed a lot. Unfortunately, the cost of Omega watches remains the same – high.

Fortunately, since that groundbreaking model, many watch brands followed suit and launched their own dive collections. Without a doubt, some watchmakers have done really well. Others still have a lot of room for improvement if they are to reach the level expected of a proper dive watch.

If you are shopping on a budget but still want to get a diver that will easily last for years, one of the brands worth recommending is Orient.

The Japanese brand launched its first diver’s watch in 1964 and hasn’t looked back since. Nowadays, Orient’s Sport collection – particularly the Kano line – is full of good value diver’s models. To make the task of picking the right one quicker and less confusing, below you’ll find the list of the 3 best Orient watches currently on offer.

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Best Orient Dive Watches (Top 3 Overview)

Best Orient Dive Watches (Top 3 Reviewed)

Orient RA-AA0011B19B

Orient Diver RA-AA0011B19B
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Orient RA-AA0011B19B is the current best-seller in the Orient’s Kano collection, which has been designed exclusively for scuba diving enthusiasts.

The watch comes with a 200m water-resistance rating, making it a safe choice for beginning and intermediate scuba divers. When it comes to Orient dive watches, the 200m WR rating is usually the best you can hope for. At this moment in time, there’s only one model – Orient Pro Saturation Diver – that can withstand bigger depths (300m).

Thanks to the 44mm stainless steel case, the watch should look perfectly fine on both small and large-sized wrists.

The watch comes with a uni-rotating maroon bezel. Combined with the black rubber band, it boasts a pretty stylish look which makes it a good choice for occasions other than diving, too. Protecting the dial against scratches is mineral crystal glass.

The model uses automatic movement in the form of Orient Calibre F6922. The movement ensures +-15 seconds/day accuracy and has a power reserve of around 40 hours. Considering the price of the product, it’s a really solid result.

For easy readings underwater, the dial is equipped with luminescent, light-tone hands and hour markers. There’s also a date window at 3 o’clock.

The Good

  • Water-resistant up to 200m
  • Accurate automatic movement
  • 40-hour power reserve
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Luminous

The Bad

  • At the price quoted, hard to find any

Orient FAA02008D9

Orient Diver FAA02008D9
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Generally speaking, the majority of Orient watches are considered budget timepieces. Still, there are some models that fall into the mid-price category and others that are available at bargain-basement prices. If your budget is super tight, Orient FAA02008D9 should provide more food for thought.

Similar to the one above, the model is equipped with a 200m water resistance.

The watch comes with a case slightly smaller than in the previous pick, measuring 41,5mm in diameter. Again, it’s a size that won’t look out of place on any wrist type.

For the purpose of measuring elapsed time underwater, the model is equipped with a uni-directional rotating bezel with a blue aluminum ring. The rubber band compliments the case design nicely and makes the watch a good everyday fashion accessory.

The automatic timepiece uses exactly the same Japanese caliber as the model above, the F6922. Again, a +-15-second precision per day is a good result considering the low price of the product. The power reserve in the case of this model is also 40 hours.

The blue dial features luminous hands and hour markers. At 3 o’clock, there’s a day and date window. The dial window is made from mineral crystal glass.

The Good

  • Lowest price on the list
  • 200m water-resistance
  • Solid automatic movement
  • Mineral crystal dial
  • Luminescent

The Bad

  • At the price quoted, hard to find any

Orient EL0001B00A

Orient Diver EL0001B00A
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Willing to spend a bit more? The EL0001B00A model is one of the most elaborate Orient divers currently available.

Commonly known as Orient Neptune, the timepiece comes with exactly the same water-resistance rating as the two models above – 200m.

Quite noticeably, Neptune presents a more elegant look. It’s the only Orient diver on the list with a stainless steel bracelet. Because of that, it can also be easily worn on more official occasions.

The case, made from the same material, measures 43,4mm in diameter and is perfectly suitable for all wrist sizes. The watch is equipped with a unidirectional black bezel, designed to make the task of measuring the elapsed time underwater as easy as possible.

The watch is powered by one of Orient’s most elaborate calibers in the form of 40N5A. It’s the same automatic movement that’s used in the previously-mentioned Pro Saturation Diver. The caliber ensures higher accuracy +- 5 seconds/day and a 40-hour power reserve. Between 12 and 2 o’clock, there’s a power reserve indicator.

Another thing that helps Neptune stand out amongst other divers on the list is the sapphire crystal dial. It’s the most scratch-resistant material out there, used by all the top-end watchmakers.

The dial features three luminous hands, as well as luminescent hour markers. At 4 o’clock there’s also a date window.

The Good

  • 200m water-resistance
  • Most precise movement on the list
  • Power Reserve indicator
  • Sapphire crystal dial window
  • Luminous

The Bad

  • Highest price on the list

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