Polish Watch Brands (Best Polish Watchmakers in 2023)

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Would you believe a G-Shock I was gifted in 2014 by my grandpa started my lifelong journey of a watch geek?

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When we hear about Poland, we are automatically directed towards the image of a country where its residents love enjoying pierogi and go visit the church every Sunday.

But very few people know that Poland is also famous for its wristwatches.

Sounds weird right?

Well, we are here to make it correct. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the topic and introduce you to some of the best Polish watch brands.

G. Gerlach

G. Gerlach watch

Gustaw Gerlach worked in a factory that made optical equipment on Krakowskie Przedmiecie Street. He ended up taking over the plant in 1852 and began producing products underneath the G. Gerlach brand.

Their watches generally lie in the price range of $227 up to $1980. This implies that their watches are not very expensive, however, they are of high-quality and promise longevity.

Gerlach aims to restore Polish industry while also paying homage to Polish history through timepieces. The proprietors are a group of diversified enthusiasts who sought to create watches that they would like to own as much of it as their clientele.

As a result, the timepieces span from aircraft to maritime timepieces to different kinds of swimmers. While this may appear to be an unusual approach, they appear to be accomplishing a great many things that nobody is, and their line has lots of variety. And they’re doing it all without putting a very hefty price tag on their products as well.


Copernicus watch

Marcin Lewandowski along with Marek Filipczyk, two avid wristwatch collectors, created Copernicus Watch Sp around 2009. They intended to honor their Polish heritage and origins by calling their corporation after the legendary Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

Copernicus Watch has succeeded to make some stunning chronographs in just a few seasons. Although there are likely to be additional, as they appear to have a definite vision for the development of the company.


Polpora watch

Since its inception in 2006, Krzysztof Janczak, the originator, has been accountable for the conception and development of the Polpora.

His obsession with the mid-century period of the twentieth century set the tone. The technical achievements of the time have an awe-inspiring, often spartan aspect, as well as a timeless elegance.

The POLPORA watch series features one-of-a-kind, low-cost mechanical timepieces. The collection contains timepieces that exude modern elegance.

Their cheapest watch is available for sale on their website for 6,590 PLN (~$1,500) while the most expensive watch from their collection is available on the website for 12360 PLN (~$2,800).

This shows that even though they have a limited collection for sale throughout the year on their website, each product is designed after a lot of consideration and is manufactured using the best components to ensure that you receive full value for money.

Polpora, the first Polish watchmaker in the twenty-first century, resumed the manufacturing of “Made in Poland” timepieces in 2006. Polpora Manufaktura has now extended its watch line to four categories, each with various variants.


Xicorr watch

Xicorr is a Polish trademark that was established in 2012. The business has been making unusual timepieces influenced by ancient cars built at the Warsaw workshop renowned as FSO from the commencement of its history.

Their watches are usually listed between the price range of $300 up to only $850, so yes, they lay in the affordable price range, accessible for everyone out there. To uplift your outfit with the help of a Xicorr watch, you will not need to splurge a lot of cash, isn’t it a win-win situation?

The brand’s moniker is derived from the Warsaw dialect term “sikor,” which indicates “wristwatch.” The Xicorr watches perform admirably in terms of implementation and is unquestionably innovative.

It has a contentious design that will not appeal to everybody because it is quite contemporary and does not reference well-known watch styles, but it does what it sets out to do. Aside from the style, each watch’s casing is stunning and a standout feature.


Chronos-Art watch

The ‘compteur de tierces,’ developed around 1816 by Louis Moinet in conjunction with astrological apparatus, was the very first chronograph that to this date inspires Chronos-Art.

The Polish manufacturer takes pride in producing high-quality timepieces using traditional manufacturing techniques. For unique customer requests, they create small quantities of timepieces.

Their timepieces are handcrafted using only the highest quality materials, implying that they do not cut corners! They believe that in the coming years, their attitude will attract clients who share their values of quality and design.

You could perhaps come across Chronos-Art, a Polish wristwatch company founded by Pawel Jankowski of Lodz, Poland. Chronos-Art clocks are attractively crafted and renowned, particularly in Poland. Regrettably, the brand’s manufacturing has already ceased.


Błonie watch

Michal Dunin and his crew of wristwatch aficionados aren’t scared to take on new difficulties. In 2012, they brought back Błonie, the only manufacturer that actually created timepieces in Poland during the 1960s.

The name is derived from a modest Polish hamlet that was manufactured between 1959 and 1969. Throughout that period, 1.2 million timepieces were produced in this tiny town, which you likely haven’t heard of.

They have a number of timepieces available for sale over the internet. Most of their watches lie in the affordable price range however, if you feel the need to splurge a little more cash, you can get your hands on their limited edition and exclusive designs as well.

Their most affordable watch is priced at $760 while the price goes all the way up to the range of approximately $239,749 (well it should be this much because it comes with student diamonds).

The first wristwatch model was created in 1959 in Błonie, Poland, a city in Warsaw West County. The early Błonie timepieces were composed completely of Soviet-manufactured components. Roughly 1.2 million timepieces were produced throughout the period.

The legendary watch was refurbished with a contemporary touch in 2014, much to the joy of many Blonie lovers. It all began with a strong desire to collect timepieces. The inaugural version of the resurrected Błonie retains many unique characteristics of classic watches manufactured during the 1960s, having been updated up to touch with recent appearance and enhanced with new technology.

The innovative Błonie is designed for all timepieces enthusiasts, irrespective of point in life, who recognize the excellent performance of Polish design. It combines excellent performance, a traditional aesthetic, and modern patterns.

It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that enhances the sophisticated look of any formal or informal ensemble. Błonie’s timepieces have never been just watches, as everyone realizes.

Vratislavia Conceptum

Vratislavia Conceptum watch

Marcin Karolewski established Vratislavia Conceptum in 2012. His genuine passion for timepieces led to the creation of intriguing timepieces with distinctive designs. Vratislavia Conceptum draws inspiration for its clocks from past occurrences, aesthetics, developments, culture, and design.

Vratislavia Conceptum watches are available for purchase on their webpage. Depending on the configuration, the cost varies from $190 to $350, with shipping inclusive.

They feel that if you appreciate timepieces, you should appreciate them as the magnificent craftsmanship that they are, rather than as a plain piece of technology that tells time.

Miss the days of drab timepieces that serve only as ornaments. You get both a sophisticated clock and a magnificent standout element as an imaginative accent to any ensemble with Vratislavia Conceptum watches.

Not merely could you finally possess a stylish wristwatch influenced by life, but these timepieces are also durable enough to have already been transmitted down through the ages.


Balticus watch

Balticus is a wristwatch manufacturer that was established in 2015. Every one of the designs is one-of-a-kind and distinctive owing to reduced batch sizes. Balticus Watches, established in 2015 by Bartosz Knop, aspires to combine exotic components, distinctive patterns, and high-quality production into watches that are both adaptable and conversational starters.

You can get your hands on any of their available watches over their website. The lowest price at which their watch is available for sale is 849, 00 zł whereas their current most expensive watch is priced at 12 500,00 zł.

The employment of alternative finishes on the casings of Balticus clocks is an intriguing feature. Alternative completion necessitates a well-thought-out strategy, meticulous technical excellence, and a significant amount of time and energy devoted to each aspect of the timepiece.

This bears off in the form of a high-contrast wristwatch casing that shines beautifully.

Balticus is renowned for producing timepieces in tiny batches, so they sell out quickly. In addition, Bartosz has maintained close touch with representatives of the auto sector and automobile fan clubs such as the Poland Mustang Club, collaborating extensively with them on wristwatch development and special edition releases.

His connection also includes material artisans, so if you want your Balticus wristwatch custom-engraved perhaps studded with jewels, he might be able to help!


Plantwear watch

Wiktor Pryzyk launched Plantwear in mid-2013 to produce strong hardwood timepieces. Plantwear is a Polish firm that manufactures timepieces and other accouterments out of compostable hardwood.

Because no two blocks of wood are similar, each person can have a fully distinctive clock. The Plantwear brand is presently one of the greatest options for eco-conscious individuals.

Their watches are easily available for purchase over the Internet with the cheapest one starting from just €88.00 while the most expensive one goes all the way up to €286.00.

Wooden Plantwear watches blend in beautifully with current environmental tendencies and the usage of biodegradable components. At the very same moment, they resemble traditional watches in terms of exclusivity.

Plantwear watches are suitable for you if you like the green style and attempt to buy things that aren’t destructive to the ecosystem.

One of Plantwear’s undeniable benefits is its emphasis on ecological responsibility. For starters, just a small amount of hardwood is needed in the production of covers and wristbands, and subsequently, wood is a recyclable resource. Furthermore, the Plantwear brand participates in green initiatives and annually plants 50 trees.

An additional incentive to choose Plantwear watches is the method of manufacture, which is less detrimental to the planet than stainless steel harsh chemicals. Furthermore, steel is not easy to recycle, which means that a stainless-steel wristwatch will eventually wind up in the trash.

Plantwear timepieces, on either extreme, are recyclable, meaning that they will eventually decompose spontaneously without the need for any extra treatment.


Chopin watch

The Chopin brand is a one-of-a-kind homage to Frederic Chopin’s heritage, which spans over 200 years. The brand blends the composer’s uniqueness with modern clockwork to memorialize the enduring history of a remarkable musician, with over a decade of timepiece heritage and generations of development experience.

They have a solid brand, but they also have a fantastic private label program. They can do everything from A to Z, including the balance wheel. In a word, these watches are from a new company and have a high level of quality that is equivalent to the best in the Swiss watchmaking industry.

A one-of-a-kind mix of 100 years of timepieces heritage and the immortal legacy of the musician. This is genuine emotion. Chopin’s timepieces are more than just a timepiece to wear.

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