Swedish Watch Brands (Best Watchmakers in 2023)

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When we talk about famous watch brands, let’s be honest, Sweden is not one of the countries to pop into our minds.

Although not so well renowned outside, Swedish wristwatch businesses are becoming increasingly well-known.

To everyone’s astonishment, Sweden turned out to be an emerging powerhouse for watch innovation, despite being better renowned for its beautiful surroundings than its clocks.

People discovered that Swedish wristwatch companies provide a broad selection of possibilities, fusing great Swedish workmanship alongside Scandinavian austerity and clarity.

The kind and range of Swedish watch firms are fairly modest. They are still not well-known on a worldwide platform, and the majority of them seem to be tiny businesses that don’t make many versions. But you can be pleasantly surprised by their products.

This article will walk you through some of the well-known Swedish watch brands along with a detailed description of each which will be accompanied by their average price range to give you a better idea of which one to go for when you next choose a wristwatch for yourself or a loved one.


Boom watch

A new watch idea called BOOM, which translates for Brand of Open Minds, was developed in response to a necessity to innovate the watch industry and to build a company that appeals to the individualist and well-informed consumer.

Unparalleled by everyone else in the fashionable wristwatch market, a BOOM wristwatch comes with a complete two-year guarantee that may be extended to 3 years if you subscribe online. The revamped business was officially introduced in 2017 with a loud boom if you will. Along with the customization they’ve gotten to anticipate from many of these companies these times, BOOM Watches gives that option.

Swedish firm BOOM Watches sells personalized timepieces. The business was established in 2016 thanks to a FundedByMe campaign. The demand for individualized watches that may be customized for each person led to the establishment of the company. They provide a large selection of timepieces for both men and women who want something fashionable, approachable, and that looks fantastic with whatever outfit they often wear.

They also provide the unusual idea of building a present box out of pre-made components so you can assemble a watch that fits you specifically. Each component is contained in a single box.


Bravur watch

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Bravur is an autonomous wristwatch company. Best friends created the company in 2011 to develop a personalized decoration that would serve as your constant partner.

In the sector of cheap grandeur, Bravur is renowned for its well-designed mechanistic timepieces. They manufacture their timepieces in-house in Sweden, which is less well-recognized. With each layout, the various collections draw influence from diverse places and serve different purposes, but they all share a simple aesthetic that is balanced with intriguing nuances that can be discovered over time.

They sought to design watches with materials that radiated elegance and spoke to a contemporary, urban lifestyle. The Ronda 715 Quartz movements, which are made in Switzerland and can be encountered in clocks that price much less, are what fuel the Bravur watches, which begin at $900 including shipping.

Due to the complexity of the design and the superior condition of the materials, these rates are not excessive. The Bravur Timepieces are incredibly stylish and distinctive. They exude the classy appearance and feel of affordable elegance that results from thoughtful engineering and excellent sensibility. This fell short of being a complete success because of the motion, the one component they would purchase from another company anyway. To all of us who are obstinately drawn to mechanicals, at minimum.

Their watches start selling from the price range of just USD 695 and go all the way up to only $2550.

E.C. Andersson

E.C. Andersson

The North Sea as well as North Sea II, each with a characteristic cushion-shaped casing and even a precision Japanese mechanism created by Seiko, were introduced in 2016 by Nordic craftsman E.C. Andersson, who is still regarded as a relative newcomer.

Based on the manufacturer you select; the timepieces are offered as either sports timepieces or expensive watches. Every one of their timepieces is individually made by hand since the designing and creativity processes are too involved and meticulous to ever be done in bulk. Rather, they produce limited-run timepieces that are all unique, watches that are indispensable to your collections, and timepieces that will never be made again.

The Calypso series, as well as the North Sea II line, are the 2 primary designs offered by E.C. Andersson Watch Co. The casings of each of these timepieces are made of 316L stainless steel that has been polished, giving them durability and toughness without sacrificing their beautiful appearance.


Kronaby watch

At Basel World in April 2018, Kronaby Sweden stunned us with the introduction of their separate line of networked premium timepieces.

They made their debut at Baselworld 2017 while hybrid devices were still uncommon, and since then, they continuously steadily improved the excellence of the timepieces they manufacture by fusing innovation with conventionally styled watches.

The Kronaby Sekel is perhaps the most well-known collection to date. The Kronaby Sekel often denotes a traditional watch appearance with exceptional battery capacity and useful notification indications. The watch is rather pricey, but then when you evaluate it to the costs of luxury watches from well-known manufacturers, you’ll see that it’s a good investment.

The majority of the founding staff of Kronaby Sweden formerly served Sony Mobile, therefore they undoubtedly have some knowledge of creating monitors. They were able to sustain a high standard with their extremely debut line of timepieces thanks to their previous experience. Due to their high-quality and dependable components, all of their watches live up to their promise of durability.

Among their best sellers, the lowest-priced watch is available for sale at just $268 while the highest-priced watch is sold for just $476 on their website.

You can read an in-depth analysis of the brand in our Kronaby review article.


Malm watch

Sweden’s Linköping is home to the MALM pilot watch company. In collaboration with pilots and members of the Swedish military services, they create and improve their timepieces.

All MALM timepieces are created, developed, built, and maintained by their local artisans in their studio. MALM was born out of a sincere interest in aircraft and watchmaking. Since they are both individual pilots and watch aficionados, it only makes sense that they get the majority of their ideas from vintage aircraft.

This particular method of product innovation assures its customers of the highest quality, personalized appearance, and unparalleled utility. They guarantee each watch that leaves our factory and provides a 5-year warranty on each timepiece.

The timepieces are made to adhere to the exacting standards of craftsmanship, design, and functionality demanded by military personnel. MALM can be the ideal watch company for people who value practical, militaristic-inspired watches as well as smaller watch brands. All MALM timepieces are created after careful consideration and inspection.

The price of their watches starts from just 569 euros and goes all the way up to only 699 euros.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington watch

Filip Tysander established the Swedish company Daniel Wellington in 2011. Ever since its founding, Daniel Wellington has produced over 6 million timepieces.

The firm’s web presence on social media sites like Instagram has helped them achieve this accomplishment. From its very launch in 2011, Daniel Wellington has seen success in offering a basic style with vibrant straps in a variety of colors. Their marketing suggests a high-end item from a high-end company.

The new concept, which was minimalistic and elegant and had replaceable straps, has now become a masterpiece with genuinely universal appeal. This aesthetic is still an integral component of what renders Daniel Wellington so unique even after a couple of years. Daniel Wellington is the pinnacle of meticulous design.

Daniel Wellington watch prices start from just R 595 and go all the way up to R 1995. This means you can upgrade your looks with a luxury item without having to splurge cash.

Epoch Stockholm

Epoch Stockholm watch

The same watchmakers who established Sjöö Sandström (which we will discuss in a few minutes) also founded Epoch Stockholm in 2004. All of the timepieces are created and assembled in Sweden by EPOCH Stockholm, which draws its aesthetic cues from Scandinavian aesthetic principles.

Today, EPOCH employs its in-house workers to construct its clocks in its dedicated studio located beyond Stockholm, Sweden. These clocks mix traditional features with cutting-edge production techniques, drawing references from Scandinavian design ideas.

The Automatic Calendar, which comes in three variations, is a new line of clocks by Epoch. But this is not simply a new model for Epoch; it also marks the start of a new chapter. The timepieces have a calendar feature with a day and date display, as their name suggests.

Given their exquisite features and beautiful designs, the company’s mechanism timepieces are entirely handcrafted, and all of their timepieces are quite reasonably priced. The price of their watches from their available collection starts from just $1091 and goes all the way up to $3632.

GoS Watches

GoS watch

GoS Watches was founded in 2007 by Johan Gustafsson with Patrik Sjörgen.

It was a mini-company that chose an uncommon aesthetic image to distinguish out from the competition. Unique, opulent works of mechanical art are Gustafsson & Sjögren GoS watches. GoS timepieces feature unparalleled workmanship that elevates traditional Scandinavian art to a different extreme.

Hand-forging Damascus steel as part of the GoS design method results in exceptionally distinctive luxury timepieces. Consider GoS timepieces if you want a dial show with eye-catching hues. The GoS watch series is certain to catch your eye if you’re looking for an attractive dial with soft colors that pays homage to Scandinavian traditions like the old building of the era.

Their most famous collection revealed to date is the GoS Skadi Watch. The Skadi watch costs USD 42,000 per piece and will never be produced in quantities greater than five.

Halda Watch Co

Halda watch

High-end timepieces are produced by the Swedish company Halda Watch Company. Henning Hammarlund established it at Svängsta in 1887. It was created over some time in collaboration with deserving engineers, renowned watchmakers, and an astronaut.

Despite being established in 1887, the first timepieces didn’t leave the factory until 1889, which is a brief period given the incredible craftsmanship. Their workshop in Sweden is where they create each watch. What makes them stand out from the competition is the bespoke engineering of their timepieces.

Halda is a unique watch company that doesn’t fall within the classification of common watch companies. It is exceptional in many ways. It is a well-known trademark with a lengthy and rich heritage.

The Halda Watch Co. was liquidated, and the watch trademark was retired. The brand name and its worldwide licenses to it were eventually acquired by Swedish businessman and inventor Mikael Sandström in 2009 after several failed approaches. With the resurgence of Halda, Mikael Sandström created a brand-new timepiece with an original concept. Each module in this new watch, as well as the upcoming series, is created for peak performance in its specialized area.

Their cheapest watch is available for €8900 and goes all the way up to €31850.


Pansar watch

Patrik Palovaara, an engineering major, launched Pansar Sweden in 2011, unlike the majority of other companies that were established by watch aficionados and technicians.

A touch of elegance is added to your typical labor with the help of Swiss mechanisms and hand-assembled elements from the Swedish watchmaker Pansar. The end consequence is a good selection of fashionable but practical timepieces.

Three versions were released when the company was formally established six years ago. Supercharged, Moonracer, and X1-Airborne are the three main models that make up the inaugural series, which was introduced in February 2011. They are referring to a unique brand of bold, enjoyable, and reckless fashion.

Knut Gadd

Knut Gadd watch

Since 1916, Knut Gadd of Sweden has produced exquisite timepieces. The history of the Swedish watch company Knut Gadd may be traced back to innovation and commerce.

Descendants of the Gadd household served as inspiration for it. The watches were meticulously crafted in Stockholm, Sweden, down to the last millimeter. The Knut Gadd wristwatch series are stylish, one-of-a-kind, and influenced by vintage designs.

The Scandinavian design heritage and expressiveness have been meticulously considered in the creation of every component of the clocks. Since 1916, it has been a private business.

Nearly all of their watches are priced at 2500 KR.

Larsson & Jennings

Larsson & Jennings watch

In 2012, Andrew Jennings with Joakim Larsson (for whom the stake of the company was acquired by Jennings in 2014) created Larsson & Jennings, which was sparked by a wristwatch the founders spotted in GQ.

The watches are all created internally and constructed in Switzerland with ETA mechanisms. However, Larsson & Jennings, which has been established in 2012, has succeeded to edge off the current crop of upstarts by portraying itself as a brand that is halfway between elegance and accessibility.

They are a terrific discreet, distinctive item for those with so many other accessories because they combine low price, high quality (all timepieces are Swiss produced, with Swiss Ronda mechanisms within), and minimalistic style.

The price of their watches starts from 159 pounds and goes all the way up to 249 pounds.


Maen watch

Independent watch company MAEN from Sweden combines innovation and practicality with a New York-inspired style.

A brand known and adored today as MAEN was created in 2017 when two wristwatch aficionados came together. MAEN is a wristwatch company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden that was co-founded by two Dutch businessmen.

An Old Dutch term that means Moon served as the basis for the name “MAEN.” Swiss automated or quartz mechanisms are used in MAEN watches. Brooklyn 39, Manhattan 40, Greenwich 38 GMT, Skymaster 38, and Hudson 38 are the company’s flagship series.

Their watches lie in the price range of 279 euros to 559 euros respectively.


Miro watch

Established in 2012, Miró Timepieces is a young company that creates watches with a simple, contemporary look. Although the watch’s namesake is derived from a Spanish (Catalan) surrealism artiste, the architectural elements are purely Scandinavian, straightforward, and practical.

A further new wristwatch company from Sweden, Miró, discreetly and without fanfare debuted at the end of 2012. The watch business benefits greatly from the clear lines that are so prevalent in Sweden’s creative scene. Since Deiter Rams’ watches for Braun, Miró has one of the most immaculate faces.

Their watch prices start from just €84 and do not go anywhere beyond the range of €165.


Schipper watch

With the promise to provide timepieces that would endure longer and guarantee sturdiness throughout their life while preserving their roots true to their heritage, Schipper, a Swedish watch manufacturing company, began their adventure in 2018.

As they put it, they started their watch brands because they were insane enough to do so and because they adored real watches. Additionally, they created the products they offer.

In their designs, they aim to exemplify “Scandinavian Simplicity.” They understand this to mean straightforward, minimalistic design with an emphasis on “old school” functioning.

Most of their watches are priced between €100-€200.

Sjöö Sandström

Sandstrom watch

Sjöö Sandström was founded in 1986 to fuse Scandinavian simplicity with the history of Swedish watches.

The company has developed into a recognized manufacturer that produces gorgeous clocks with an everlasting attitude by fusing high-tech equipment with workmanship. The goal was to combine time-honored wisdom with the opulence that characterizes the Scandinavian coastline richness that is less concerned with excess and financial prosperity than it is with independence, pleasure, and outdoor adventures.

The result is a company that embraces brevity, elegance, and practicality and elevates Swedish watchmakers to an unprecedented level of rarity.

Their cheapest watch collection starts from just 14 600 SEK while their most expensive collection starts from 33 700 SEK.

South Lane

South Lane watch

South Lane, a brand focusing on producing minimalistic products in Stockholm, was established in 2011. They took their moniker after the hip “Södermalm” neighborhood of Sweden’s venerable metropolis.

The brand’s concept is primarily straightforward and sleek with a hint of style. In its Swiss premium timepieces, SOUTH LANE blends avant-garde craftsmanship with clean lines.

The latest AVANT line streamlines its roots while maintaining its avant-garde look and Scandinavian simplicity by fusing its exquisite Swiss-made workmanship and superior Italian leather with just a technological sharpness and luxurious feel.

Their watch price starts from $280 and goes all the way up to $400.


Tid watch

Swedish for “TID” is “time,” which is a valuable resource to use in the activities you adore. They concentrate on components and nuances in their Stockholm workshop to create a small line of distinctive watches that you can enjoy day after day.

TID Watches, a wristwatch company situated in Stockholm, was established in 2012. Through its designs and inventiveness, TID Watches investigates time. The TID range creates things that you can use every day by fusing a realistic approach with forward-thinking aesthetics. To be your daily superhero, TID Watches aspires.

Their watch prices start from just $213 and go all the way up to $320 only.


Triwa watch

Four friends created the Triwa company in 2007 to transform the mindsets of those outside the watch business, which they believed was overly predicated on prestige and heritage.

They provide high-quality timepieces and bands that are reasonably priced so that, if you like, you could buy several of these. The mechanisms for TRIWA watches are built in Japan, while the leather bands are crafted in a leather processing two hours beyond the Stockholm in Tärnsjö.

A Swedish wristwatch business called TRIWA is equally passionate about fashion and high-quality watches.

The price of their watches starts from just $119 and goes all the way up to $699.

You can read an in-depth analysis of the brand in our Triwa review article.

Tusenö Göteborg

Tuseno watch

In 2015, Tusenö was established in Gothenburg, Sweden. Its automated watches are created in Switzerland in small batches after being developed in Sweden.

In addition to Asia, Switzerland, as well as Sweden, the business began producing all of its timepieces in Switzerland starting in 2020. It also decided to use only mechanical components for all future initiatives.

The watches from Tusenö are a terrific deal because they are priced at the smaller end of a few hundred euros. Unlike most other micro wristwatch businesses that essentially just take a preexisting watch model and slap their logo on it, they employ high-quality materials, fantastic mechanisms, and their own distinctive and original patterns.

Their cheapest watch is available for 2337 KR. while their most expensive watch is available for 14995 KR.


Verk watch

A straightforward quartz wristwatch from Sweden is called the verk watch. This uncomplicated watch brand is available online, is reasonably priced, has a two-handed dial, and has a ton of material, straps, and size possibilities.

This simple company combines German production with Swedish aesthetics. Year after year, VERK wants to introduce a new watch.

Both the TV and the ETT are exquisitely understated and refined timepieces. There are presently two lines. The ETT is their best-selling watch and features a straightforward, beautiful dial. The TV is their newest watch and features a one-handed, 24-hour clock. Each VERK includes free delivery to the US and a 5-year guarantee.

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