Best Smartwatches With Long Battery Life (Longest Lasting Models)

Best smartwatches with long battery life

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Because of the incredibly long list of premium wellness apps and the ability to act as standalone devices, Apple Watches are all the rage amongst smartwatch wearers.

However, as advanced as the Apple series is, these watches are not faultless. There’s a lot of room for improvement particularly when it comes to battery life. The newest release (Apple Watch 6) barely reaches 24h of use on a single charge – even when you’re economical with all the apps.

Hence, if you’ve been considering the purchase of your first (or next) smartwatch and don’t fancy the idea of having to plug it in for daily charging, you might want to drop the idea of getting an Apple Watch and continue reading. In today’s article, we will look at the best smartwatches with longest battery life that you can get in 2021.

All the models included in the article have been hand-picked based on their impressive battery performance and all come from popular and trusted brands. 

At a Glance: TOP 3

We’ll start with the top three models, all chosen for various reasons. If none of these smartwatches appeal to you, two more models await further down the page.

So, which is the longest-lasting smartwatch?

Let’s get started without further ado.

Best Smartwatch With Longest Battery Life (Top 3 Reviewed)

Garmin Instinct Solar

When it comes to durability levels, there are not many smartwatch providers that can compete with Garmin.

Not without a reason, the brand is a favorite pick amongst people working in demanding professions such as firefighters, EMTs or construction workers. These watches are equally loved by outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, mountain bikers, or hunters.

Not only are Garmin smartwatches built like tanks but they boast impressive battery lifespan. That’s particularly true when related to solar-powered models. In our opinion, the Instinct Solar is the best dollar-for-dollar smartwatch with an extremely long battery life

Battery Life:

Finding a smartwatch with 30-day battery life is tough and coming across a 45-day battery life smartwatch is already considered a bit of a miracle. But Garmin Instinct Solar offers that, and even more!

Because of the solar technology that enables the watch to refuel basically anytime you step outside of your home during the day, the watch can run for up to 56 days and even longer. The final performance will depend on the way you exploit the battery. According to Garmin, an Instinct Solar battery can run for:

  • Minimum of 56 days + unlimited in the battery-saver mode with at least 3hrs/day outside
  • Up to 68 days in the Expedition GPS mode with at least 3 hours/day outside exposure
  • Up to 54 days in the regular smartwatch mode (includes activity tracking and 24/7 heart-rate monitoring) with at least 3 hours/day outside
  • Up to 145 hours in the max. battery GPS mode (only when outside)
  • Up to 38 hours in the GPS mode with wrist-based heart rate (only when outside)

The battery charging time (without solar) from 0% to full charge is roughly 130 minutes.


Garmin smartwatches are flooded with excellent features and apps that can give us great insights into our everyday wellbeing and activities.

Starting with the health monitoring, Instinct Solar is equipped with features such as:

  • wrist-based heart rate (with daily resting HR and abnormal HR alerts)
  • Pulse OX Blood Oxygen sensor – measures the oxygen saturation of your blood
  • Body Battery Energy Monitor – helps you manage your own energy resources 24/7. The feature allows you to observe how activities and lifestyle choices impact your condition by combining the effects of physical activity, stress, relaxation, and the restorative power of sleep in one spot
  • All-Day Stress Tracker
  • Relaxation Breathing Timer
  • Sleep Quality Tracker

What distinguishes Garmin smartwatches from the rest is the Multi-GNSS support. Allowing you to access multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo), the smartwatch is a safe choice for route tracking in more challenging environments.

Furthermore, the Instinct is equipped with ABC sensors – an altimeter for elevation data, a barometer for weather forecast, and a three-axis electronic compass. In other words, it’s nearly impossible to get lost with the Instinct.

For Garmin Instinct to be considered the perfect smartwatch, all that is missing is the Garmin Pay app that allows for contactless payments. The feature is available in another Garmin model we will discuss further down the article – Garmin Fenix 6X Pro.


As already mentioned, Garmin smartwatches are as tough as they come. The vast majority of newly-released models, Garmin Instinct included, are built to the U.S. military standard 810. In other words, they possess excellent thermal, shock, and water-resistance properties. The 10ATM/100m water resistance is rarely seen amongst other smartwatch manufacturers. 

Garmin Instinct Solar is available in unified size with the fiber-reinforced polymer case measuring 45mm in diameter. The bezel is made from the same material while the watch uses a silicone strap. There are 5 color variations to choose from: graphite (what you see above), orchid, tidal blue, sunburst, and flame red.

What’s worth noting, the Instinct line is also available in the standard, non-solar version. However, it doesn’t offer as impressive battery endurance.

Solid protection against cracks and scratches is ensured by Garmin’s trademarked PowerGlass. This type of glass is used by all Garmin’s solar-powered smartwatches. On the durability scale, it’s probably somewhere between a mineral crystal and sapphire crystal glass – which is great.

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro

If you’ve got money to burn, considering Garmin Fenix 6X Solar is definitely a good idea. At the time of writing, it’s one of if not the most advanced smartwatch releases from the US brand.

In a nutshell, it offers everything the Instinct does – and more.

Battery Life:

Since you’ve already learned about the advantages of a solar-powered battery, it’s no surprise that the Fenix 6X Solar model also has a lot to boast about in this field.

Again, Garmin divides the battery life expectancy depending on the level of exploitation:

  • Up to 120 days in the battery-saver mode with at least 3 hours of daylight exposure
  • Up to 56 days in the Expedition GPS mode with at least 3 h0urs of daylight exposure
  • Up to 24 days with activity tracking and 24/7 wrist-based heart rate monitoring with at least 3 hours daylight exposure
  • Up to 148 hours in the max. battery GPS mode (only when outside)
  • Up to 66 hours in the GPS mode (only when outside)
  • Up to 16 hours in the GPS mode with music (only when outside)

There are various reports on the subject of charging time, with some wearers stating 2 hours is enough while others saying 3 hours are needed for a full charge.


Being the more advanced of the two, Fenix 6X Pro Solar comes with all the crucial features discussed with the Instinct Solar model. That means the presence of:

  • 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • blood oxygen sensor
  • Body Battery Energy Monitor
  • 24/7 Stress Tracker
  • Relaxation Breathing Timer
  • Sleep Quality Tracker (including sleep score & insights)

As far as health & wellness apps are concerned, the Fenix 6X model additionally offers:

  • 24/7 respiration rate – the number of times you inhale and exhale in a minute. Along with heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, it is a vital indicator
  • Fitness age – a measurement of how fit you are in relation to your chronological age
  • Relaxation reminders – when your watch detects exceptionally high-stress levels, it will occasionally advise you to take a short breathing exercise to help you relax
  • Hydration levels – the software allows you to quickly track your daily water consumption and create reminders to ensure you’re receiving enough to keep hydrated
  • Women’s health – the app allows you to track and monitor your cycle, including regular, irregular, menopausal transition, and pregnancy, to help you feel even more in charge of your health.

Similar to the Instinct model, Fenix 6X Pro allows for Multi-GNSS support with the data based on as many as three global navigation systems – GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. Unsurprisingly, it’s also equipped with an altimeter, barometer, and a three-axis electronic compass

Crucially, the model supports the Garmin Pay app, allowing you hassle-free contactless payments with your wrist. What’s equally important is the compatibility with both Android and iOS smartphones.


While the Instinct smartwatch comes in a unified size, Fenix 6X Pro offers you freedom of choice. There are three case sizes to pick from: 42mm (the preferred choice amongst women), 47mm (best option for men with medium wrists), 51mm (best choice for men with large wrists).

Apart from the mineral blue color version of the smartwatch you see above, Fenix 6X solar is also available in black, light sand, and shale gray variations.

The model is even more rugged as the fiber-reinforced polymer case comes with a metal rear cover which further aids in shock absorption. When it comes to the bezel, there are two options to pick from: titanium or DLC (diamond-like carbon) coated titanium. Both are naturally more premium than the fiber bezel offered by the Instinct. As far as the strap is concerned, you can pick either a silicone band or titanium bracelet.

Akin to the Instinct model, Fenix 6X is built to U.S military standards. The watch offers excellent thermal, shock, and water resistance (10ATM/100m). Finally, the screen is made from highly scratch-resistant Power Glass.

Amazfit Bip U Pro

Are you shopping on a budget and looking for the best cheap smartwatch with long battery life? Look no further.

The Huami brand that is responsible for the Amazfit line might not ring bells for many but the company is the main supplier of smartwatches for one of the biggest Asian tech moguls, Xiaomi. The Amazfit Bip line is particularly known for its affordability, ruggedness, and a long list of useful features.

Battery Life:

Starting with the most important metric, Amazfit Bip U Pro is able to run for up to 9 days on a single charge.

Huami itself states that the watch can reach the 9-day mark with normal use and up to five days with what’s described as intensive use.

So, how to differentiate between normal and intensive use?

Normal use might include some but not all notifications (ie. Whatsapp, text messages, Gmail), heart rate monitoring, sleep quality tracking, and the AOD (Always-On Display) mode disabled. 

Intensive use normally includes all the notifications possible, AOD mode constantly on, frequent use of the GPS feature, etc.

Naturally, the battery will drain a lot faster if you use the wristwatch to exercise or walk with GPS switched on. You can improve battery life by fiddling with notification settings and configuring which alerts appear on the watch.

A relatively short charging time is another solid reason why to go for this model. Normally, the battery needs 90-120 minutes to go from 0% to full charge.


Considering the bargain-basement pricing, Huami smartwatches, particularly the Bip collection, can easily put to shame many of the more lucrative competitors. The list of useful functions is really impressive.

For example, Amazfit Bip U Pro is one of the very few smartwatches in this price range that offers a Blood Oxygen sensor or an app that helps you track your stress levels throughout the day (and night). Apart from these, it’s also equipped with:

  • heart rate monitor
  • sleep quality tracker
  • calories counter
  • pedometer
  • GPS

The smartwatch also offers more than 60 sport modes that give you detailed insights into your performance.

Another distinctive feature is the Personal Activity Intelligence which is a physiological activity indicator for wearers. It’s turned into a comprehensible PAI value using an algorithm based on heart rate data, daily activity intensity, and a multidimensional dynamic complete evaluation of personal physiological data to help you understand your physical state without depending on single data.

Crucially, whether you own an Android or iOS smartphone, Amazfit works perfectly well with both. 


The watch boasts a rather minimalistic yet at the same time durable design. 

The timepiece is available in one case size with a diameter of 40,9mm. The case is made from highly durable polycarbonate. The watch comes with a silicon rubber strap that’s available in two lengths: 118mm and 76mm. The first pick is the usual choice between men while the second is often preferred by women or folks with slender wrists.

You can select from five color variations: carbon black, black, warm pink, pink, and green. The watch offers tens of pre-installed watch faces to suit different styles and occasions.

Amazfit Bip U comes with a fairly durable, tempered glass that can resist scratches from everyday use. Furthermore, it offers an anti-fingerprint coating. On the waterproofing front, the watch can resist the pressure of up to 50m (5ATM).

Smartwatch With Longest Battery Life: Alternatives

If for some reason none of the smartwatches discussed above caters to your taste, below you can find two alternative picks. Should the unthinkable happen and your needs are still not satisfied, in the latter part of the article you will find an easy-to-grasp Buying Guide that will help you the right product on your own.

Samsung Galaxy Active 4

If a two-day battery lifespan satisfies your needs, you should definitely consider the newest release by Samsung – Galaxy Active 4. Next to Apple Watch 6, it’s probably the most advanced and feature-rich smartwatch currently available.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Active 4 comes in two sizes that differ in the size of the battery as well.

The 361mAh battery in the 44mm Galaxy Watch 4 provides solid work for at least two days on a single charge even with intensive use. If you’re not regularly using fitness features, you can expect the watch to last three days.

The 40mm version has a smaller 247mAh cell but the difference in performance, just like in the case of the predecessors, is hardly visible. As things stand, this is the Samsung watch with the longest battery life.

From all the smartwatches discussed in the article, Galaxy Active 4 takes the shortest to reach a full charge – approximately 90 minutes.


Samsung Galaxy Active series, along with Apple Watch, is leading the line when it comes to the number of premium health-tracking features. If you’re big on detailed insights into your everyday well-being, you are unlikely to find a more advanced smartwatch at this time. 

To begin with, Samsung is one of very few brands to have received FDA approval for their ECG app. The application has been proved to be a great success in detecting pre-existing heart conditions such as Atrial Fibrillation (check also: Best ECG Smartwatches).

Furthermore, the smartwatch is able to take accurate blood pressure measurements.

The new 3-in-1 BioActive Sensor, which allows the watch to measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and body composition, is the biggest upgrade over the predecessor, Samsung Galaxy Active 3. The last feature is the only one added to the list, but it is the first time the three sensors have been combined.

Users may examine vital fitness statistics including skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage using Samsung’s body composition measurement tools.

Other useful features that deserve a mention are:

  • 24/7 HR monitor
  • Sleep Quality monitor
  • Fall Detector – when the watch detects a hard fall, it sends an SOS message to up to four pre-selected contacts. The feature is especially appreciated by senior wearers
  • Samsung Pay – allows for contactless payments
  • Endless workout programs

Last but not least, Samsung Galaxy Active 4 is available in two versions: Bluetooth and LTE. The latter is a bit more pricey but it allows you to use the smartwatch as a standalone device capable of making calls without the need of being connected to your smartphone.

Unfortunately for iOS users, the smartwatch is compatible exclusively with Android smartphones.


There are two case sizes available for the Samsung Galaxy Active 4 watch: 40mm and 44mm. Choose the one that best fits your wrist size. 

The model is now available in four color options: black, silver, green, and pink gold. Silicone bands and aluminum casing are used in all of them.

Naturally, the watch comes with an inexhaustible number of complimentary watch faces. It also has the Always-On Display option.

The screen is made from Corning Gorilla Glass DX+, which is an upgraded, more scratch-resistant version of Corning Gorilla Glass DX used in preceding releases. It’s midway between mineral glass and sapphire crystal in terms of durability.

The model is safe to use when bathing or swimming in shallow waters, thanks to its 50m water resistance.

Fossil FTW7008

Closing the list of best smartwatches with long battery life is this excellent-looking release from Fossil. Unlike the four models we’ve reviewed above, this one belongs to the family of so-called hybrid smartwatches – timepieces that look just like regular wristwatches but offer the essential health-tracking features.

The FTW7008 model might just be the best value Fossil smartwatch with long battery life at present.

Battery Life

Because of the limited number of available applications (that can run in the background), Fossil FTW7008 boasts an impressive 2-week battery lifespan. In fact, the brand states that the hybrid watch can considerably prolong that period with a more economical use.

The charging time is rather impressive and shouldn’t take longer than 90 minutes.


As already mentioned, this Fossil watch is not on the same page as any of the four models covered above when it comes to the number and complexity of smartwatch features. However, those deemed the most essential are on board.

The watch offers:

  • heart rate tracking
  • pedometer
  • calorie counter
  • on-screen notifications

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, this hybrid watch works perfectly well with both.


Because of its elegant design, the watch is an excellent idea for those who appreciate the presence of essential smartwatch features but prefer the looks of a regular wristwatch.

At first sight, the timepiece looks no different than many of the regular Fossil watches. It comes with a 42mm stainless steel case and a stylish leather band. The fact that Fossil allows for interchangeable straps is further good news as you can adjust the timepiece to different styles and occasions.

Apart from looking good, the hybrid watch also offers solid protection against cracks and scratches. The dial window is made from mineral crystal glass. Perhaps what we could describe as the watch’s Achilles’ heel is the relatively poor protection against water damage. The timepiece is water-resistant up to 30m which makes it merely splashproof.

Longest Lasting Smartwatch: Buying Guide

Longest lasting smartwatch: buying guide

We’re pretty confident that the 5 models discussed in the article are the best value products you can get in 2021. Therefore, we hope that we’ve helped you pick the best smartwatch with the longest battery life.

But what if none of these models meet the specific criteria you’re looking for? Worry not. We’re well aware that there’s no accounting for taste and just because we think all the models are excellent choices doesn’t mean you share the same view.

Hence, we’ve prepared a Buying Guide in which we briefly go through all the features you should tick off the list while browsing for the perfect product on your own.

To squeeze out of the subject as much as possible, further down the article you will find a FAQ section in which we clear all the frequent doubts surrounding the purchase of a smartwatch with long battery life.

Without further delay, let’s go.

  • Durability

Even the most feature-rich and technologically-advanced smartwatches will be rendered useless if the durability criteria are not met. Please, make sure the following are on point:

a) Glass – Because of the AMOLED or LED touchscreens, smart wearables are more susceptible to damage than traditional wristwatches with more robust glass.

You’d like to stay away from acrylic or any other type of plastic lens. These are extremely fragile and replacing them can be quite problematic. Consider smartwatches with any form of Corning Gorilla Glass or mineral glass, or lens with similar durability standards – like the ones offered by Garmin solar models. Sapphire crystal watches are known to be the most damage-resistant but they come at a cost.

b) Band – even though smartwatches are a great fit for any occasion, they’re often used during sports activities. Hence, they should be light as a feather and a breeze to clean. Because of this, silicone or rubber straps are considered the best options.

Naturally, if during more formal occasions you’d like to transform your smartwatch into a stylish fashion item, you can consider getting additional bands. Many manufacturers offer interchangeable straps. Stainless steel bracelets or leather bands are definitely a better fit for more formal gatherings.

c) Water resistance — the ability to withstand water damage is crucial. Unfortunately, the great majority of smartwatches on the market do not support more daring sports like diving.

However, many of them (including all of the ones included in the article) are perfectly safe to wear in the rain, showers, or even while swimming. At the absolute least, look for models with an IP68 classification (splashproof) or WR rating up to 50 meters.

  • Style

Buying a smartwatch with a battery that can last for weeks is amazing but you can’t forget about the importance of comfort while wearing it. Consider getting a smartwatch that will look neat during more than just one type of occasion so you don’t have to chop and change your gear often.

Also, don’t overlook the significance of measurements like the case size and weight. In the perfect world, you should forget at times that you’re even wearing it. If you have a tiny wrist, you should avoid bulky cases. If your wrist is large, however, larger casings (45mm+) are recommended.

  • Functions

Normally the more functions and apps the smartwatch offers, the heftier the price. You must yourself a question “what do I need the smartwatch for?”. If you want to get advanced insights into your everyday wellbeing and fitness goals, prepare to pay more.

Some of the apps that can be of great help are:

  • Blood Oxygen monitor
  • Blood Pressure monitor
  • Sleep Quality tracker
  • Stress Levels monitor
  • ECG reader

On top of these, you should naturally make sure the smartwatch offers 24/7 heart rate measurements, step and calorie counter, as well as a reliable GPS.

Best Smartwatch With Longest Batery Life: FAQ

Which smartwatch has best battery life? FAQ

Below find some of the popular questions asked by folks mulling over the purchase of this type of smartwatch. 

What is the Apple Watch with the longest battery life?

As already mentioned, Apple Watches are not known for their impressive battery life. However, the pull folks have toward them is understandable as they’re probably the most advanced wearables on the market.

The battery lifespan of Apple Watches doesn’t seem to differ between the available series 1-6. On average, with what we could describe as “normal” use, you can expect the watch to run for approximately 18 hours meaning that daily charging is a must. 

What is the Garmin watch with longest battery life?

In contrast to the Apple series, Garmin watches are known for their excellent battery performance.

The choice is huge but if we were to pick just one longest battery life Garmin watch, it would have to be one of the solar models reviewed in the article – Instinct or Fenix 6X.

What is the best Android smartwatch with long battery life?

Garmin smartwatches reviewed in the article aren’t Android-exclusive but they work perfectly fine with all Android smartphones and have some of the most impressive battery lifespans out there. 

If you’re looking for a Wear OS smartwatch with the longest battery life, consider any of the two.

What is the best cellular smartwatch with long battery life?

A cellular smartwatch is one that can function as a standalone device, allowing you to make and receive phone calls even when not connected to your smartphone.

The list of such advanced wearables isn’t overwhelmingly big. Furthermore, those that have Cellular support aren’t powerhouses when it comes to battery life.

As things stand, your best option is probably the newest Samsung release, Galaxy Active 4.

Is there a waterproof smartwatch with long battery life?

As of yet, unfortunately, there are no waterproof smartwatches. However, most of the ones that are available come with some sort of water resistance.

The protection against water-related damage keeps improving year-on-year but at present, you can’t expect a smartwatch to boast anywhere near as impressive a water resistance rating as a regular wristwatch. While some of the best diving watches can withstand pressures of up to 1000m, few smartwatch models reach the 100m mark. 

What is the best hybrid smartwatch?

Hybrid smartwatches are much-loved amongst those looking for efficient battery performance and a stylish look. The relatively short list of battery-draining apps certainly contributes to the impressive lifespan.

The Fossil model included in the article is a solid example of a good-value hybrid smartwatch but there are more brands worth your time, such as Withings. A great article on the subject is available on

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