BoboBird Watches Review (Best Budget Wood Watch?)

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Would you believe a G-Shock I was gifted in 2014 by my grandpa started my lifelong journey of a watch geek?

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The so-called natural wear trend is gaining more traction each year.

People want to be closer to nature and are exploring all the options that can enable them to do so.

When it comes to natural fashion products, timepieces, in particular, seem to be enjoying a lot of attention. In this Bobobird watches review, we are going to take a closer look at one of the emerging wooden watch providers on the market.

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Bobo Bird Watches History

First things first. Like in any other brand review on TimepieceKing, we start with the history behind it.

A good old story always sells well and that’s what probably the creators behind BoboBird had in mind when filing their official website. It’s impossible to verify whether BoboBird was indeed created by an inspired son who wanted to reciprocate for the wooden watch he received as a young boy from his carpenter’s father.

What we do know for sure, though, is that Bobo Bird is a super young brand. The first Bobo Bird watch saw daylight only in 2017 after the company was founded in Shenzen, China. The debut timepiece was quite a hit amongst bargain-hunting wearers because of its affordability and pretty unusual design.

After initial success with local customers in China and some other Asian countries, BoboBird wooden watches started selling in bigger numbers in the West.

Since the first release, the company has released tens of new models that are enjoying every bit as much success. Apart from watches, BoboBird also manufactures jewelry. Lately, the company has also expanded its offer with beautiful wooden bands for Apple Watch.

Where Are Bobo Bird Watches Made?

Since the brand’s foundation in 2017, all BoboBird watches have been manufactured and assembled in China.

To the company’s credit, every single watch released is 100% hand-made. Whatever your opinion about Chinese watches is, that’s quite unusual for timepieces sold at such bargain-basement prices.

Are BoboBird Watches Any Good?

When trying to rate the standard of any watch brand, it’s important to remember that oftentimes we are getting quality equivalent to the price we pay for the product. At least that’s the way it should be!

BoboBird watches start at a super low price point ($~20), and even the most expensive models rarely go beyond the $50 mark. Comparing these watches to leading brands on the market would be naive, just like expecting them to perform superbly for years at fraction of the cost.

Nevertheless, BoboBird timepieces provide solid value for money. At the same time, they don’t come without faults. Let’s now have a closer look at the durability and movement of these watches below.


Since all BoboBird watches are made from wood, they are pretty delicate and prone to defects when used the wrong way. They won’t survive the level of abuse a Casio G-Shock can take, that’s for sure.

The fact that all BoboBird watches are made from 100% natural wood means they are deprived of any toxic chemicals that are often used to prolong the longevity of wooden watches. The positive aspect of this is the lack of risk of suffering from any allergies while wearing the watch. At the same time, BoboBird watches might not be able to survive as long as some other brands that aren’t as “green” and eco-friendly as the Chinese.

Depending on the model, you can get a BoboBird watch fully made from wood or with some stainless steel elements.

All BoboBird watches come with a Hardlex glass. Although it might not be as tough as sapphire or even mineral crystal, it should be enough to protect the dial from damage during everyday use. Dials made from anything different than plastic are a rarity when it comes to watches in such a low price range. Kudos to you for this one, Bobobird!


Unlike many other watch brands originating from China, BoboBird watches don’t use exclusively Chinese movements. At this moment in time, there are two types of watch movements used by BoboBird.

The majority of BoboBird watches are battery-powered. In other words, they use the quartz movement. These types of watches are powered by the Miyota Movement, one of the most reliable quartz movement providers from Japan. If precision is one of the most important values you look for in a watch, then you shouldn’t be disappointed in this aspect. The movement used in BoboBird quartz models guarantees accuracy of around 30-45 seconds a month.

Lately, the brand has also started offering automatic watches. This particular line uses Chinese automatic movement and is full of affordable watches with the so-called skeleton design. Like any other automatic watch, it needs to be worn regularly in order to keep showing the correct time. And even with that, you should never expect it to compete with quartz timepieces precision-wise.

If you are thinking about buying more than one automatic model, getting a watch winder to keep the watches wound without the need for constant manual winding is a good idea. Read more about budget watch winders before going ahead with the purchase.


Another thing that helps BoboBird stand out from other budget Chinese watch brands is the extremely elegant packaging. All new watches come packed in a beautiful wooden box, making any BoboBird timepiece a perfect and affordable gift idea.

Inside the box, there’s the watch sitting on a soft, stylish pillow, as well as an easy-to-grasp manual in English with illustrations on how to set the time. Also included is the warranty card.

Considering how inexpensive these watches are, it’s difficult not to admire the effort put into the packaging. The cover is never as important as the book but we all know how big a part it can play in many people’s eyes. In this aspect, BoboBird passes the test in flying colors.

Are Bobo Bird Watches Waterproof?

Probably the biggest shortcoming of BoboBird watches is the fact that their water resistance is pretty much non-existent.

You might not damage the watch while washing hands or doing some kitchen work. Anything more than an occasional splash might cause a major issue, though. Taking the watch in the shower or for a short swimming session might not only result in damage to the movement but also degradation of the wooden body, particularly the links responsible for the flexibility of the band.

Taking Care of Your Bobobird Watch

As already mentioned, wooden watches – especially those that are 100% natural – can be quite fragile at times. Nonetheless, with the right approach, you can enjoy a good few years of hassle-free use from BoboBird.

Sudden changes in temperature and humidity are some of the biggest risk factors when it comes to wooden watches. This means you shouldn’t leave the watch in a car on a roasting or super cold day. Experiencing hot temperatures for a considerable amount of time can swell the wood and cause it to crack. On the other hand, freezing temperatures are likely to shrink it, causing pressure, especially against the glass and pins.

Taking control of the humidity levels shouldn’t be difficult. While not wearing the watch, put it into the box it came with. Alternatively, you can purchase a jewelry box and place it there.

Another no-no is wearing the watch in water. Whereas occasional splashes during everyday use are acceptable, Bobobird watches are not water-resistant and should always be taken off before going for a swim, or even a shower.

In addition, you can buy tung or lemon oil and pamper the wooden elements of the watch with it. Pouring 1 teaspoon of any oil type onto cloth and then polishing it gracefully should do the job.

Where to Buy BoboBird Watches?

Since the launch of the company in 2017, BoboBird estimates that around 60 million people worldwide have been wearing their wooden timekeepers. If you think about joining in, there are a few online places worth recommending for shopping for BoboBird timepieces.

When BoboBird was starting out, the wristwatches were mostly sold on their official website and the popular Chinese marketplace, Aliexpress. If you live outside the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, your safest bet would be to shop at one of these destinations.

If you are currently residing in any of the three countries, the wisest option would be to shop on Amazon or eBay. Doing so will make sure you avoid the long wait so characteristic for most orders coming from China.

Important: when buying on Amazon or eBay, make sure the watch is brand new and comes with a warranty. You can contact the seller before the purchase to make sure that’s the case.

Alternatively, check our list of top online watch stores for more ideas.

BoboBird Warranty Policy

If you plan to buy the watch on BoboBird’s official website or from an authorized seller on any of the popular marketplaces, you will be presented with a 1 year warranty period.

BoboBird guarantees that your watch will arrive in perfect condition, free from any defects related to material or workmanship. Providing you use the product in accordance with the instruction specific to your watch model, the company will repair or return the product should it start to cause some issues.

Naturally, any damage caused by your negligence, ie. linked to mechanical damage or scratches, isn’t covered by the limited warranty. Just because you go a bit crazy with your BoboBird watch, doesn’t mean it’s all lost, though. The company offers repairs often at fraction of the price asked at local watch shops. To apply for a return or repair of your BoboBird watch, fill the RMA form available on their website.

BoboBird Watches Review: Conclusion

Are BoboBird watches good? Conclusion

If you’ve been thinking about getting your first BoboBird watch, I hope that my Bobobird review has helped you make up your mind on whether to go ahead with the purchase.

To sum up, I think that BoboBird timepieces are a low-risk option for those who appreciate natural fashionwear. When we compare Bobobird to other wooden watch brands on the market, they fare surprisingly well considering the low price margins of these products.

The same can be said about putting BoboBird against other watch brands originating from China. For example, most BoboBird models use the Japanese quartz movement by Miyota, one of the most reliable movement providers in Asia. The fact that the majority of models use Hardlex glass instead of cheap plastic alternatives is also very positive.

At the same time, there are some question marks regarding the longevity of these watches. Sure, the fact that they are made from 100% natural, non-toxic materials is awesome. Nevertheless, the lack of water resistance and the fact that wood can be quite fragile means that you shouldn’t expect these watches to last a lifetime.

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  1. I really liked the Bobo Watches at first, and bought one which I still have an really like. I bought a second
    one, but it is nothing like the picture I looked at. I really wanted the one I had looked at, but when I got
    it, the color was not even close to the picture. I was not only disappointed, but angry. Bobo makes you
    pay for shipping to return, which is total crap since the item was not what I thought I ordered. I will
    never by another one.

  2. I had the same experience as Keith. The pictures look fantastic on the website, however the reality is the products feel cheap. For me, they just didn’t fit well (even with the adjustment tools provided), and so when I attempted to initiate a return, they not only charged me for the shipping back, but they even charged me for the original shipping cost from when they sent the items to me! Plus a $35USD “restocking fee”.

    All this meant that the “return policy” they have is effectively meaningless. I paid $150 for 3 items, but once factoring in the restocking fee, “original shipping fee”, plus my own shipping cost to send it back, I was left with either shipping it back and getting a grand total of $2 back, or just keeping the items.

    Totally misleading return policy. Be warned – there is effectively no return policy at all.

  3. Hi
    I bought a Bo Bo watch for my wife for our anniversary as it was all natural material. I chose it because I know that my wife would like the name, the materials and the design. However. Had I have known the the timepiece was made in China I may have looked elsewhere.
    We as an island nation have become a nation that is so reliant on products from one country and this really has to change and invest in our own people and skills. All that said I am happy because my wife is happy. It’s a beautiful piece.


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