Kronaby Watches Review (Hybrid Smartwatch at Its Best)

Kronaby watches review

Hybrid smartwatches are a relatively new concept that very few brands are dipping their feet into. In short, a hybrid smartwatch is a type of smartwatch that looks just like an orthodox wristwatch but comes with many useful “smart” functions. Quite frankly, even an experienced watch aficionado is likely to struggle while trying to spot … Read more

Oceanaut Watches Review (A-Z Brand Analysis)

Oceanaut watches review

As watch enthusiasts, we’re living in quite exciting times. How? There are literally tens of new watchmakers entering the market every year. While shopping for the most trusted and long-standing brands such as Citizen, Seiko or Tissot is the most sensible option amongst most, there’s value to be found in some of the up-and-coming microbrands. … Read more

Daniel Steiger Watches Review (Is the Brand Any Good or Junk?)

Daniel Steiger watches review

If you’re familiar with the term “microbrand”, you’re probably aware that there’s sometimes incredible value to be found with less-known watchmakers. Some quality brands that instantly spring to our minds include AVI-8, Torgoen or Philip Stein. However, as much as there’s a chance of coming across a hidden gem, the possibility of spending your hard-earned … Read more

Agelocer Watches Review (The Ultimate Brand Analysis)

Agelocer watches review

There’s no point arguing the fact that Swiss timepieces are still the benchmark of excellence when it comes to watchmaking. Nowadays, what most aficionados love about the Swiss watch industry is that it doesn’t discriminate against folks who aren’t willing to shell out five-figure sums on Rolexes, Omegas, and Patek Philippes. Many brands that are … Read more

Salvatore Ferragamo Watches Review (Is the Brand Any Good?)

Salvatore Ferragamo Watches Review - featured image

The list of world-renowned fashion brands that offer head-turning timepieces is constantly on the rise. Versace and Gucci are just a couple of names that spring to our minds instantly. Apart from brands that everyone and their dog recognizes, there are also less mainstream names capable of offering just as good if not better quality … Read more

Thomas Earnshaw Watches Review (Is the Brand Any Good?)

Thomas Earnshaw watches review

Dartmouth Brands Ltd is a leading provider of its own brands. They manufacture an impressive variety of timepieces to suit all ages and preferences. They comply with all UK and EU regulations while designing and manufacturing watches. Moreover, they collaborate closely with clients to attain the highest quality standards and aesthetics. This brand created Thomas … Read more

S Coifman Watches Review (Is the Brand Any Good?)

S Cofiman watches review

The S. Coifman brand represents Invicta Watch Corporation’s more conventional design division. The name comes from Swiss watchmaker Simon Coifman, who founded the company in the early 1900s. S Coifman made a brief reappearance in the early 2000s, with a limited-edition run of timepieces from Chiasso, Switzerland. Invicta bought the rights to the property in … Read more

Torgoen Watches Review (Is It a Good Watch Brand?)

Torgoen watches review

Torgoen is a Swiss watchmaker with a presence in the United States. They make their items in Switzerland and sell them all over the world. Their distinct design sets them apart from other watch brands. They’ve turned their knowledge of flying and the cockpit into a timepiece. Navigation bars, multiple time zones, and military format … Read more

Obaku Watches Review (Is It a Good, Reliable Brand?)

Obaku watches review

Throughout the last decade or two, the classic wristwatch market has unquestionably progressed. Not only do these timepieces have traditional and unusual styles, but some of them are also made of high-quality materials that would last for decades without scratching or cracking. Every watch collector understands the significance of having a high-end timepiece in their … Read more

Reign Watches Review (Are They Any Good?)

Reign Watches Review - main

The modern wristwatch industry demands vintage style blended with elegance and minimalism of the highest quality. You’d see a ton of watch brands delivering excellent quality watches, but for higher prices. One wristwatch brand that many of us have been sleeping on is the Reign brand. The brand not only manufactures top-notch watches, but its … Read more