British Watch Brands (Best 23 British-Made Watches in 2023)

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It might be possible that you might never have heard of any British watch brand in your life, and that is what you might be missing out on.

In current history, British watch brands have progressed from style-driven affordable alternatives to some of the greatest horological advancements available. These are the great British timepieces you want to flaunt on your wrist.

English watch brands are known majorly for their precision and high quality. However, to find affordable British watch brands, you will need to search for brands in the market. We have curated a list of the best British watch brands both in terms of performance and value for money.


Bremont watch

Bremont Watches is a multi-award-winning British premium timepiece brand founded on a love of aircraft, technology, and travel.

Bremont’s objective is to create high-quality, luxurious timepieces with as much development, production, and assembling as practicable done in England. Bremont’s patented technological achievements, such as its Trip-Tick casing architecture, are on display when you take a deeper look at the company.

Bremont timepieces are amongst the top luxury timepieces due to their distinctive features. Whereas numerous luxury watches are valued only on the basis of their superb craftsmanship and aesthetic patterns, Bremont has a long history to back up its worth. Watches are made in England and are likely to be more expensive. As a result, they are expensive because there is a high demand for them. The Bremont luxury watch series is ideal for people looking for a wristwatch that is both precise and timeless.

On average, their products are ranged from about £5,000 and can even go beyond that if you choose from their premium collections and can even go lower if you prefer something simple but classy nonetheless.

William Wood

William Wood watch

Jonny Garrett, the founder of William Wood, is a comparatively recent British watch brand.

His grandfather, William Wood, used to be a firefighter, and their entire wristwatch collection is dedicated to him as well as other firefighters like him. They employ repurposed fire hoses in its straps and products, as well as reused firefighter copper helmets to make little embellishments for the watch.

William Wood Watches was formed in 2016 by Jonny Garrett, the company’s CEO. In honor of his grandfather and all firemen throughout the world, he set out to make wonderfully constructed British premium timepieces built from repurposed firefighting equipment.

William Wood watches, headquartered in London, cater to a global market not only because the watches are well-designed and have reliable mechanisms, but also owing to the brand’s humanitarian side – the “wanting to give” and “paying-tribute-to” side – including its ecologically responsible aspect. This pricing is quite unusual from the standpoint of a WIS, and even the polarized Unimatic watches with decent movement are in the $600-700 area.

Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son watch

Arnold & Son is an example, with roots dating back to 1764 and a 1995 rebirth as a Swiss company. In the glorious days of watchmaking, this great English chronometer manufacturer was one of the greatest renowned personalities.

Arnold & Son creates its watches in-house, along with its intricate calibers, from its factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the birthplace of the Swiss watchmaking business.

Arnold & Son timepieces are extremely uncommon… possibly a touch too rare. Watches by Arnold & Son, on the other side, will continue to be a true luxury item with all of the worth in the object themselves. Arnold & Son has created a number of iconic products that have influenced the company’s manufacturing and heritage. Arnold & Son is the Royal Navy’s primary timepiece provider today. Arnold & Son is a skilled watchmaker, and several of their timepieces may be housed in the British Museum.


Graham watch

Graham London, or simply “Graham,” is a Swiss watchmaker that specializes in British-style luxury watches. “The British Masters” is the corporate company that controls the licenses to the Graham brand. This firm specializes in resurrecting long-dead British brands. Timepieces are now created in Switzerland owing to the unavailability of a watchmaking sector in modern Britain.

Graham is considered one of the most famous British watchmakers in the world. Graham produces high-quality timepieces without a doubt. Despite the fact that they aren’t the most well-known or fashionable company.

They do, however, have their own individuality and do not cut corners on production expenses. Their mid-range timepieces are usually composed of industry-standard materials like stainless steel.

Furthermore, the timepieces will be equipped with high-end Swiss movements, ensuring that you are not being ripped off. At the top end, you’ll find customized movements designed specifically for the brand.

The most expensive watches offered by Graham will include excessive complexity as well as uncommon metals such as 18k gold. Graham’s watches are sought after by connoisseurs and watch enthusiasts who respect value for money in the area of Swiss quality. As a result, you should expect their products to be a little more expensive.

Roger Smith

Roger Smith watch

Roger Smith is a relatively new English watch company founded only in 2001 and has touched the sky ever since. In his 20-year career, the outstanding individual watchmaker Roger Smith had manufactured only over 100 masterpieces. Roger W Smith states on his webpage that his studio only produces 12 timepieces every year.

Smith is on a quest to reclaim the United Kingdom as the birthplace of advanced horology. He draws strength from the legacy of British watchmakers who, even before the Swiss, were the world’s top timekeepers.

Each original Roger W. Smith timepiece starts with a draft, which is done entirely by hand. Despite the assistance of computers, the dimensions were written down, and the computations were completed.

Roger Smith watches are known to be among the most expensive English-made watches since they are handcrafted and produced in very minimal quantity.

Smith and his crew create clocks using “The Daniels Method,” in which each component is handcrafted from pure components in the Isle of Man workshop, avoiding the utilization of monotonous or mechanical processes. They could easily spend more than $150,000 on these.


CWC watch

Cabot Watch Company was founded in 1972 with the sole purpose of producing military timepieces for the army. Military troops, RAF airmen, Navy aircrews, and voyagers received the technical GS Navigator as well as the pilots’ mechanical asymmetrical chronograph as official equipment.

CWC maintains to provide British Forces with timepieces and CWC straps presently.

The Cabot Watch Company, also known as the British Army Watch, is a provider of timepieces to the British Armed Forces. As a result, they generally feature military bands, sturdy casings, and dials that are clear to understand. A battery hatch is seen on several of their quartz timepieces, allowing troops to replace the batteries independently.

Their entire collection is Swiss-made and constructed with ETA mechanisms, and it’s all quite affordable. Their retail prices ranged from £199 to £2,250.

These timepieces are getting increasingly scarce and costly. However, looking at a company’s price and deciding whether or not it is pricey is a highly unfair way to do it. What is really important is the return on investment.

In terms of dependability, precision, and accuracy, CWC watches provide excellent value for money. They are also highly artistically beautiful, which means they will undoubtedly improve your appearance.


Farer watch

Stuart Finlayson, Jono Holt, Ben Lewin, along Paul Sweetenham launched Farer in 2015 to develop a quartz wristwatch collection.

In November 2015, Paul Sweetenham, along with entrepreneurial companions Jono Holt, Stuart Finlayson, and Ben Lewin, created the watch company Farer amid this eyrie under one of London’s trendiest districts. Farer is a British wristwatch brand founded on a horological enthusiasm for precision, beauty, and, above all, uniqueness.

Farer is among the market’s newest and most popular watch brands. Whilst Farer watches are developed in the United Kingdom, they are manufactured in Switzerland, ensuring that they are of the greatest workmanship.

It is one of the few genuine boutique watch brands, employing only 1–10 individuals, such as the brand’s four founders. Farer watches are built to last and are affordable, but they also emphasize style, excellent Swiss design, and a sense of adventure.

The quartz series was launched first, with the most costly watch (a GMT) costing $532. Farer watches are considered economical because they provide excellent value for money in terms of price, durability, and precision. Their watches are also extremely attractive, so that’s a plus.

Speake Marin

Speake Martin watch

Speake-Marin, established in 2002 by British expert watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin, makes “Belle Horlogerie,” or “Beautiful Timepieces,” for people who desire to carry a really one-of-a-kind watch on their wrist. Speake-Marin has the versatility and intrinsic materials to construct, create, embellish, and arrange timepieces on demand as that of an individual watchmaking brand.

Speake-Marin is a boutique manufacturer that specializes in high-end premium watches. The business is renowned and appreciated for its high-quality fabrics and workmanship, and its ranges and variations offer a wide variety of options and price ranges. The brand is renowned and appreciated for its high-quality components and artistry, and its lines and modifications offer a wide range of options and price ranges.

Speake-Marin lines reveal robust watch construction, anchoring the Speake-Marin modern aesthetic to produce “Belle Horlogerie” for individuals who would like to sport something different on their wrists. It will gratify gents watch enthusiasts who wish to assert their individuality and originality with an adventurous watch selection that will identify them from everyone else, as it is both hyper current with the dial and classic with the casing.

Schofield Watch Company

Schofield Watch Company

Founder Giles Ellis’ labor of love has grown into a business with one of the greatest and most highly recognizable design standards.

Schofield Watch Company is a British watchmaker that operates independently. They operate in the Sussex countryside, close to the ocean, and their work reflects the grandeur of the area. Because they are a tiny business, most of what they produce is unique. The Rare Things, however, are timepieces restricted to lesser than five pieces in the whole of their special releases.

Some of these watches sell out so rapidly that they never make it to the website, while others only make it to the Buoys Club, a special page reserved for current Schofield watch customers. Various movements are used in various versions, but they are all high-quality Swiss Mechanical. Schofield’s high-end watch straps are suitable for both land and sea.

Schofield watch company is considered among the most expensive English watchmakers. Schofield Watch Company, a British watchmaker, employs revolutionary luxury to carve out a position in the British watchmaking market.


Pinion watch

Piers Berry, a skilled designer, launched the British watch firm Pinion watches in 2013. Piers has over 20 years of digital design expertise and has created multiple award-winning goods, including renowned phone applications that have been installed hundreds of thousands of times around the world.

Piers left Redberry, a thriving Henley-based technology firm he co-founded with two childhood mates, to create the British watch brand Pinion, motivated by the desire to develop a timepiece he could claim his own.

He commenced by inventing the ‘AXIS’ watch collection, a triple of automated wristwatches that were inspired by World War II instrumentation. Pinion is a British watch company situated in Oxfordshire, England, that creates excellent watches employing high-quality contemporary and ‘new-old-stock’ antique Swiss mechanical watch components that are developed, produced, and tested to demanding standards.

Pinion is one of the most talented members of the group. This is something that can be seen firsthand with their excellent-looking Pinion TT Watches, which are so-named due to their two-time zone capability and are ideal for any man searching for a capable new wrist accessory in 2019.

Loomes & Co.

Loomes watch

Loomes has been repairing clocks and watches for decades, although they only started creating watches in 2008. From its Mermaid workshops in Stamford, its skilled workforce designs and manufactures genuine British-made wristwatches.

One of the things that distinguish this well-known producer is its scrupulous attention to individuality. This brand stands out because, unlike many others, it manufactures its timepieces in the United Kingdom. A devotion to classic functionality and elegance, as shown by their characteristic Smith movements, is another distinguishing feature of this brand.

Robert Loomes, the owner of this British watch firm, is an accomplished clock and wristwatch technician and conservator who also creates his own timepieces, all of which are 100% British and made using domestically obtained components. The majority of each watch’s work, comprising dial and case fabrication, is done in their Stamford facility, with any external assistance originating from local craftsmen. Every watch is made by a team of at least 35 British employees.

The majority of their timepieces cost between £8,850 and £68,500. Even though this range is a little more expensive, it is reasonable given the value it provides. Given that they only make 20 watches each year and that they are only available in restricted quantities, demand is certain to rise.


Garrick watch

Garrick, situated in Norfolk, England, is a relatively young independent watch brand. It was founded in 2014 and specialized in watches influenced by old English watchmaking, such as the S1, a lavishly designed yet expensive timepiece.

David Brailsford, the company’s creator, spent several years as a successful businessman who also enjoyed collecting timepieces. He eventually decided to merge his two passions into a single business: a British watch firm. He emphasized historical styles and technical quality, both of which this brand boasts without a doubt.

Garrick is a fast-growing UK watch business situated in Norfolk that employs some of the best British watchmakers. Their timepieces come in a variety of styles, some of which have their own in-house movements. Its timepieces are handcrafted in Norfolk and have a lot of detail. Widespread production methods are abandoned, and the watches feature expensive specification details that are usually reserved for the most expensive timepieces. Garrick’s models, on the other hand, are still reasonably priced.


Vertex watch

Claude Lyons created Vertex in 1916. He was birthed in London in 1885 and began working in the watch industry at the age of 17. He was intelligent and clever, and he rapidly established a stellar name in the watch industry. Cochrane, the grandson of Claude Lyons, who had been captivated with watches since boyhood, resurrected the company one hundred years after it was founded.

In 2016, Vertex unveiled the M100, their first redesigned watch in 45 years. The watch, which is modeled on the Cal59 from World War II, is historically accurate – and extremely difficult to find. Vertex has a long and illustrious history.

Vertex has never obscured the fact that several of its timepieces were built in Switzerland throughout the 1940s. Today, Vertex proudly proclaims that its watches are ‘Swiss Made,’ despite the fact that the firm is based in the United Kingdom and their clocks exude a distinct sense of Britishness.

Most of their watches are advertised at very reasonable rates. However, even after keeping the costs minimal, they have never compromised on durability, functionality, and longevity. You can expect to get your hands on their products at an average price of approximately $5000.

Mr. Jones

Mr Jones watch

Mr Jones is a tiny British watch company that produces both quartz as well as mechanical watches.

The brand’s key selling feature is that it is unlike any other. You can’t exactly establish any comparisons between Mr Jones and just about any other manufacturer because of his distinct designs. Mr Jones was founded in 2007 by Crispin Jones, who is still a partner of the firm and was accountable for the design of several of the brand’s first timepieces.

Mr Jones watches are powered by a range of movements, ranging from the common Japanese quartz found in most fashion pieces to more complicated mechanical movements. By any definition, these are not luxurious, but at $200-300, they are adequate.

Given that no other watch compares to a Mr Jones, they provide excellent value for money. The casings are well-made and do not appear or feel cheap, as many Chinese-made watches do. Mr Jones’ timepieces are built in the United Kingdom, which adds to the cost of manufacture, which may be reduced by manufacturing in Asia.

When compared to a stylish watch brand like Hugo Boss, a Mr Jones watch undergoes far more research and development. It is in this area that the brand truly proves its worth. Furthermore, some timepieces include complexity like leaping hour characteristics. This is far more complicated to do than, say, a quartz-based chronograph.

Christopher Ward

Christopher Ward watch

The firm has been dubbed the “world’s first completely online luxury watch brand” since its inception in 2004.

By distributing directly to customers, Christopher Ward bypassed retailers. Christopher Ward provides a wide range of high-quality watches at a suitable rate, from formal timepieces to water activities and military pieces. Christopher Ward was founded on accountability and openness as the first luxury watch brand to offer watches online.

Christopher Ward launched its online store in 2004 with a beautiful blend of English style and Swiss watchmaking competence. Christopher Ward watches are completely hand-assembled in Switzerland, providing them the absolute certainty and efficiency of Swiss timepieces while still preserving an English spirit in design and aesthetics.

Christopher Ward is regarded as a solid entry point into the world of luxury timepieces by watch collectors and enthusiasts. Furthermore, considering creativity and perfection, the relative cost will not deplete your money.

Elliot Brown

Elliot Brown watch

Elliot Brown was created in 2013 by two guys with decades of expertise in the watchmaking industry.

Ian Elliot started the fashion label “Animal” in 1988, growing it from a single product – an indestructible watch band – to a diverse range of garments and extras. Elliot Brown, situated in Dorset, England, is a youthful British watch manufacturer. It was founded by Ian Elliot as well as Alex Brown with a simple objective: to create very powerful timepieces. Their timepieces feature a particular look, with a focus on models designed for outdoor activities and extreme sports.

Elliot Brown watches are designed to be worn in inclement conditions. They must deliver. Elliot Brown has their own rendition of the Timex endurance tests, which are amusing exploits that demonstrate the watch’s endurance. Hitting the timepieces with hammers, freezing them, and putting one of those at the bottom of Poole Harbour for six months are just some of the methods used.

Perhaps more significant than this act is the trust that people have in Elliot Brown watches. They’ve worked with the RNLI, Mountain Rescue England & Wales, and many others to achieve this goal.


Avi-8 Watch

Dartmouth Brands owns AVI-8, a UK-based watchmaking firm founded in 2012.

AVI-8 is a young firm that has swiftly established itself in the watch market. It provides clients with classic products that are not only fashionable but also economical. Several of its designs have a traditional feel to them, with influences from the past. AVI-8 pays tribute to the individuals who have made history possible: the aviator, technicians, and architects who have made the flight possible.

It’s a great throwback to a bygone era. Each watch series is titled after a particular aircraft, historical event, or even a Battle of Britain pilot. AVI-8 pays homage to the past while highlighting the fascinating aspects of aviation history.

The brand provides a 24-month or 2-year guarantee from the date of purchase. You may report a flaw on your AVI-8 watch by going to the store’s support website, registering your watch, and reporting it. Their goods are quite competitively priced, so for about $200, you can receive not only a fashionable and classic-looking watch but also a useful aviation-inspired accessory


Timor watch

Timor was formed in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the midst of the Jura mountains, by Mr Bernheim and Mr Luthy.

Their goal was to create exquisite Swiss timepieces that could withstand ordinary wear and tear. By the conclusion of the year, they were selling timepieces all throughout Europe, while Timor’s reputation was growing.

Timor concentrated his efforts on thoroughly checking each wristwatch that left the workshop. Timor became a cultural icon in Britain, Germany, and France during the 1930s as a result of this concentration. The distinctive strapline, “Trust Timor, It’s Tested,” added to the company’s renown.

Certain enthusiasts who are interested in vintage military components may recognize the Timor Watch Company. Their timepieces are a strong tribute to a real field watch, which was designed to tell the minute precisely and withstand the rigors of battle. Each of their watches is well-made, durable, and has some upgrades. They manufacture classic timepieces by combining historic British military watch style and attitude with the newest Swiss production processes.

Uniform Wares

Uniform Wares watch

Oliver Fowles launched Uniform Wares in London in 2009.

The unbranded premium watches speak for themselves, evoking the brand’s confident and laid-back attitude about its journey: excellence will be acknowledged on its own merits, and showy marketing is a waste of time.

Uniform Wares watches have indeed been conceptualized and manufactured entirely in-house from the start, with only the assembling in Switzerland departing the London studio. Uniform Wares items will price more than a conventional wristwatch due to their superb craftsmanship but will peak out at roughly £750, falling well below most luxury watches. There is something really for anyone with a variety of simple designs and price ranges.


Tribus watch

Jake, Jonathan, and James Ward formed the firm, which mixes Liverpudlian heritage with Swiss watchmaker traditions.

The brand relies on significant childhood interests influenced in large part by the three brothers’ father, Christopher Ward, a die-hard Liverpool FC fan and avid watch collector, which explains the background underlying its Premier League Champions wristwatch.

A commemorative 80th-anniversary Battle of Britain timepiece is also included in the collection, which pays respect to a Polish squadron and its role in repelling German aircraft during WWII. The majority of their collections are priced around $3000, so you can get your hands on any of their high-end watch collections without breaking the bank.


Fears watch

Fears Watch Company is an important component of British watchmaking’s revival and another indicator of the new roaring twenties as UK horology regains its footing.

The Brunswick is the most prominent item in the Fears collection. Fears Watches appears to have been dormant for a time, yet it has stayed in the same household since its inception in 1846. In the 1920s, Fears began employing cushion cases.

The dials are delicate and detailed, and the overall appearance is that of a handcrafted product with precision manufacturing. When seen as a micro, the price is excessive, but if you learn more about how the timepieces are made, it becomes much fairer.


AnOrdain watch

AnOrdain, situated in Glasgow, Scotland, is a tiny individual watchmaker. Watches with Swiss mechanisms and vitreous Grand Feu enameled dials are designed and created by its craftsmen.

The firm, which began in 2015 with a founding team of three in Glasgow, has grown to 10 employees in 2021, including professional enamellers, artists, typographers, plus watchmakers. Although the firm has developed, the difficult technique of fusing glass to metal at 800 degrees Celsius maintains the creative focus.

Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton watch

Olivia Burton is a magnificent high-end jewelry business that is well-known for its extensive watch collection. These timepieces, all of which are handcrafted in London, are unlike any other on the market.

Olivia Burton’s themed collections are well-known. Olivia Burton began as a watch company before branching out into the realm of elegant, delicate, whimsical, and vintage-inspired jewelry.

Whereas most watch companies are so costly that you can only purchase one, Olivia Burton’s watches are priced more like jewelry, so you can save up quickly to buy one. Olivia Burton watches are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. You may change the watch straps, and you will not have any problems.

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