Bulova Sutton Review (Collection Analysis + Best Models)

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So it looks like you have fallen in love with the Bulova brand, and let’s be honest – who can blame you?

If you have carefully read my Bulova watches review, then by now you will have learned that their products guarantee a great quality-to-price ratio. The next step on your way to owning a Bulova watch would be to select the collection that appeals to you the most, both in terms of the visuals and the price.

As things stand, Bulova designs and manufactures watches for its signature range “Bulova”, as well as other brands. With tens of different collections and styles available, choosing the right one might give you a headache. And we don’t want that, do we? This Bulova Sutton review will cover general information and characteristics of the collection, as well as list the three, in my opinion, best models.

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Bulova Sutton – Collection Overview

Quality & Price

As you probably know, the pricing of Bulova watches is quite flexible. This allows shoppers with contrasting budgets to easily obtain a Bulova timepiece without stretching a dollar. As in the case of any other watch brand, the lower the Bulova watch price, the less premium the product. Because of the varying standard of watches, we differentiate between three groups of Bulova products:

  • low-end – watches normally available for less than $150
  • mid-end – products available in the $150-$450 price range
  • top-end – products listed for $450 and more

The Bulova Sutton watch collection is a prime example of a solid mid-end timepiece.

Whereas Bulova is known for producing watches for other popular brands like Caravelle or Wittnauer, the Sutton collection is designed and manufactured under Bulova’s own signature name.

Being a mid-end product, Bulova Sutton watches are definitely of higher value than the budget selections you will find in low-end collections like Caravelle. At the same time, they are not anywhere near as pricey as the most prestigious and feature-rich models like the legendary Precisionist or the Accu-Swiss.


Many experts and watch enthusiasts believe that the Sutton collection stands out from others due to its super-stylish design. According to Bulova’s official database of watches, the current number of models in this collection stands at 10.

Whereas some other product lines of Bulova are very often highly varied in terms of appearance, the Sutton collection clearly fancies a single or a two-tone design with silver as the predominant color.

All Bulova Sutton watches come with stainless steel cases which is also the main material used with the bracelets. Bulova Sutton 97A138 is the only exception here as this particular model comes with a leather strap.

When it comes to watch dials, Sutton watches come with three-hand skeletonized or lustrous dials. Depending on the model, the dial might be protected by a super-durable sapphire crystal or a mineral glass. One of the frequently-used ornaments in Bulova Sutton watches is diamonds. These are included in as many as 6 out of 10 models.


Bulova Sutton collection doesn’t seem to have just one favorite type of movement. Six models use the Quartz movement whereas the rest are mechanical watches. While some of the other Bulova watches (ie. Precisionist) stand out in terms of accuracy, the precision of the Sutton collection is very similar amongst different models. And by similar, I mean good.


All Bulova Sutton watches come with a 3-year Global Limited Warranty. In other words, if you are the original watch owner, you can use the warranty to cover any failures in the watch caused by defective materials or workmanship. When the unthinkable happens, Bulova might offer you your money back or suggest replacing the watch with the same or a similar model.

Bulova Sutton Watch Reviews (Top 3 Revealed)

To help you make a decision on which watch from the Sutton collection to buy, I carefully compared all the 10 models and have managed to come up with three that I think are your current best bets.

Bulova 96A208 Review

This model is my favorite in the whole Sutton collection by some distance. It reminds me very much of my favorite timepiece from the brand, Bulova 96a187.

Out of all the Sutton watches, I can safely say that this one looks the most premium and sophisticated. The fully exhibited dial of this watch definitely catches the attention, as does the stainless steel screw-back case and bracelet.

I won’t lie, I really like skeleton-type watches and I think the skeletonized design here is one of the finest Bulova has produced until today. The automatic, three-hand dial, hidden under a durable mineral crystal, adds to the flawless look of this particular model.

If you decide to go on a swimming trip with it, no worries. This model is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

Bulova 98A214 Review

If your budget would have to be stretched to get the model above, then this one is more than an adequate replacement. This Sutton automatic watch is a bit cheaper and comes with very similar features.

In terms of its look, there are many similarities to Bulova 96A208, too. Just like my top choice, 98A214 comes with a skeletonized design (see also: Skeleton Watches Under $300). The three-hand dial reveals all the complex workings of the 21-jewel watch movement. Whereas Sutton 96A208 presents a singleton silver design, the 98A214 comes with a gold-tone bracelet. The same color is used with the screw-back case and the hands of the watch. The dial is protected by a domed mineral crystal that’s known for its durability.

Just like any other Bulova Sutton timepiece, the 98A214 is water-resistant up to 30 meters and it comes with a 3-year Limited Warranty (valid globally).

Bulova 97A138 Review

If you are looking for the most stylish Sutton watch, then you should probably choose this one.

Sutton 97A138 is one of the very few in the entire collection that doesn’t come with a stainless steel bracelet. Instead, it boasts an even more elegant bronze leather strap.

I’ve already admitted to being in love with skeleton watches, right? Then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this timepiece is skeletonized, too. The 97A138 model comes with a full exhibition three-hand dial, surrounded by a gold stainless steel case and a mineral crystal glass. The combination of silver-white dial background and gold hands and hour markers makes for really pleasant viewing.

The water resistance of this model, just like the previous two, is 30 meters. Whereas using the beforementioned watches in a quick shower is not a problem, in the case of 97A138 I wouldn’t recommend it. Leather straps are much more liable to defects when in frequent contact with water.

If you like the elegance of this watch but would prefer a silver case instead of a gold one, then the Bulova Sutton chronograph, 96b309, is definitely worth a look. Outside of the Sutton collection but very similar to the two mentioned here, you can check Bulova 96b311.

If you’d like to further expand your knowledge about this excellent American watchmaker, feel free to learn how Bulova fares against Omega.

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