Picking the Cheapest Seiko Watch (Top 5 Models for 2022)

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Next to sushi and sumo wrestling, Seiko watches are considered one of the best things to come from Japan.

On the market for well over a century now, Seiko has contributed greatly to shaping the watchmaking industry we all love and embrace today. After all, if it wasn’t for the Tokyo-based brand kickstart of the Quartz Revolution in the 1970s, we might still be reliant exclusively on mechanical timepieces.

One thing many aficionados love the most about Seiko is its affordability. Or should I say, a portfolio of timepieces available at different price points? Because of that, Seiko watches cater to folks with different budgets and anyone can fashion a brilliant-looking and reliable timekeeper.

Granted, if you’re looking for the cheapest Seiko watch, you might not be able to get a top-shelf solar or dive model. However, the list of capable Seiko watches available even below $100 is impressive. In this article, you will find the 5 best budget-friendly Seikos for 2021. The price range of these is $80-$150.

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Cheapest Seiko Watches: Quick Peek

Cheapest Seiko Watches (Top 5 Reviewed)

Seiko SNK805K2

We open up today’s list with what is one of the most frequently bought Seiko timepieces to this date.

Despite being on the market for well over a decade now, Seiko SNK805K2 still racks up an impressive number of sales – mainly due to its bargain-basement pricing.

The watch belongs to the Seiko 5 collection which is considered to offer the biggest number of sporty-styled timepieces running on automatic movements. The model we have here is certainly a great representative.

If you’re fond of military-inspired designs, there are not many better (and cheaper) models to go for. The watch comes with a fairly small case measuring 37mm in diameter. Such moderate size makes it a universal choice both for male and female wearers. What’s worth noting, the caseback is transparent. The so-called skeletonized design allows you to peek at the intricate workings of the automatic movement.

The green nylon strap combines neatly with the dial of the same color. It’s as close to military-style as it gets, really.

Fair to say, the dial is pretty busily arranged. Instead of the standard choice of hour markers, the outer part of the dial features minute indices. The hour markers are placed in the inner part of the face which gives an impression of the watch having two separate dials. Two of the three hands are diamond-shaped and luminescent. Additionally, at three o’clock is a day and date window.

The watch is powered by Seiko’s in-house automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve.

On the durability front, the dial uses solid protection in the form of Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex crystal. In terms of ruggedness, it’s the equivalent of mineral glass. Perhaps a bit underwhelming is the 30m water-resistance rating.

Seiko SUP854P1

Prefer the vintage approach? The SUP854P1 model is one of the cheapest Seiko watches that fit the bill.

On top of looking extremely neat, the watch is also the sole watch on the list powered by light. The majority of Seiko solar-powered watches usually oscillate in the $200+ price basket so this model is tempting for many.

Similar to the first timepiece on the list, this one also comes with a case size fitting all types of wrists. Measuring 38mm in diameter, it’s perfectly suitable for both men and women. Because of the presence of the brown leather strap that blends so nicely with the rose gold-coated stainless steel case, it’s arguably the most elegant timepiece on the list.

Using a simple two-hand configuration, the snow-white dial is the epitome of minimalism. The copper hands point to large Roman numerals, giving the timepiece a strong vintage feel. At 6 o’clock located is the “Solar” label, indicating the presence of a never-dying battery. At noon o’clock you will find the Seiko logo.

As already mentioned, this model is powered by light. Hence, it’s running on a quartz caliber. It delivers an accuracy of approximately +/- 15 seconds/monthly.

The watch face is protected by Hardlex crystal whilst the watch is water-resistant up to 30m.

Seiko SNK795

A list of best Seiko watches wouldn’t feel complete without a good, old, all-stainless steel model.

SNK795 is already the second representative of the much-loved Seiko 5 collection.

It comes with stainless steel case and a three-link bracelet with a fold-over clasp. The case measures 37mm in diameter and has a solid caseback. Quite uncharacteristically, the crown is located at 4 o’clock. Because of the automatic mechanism, Seiko again opted for a see-through caseback design.

The pitch-black dial features three hands. The main two responsible for telling hours and minutes are silver-tone and luminescent. The second hand is red. The hands point to large hour markers which also glow in the dark. In between, there are also minute indices. Located at three o’clock are a day and date window, at 6 o’clock the “Automatic” label, and finally, at noon o’clock, Seiko’s logo.

This model runs on automatic movement. In fact, it’s the very same Seiko caliber as the one used in the first timepiece on the list.

Solid protection against dial damage is ensured by the presence of Hardlex crystal glass. On the waterproofing front, the watch offers a modest 30m water-resistance rating.

Seiko B000R9WQ88

Combining a flashy design with Seiko’s never-failing reliability is more than possible. If you enjoy watches that turn many heads along the way, Seiko B000R9WQ88 is far from the worst purchase you can make.

By far, the model has the fanciest looks from all discussed in today’s article.

Both the case and the 5-link bracelet are made from gold-tone stainless steel. The case measures 37mm in diameter whilst the bracelet uses a push-button foldover clasp with safety. Since it’s an automatic model, it’s no surprise it boasts a beautiful see-through caseback.

The dial is neatly color-coordinated. It uses a 3-hand configuration that points to fairly large hour markers. The markers, as well as hour and minute hands, are luminescent. Similar to the model above, this watch is also equipped with a day and date display window located at three o’clock. The Seiko logo sits at noon o’clock whilst at 6 o’clock engraved is the “Automatic” label.

The model is powered by the exact same automatic caliber as the opening model on the list and the one just above.

Characteristically for a Seiko timepiece in the low-budget basket, the dial window is made from Hardlex crystal. Also, the watch is water-resistant up to 30m.

Seiko SSB097P1

Closing the list of cheapest Seiko watches is the most feature-rich model of all 5. If you’re a fan of chronograph watches, that’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

Seiko SSB097P1 is by far the biggest watch described in today’s article. With such a feature-packed dial, it has to be, really.

Apart from the three chronograph sub-dials measuring hours, minutes, and seconds, the model also has a tachymeter scale on the outer side of the dial. There’s also a date window between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. Certainly, the watch face is extremely busily arranged and some might find it a bit difficult to read. Fortunately, the watch hands and hour markers are luminescent which makes reading in the dark easier.

The watch comes with a stainless steel case measuring 42mm in diameter, and a genuine leather strap with a standard tang buckle closure. Apart from the main crown positioned at three o’clock, there are two chronograph pushers on each side of it.

The watch is powered by Seiko’s in-house quartz movement.

Again, Hardlex crystal glass has been used for protection against cracks and scratches. The model has a clear upper hand over the rest in terms of water resistance. It offers a 10ATM/100m rating, making the model a safe companion for swimming.

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