Gucci Grip Watch Review (The Most Unique Piece in 2022?)

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When you think Gucci, your mind goes to the runways and extravagant bags, shoes, dresses, and iconic designs on them. However, many do not know that Gucci is also doing well in the watch game and keeps making designs that make your jaw drop.

The best part is how the brand always focuses on bringing unique and original ideas and rarely dives into mainstream madness. Today, we will be talking about the Gucci Grip watches. These are some of the most elite and exclusive designs that had people going gaga for them in no time.

Of course, the collection has several styles and options; we chose to review two special pieces that we experienced.

We know you might be wondering whether the watches are gender-neutral or not. Hence,  in this Gucci Grip watch review, we opted for one men’s model and one women’s model to help make your decision easier. Furthermore, we will get in detail about the design and functionality of these watches. Who knows? You might even want to rush to buy these babies as well. So, without further ado!

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Gucci Grip Watch Review (for Men)

First, we will take an in-depth look into the men’s model, the YA157301 in the Gucci Grip collection.

If you have been aimlessly searching for the ‘one’ in timepieces, this might just be it for you. This beautiful and tasteful piece is a champion of elegance and class and will have you falling in love at first glance.

Just by looking at it, one can easily understand how it would be an amazing choice for any guy to sport on their wrist. It is bound to bring out the best in whatever you wear and have everyone do a double-take and wonder where this magnificent piece is from as you flaunt it subtly. Little do they know, it is the Gucci glamour! Let’s talk more about this one, starting with the design.


The first impact of any watch is in its looks, and this one has it in spades. It screams luxury and design because its jet-black construction makes it appear precious and stunning. Designed to elegant perfection, this stainless steel watch has dual windows for displaying the hour and minute with an ebony rubber strap.


Nothing appears more fashionable than black, and the Gucci Grip YA157301’s jet-black dial is something we cannot take our eye off because it is mesmerizing. The quality is top-notch because the dial has anti-reflective crystal glass, which makes everything better, so no matter if we were under the blinding sun, the watch’s visuals are flawless.


No matter much beautiful a watch is, a good case is what matters. The YA157301 boasts a stainless steel case, and you can imagine how magnificently both the dial and the case pair up. The silver and raven combination is exactly the beauty you can expect from Gucci.


Let’s talk bracelet/strap. A watch can be class galore, but the one thing many designers fail at is getting the bracelet right.

This can get very tricky because designers can go overboard with the bracelet or ignore it completely. This piece, however, has a simple yet unique black rubber bracelet with an Interlocking G that we think is a very smart idea. Why? Because not only does this give a good and firm grip letting the watch sit nicely on the wrist, it is also comfortable.

Extravagant or hard bracelets are very tough to wear because the material can probe into your skin and feel painful, but rubber is good for wearing this watch all day without any skin marring.


Let’s talk durability, and you will be pleasantly surprised to know this piece takes good care of that factor. Not only is the dial glass strong and the stainless steel case solid, you never have to worry about any scratches or rusting because stainless steel prevents that.

Moreover, the best part is that this watch comes water-resistant. Yes, you read that right. It offers 30-meter water resistance, so you can wear it in the rain, wash your hands with it on, and it can withstand water splashes. Therefore, for durability, you might not find anything wrong with this little guy.


Gucci watches are famous for using one movement, which is the Swiss Ronda quartz movement.

This makes their hands run smoothly and maintain their quality over time. The quartz movement is responsible for the hand gliding, and no, this watch does not tick, so this will be your major sign to buying a fake or genuine Gucci.


So what is the verdict? Well, we loved this watch for men, and we are confident you will, too. Hence, it is a big yes for us. Everything from its luxurious design to its comfortable build makes this watch a fantastic choice that will have you constantly staring at it. Even if it is super pricey (no surprise because hello, Gucci!), if you are looking for a timeless piece to invest in, there is no better option than Gucci Grip YA157301.

Gucci Grip Watch Review (for Women)

Hey ladies, now it is time to review a special piece just for you, and we know you are gonna love this one because we instantly went crazy for it.

Go back in time with this gorgeous Gucci Grip YA157405 made for women. The inspiration behind it is the 70s skateboarding scene, so if you are a fan of things that pay homage to the good old days, then this one is for you. It has a stunning gold design with a brown leather bracelet, which will amp up any outfit you wear, making you look like you came out of a fashion magazine! Want to find out more? Let’s get to it.


When the YA157405 came, it took the world by storm because of its vintage and sleek design. You could say it resembles the plate of a weighing scale. This streamlined ‘Grip’ watch features windows for the hour, minute, plus date instead of the traditional hands. And if you are wondering about the classic Gucci logo in this piece, then we are happy to tell you, this one has a gorgeous layout yet! Let’s talk in detail, shall we?


With an engraved gold-plated PVD dial, the Gucci Grip demands a long stare as it grips the attention like anything. Thanks to its unique design, it breaks away from the traditional watch styles making it stand out from the crowd.


Keeping up with the gold theme, Gucci made sure to pair things up accordingly without compromising their quality and kept things the same as YA157301. This piece sports a stainless steel case but with gold plating. Now, how amazing does that sound? Well, it looks even more gorgeous in reality. It has ‘GG’ engraved all over its case and bracelet for a trendy flair to bestow the iconic Gucci look on this model.


Now, this is our favorite part, and we have been excited to talk about the bracelet/strap on this baby because, oh boy, does this look like a million bucks.

Unlike YA157301, this one has a leather strap, which adds to its luxury and elegance making it stand out. The Ardillon Bordeaux textured leather bracelet on it is chic and gives a good grip, but we think it can feel a tad weighty on the wrist after wearing it for a long. But the brown leather undeniably makes this watch pop like anything, and everybody knows how hues of brown can bring in the high fashion look and make everything seems distinctive.


Like all Gucci watches in the collection, this piece is also ready to be with you for a long time. Owing to the PVD, it does not get any cracks or scratches, and just like the YA157301, it comes 30-meter water-resistant.

This seems to be the norm for watches in this collection. So take it with you, and no need to worry about getting water in it. It comes ready to handle it all. The watch is very durable and modish.


Nothing different here, folks. Like the men’s model, this one has the Ronda quartz movement, but it has the windows layout, and it also glides smoothly.

The quartz movement is Gucci’s trademark, and they opt for it for most of their watches. However, in this piece, the absence of hands adds to its appeal.


If you want the grandeur of an expensive watch with a splash of vintage, the YA157405 is for you, ladies.

It will add a certain class and glamour to your looks, be it casual or formal. It will have you shining differently despite the hefty leather bracelet, which may get comfortable after wearing it a few times. Moreover, the gold on it adds to the elegance making its designer label more prominent. Sure, it is pricey, but it’s worth it.

Gucci Grip Review: Conclusion

Gucci Grip review summary

There you have it, folks! These are the two top pieces for men and women that stood out to us from the Grip collection, and we could not help but wax lyrical about them.

Both the YA157301 and the YA157405 are timeless pieces that command attention and deserve your time and consideration. So if you are into expensive watches, nothing better than the Gucci Grip series for spending your money. We hope the reviews help you get a good idea of these watches and make purchasing easier for you. We cherished these pieces and are confident you will adore them, too.

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