Maserati Watches Review (Affordable Designer Timepieces)

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Maserati is amongst the most unforgettable names in the era of motorsports.

With a history of producing high-performance vehicles going back over a generation, the brand has manufactured one of the most demanded performance cars and luxury cruisers. Maserati is a real embodiment of Italian flair and technology, with unmistakable and bombastic style and unique design components.

Nowadays, Maserati is also famous for its beautiful timepieces. They follow this same tradition in their automobiles, which are famous high-performance vehicles. Whether they are strapped to your wrist or racing on the track, Maserati’s products are icons in style and performance.

In this Maserati watches review, we will dive deep into the quality offered timepieces sold under the Maserati label.

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Maserati History

Alfieri Maserati developed Maserati in Modena in 1914. Maserati is a Bologna-based sports automaker. The trident logo appears to be the result of the enthusiasm of seven brothers born in Voghera. All of them are mechanical enthusiasts save for one, a painter inspired by a Neptune monument in Bologna.

Carlo Maserati was the first to create a single-cylinder engine for bicycles. Later, he contacted his brother Alfieri, who became a pilot and, in 1914, created the firm that carries his name today. The Orsi family purchased Maserati in the 1930s and relocated the firm from Bologna to Modena.

Each Maserati automobile is distinguished by its technological excellence and strong attention to detail. Maserati watches, which have a distinctive aesthetic that integrates the most famous Maserati style features, receive the same consideration. Auto racing prompted the titles of the Trident house watches.

Maserati timepieces have a dynamic style that makes current technicians think of the company’s automobiles. All of the timepieces, like the vehicles, focus on quality and performance. Maserati has a long and prosperous history as an automobile manufacturer, specializing in both sports and luxury vehicles.

At the top of the range, the trident logo is visible. All marketing goods signed by the Trident house and Maserati watches show the combination of sophistication and sleekness, which are distinctive Maserati characteristics. Maserati makes watches with the highest care, following a long history of workmanship. You can see the watches’ quality in their appearance, functionality, and materials.

Launch of Maserati Watches

Maserati timepieces are made in collaboration with Morellato, an Italian firm making jewelry and wristwatches since the 1930s. Maserati introduced its first watch line in 2012, and it was an instant hit. The way Maserati watches encapsulated the brand’s style, feel, and competence was one of the reasons for their rapid success.

On the dials and the top is the famous Maserati trident emblem. The watch’s appearance consists of traditional forms, grilles, rims, numbers, and interfaces. Finally, the straps are suggestive of Maserati’s exquisite leather trim in terms of appearance and texture.

Most significantly, the whole Maserati watch line offers something that no watchmaker can match. That is the traditional Maserati feel.

Maserati Watch Quality

Every business in every field appears to want to provide wristwatches to its clients these days. It is completely accurate for fashion businesses, but it is also unexpectedly frequent for other sectors to want to sell watches to complement their core functionality.

The firm is most known for producing vehicles, which it has done since 1914. They manufacture excellent automobiles, but a few years ago, they began selling motorsport clothes and accessories. You will discover attractive design, sufficient-to-good quality and design, and a fairly reasonable price compared to their vehicles.


Maserati uses mineral crystal in some of their timepieces, while the rock-hard, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is mostly in the costly versions. The construction quality is excellent, with all models featuring stainless steel casings. Tightening crowns and casing backs are also available on select models. A few even have translucent case backs, allowing you to watch the inside motion.

An Italian watchmaker primarily known for producing timepieces for other brands is said to be producing the company’s watches. Water resistance depends on the model, but a few have 100-meter certification. That allows these watches to be swim-friendly.


A large percentage of models come with quartz electrical movements. However, a handful of features have automated or personality-conventional movements as well. Ronda, TMI, and Epson produce these movements, and they come from both Switzerland and Japan. They may also utilize movements from other vendors.


Because these timepieces are fashion statements, and a firm specializing in watches does not create, manufacture, or sell them, you will not be surprised to learn that the product range lacks technological advancement.

Chronographs and a date function are the only complications available. A stopwatch, on the other hand, blends in perfectly with racing attire.

Styling and Features

Maserati watches are large and powerful, with case sizes varying from 40-49mm for men and 35-40mm for ladies. The product range, which now contains 34 distinct models, does not have many women’s models.

The color scheme is conservative, with gold and silver casings enclosing white or black dials. There are no precious metals or stones available. However, a few versions do come with stainless steel material with PVD coating. Still, there are many chronographs, which is probably a good thing because chronographs and speed go together.

A skeleton design on a selected model allows you to peek through the watch’s face to view the movement in action.

Care and Maintenance

Most Maserati watches employ quartz technical movements that large manufacturers provide, so you will not have to think about service. You should keep the timepiece in a cool and dry environment. Furthermore, change the batteries after every 3 to 5 years.

Although we could not find a standard service frequency on the Maserati website, you may have to service automatically controlled versions every few years.

Your watch should last for years if you take appropriate care of it.

Maserati Warranty

The guarantee provided is adequate but not outstanding. Around 90% of all watch manufacturers provide a two-year guarantee. For years from the date of order, they ensure their timepieces are free of faults in the quality of workmanship. This is the standard industry assurance.

Defects are unlikely to occur. The factory thoroughly checks the mechanisms before delivery.

Style Offered by Maserati Watches

Maserati offers a fully distinct luxury lifestyle with an identifiable design that shines through in the elements, just as it does in its watches. This is the ideal way to keep time with sophistication and commitment. Maserati and a much more passionate and sporting character, which thrives on confrontation and frequency, is a limitless desire to establish the ‘House of the Trident’ as a real global symbol.

The Maserati Sport collection, for fans of sportier and more forceful categories, maintains time with high-precision, automated movements, and components with a bold style that stands out.

Maserati is more than just a name. It is a way of life. It is a lifestyle choice that includes a strong desire to overcome obstacles, a wholly distinct luxury experience, and an identifiable style that shines through in the smallest aspects, much like its watches. This is the ideal way to keep time with grace and persistence.

The Lifestyle collection’s timepieces convey this approach with features and components that have a commanding presence. At the same time, they are easily customizable to each wearer’s style – whether a more realistic style or one that displays a sporty-chic expression.

These are eye-catching pieces that you can wear at any time of day, whether at work or when pursuing your hobbies. They combine adaptability with beautiful characteristics, such as stainless steel bezels and gold and metal finishes.

There are six main collections of this watch.

Maserati Cronografi

The timepieces in the Traguardo line are distinguishable by their distinctive and exquisite materials and finishes. They are capable of catching the eye of connoisseurs at first sight. A 45mm diameter black PVD case distinguishes this chronograph with sporty blue accents. The numerals are grouped in the lowest section of the black dial with compact construction.

Maserati Solo Tiempo

This is a beautiful three-hand dress watch, and it comes with a casing and a matching strap. First and foremost, the dial is stunning, with applied numerals and roman numerals along the perimeter. The famous trident emblem is at 12, complementing lance-shaped hands, a basic sub-seconds display, and a simple date dial.

The casing is also an Italian affair, carved in a typical circular shape without any harsh corners but with extra swooping lugs to complete the watch’s beautiful appearance.

An equally stunning necklace complements the beautiful casing. A Japanese quartz caliber powers the watch, which ensures smooth and consistent performance throughout time. The Epoca is the watch for you if you’re looking for a simple time-only dress watch and need something with just a little more elegance and glamour.

Maserati Automatic

The Maserati Ricordo Automatic epitomizes the phrase less is more. It is a basic, beautiful three-hander with tiny markings around the dial’s circumference and narrow baton hands to complement. However, there is a catch. The watch has a beautiful open-heart design that reveals the chronograph movement of the automatic movement that powers it between 7 and 8 o’clock.

The watch has a slim and beautiful brushed black stainless-steel body and a matching black dial and band. So it is mainly black, which is pretty amazing. Despite the whole design’s dark theme, it doesn’t impair readability. That is due to the shiny black finished hands against the clean matte black dial.

A beautifully ornamented tried-and-true seagull automatic caliber powers the watch. It adds a lovely touch to the otherwise plain watch. If you are searching for a three-hand mechanical dress watch, the Ricordo Automatic should be at the top of your list.

Maserati Solar

This watch prioritizes environmental preservation and protection without compromising performance. Only with new Solar Success models, the House of Trident has achieved this aim. Solar cell innovation allows these wristwatches to operate without batteries. Instead, it relies on the energy that light supplies. It is, in reality, a solar-powered clock watch. It captures natural and artificial light and converts it into power for motion.

Maserati Smartwatch

Maserati has used the new hybrid concept for the functionality of the Hybrid collection smartwatch. Technology continues to evolve, but the brand’s essence stays constant. The Hybrid Collection has all a Maserati watch has to offer, plus a lot more. You may track physical activity and operate a wide variety of apps by synchronizing the watch to your smartphone.

Maserati Aqua

The capsule Aqua Edition collection redefines the most recognizable clock timepieces with an architectural style aesthetic influenced by the interior of the special Maserati Fuoriserie Unica Collection vehicle. The model is dressed in a new complete black robe with aqua-colored inlays, creating new athletic and avant-garde style icons.

Maserati Watches Review: Conclusion

We do not judge you if, after reading this article, you feel compelled to purchase a Maserati timepiece.

With their stunning and distinctive style combined with superb manufacturing, they are among the most memorable brands in automotive history. It is easy to understand why all these timepieces are so desirable.

We appreciate that we have been available to help you narrow it down to a few that you might desire or should remain aware of. After all, these are just our thoughts. At the end of the day, you are purchasing the timepiece for yourself, and therefore only you know what is right for you.

If you’re interested in exploring more of the designer’s approach to the horological industry, check out what’s on offer with Versace watches or have a look at the latest collection by Gucci.

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