How Many Series of Apple Watches Are There? (As of 2023)

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Smartwatches have been taking the wearable gadgets market by storm in the last few years.

With features like fitness tracking, notifications, and even mobile payments, it’s no wonder that these devices are becoming more and more popular.

One brand that kicked off the whole revolution is of course Apple, with its Apple Watch.

Funnily enough, 7 years later, the California-based tech giant is still the leading smartwatch market in the world, releasing new versions of the device pretty much annually.

If you’ve been contemplating the purchase of the smartwatch, you might be wondering what is the current top release and how many series of Apple Watches are there to pick from at the moment.

In this article, we will list all the available variations, as well as quickly go through their innovative functions.

How Many Generations of Apple Watches Are There?

As of now, there are 7 generations (or series) of the Apple Watch available.

Let’s go through all of the now.

  • 1st Generation: Apple Watch Series 0

The gadget that turned the wristwatch industry on its head was Apple Watch 0, released in 2015.

It was the very first Apple Watch and featured a much-loved to this day rectangular design, as well as a choice of finishes and bands.

The device was also equipped with various health-tracking sensors, such as an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor. At that time, both apps were jaw-dropping inventions. Nowadays, even the cheapest Chinese-made models are equipped with these and much more.

  • 2nd Generation: Apple Watch Series 1 & 2

The next year, in 2016, Apple decided to release not one but two new versions of the Watch.

The Series 1 was very similar to the original model, with a few key improvements. The most noticeable one was the processor – it was now 2 times faster than in the first version.

The company also promised that the new chip would make the Watch battery last 18 hours on a single charge.

The second variation, Apple Watch 2, featured built-in GPS, which allowed users to track their runs and bike rides without having to take their iPhones with them.

Other than that, the watch looked pretty much identical to its predecessor and offered similar battery life.

  • 3rd Generation: Apple Watch Series 3

Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

The third generation of the Apple Watch, released in 2017, was a huge step up from the previous models.

For starters, it now came in 2 versions – with and without LTE support.

This meant that users could finally leave their phones at home and go for a run or walk while still being able to receive calls, texts, and notifications.

The Series 3 also featured a faster processor and improved water resistance (it could now be used while swimming).

  • 4th Generation: Apple Watch Series 4

The next year, in 2018, saw the release of yet another groundbreaking model – the Series 4.

This was the first time Apple redesigned the Watch since its debut, and the new squared-off look was a huge hit.

The device was also now thinner and featured a larger display.

Other notable improvements included a faster processor, an updated heart rate sensor, and fall detection (a feature that would automatically call emergency services if it detected that the user had fallen and was unresponsive).

The fact that it was the world’s first smartwatch with a fully-functioning ECG application also can’t be ignored.

Thanks to this, many people were able to detect heart arrhythmias such as Atrial Fibrillation.

  • 5th Generation: Apple Watch Series 5

While it might not look like much at first glance, the 2019-released gadget was actually packed with new features.

The biggest novelty here was an always-on display – something that users had been requesting for years.

This meant that you no longer had to raise your wrist to see the time, as the watch face would now always be visible.

The Series 5 was also equipped with a built-in compass and an upgraded processor.

  • 6th Generation: Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 was released in September 2020.

It featured all the improvements of the previous models, such as an always-on display, built-in compass, and upgraded processor.

In addition to that, it also has a new sensor that allows users to measure their blood oxygen levels.

This is a useful feature for people with respiratory problems, as it can help them keep track of their condition.

  • 7th Generation: Apple Watch Series 7

Finally, the latest series of the Apple Watch is the Series 7.

This model was released in September 2021, and it builds on the successes of its predecessor.

When it comes to the functions, there are not many – if any – differences between the two models. The Apple Watch Series 7 has bigger screens and case sizes, more color options, better durability, the S7 processor, and quicker charging as compared to the Apple Watch Series 6.

Other than that, the watch is pretty much identical to the Series 6.


As you can see, there have been a lot of different Apple Watch models released over the years.

Each new generation has brought something new to the table, and the devices just keep getting better and better.

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, then an Apple Watch is definitely a great choice.

No matter which model you choose, you’re sure to be happy with your purchase.

Oh, and stay tuned for the release of the Apple Watch Series 8. It’s coming soon!

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