Russian Watch Brands (Best Watchmakers in 2023)

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Russia is among the world’s biggest countries, with a long heritage and a diverse cultural population.

Conquests, dynasties, and the repressive Soviet regime of the twentieth century shaped its narrative.

And now, let’s be honest; whenever we hear the word Russia, all that comes to our mind is their oh-so-famous vodkas (Fun fact: Did you know that Russia is among the highest vodka consumers?), its lakes, the Red Square, Matryoshka dolls, their metro system and above all, their advancement in space.

But did Russian-made watches ever come to your mind when you were looking for your next timepiece? Probably, no. And this isn’t because they aren’t of high quality, but because they are yet to get their due attention in the masses like the other famous brands.

This article is about Russian watch brands, with their brief details, date of foundation, and general price range.

We believe this should be enough for you to know the brand and decide which one to opt for when you next buy one for your collection. Some of these are old Russian watch brands, while some can be classified as Russian luxury watch brands, so we’ve something for everyone.

Best Russian Watchmakers

You may get a lot of value for your investment in Russian timepieces. Owners appreciate timepieces like Vostok Amphibia and the Poljot pilot’s wristwatch. Russian manual clocks are excellent, durable, and accurate. The affordability of Russian watches is another reason for their recent rise in popularity.

The wages of Russian local artisans and assembly line workers are far lower than those of their Swiss competitors or, for example, if the watches were produced in America. Russian watchmakers can keep their prices reasonable since the workforce and artistry are less expensive there.

Stated below are 9 of the top Russian watch brands that we could find over the internet offering the best money price and not compromising on quality at all. So, let’s get started with our Russian brands’ watch list without any further ado.


Sturmanskie watch

The Sturmanskie wristwatch line was first manufactured in 1949. Those timepieces, created on a special government mandate, were exclusively accessible to members of the Air Force and not to the general public.

Several Sturmanskie testing revealed that the goods are of excellent artistry, with outstanding consistency, dependability, and longevity. The Sturmanskie also excelled in special combat norm approval. The most significant moment in the Sturmanskie brand’s existence occurred on April 12, 1961, after Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin flew into space for the debut time, sporting a Sturmanskie watch produced on special demand for him.

When designing new versions, the brand’s inventors and developers work with experts from the operations center and Roscosmos. They also get intriguing recommendations and opinions from astronauts on enhancing Sturmanskie timepieces.

A further distinguishing feature of Sturmanskie timepieces is their price, which appeals to purchasers who share the brand’s principles and respect outstanding workmanship and longevity in their timepieces. Beyond question, the most significant event in the brand’s existence was Yuri Gagarin’s maiden space journey while carrying a Sturmanskie wristwatch.

Since 1949, when the first Sturmanskie prototypes were released, these timepieces have been created and made in a plant situated in the center of Russia — in Moscow, 10 minutes away from the Kremlin.

We definitely rate this one as the best Russian watch manufacturer among many listed further in our article.

Their watches start selling from the price range of $52 and go up to $15,000. So we can easily say that they have something for all budgets, which means that no matter your price range, you can still elevate your looks with one of their timepieces.


Raketa watch

The Petrodvorets Watches Manufacturing in Saint Petersburg has been producing Raketa timepieces since 1961.

Raketa is a well-known brand that has been producing timepieces in thousands of pieces for years. It has a longstanding experience and a record for producing well-designed, attractive, yet robust timepieces.

Vintage Raketa timepieces are in considerable popularity these days, mainly due to their lower pricing when compared to the MSRP of new Russian-made Raketas. Emperor Peter the Great established Raketa, the Petrodvorets wristwatch manufacturing, in Saint Petersburg. It has withstood almost every historical occurrence.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory has created nearly two hundred different Raketa mechanisms over the decades.

Raketa is a wristwatch manufacturer that has weathered the wear and tear attributable to its high-quality and elegant timepieces. These timepieces are highly appreciated among Russian guys. Raketa, like any other watchmaking, creates various designs with unusual characteristics to appeal to multiple interests and inclinations.

Raketa Watch is a well-known watchmaker that was launched in 2006. It has a long history as a producer of timepieces for soldiers, going back to 1897. They immediately achieved notoriety across Russia, especially among the Red Army, who accepted their clocks as standard equipment.

The price of their watches starts from just €750 and goes up to €3500.


Vostok watch

After one of the Original Moscow Watches Factory’s watchmaking facilities was relocated in 1942, the Vostok Watch Makers firm was established.

Throughout wartime, only defense-related gear was created; however, as immediately as it was finished, the corporation began producing mechanical timepieces. An additional range of watches marketed under the “Amphibia” brand by Vostok Watch Makers debuted in 2006. Vostok manufactures all of its internal motions. The business also owns “Briolet,” which produces sophisticated ruby jewelry.

Most of the firm’s timepieces are tough wartime and Amphibia timepieces. For several other watchmakers, it also manufactures clocks plus watch mechanisms. Vostok watches have a reputation for being exceptional in many different ways.

The Amphibias are tough; true diving watches with 200m water-repellent certifications; they have a distinctive design and are reasonably priced. The motions are precise and trustworthy. However, they are not renowned for their refinement or opulent elements. Several of the best timepieces you can buy are Vostok ones.

Unfortunately, it isn’t more well-known given its lengthy history and status as one of the most recognizable Russian brands. The models from Vostok are all really attractive timepieces that are reasonably priced. Look around for the greatest price because they are generally affordable.

Vostok watches have a very varied price range starting from just $54 and going up to $1150.


Poljot watch

The “First National Watch Manufacturing” was established in Moscow in the 1930s, when the watch company “Poljot-International” rose to prominence. Exceptional historical chronographs, as well as space missions, are two things that Poljot is known for.

You have undoubtedly encountered various intriguing chronographs that use the renowned Calibre 3133. But Poljot vintage timepieces are more than just that. Since it created the mechanical chronograph movement, the primary aspiration of all watch enthusiasts, Poljot is likely the most renowned Russian brand. Several very collectible watches date back to the commencement of Soviet watch manufacturing.

Poljot watches are known for their reliability as well as longevity. And the best part, they are available in reasonably cheap price ranges. Their price range starts from just $115 and does not exceed $4260. This means you will not have to splurge cash to elevate your outfit looks.

Konstantin Chaykin

Chaykin watch

Russian designer and entrepreneur Konstantin Chaykin established the business in 2003 as the sole high-end watchmaker selling only items made in Russia.

Watch enthusiasts all around the globe know Konstantin Chaykin as well as his company for their mastery of the manufacturing craft. On October 23, 2003, a talented, inspirational innovator from St. Petersburg recognized his passion for watchmaking and turned it into something worthwhile.

This is when the history of the Russian watch company “Konstantin Chaykin” began. Konstantin Chaykin is the only Russian producer of Haute Horlogerie watches using in-house calibers. This business specializes in high-end timepieces and watches. The only Russian firm making distinctive, high-end mechanical timepieces with exclusive calibers is “Konstantin Chaykin” Manufacturing.

Their most famous watch is the joker watch. In a nutshell, the Joker can be viewed in two different ways: as a regular timepiece with daily wear, elegance, and functional features, or as an intriguing notion that ventures where very few timepieces before or after it will attempt.

Timepieces have always been judged on their accuracy, finesse, and value, their rarity, exclusivity, and state-of-the-art technology. All of that is enjoyable, but the Joker is it. Compared to the much more costly options available, The Joker claimed to cost €6,990, or even just below $8,000, without losing a single iota of personality or a terrible lack of precision. This is only one illustration of their incredible watch collections.

Their watches are available in a price range of approx $25000. Their watches are limited and unique, so you can expect to buy them for a bit higher price range than usual.


Zlatoust watch

The production of artillery for the armed forces marked the official opening of the Zlatoust Watch Company on December 25, 1941. On December 25, 1941, the first consignment of products at the new facility was distributed, beginning a new phase, the most illustrious one—in the illustrious history of the ZWF.

The ZWF has now restarted manufacturing of its renowned war as well as postwar timepieces, vintage watches, collectible and macho pieces, and watches from the 1920s and 1930s. As a sign of manhood, these timepieces look fantastic on men’s hands and should be the focal point of any portfolio.

Their most famous watch to date is their diver’s watch. The Soviet Navy ordered dive timepieces to be made at the Zlatoust Watch Company. Nearly each Soviet Navy diver wore one of these storied timepieces from the 1950s to the 1960s. These timepieces are exceptional. With a 60 mm diameter, they are still among the largest watches ever made.

The production of diving watches was restarted, giving the Zlatoust legend a fresh opportunity thanks to their enduring appeal. Even the glowing dial was a replica! Nevertheless, all the radioactive components have been eliminated from modern watches and substituted with secure ones.

They have several collections available on their website. Most of their watches are available at a median price of $1000.


Strela watch

Russian pilots were the only recipients of the initial Strela timepieces, whose production started in 1959.

On March 18, 1965, cosmonaut Alexi Leonov donned a 3017 Strela throughout the first space mission, giving them global recognition. They were driven by the 3017, a 19-jewel columns wheel timer.

The Very first Moscow Clock Factory began producing Strela watches in the former Soviet Union in 1959 in many model variants. Fine mechanical watches include STRELA watches. Their timepieces are produced in China, Germany, as well as Russia. Russian watch mechanisms that are real are primarily used. With absolute accuracy, Russian watch mechanisms and ST19 SeaGull chronographs are used in STRELA Watch’s pioneering mechanical watch production.

The lowest price at which you can get your hands on one of their watches is just 75 Euros; relatively affordable, right? And also, their highest expensive watch is priced at just 668 Euros. This lower price doesn’t mean that their watches use cheap equipment. Each article is meticulously designed and ensures a reasonable return on your investment. This one is also ranked among cheap Russian watch brands.

Pilots and cosmonauts favored the Soviet watch company. STRELA watches are still producing mechanical timepieces. They currently combine German and Russian watchmaking, though. Their current offices are in Munich, Germany. Several watch fans no longer believe that contemporary STRELA watches are authentically Russian due to this action. They must yet be regarded as among the best watch brands of the Soviet times.


Nesterov watch

For “Heroes of Our Time,” who like an adventurous and intense attitude, the “Nesterov” wristwatch is a trustworthy companion and secondary pilot.

This company’s built watch’s dependability and versatility will enable you to withstand nature’s force while keeping track of your accomplishments and victories. Its distinctive design will accentuate your uniqueness and inner strength. The essence of the “Nesterov” brand is to promote the sport in the air, sea, and on land, and this is evident in every aspect of its design.

Sporting triumphs and breaking records have always been integral parts of the brand’s concept. Since “Nesterov” has production facilities, new product quality criteria are often introduced.

Their timepieces are beautifully made. One of the contemporary movement’s two iterations ensures high precision. Only titanium and stainless steel are utilized to manufacture watch casings under the “Nesterov” brand. Their timepiece is enormous and has beautiful shapes. It is also much improved by the dial’s and hands’ ideal size.

Their watches contain intricate details and designs; hence they are available at a slightly higher price range than most of their competitors.


Denissov watch

The origins of Denissov watches date back to 1951, after Vladimir A. Denissov, the company’s creator, took the first move towards developing a distinctive timepiece label by utilizing all of the knowledge he had acquired while serving as the head engineer of the First Moscow Watch Factory “Poljot.”

From 2003 until 2011, Moscow served as an aviator timepieces’ development and production center. In 2011, Aviator relocated entirely to Switzerland and had just been known as Denissov. The timepieces made by Denissov meet high-quality criteria in Europe. They have unparalleled longevity thanks to their construction with wear-resistant materials. Their timepieces are often produced in small batches.

Many watch lovers can choose from an exceptional range of DENISSOV watches. A team of professionals, including engineers, concept designers, and marketing specialists, created the look of our watches.

They were motivated by the desire to develop a distinctive, easily recognizable look for the DENISSOV brand. They feature a nice selection of timepieces if you’re seeking a high-quality Russian timepiece. Most of their watches are priced at approx. 13 900P−.

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