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Imagine putting self-winding, diving and Neymar in the same sentence and not meaning one of the world’s most famous footballers.

Nonetheless, all of the above is true and relates to one of the up-and-coming budget brands in the watchmaking industry, specializing mostly in budget diving watches. This Neymar watches review will paint a clearer picture of whether the company provides as good a quality-price ratio as it claims to be.

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Neymar Watches History

Like in the case of any other brand reviews on my site, we start with its origins. Let’s get this one out of way as it will be a pretty short read.

The registered organization behind the brand of Neymar is Shenzhen Bo Lin Watch Industrial Company Ltd. The founders claim to be taking most of the inspiration for their work from the German watch scene, particularly its advanced watchmaking technique and attention to detail.

The company itself was founded in 1995 but it wasn’t until 2011 that its own brand, Neymar, saw daylight. Prior to that, the Chinese-based enterprise had been functioning as a watch factory. During that time, they were producing watch parts and assembling models for many of the established names in the industry. Hence, even though Neymar watches have been with us only for a decade or so, the watchmakers behind the timepieces have pretty sound experience to their name.

As for the landmarks of the company, the release of the first Neymar dive watch in 2015 is definitely worth the mention. As of today, the company continues to focus on diving watches and has a few 1000m water-resistant timepieces to its name.

Where Are Neymar Watches Made These Days?

No changes in this aspect, and no surprises either. Since the 2011 launch of the brand, all the Neymar watches have been designed, manufactured, and assembled by Shenzhen Bo Lin Watch Industrial Company Ltd in China.

It’s hardly a secret that there are a lot of prejudices toward Chinese watch companies. At the same time, a lot of people would be surprised at the amount of well-known, quality brands that get most of the watch parts from Chinese factories. Hence, writing off Neymar just on the basis of the origin of their products would be naive.

The good thing about all of this is that Neymar models are manufactured in their own factory. By avoiding the middlemen, the brand is available to offer the products at smaller prices. Because of that, let’s try not to downplay the quality of Neymar watches. At least for now.

Types of Neymar Watches

The company is mostly renowned for designing and manufacturing affordable dive watches. Since the release of their first submariner in 2015, the Neymar watch collection has continued to blossom with new models for divers. Depending on your budget and needs, you can get a 300m, 500m or 1000m water-resistant diver from Neymar. Most of these watches are clearly homages of brands like Rolex or Tudor. An example of such a model is the beautiful homage of Tudor Black Bay. Many call it the Neymar Black Bay because of how similar it looks to Tudor’s most iconic model to date.

A small part of Neymar watches is also suitable for those looking to bring some casual style to their wrists. Recently, the company started releasing some sleek leather strap models with smaller cases. Many of them don’t look any less elaborate than some of their counterparts from more pricey brands.

Are Neymar Watches Any Good?

As is the case with pretty much every type of product, the definition of “good quality” can be so subjective. Watches are definitely not an exception to this rule.

I’ve said it numerous times but I will say it again: when trying to define the quality of a given watch brand, we shouldn’t try to compare it with other names in the industry that cost 5 or 10 times more. Instead, we should focus on its competitors in the same price range. And, in this aspect alone, Neymar watches don’t fare badly at all.

Let’s now have a closer look at all the major aspects that contribute to the overall quality of any watch brand.


Considering that Neymar watches are made in China and that is oftentimes seen as an immediate red flag, the quality of materials used with the timepieces is surprisingly good.

The vast majority of Neymar models are fully made of stainless steel, therefore providing solid durability for the exterior of the watch. Ones that are not, come with a genuine leather strap. What’s definitely a major boost is that all of their watches come with the most scratch-resistant dial material out there – sapphire crystal. That is hardly a given as most brands in the same price range use a mineral crystal or even plastic lens.

Further boosting the durability of Neymar watches is the impressive water resistance. It’s rated anywhere between 100-1000m, depending on the watch model you go for. That, in combination with low-temperature resistance, makes Neymar an appealing choice for diving enthusiasts.

Also, all the Neymar dive watches come with a helium release valve, something both professionals and freshmen will greatly appreciate. All in all, Neymar divers look really solid for the price and, judging by the customer reviews, they are just that.


The vast majority of Neymar watches are powered by Japanese automatic movement.

When it comes to automatic watches, Swiss movements are still considered the best in the business because of their lifespan and precision. Nevertheless, the movement type used in all of the Neymar automatic watches, NH35, is based on the solid 7s26 caliber and has lots of positive reviews online. The same movement is used in many Entry-Level Seiko watches and is considered to be a reliable and low-cost option.

In the Neymar watch collection, there are also a few battery-powered models. All of them use the Japanese quartz movement.


As for the Neymar automatic watches using Seiko’s NH35 movement, you can hope for precision of around +6 seconds per day during regular use. That is a really good result considering the modest pricing of most of these models. If you plan on ordering more than one of their automatic timepieces, getting a watch winder to keep all of them wound and showing accurate time wouldn’t be the worst idea.

The Japanese quartz movement used in the small portion of Neymar models isn’t any less precise than that available in more renowned Asian brands like Citizen or Seiko. Like most battery-powered watches using Japanese calibers, it shows the time with an accuracy of +few seconds per month.


All Neymar watches, when purchased at an authorized dealer, or Neymar’s official website, are subject to a 2-year warranty period. That’s pretty fair and doesn’t put Neymar in a negative spotlight when compared to other brands. Naturally, the guarantee policy doesn’t cover any damage caused to the watch by your own negligence.

Where to Shop for Neymar Watches?

As you would learn by reading most of my reviews, the first obvious choice for shopping for a given watch brand is the official site of the company. Let me make an exception here.

The Neymar watch website simply doesn’t look good and it certainly doesn’t do the brand any justice. Apart from the generally terrible user experience, the whole shopping process is very time-consuming.

Before you are actually able to pay for the products, you have to fill out a special form. After that, the site’s webmaster will get back to you regarding the whole payment process. In this day and age, it’s madness. Not to mention the fact that prices listed on the official site are much, much higher than everywhere else. Neymar’s official site is probably targeting vendors that buy in bulk, offering discounts with larger orders.

Luckily, Neymar sells on Amazon. The company has its own e-store listed there and lists legit products with the 2-year warranty period mentioned above. The products ship from a warehouse either in the US or the UK, depending on where you live. Hence, apart from getting the watch at a fraction of the price offered on the official site, you can also enjoy it a lot quicker.

You can also check whether Neymar watches are available in any of the trusted stores reviewed by us on this list.

Neymar Watch Brand Review: Conclusion

Are Neymar watches any good? Conclusion

To round up the Neymar watches review, I think it’s fair to say that the brand does a lot of good for the overall image of Chinese watch companies. And without a doubt, it produces the country’s best diving timepieces – by some distance.

It’s clear to see that Neymar has been taking most of its inspiration from some of the most renowned watch brands in the world. The company has plenty of neat-looking homage models of brands like Rolex and Tudor. Unlike many other homages watchmakers, Neymar tries to back up the beautiful design of these models with solid movement and durability.

The NH35 automatic movement seen in most Neymar watches is used by many established brands, such as Seiko. And, considering the moderate cost of most Neymar models, the company puts to shame many other watch brands originating from Asia with the inclusion of sapphire crystal dials. Again, this is a great quality material that’s extremely damage and scratch-resistant. You will do well to find it in many other watch brands in the same pricing range.

If you are a diving enthusiast, you will appreciate the wide selection of Neymar diving watches. Depending on your level of skill and budget, you can take your pick from timepieces with water resistance rated at 300-1000m. Furthermore, all of the diving watches come with a helium valve. Again, that’s hardly a given when it comes to divers in this price range.

All in all, Neymar watches are a low-risk investment that can surprise in terms of quality and precision. If you are a fan of homages and would like to get a solid diving watch at a bargain-basement price, giving Neymar watches a shot is far from the worst idea.

If reading my Neymar watches review has helped you make up your mind and you’ve decided to go ahead with the purchase, do let me know which model you’ve gone for and why. Also, if you are eager to learn about other trending Chinese watch brands, feel free to have a look at my LIGE watches review.

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