Peugeot Watches Review (Is It a Good Watch Brand?)

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99 out of 100 people will probably associate the name Peugeot with one of the longest-standing automotive manufacturers in the world.

I put my hands up: until recently I was the same.

The fact is: there’s a watchmaker that’s been functioning under the same name for over 60 years now. And it’s been doing pretty well both in terms of sales and the customer satisfaction score.

In this Peugeot watches review, we will have a detailed look at all the factors contributing to the overall score of the American watch brand.

Taking into consideration its history and quality-price ratio, we will establish whether the New York-based watchmaker is really an affordable luxury – as advertised.  We will also have a closer look at some of the most popular Peugeot watch models.

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Peugeot Watches History

Compared to some of the oldest hands in the watchmaking industry, such as Bulova, Tissot or Citizen, the history of Peugeot seems relatively short and deprived of any spectacular landmarks.

The beginnings of the brand date back to 1957 when a talented horologist, Paul Peugeot, started designing and assembling timepieces with genuine 18-karat gold. Thanks to superb watchmaking skills and unheard-of dedication, Peugeot’s work was quickly recognized in the United States.

The handcrafted watches, all put together with Paul’s own hands, were appreciated by all, especially the low-to-mid class because they were listed at surprisingly low price margins. Compared to some other up-and-coming brands at that time, they were seen as “affordable luxury” – a slogan that stays with the company to this date.

Unfortunately, after a 25-year stint rich in success and recognition, the brand had to change its strategy because of the huge spike in gold prices.

Trying to adapt to the new market norms but at the same time being eager to keep his watches within the reach of all, Paul Peugeot decided to ditch the strong gold influence from his collections. After months of contemplation, the desire to keep making affordable yet brilliantly-crafted timepieces prevailed.

In 1982, Peugeot officially announced that the brand will no longer adorn its watches with 18kt gold but instead will keep the high level of craftsmanship and budget-friendly prices. The approach still lives on today.

Peugeot vintage watch collection includes Cartier Tank Solo homages
Peugeot vintage watch collection includes Cartier Tank Solo homages

The decision to take a new direction amidst the skyrocketing prices of gold proved to be a good one. In the subsequent years, Peugeot played a huge part in the creation and development of the new trend in the watchmaking industry, now known as “fashion watches”. This particular watch type is renowned for its elegant, often minimalistic design that looks way above the price tag.

Because of the eagerness to adapt to unfavorable market changes and the willingness to listen to customers’ needs, Peugeot bounced back from the setback in no time. Up until now, the brand has sold well over 15 million watches. This is quite an outstanding result, taking into consideration the “low” profile of the brand amidst the ever-growing competition in the industry.

Nowadays, access to Peugeot watches is easier. Thanks to the constantly growing reputation and unchanging prices, you can now find these watches in thousands of department stores across the United States. The number of online shops offering Peugeot timepieces is on a well-deserved rise as well.

Are Peugeot Watches Good Quality?

There’s next to zero doubt that Peugeot produces great-looking wristwatches. But even the most splendid looks count for nothing if a timepiece struggles to get past the first year of use.

So, should you worry about the longevity of your Peugeot watch or sleep tight knowing you got yourself a bargain? Let’s look at all the elements that contribute to the overall score of the American brand.

Note: when trying to define the quality of any watch brand, I always prefer to be realistic and compare it with other watchmakers in the same price category. It’s pointless to stack low-budget brands (like Peugeot) against some of the best in the industry. In this sense, most would be deemed “bang average” or even “poor”.

Hence, let’s see what’s on offer with Peugeot watches in terms of craftsmanship, longevity and precision. And, how does it fare when compared with other names in the same price category? Is it a good, lasting investment?


In terms of the exterior, Peugeot watches are pretty solid.

All watches come with stainless steel cases. Oftentimes, these are plated in 14kt gold.

Depending on the collection, you can expect the watch to come with different types of bands:

  • stainless steel – probably the most durable choice
  • velcro strap – used with watches in the sports series
  • genuine leather – a favorite pick amongst those who prefer the elegant look

Crucially, all watch models are equipped with mineral crystal glass. Dials are easily the most damage-prone of any watch and having solid protection against scratches and cracks is a huge incentive. Mineral crystal is definitely not as enduring as the best-in-the-business sapphire but it would be foolish to expect low-budget timepieces to use the latter.

What’s more, it’s not uncommon for other brands in the same price category to use acrylic lenses. Considering the bargain-basement prices of Peugeot watches, the brand could do the same. The fact it doesn’t is a major plus.

On the other hand, I find the water-resistance capabilities of these watches rather disappointing.

The 3 ATM / 30m WR rating offered by most models is quite low and merely makes the watches splashproof. The same rating applies even to the Sport collection which, at least on paper, was designed with physically-active folks in mind. Unfortunately, you can forget about wearing the watch while in the water.

Vintage Peugeot watches include the Cartier Tank homage
Peugeot’s brown leather homage of the Cartier Tank Solo

Movement & Accuracy

Good news for those who value accuracy above all. All Peugeot watches are battery-powered, meaning they use quartz movements.

Although the movements aren’t made in-house, all calibers found in Peugeot timepieces come from Seiko. On top of being one of the most popular watchmakers in the world, the Japanese brand is also a reputable provider of quartz movements that are used both in their own watches as well as other brands, like Peugeot.

On average, you can expect the watch to provide an accuracy of +/- 15 seconds/month. It’s a pretty standard result for quartz timepieces.

Being an owner of quite a few automatic watches, I see the lack of those in Peugeot’s collections as a letdown. At the same time, I know many people will welcome an accurate quartz watch with open arms.

Peugeot Warranty

Peugeot has an excellent approach towards the warranty, one that many other brands should follow.

The company offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against all defects related to the working mechanism (movement). As stated in the name, the warranty lasts for a lifetime and, in case of any movement defect, will ensure your watch is repaired or replaced free of charge.

Naturally, damage resulting from your own negligence, such as cracks and scratches on the case or bracelet, isn’t covered by the guarantee period. Since these watches aren’t really great when it comes to water resistance, you should also avoid contact with water when possible.

Another thing I really like about the warranty is that it offers Free Lifetime Battery Replacement. In order to qualify for the replacement, you have to register your Peugeot watch here.

Peugeot Watch Collections

Style-wise, we can differentiate between 6 Peugeot watch collections. Most collections are rich in watches for both males and females.

Unlike most brands, Peugeot hasn’t come up with any catchy names for its watch lines (not that it matters one bit). Instead, they are named based on the style they offer. The full list includes:

  • Luxury watches
  • Casual watches
  • Sport watches
  • Moon-Phase watches
  • Retro Vintage watches
  • Dress watches

Additionally, the brand offers gift sets.

Although there’s a clear distinction in terms of the watch designs, the aspect that connects all collections is the affordable pricing.

To get a better idea of what styles the American brand offers, below find a quick description of the collections, as well as some of the best-selling models from each line.

  • Luxury Collection

As already mentioned, Peugeot no longer produces watches rich in 18kt gold. Nevertheless, the Luxury line for men and women offers comment-worthy timepieces that often come with 14kt gold-plated cases – whether round, square or rectangular.

If we were to point to the most elegant watch line, it would be this one. It’s full of stylish timekeepers both for men and women. Because of its clear resemblance to the iconic Tank Solo watch by Cartier, probably the most popular model from the line is Peugeot Tank Leather. Available for under $100, it’s a budget alternative for those who can’t afford the luxury Cartier model.

Despite the collection name, and as nice as these watches look, you shouldn’t expect to get a true luxury watch for well below $100. Design-wise, though, there’s little doubt these watches look above their price tag.

Price Reduction
1,385 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 27mm, 14kt gold-plated stainless steel case
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Casual Collection

In many ways, the Casual collection is similar to the one above. It’s pretty diverse and rich in stylish timepieces for both males and females.

The watches from the line are pretty diverse, catering to people with different needs and lifestyles. The design in most is pretty minimalistic and straightforward, making the collection a good choice both for everyday use and more official occasions.

One of the best-selling watches from the line is the Peugeot 2059GBK model you see below.

16 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 40mm stainless steel case
  • Soft leather band with buckle closure
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Sport Collection

If you’re a person that is physically active, or you simply appreciate the sporty watch design, the Peugeot Sport collection is your best bet.

With the rugged, tough-to-break look, the vast majority of these watches are designed for men – although some models are also likely to catch ladies’ eye.

There are a few chronograph watches to choose from, as well as some diver-inspired models. Considering the “Sport” label, what I find disappointing about the line is the water-resistance rating. The maximum you can hope for is mere 30 meters which at best makes these models splashproof.

Below find my favorite watch from the line, Peugeot 1023S. Its design has been clearly inspired by the iconic Rolex Submariner. Awesome taste, the Peugeot team!

18 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 40mm stainless steel case
  • Stainless steel bracelet with deployment clasp
  • Mineral crystal dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Moon Phase Collection

Thanks to its distinct function, the Moon Phase collection is probably the most unique of all offered by Peugeot. At the same time, it’s the smallest – featuring just two watches each for men and women.

Of course, the distinct feature in question here is the ability to show the phases of the moon. The dials in all 4 watches feature a beautifully-designed lunar display window. It has images either of the sun and the moon or the stars and the moon. With the presence of Roman numeral hour markers, the watch is the epitome of vintage.

The refined design of these watches, as seen in the Peugeot 3032 model attached below, makes them a great fit for more than just one occasion.

Price Reduction
206 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 40mm stainless steel case
  • Crocodile-embossed leather strap with buckle closure
  • Moon Phase feature
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Retro Vintage Collection

At the time of writing, the Retro Vintage collection consists of 6 watches, all designed for men.

The masculine line is made of stylish and timeless watches that will probably suit more formal occasions. Most Vintage models feature gold-plated stainless steel cases and domed crystals, boasting a refined and antique look.

The Peugeot 2039G model below is the collection’s worthy representative.

426 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 24mm gold-plated stainless steel case
  • Leather band with a tang buckle closure
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Dress Collection

Finally, Peugeot’s Dress line is dedicated to those looking for elegant fashion watches that will look great while wearing a suit or some semi-formal outfit.

The collection is equally rich in men’s and women’s watches, most commonly adorned with genuine leather straps and simple yet attention-grabbing dial designs.

The Peugeot 7080S model below is a great example of a great-looking, affordable dress watch. It’s even decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals.

1,333 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 32mm stainless steel case
  • Panther link bracelet with a deployment clasp
  • Bezel decorated with Swarovski crystals
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Where to Buy Peugeot Watches?

Whether you do your shopping online or offline, the chances of coming across counterfeit Peugeot watches are next to zero. It’s simply because the brand isn’t on the same level of popularity as the likes of Casio, Hublot, or Rolex – names that the vendors of fakes love the most.

That said, you would still like to be certain of getting a fully working timepiece.

Fortunately, Peugeot is already a brand known well enough to be listed in many popular and safe-to-shop-at destinations.

The first obvious choice is Peugeot’s official site. The online store offers free shipping on all orders and has a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. Shopping on the official site, you get a 100% guarantee of receiving all the important papers – including the Limited Lifetime Warranty card.

You can also browse through tens of legit Peugeot watches on popular marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Shopping there, you can find the watches available at even lower price points than at the official site. Before going ahead with the purchase, though, make sure with the seller that the watch comes with the warranty card. Additionally, when it comes to Amazon, you can enjoy same-day shipping.

Finally, Peugeot watches are also available at popular department stores, such as Walmart (both online and offline).

Peugeot Watches Review Conclusion: Is it a Good Brand?

Is Peugeot a Good Brand? Conclusion

If you’ve been considering the purchase of your first Peugeot timepiece, I hope that the article has shed some light on whether the brand is the right fit for you.

To conclude today’s Peugeot watches review, it’s only fair to say the brand offers excellent-looking watches at pricing points affordable for all. The elegant design of most models suggests they are worth considerably more than they really are.

For example, if you’re a fan of the Cartier Tank Solo line but can’t afford it (yet!), Peugeot offers beautiful homages of these iconic models for less than $100. As many as three of them have been included on our list of Top Cartier Tank Alternatives.

Compared to other brands in the same price category, Peugeot fares pretty well.

For instance, the ever-present use of scratch-resistant mineral crystal isn’t a given in low-budget timepieces from other watchmakers. Genuine leather straps can also be seen as a major positive. On the other hand, there’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to water-resistance capabilities.

To this date, the brand’s slogan remains the same – “Affordable Luxury“. At the time of its inception, that was indeed the case as Peugeot’s 18kt gold-plated watches were being offered at unbeatable price margins. Nowadays, even with the elaborate and comment-worthy design still in place, it’s unrealistic to expect a true luxury watch at such budget prices. And as long as you don’t, you are unlikely to be disappointed with your purchase.

If you found the Peugeot review helpful and/or you already have hands-on experience with the brand, feel free to interact in the comment section below.

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