Seapro Watches Review (Hidden Gem Amongst Divers?)

🕑  Last Updated: October 11, 2022

Whether you’re a beginning or experienced dive enthusiast, you must be aware of how integral a role a reliable dive watch can play during the leaps.

A dive watch is a timepiece that is usually worn when scuba diving. Divers use it to keep track of how much time has passed since the leap. Although dive computers have been growing in popularity and some find them comfier than dive watches, it’s still wise to carry one as a backup in case the computer fails.

These timepieces are plainly designed for diving, but they’re also suitable for swimming, skiing, surfing, and any other water-related activity.

If lately you’ve been on the lookout for one, you’ve been probably bombarded with listings from brands such as Seiko, Citizen, and Orient. Granted, these are some of the best dollar-for-dollar dive watch providers out there and deserve all the praise coming their way.

However, the dive watch industry – like any other – has some hidden gems. One of the brands that seem to be enjoying a lot of traction in the last few years is Seapro. Unlike the three Japanese powerhouses mentioned above, the US-based watchmaker largely focuses on timepieces for divers.

In today’s Seapro watches review, we will take a detailed look at all the factors contributing to the overall quality (or its lack) of these watches.

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Seapro History & Background

The history section of Seapro is probably the shortest we’ve covered so far on Timepieceking.

Contrary to the most renowned brands specializing in watches for diving, Seapro is new to the table. In fact, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say the watchmaker is still making baby steps in the industry.

The brand was founded in 2003 in Los Angeles by a team of horological enthusiasts with a passion for water activities – particularly diving. From the very get-go, the brand’s mission was crystal clear: to offer reliable and durable dive watches at price points that won’t break the bank.

While crawling the web, there isn’t really a lot to cover in terms of Seapro’s history as it’s really, really short. Since we absolutely hate writing for the sake of it, we will instantly move on to reviewing the quality of these timepieces.

Are Seapro Watches Any Good?

Like with any other brand review on our website, let us point out that the overall quality and value provided by a watchmaker is evaluated according to how it fares against its competitors in the same price sector.

There’s absolutely no point in stacking low-to-mid-budget brands like Seapro against some of the biggest guns of the industry. Instead, we will have a detailed look at what’s on offer with Seapro, in terms of essential metrics such as durability and movement, warranties the price tag.

So, is Seapro a good watch brand? Let’s find out.


Looks-wise, the brand has nothing to be ashamed of when compared to the much more popular competitors. It’s quite clear that many of Seapro’s timepieces are inspired by popular models from the previously mentioned Citizen, Seiko, and Orient. That’s only natural.

Although the vast majority of timepieces boast a sporty design, recently the brand has also enriched its offer with more elegant and minimalistic leather strap models. However, these are a clear departure from the dive watch approach.

Most of the watch models are designed with men in mind but the collection for ladies is growing constantly.

We will discuss the different styles offered by Seapro in more detail further down the article.


A watch can have all the looks in the world but if it’s not gonna last longer than a year, it’s not really much of use, is it? Unfortunately, that can especially be true when related to microbrands like Seapro.

So, is the up-and-coming watch brand up to the required standards?

Let’s find out.


Let’s start by having a look at the most fragile part of any watch – the dial window. A lion’s share of Seapro models offers solid but not outstanding protection against cracks and scratches in the form of mineral crystal glass.

In fact, at the time of writing, more than 95% of models utilize mineral crystals. Considering the fact that some of these watches can set you back more than $500, it’s a bit of a letdown. Normally in the > $500 price range, you’d expect a sapphire crystal glass. As things stand, only the BX Diver collection that approaches the $1,000 mark offers the premium crystal type.


At present, Seapro watches utilize three types of cases:

  • stainless steel – present in the vast majority of watch models, offering the biggest scratch and stain-resistant properties
  • plastic – mostly used in the models at the lower end of the pricing table, definitely not as tough-to-break
  • aluminum alloy – not as strong as stainless steel but with higher anti-corrosion properties which come in quite handy as far as dive watches are concerned

All models in the dive watch collection come with screwed-in casebacks which play an integral role in not letting any moisture inside the watch. Overall, there’s not much to point a finger at in the aspect of cases.


When it comes to bands, the choice is as follows:

  • stainless steel – used by the chief part of timepieces, definitely the hardest to break
  • silicone – also a popular and fairly durable option among dive watches
  • ceramic – some stainless steel bracelets use ceramic links which by many are considered the “premium” material. These models usually are a bit more pricey
  • leather – one type to avoid if you’re looking to use the watch in water. These are by far the most delicate and damage-prone


Seapro dive watches, which are by far the most numerous in the entire offer, are highly capable timepieces as far as use in the water is concerned.

The lowest WR rating available with the dive watch line is 100m while the most advanced models can survive the pressure of up to 1000m.

Watch models outside the diving collection come with ratings ranging from 30m to 100m.

Seapro Warranty

All Seapro watches come with a 2-year guarantee period.

The 24-month warranty is pretty much a standard in the industry. It covers watch parts that have failed due to the original defects in materials or workmanship under normal use. Naturally, any damage caused by your negligence won’t be considered for a free repair.


Seapro watches utilize both quartz and automatic movements.

With that said, the battery-powered timepieces make up for more than 90% of models in the entire offer. Some people, us included, find this a bit disappointing considering the fact that many of the said watches are priced at $300 and above.

With other brands, the selection of automatic timepieces in this price range is considerably bigger. However, if you value the unbeatable accuracy of quartz watches over the bigger complexity of automatic models, you won’t care much.

The vast majority of calibers, whether quartz or automatic, are Japanese. Just a few models boast the Swiss-made movement label.

Popular Seapro Collections

Despite starting out as a company focused exclusively on dive watches, Seapro’s current portfolio is a bit more diversified.

In this section, we will have a look at the most popular watch models that differ in styles and functionalities.

Seapro Scuba Explorer

Scuba Explorer is a line of watches we could call hybrids of regular dive and chronograph watches.

All models included in the collection come with everything you’d expect from a dive watch:

  • unidirectional bezel
  • strong luminescence
  • impressive WR rating (200m)

However, the watches come with the additional function of a chronograph. Because of this, the face is enriched with three additional sub-dials operated by the two pushers on each side of the crown.

Seapro Scuba Dragon

If you’re an experienced diver operating at big depths, the Scuba Dragon collection is probably your best bet.

All Dragon models boast an outstanding 1000m (10ATM / 3300ft) water resistance rating. The inclusion of a helium valve that is attached to the stainless steel case makes Scuba Dragon an even more professional diving timepiece.

All models in the collection utilize rubber bands and unidirectional bezels. Additionally, they boast a day and a date window positioned at 3 o’clock. Scuba Dragon is one of the more pricey Seapro collections as some models can break the $1,000 mark.

Seapro Scuba Auto 200

As already mentioned, some Seapro timepieces are clearly inspired by models from more renowned brands. If you’re a fan of dive watches, you must be familiar with one of the most iconic dive watch models released to date – Rolex Submariner.

Most watchmakers who specialize in manufacturing dive timepieces have at least one model that clearly resembles the Submariner. Seapro is not an exception to the rule!

The Scuba 200 Auto collection is made exclusively of stainless steel models. If you’ve been on the lookout for a collection that will look just as amazing in the sea as outside of it, you might have won a watch (pun intended) with Scuba 200.

What helps Scuba 200 watches stand out is the automatic movement which, as already pointed out, is a rarity amongst Seapro timepieces. The models also boast the so-called “Tuna” bezel, resembling in shape a can of tuna.

Seapro Meridian World Timer

The Meridian World Timer is an excellent example of Seapro’s departure from the classic dive watch design and features.

The collection consists of head-turning GMT timepieces (read also: What Is a GMT Watch?). In other words, these are watches that can track time in an additional time zone of your choice. They’re particularly popular amongst pilots and frequent travelers.

Meridian models don’t have the look of typical GMT watches either. Normally this kind of timekeeper comes with an additional hand and a bidirectional bezel with a 24-hour time scale. Instead, Seapro Meridian models utilize the GMT function on one of the three sub-dials placed on the busily-arranged face. The other two have a chronograph function.

The water resistance of Meridian models isn’t as impressive (100m).

The collection consists of watches that are either fully made from stainless steel or come in a combination of stainless steel case and a rubber strap.

Seapro Women’s Spring

As of now, Seapro’s feminine watches are in minority but they do exist and the collection is constantly expanding.

Spring is one of the more popular lines for women due to its affordability. Depending on where you do your shopping, these watches can be snatched at anywhere between $70 and $200.

Since these are women’s watches, the first notable distinction is the smaller cases. All measure 36mm in diameter.

Unfortunately (but understandably), the low price compensates for the poorer quality of materials.

For example, the Spring collection is one of few that utilizes plastic cases. On the waterproofing front, they are also at the lower end of the table with a mere 3ATM (30m) water resistance rating.

Where Are Seapro Watches Made?

Despite using Japanese and Swiss movements, the production and assembling of Seapro watches take place in China. No surprises here as this is a pretty normal procedure amongst microbrands. In fact, many of the well-known watchmakers also use Chinese manufactories to keep the costs as low as possible.

Where to Buy Seapro Watches?

At the time of writing, Seapro watches are available for purchase exclusively online.

With Seapro being a microbrand, you don’t have to worry about getting a counterfeit model. However, you can pay over the odds when shopping at the wrong place.

Normally the first place we recommend shopping at is the brand’s official website. However, we will make an exception here as the prices seem to be considerably higher than in other places.

For prompt shipping and competitive prices, definitely have a look on Amazon. The number of Seapro watch models seems to be constantly on the rise there.

Another reliable source is Jomashop, one of the most popular and trusted jewelry and watch stores in the US. It’s also an authorized retailer of Seapro.

Finally, if you don’t mind pre-owned timepieces, have a look on eBay. Secon-hand watches can be snatched even at -80% off the original price.

Seapro Watches Review: Conclusion

Review of Seapro watches: conclusion

If you’ve been contemplating the purchase of your first timepiece from the US brand, we hope that today’s review of Seapro watches has helped you make your decision – whatever that is!

Summing up today’s article, we think it’s only fair to say that Seapro is indeed a solid microbrand. Considering its relatively short presence in the industry, it has enjoyed quite a success, especially in the dive watch sector.

Many watch enthusiasts seem to agree that Seapro watches deliver solid value for money. With that said, most of the models aren’t the cheapest. In fact, they can seem quite pricey taking into consideration the microbrand status.

In our opinion, the two biggest advantages of Seapro timepieces are:

  • head-turning and carefully-crafted design, oftentimes resembling popular dive watch models from more recognizable watchmakers such as Rolex
  • impressive water resistance parameters, oftentimes reaching 100ATM (1000m)

However, we can’t help but think the brand could offer considerably more in terms of the quality of glass (sapphire crystal should be used more often at these price points) and the complexity of the movements. Japanese and Swiss calibers are naturally the most trusted out there but the numerical advantage of quartz models over automatic ones is too big for our liking.

If today’s Seapro watches review has in any way helped you make up your mind, we’re glad. Feel free to use the comment section below to share your thoughts on the article or your own experience with the brand.

Also, feel free to get familiar with other highly-rated micro brands such as AV-8, Spinnaker, Torgoen or Thomas Earnshaw.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve bought my seapro scuba dragon black dial about a year ago.
    In my experience it’s a nice solid watch with a good weight, and very trustworthy, it goes fast about 2 seconds a month.
    My only point was that the luminous marker on the bezel came off, got this repaired at a local watch maker, otherwise I needed to send my watch back to the USA to get it repaired. (I live in new Zealand.)
    So it’s ashame they don’t offer small repair under warranty in other countries.

    In my experience it’s one of my favorite every day use watches.


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