Torgoen T9 Review (GMT Watch Made Affordable)

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Would you believe a G-Shock I was gifted in 2014 by my grandpa started my lifelong journey of a watch geek?

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Torgoen was founded in 2009 by a collaboration of aviation enthusiasts with watchmakers with generations of expertise manufacturing timepieces for some of the world’s greatest prestigious labels. Torgoen only uses high-quality components.

Moreover, the company thoroughly inspects the goods and materials at every stage of the manufacturing process. Swiss watch mechanisms are a component in all of their timepieces.

They even use 316L stainless steel cases and K1 and Sapphire crystals, including genuine Italian leather wristbands. They have their own staff of specialists and technicians in charge of overseeing the entire production process. Furthermore, they scrutinize materials upon arrival and installation. Each watch undergoes stringent quality-control testing before, throughout, and after production.

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Review of Torgoen T9 Watch

Although Torgoen has to date manufactured a number of high-quality watches with outstanding performance and promise of longevity, this particular watch is one of my favorites. I use it more frequently than the others.

Below I have listed the most accurate description of this particular watch. Hence, if you make up your mind to buy it, you can form an informed and educated decision about whether or not it will suit your requirements and wants.

Torgoen T9 Watch Review

The T9 is an affordable watch without sacrificing Torgoen craftsmanship or appearance. It comes with a Ronda Swiss GMT movement. This operation permits you to change the time zone of the GMT hand. The casing consists of sturdy stainless steel and has a stainless-steel curved back that screws securely.

There is a mineral crystal on it. Their assurance check department puts the watches through a variety of wear-and-tear tests. This includes straps as well as spring-bar exams. Additionally, they test all of them for water resistance in pressured water tanks with pressures up to 10 ATM (100 meters).

Moreover, Torgoen also offers amazing customer support service. Hence, if any problem arises with your watch within the time frame of its warranty, you can contact them. They will be ready to assist you in any way they could. This is a very important feature to look at before considering buying any product. It really helps you assess whether or not the company values its customers.

The dimensions of this Torgoen T9 watch are 4.02 x 3.98 x 3.03 inches. It is also extremely lightweight, weighing only about 9.59 ounces. You should look for lightweight watches because they really help you stay comfortable. They don’t make you feel that there is something heavy wrapped around your wrist. Discomfortability has a major negative impact on a person’s confidence as well!

Before deciding to buy a watch, it is advisable that you have a thorough look at its features and offerings. This will help you assess whether it will be suitable for the purpose you are buying it for or not. It also helps you compare different products and eventually decide on the one that will work best for you.

Below, I have listed a few features of this watch. They will undoubtedly help you decide how good this watch will be for you. Additionally, you’ll be able to determine if it can do what you require it to do or not.


The design of the watch is far more than just the aesthetics. Obviously, aesthetics matter as they are a reflection of your personality. However, there are definitely a few more things that you need to ponder over when assessing this feature of any watch.

The Torgoen ergonomically exceptional reading and distinction that was influenced by the avionics in cockpits with exceptional non-radioactive luminosity, readable for 8 hours in total darkness, is carried over into the design (after charging with light during the day).

I have collected various finer details about this watch’s design in the following list. Hopefully, it helps you to gain a better understanding of the Torgoen T9.

a) Dial

The T9 is an affordable watch without sacrificing the Torgoen workmanship or appearance. It comes with a Ronda Swiss GMT movement. This action permits you to move the GMT hand to another time zone, such as Greenwich Mean Time, in the event of a licensed pilot. Once every 24 hours, the GMT hand turns. This feature is ideal for tourists or anyone who has a family member or friend who lives on the other side time zone.

B) Case

The casing contains solid stainless steel and has a stainless-steel curved backside that screws shut. There is a mineral crystal on it.

C) Bracelet

The bracelet consists of an authentic vintage Italian leather strap with a 22mm width that you can change. Their quality control team conducts a variety of wear-and-tear testing, including strap tests.


The mineral crystal glass that protects the watch’s display is tough and provides a high level of scratches and shattering protection. This one has a water resistance rating of 100 meters.

Torgoen uses only high-quality resources and inspects the output as well as its elements at every stage of the manufacturing process. Swiss watch movements are a part of all their timepieces. They also employ stainless steel of the highest quality. Their quality assurance team conducts a variety of wear-and-tear testing.


This watch comes with a Ronda Swiss GMT movement. This movement permits you to move the GMT indicator to another timeline, such as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), in the event of an experienced pilot. Pilots converse with Air Traffic Control on the radio all across the world in GMT, mostly not in local time. The GMT hand typically rotates every 24 hours and is readily changeable to any time zone.


Overall, Torgoen is an exceptional brand that produces only high-quality watches and that too at highly affordable prices. Their watches consist of the highest quality materials and promise longevity as well as excellent performance throughout their operations.

This particular watch, Torgoen T9 watch, is specifically designed keeping in mind professional pilots and anyone else who need a watch with similar requirements. With eight hours of non-stop luminosity to allow you to see the time in pitch darkness to the GMT feature, this watch contains a ton of features as well as extremely cool aesthetics, which will for sure highlight your personality.

It also comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty so that you can be assured that your investment, no matter how little, will not go waste and that you will be able to utilize it fully.

Torgoen Watches: FAQ

Torgoen T9 Review: FAQ

Is Torgoen a good brand to consider if I want a high-quality watch on a low budget?

Torgoen is a manufacturer of watches that haven’t been there for very long. Thus, it’s a name that many people are unfamiliar with. Torgoen, on the other hand, has certainly garnered a lot of considerable recognition after only a little upwards of 10 years of operation.

That’s due to their high-quality items at reasonable rates. Every Torgoen Swiss watch is Swiss-manufactured and utilizes extremely accurate Swiss movements to assure integrity and precision. With all of this stringent quality control, you can guarantee that you’re getting a high-quality timepiece at a reasonable price.

Is Torgoen T9 Watch Worth It?

Well, we definitely think that it is worth it. It has a very simple face and minimalistic aesthetic that does go with every type of output and use. Apart from that, the additional hand for the extra time zone is also going to be very useful for you if you need this feature.

Since this feature is available in fewer products, it sure will give you an edge. Apart from that, the strap is of high quality and will not deteriorate anytime soon. It also comes with a number of holes in it. Hence, even if you have a small wrist, it will definitely fit you perfectly without any worries.

How Is the Customer Support Service of Torgoen?

They are a very customer-centric brand. Therefore, they are always focusing on and discovering new ways to make their customers feel fulfilled after purchasing any of their products. These are of high quality, so you will not be having any problem with them. However, if any problem does occur, they are always ready to assist you and solve your problem as soon as possible. They are highly cooperative and are always ready to help.

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  1. I just purchased a T9 Red Hawk GMT about 3 weeks ago and I love the crisp look of the dial. I did some research of the Torgoen Company but there really was not too much information about the company in any of the You Tube watch evaluations. Your review gave me the confidence to go with this watch company and I am really happy I did. I am hoping to purchase another one (T10 Black Carbon) in the near future!!

    Thank you for your review.


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