Thomas Earnshaw Watches Review (Is the Brand Any Good?)

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Dartmouth Brands Ltd is a leading provider of its own brands. They manufacture an impressive variety of timepieces to suit all ages and preferences. They comply with all UK and EU regulations while designing and manufacturing watches. Moreover, they collaborate closely with clients to attain the highest quality standards and aesthetics.

This brand created Thomas Earnshaw watches for watch enthusiasts like you. Thomas Earnshaw was a renowned old British watch manufacturer who was also a watch lover. The company realized that by reintroducing his name to the current world of timepieces, they would be able to uphold and commemorate him while also providing joy to other like-minded individuals.

When you choose a Thomas Earnshaw watch, you can be confident that you are carrying a personalized timepiece. This is now distinctive to you and you only, owing to the hand-finishing.

We hope that you enjoy wearing the collection even more than designers enjoy giving it to you. It was influenced by some of the most renowned Thomas Earnshaw-manufactured chronometers used by Charles Darwin on the Beagle when exploring the Galapagos Islands or by Captain Mathew Flinders, who first surveyed Australia.

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Thomas Earnshaw History & Background

Thomas Earnshaw (1749-1829) was born on the 4th of February, 1749, in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England, near Manchester.

In the subject of craftsmanship, Thomas Earnshaw is legendary and a pioneer. He was born in Manchester, England, in 1749. He was recognized for his work in polishing and strengthening the marine chronometers of the time. It was those marine chronometers that were so important to the Royal Navy’s vessels when they circumnavigated the entire planet throughout a golden age of science and adventure in English history.

Nothing at all was more influential than the chronometer. The HMS Beagle took this on its adventure around the world to influence Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking research of evolution, mostly on the origin of species. Earnshaw is famous for his work with maritime chronometers. Still, he also took on the task of designing clocks that observatories like Greenwich and Armagh can use. Samples of his beautiful work are available at exhibitions and in bidding houses all over the world.

The Earnshaw wristwatch, which is accessible for the watch connoisseur and enthusiast alike, is built on this groundbreaking attitude to develop the knowledge of horology, along with a passion for perfection in workmanship. He created a correction to the detachable chronometer chronograph movement. Moreover, he added the compensatory balance that would later be a part of the standard maritime chronometer.

Earnshaw managed to meet the Astronomer Royal, Nevil Maskelyne. Maskelyne put an Earnshaw chronometer on an experiment for six weeks and urged Earnshaw to keep manufacturing more. As a response, Earnshaw had the task of repairing clocks at the Greenwich Observatory and designing a controller for the new Armagh Observatory.

Earnshaw took over the firm at 119 High Holborn after his instructor, William Hughes, died in November 1792. After then, Earnshaw titled his pieces through his own name. He followed a set of instructions for making chronometers, which resulted in outside employees producing movements in batches.

Earnshaw earned money from the Board of Longitude in recognition of his advancements to chronometers. His bimetallic compensating equilibrium and spring locking environmental management act have been employed almost routinely in maritime chronometers since then. He is widely recognized as being among the pioneers of chronometer advancement.

Thomas Earnshaw stepped down as the owner of the company, which he passed forward to his son, who ran it until 1854. On the 1st of March, he passed at Chenies Street, Bedford Square, London. Ever since, a memorial honoring Thomas Earnshaw has been available at St. Giles in the Fields.

HMS Beagle brought chronometer number 506 on a trip to circle the globe and create, for the very first time, a chain of correctly established longitudinal locations across the planet. This may have been the journey during which Charles Darwin was inspired to create On the Origin of Species, his book explaining the idea of evolution.

Are Thomas Earnshaw Watches Any Good?

These watches are attractive among those searching for a mid-range timepiece and are inspired by the renowned English manufacturer Thomas Earnshaw. Despite the lack of information regarding the brand’s history and development, they have a sizable global client following. Customers, on the other hand, have given the brand mixed ratings. Some watch collectors adore these designs, while many others do not.

Thomas Earnshaw was a well-known English adventurer and a gifted horologist. The brand is titled after this figure, and the watch collections are inspired by his principles. The company, which was founded in 2012, strives to highlight the beauty of mechanical timepieces. Dartmouth Brands, which further owns other prominent valuable luxury brands, owns the watch firm.


Thomas Earnshaw provides a wide range of timepieces priced between 200 to 320 bucks. They create timepieces with dramatic looks, large date complications, skeletonized dials, and other intricacies that are frequently seen on watches, drawing influence from high-end luxury watch brands.


These watches are extremely durable and are made of great quality.

Some of the less pricey watches feature a good wooden box, but there is nothing special, but we cannot possibly expect anything more for this price. These watches generally have strong wrapping to keep them safe throughout shipment, which really is a lovely touch.

The thickness of the dials generally gives their timepieces a magnificent and unique appearance. The casings catch the light nicely, and the overall view of the watch is pleasing.

The watches’ dials are not particularly traditional. The dials’ components are nicely centered and proportioned from a distance, as are the bridges around each balancing wheel. The indexes and numerals are printed cleanly and crisply, and the polished finish and beveled pattern on the sub-dial look great.

Watch cases are very well made, and the playful different designs and styles like the coin appearance with the tiny rifts around the case’s edge are great. The ionic rose gold plating on some is well done and catches the light brilliantly. The crown on these watches can be plain, yet it works nicely because of the coin layout.

Some Thomas Earnshaw watches have a mineral glass crystal rather than a sapphire crystal. A sapphire crystal might not be quite as important on a watch as it is on a field or diver watch. Mineral glass has the advantage of reflecting lesser light than sapphire crystal, allowing for a clearer view of the dial.


Thomas Earnshaw does not somehow specify who originated the movement of their watches. It has been assumed that they really create their personal motion, leaving no option other than concluding that they are using Chinese movements. We cannot determine how long these movements will last because there is not a great deal of information available about them.

Traditionally, double equilibrium wheel motions were there to reduce resistance and momentum. Therefore, they extended the movement’s life. However, in some of the Thomas Earnshaw movements, the second balancing wheel serves as a decorative element. Although it’s a nice one, it does not control time.

The time is good to manage, and the hand-winding works nicely on this watch, which loses about 20 to 30 seconds every day. According to the research, many Chinese motions are less mechanically robust and typically cease operating after 2 to 5 years of usage.

Thomas Earnshaw Collections

A joy of life and discovery is at the core of the Thomas Earnshaw concept, which is established just after the renowned craftsman whose watches helped introduce Charles Darwin’s trip around the world. Each watch series is dedicated to a historical explorer, place, or vessel representing Thomas Earnshaw’s principles: the bravery to be above the unexpected. However, the style they offer is unique and classy.

Their Longitude watch is a perfect homage to Earnshaw’s brilliance, intellect, and grace. A huge, traditionally shaped casing reveals a complicated yet accurate and clear image of the mastery of timekeeping.

Their Longcase line is built on absolute accuracy and attention in the genuine tradition of manufacturing. Hundreds of complex parts, each handmade uniquely, join together in perfect mechanical compatibility to produce these beautiful watches. The following are the six main collections.


Admiral Hawke by Thomas Earnshaw arrives on your wrist in beauty and elegance as part of an incredibly limited edition manufacturing run. With something like a strong focus on each aspect of the time-telling performance, the seconds’ subdial innovation provides better simplicity and readability.

Through the see-through display case back, the bespoke automatic movement is completely apparent. There are also other collections available from Admiral Edition. You can visit their website for more options.

City of London

Thomas Earnshaw resided on Chenies Street in London’s Bloomsbury neighborhood. Bloomsbury was and continues to be regarded as a prestigious neighborhood, historically linked to artists, education, and medicine. The British Museum, which first started its operations in 1759 and is now home to universities, institutes, and other establishments, has cemented Bloomsbury’s status as London’s intellectual center and heart. It is a 300-piece limited edition. There are also other collections available from Admiral Edition. You can visit their website for more options.


This is dedicated to the golden era of Britain’s maritime dominance. New states and oceans were found and charted due to advancements in horology compared to men like Thomas Earnshaw.

Fashionable and refined, the Drake is a striking watch that reveals the internal dynamics of its self-powered skeleton. Through the dial, there is an automatic movement. This is a clear indication that, like the rest of the watches, the Earnshaw is more than simply an item of wristwear. It is the culmination of decades of outstanding watchmaking custom-made for you. There are also other collections available from Admiral Edition. You can visit their website for more options.


Flinders and his group surveyed the Australian coastlines while also researching flora and creatures. The HMS Officer’s journey from 1801 to 1803 gave a new perspective on Australia’s historical development. Ferdinand Bauer (1760-1826), the voyage’s local history illustrator, was on board the Investigator. Franz and Ferdinand Bauer were well-known botanists who made significant contributions to the development, recording, and explanation of botany and the environment.

Their signature was stunningly accurate art that was nearly pictured realistically in its precision. In terms of intricacy and craftsmanship, this collection of mechanical watches produced in appreciation is no less amazing.

This is the clock for the horological expert. It is breathtakingly accurate in the portrayal of the mechanisms of time. A fluid cylindrical design with an exposition case back has the thinnest framework to mark out all the minutes, displaying the full splendor of the intricate and finely manufactured separate pieces that make up this exquisite Earnshaw watch. The timepiece is finished with a real leather strap produced in Italy. This adds a touch of luxury to an already impressive wristwatch.


Flinders and his group surveyed the Australian coastlines while also researching flora and creatures. The HMS Officer’s journey from 1801 to 1803 gave a new perspective on AThe Blenkinsop is a beautiful wristwatch unlike any other. It is sturdy and trustworthy. Moreover, it has a mechanically automated two-hand movement with a tiny second and power backup that measures 44mm and is completely waterproof to 100 meters.


The Celestial line took inspiration from the Universe’s magnificent canvas. It is abounding through both visual and mechanical magnificence, and it is breathtaking and fascinating. The Herschel is a complicated project of wearable horological art, with a visible chronograph movement pulsing at its core. It is the pinnacle of manufacturing.

Thomas Earnshaw Warranty

Your Thomas Earnshaw watch is crafted with excellent craftsmanship. They always utilize the highest-quality materials from vendors that are both ethically and ecologically conscious.

All of their timepieces feature high-quality designs and come with a two-year warranty. These watches are handcrafted with hundreds of small parts and give a gorgeous watch that honors the virtues of quality. All of their watches are manually cleaned and finished.

Thomas Earnshaw Watches Review: Conclusion 

You will be delightfully pleased if you purchase one of these timepieces. For the amount of money that they cost, they are rather nice-looking watches.

The dials and casings are both highly unique and will undoubtedly attract attention. Additionally, the cases look amazing and reflect very little light. Therefore, if you want to feel like you are wearing some of the really costly microbrand watches with insane styles but do not have that amount of cash, Thomas Earnshaw is your best choice. Just make sure to compare all of the features before purchasing.

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