Different Types of Watch Bezels

Different types of watch bezels

Many folks just dipping their toes into the world of watchmaking are quite surprised to hear that diving watches are not the only type that is equipped with bezels. In fact, all watches have them! Every timepiece you’ve come across, owned, or will own in the future, comes with some kind of a bezel. In … Read more

Affordable Swiss Watch Brands (Best Watches for 2022)

Affordable Swiss Watch brands

Just like the United States is associated with mouth-watering burgers, Switzerland has always been considered the hub of the most refined timepieces. Unfortunately, a lion’s share comes with hefty price tags – putting off most enthusiasts long before they even had a good look at their most desired model. The fact that Swiss-made watches are … Read more

Different Watch Movement Types

Different types of watch movements

If I had to pick one watch part even the most inexperienced buyer should have knowledge about, then I would definitely point to the movement of the watch. It’s the heart of every timepiece and as we know, once the heart stops, so does the rest. After reading this article, you will be able to … Read more