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Anne Klein might not be solely a watch brand but that doesn’t have to mean it can’t offer quality timepieces.

Even though the brand has been on the market considerably longer than other watch-producing fashion powerhouses such as Michael Kors or Guess, AK watches don’t seem to get the same recognition.

Is it all down to less aggressive marketing policies, or are the watches really not that worthy of attention? In this Anne Klein watches review, we will go into detail about the history of the brand, and the quality of its products and also answer some other frequently asked questions related to Anne Klein timepieces.

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Anne Klein Watches History

Like in the case of any other review on this site, I always like to start with the history behind the brand. If you’d like to skip it and move straight to the Anne Klein quality review, click here.

The brand was established by, you guessed it, Anne Klein. The woman, with more than two decades of experience in the fashion industry through her husband’s clothing company, built herself a great reputation as a designer focused on delivering affordable fashion for women.

AK is quite a long-standing fashion brand as its roots date back to 1968. Three years prior to the brand’s foundation, Anne Klein divorced her husband so she was the sole owner of the enterprise from the very beginning until the time of her passing.

Unsurprisingly, Anne’s business got off to a flying start and expanded rapidly. In the 1970s, more than 750 department stores and boutiques in the US shelved Klein’s creations.

With each passing decade, the brand kept widening the spectrum of products. With time, Anne Klein started offering jewelry and fashion accessories, including watches. Fast forward a few decades, Anne Klein’s timepieces are one of the brand’s best-selling products.

Price Reduction
  • 28mm stainless steel case
  • Black leather strap with buckle closure
  • Mineral crystal dial
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • 100 feet / 30m water-resistance

Are Anne Klein Watches Any Good? Quality Review

It’s not that easy to define the quality of any watch, let alone a brand as a whole. The answer to the question of whether Anne Klein is a good watch brand can be very subjective, depending on the individual’s needs and expectations.

Let’s forget about Rolexes, Omegas and Breitlings – AK watches will never match that standard. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t provide decent value! To get a clearer idea of whether Anne Klein watches are worth the money, it’s only natural to try and compare them with watchmakers in a similar pricing range.

With the vast majority of watches available for $100 or less, we can say that Anne Klein is a low-budget brand. In general, it’s fair to say that Anne Klein watches provide decent value for money but they aren’t excellent by any means. At that price, we shouldn’t expect them to be either. Now let’s have a closer look at what contributes to the general score of AK timepieces.

Design & Durability

The level of craftsmanship in Anne Klein watches might not meet that of the most popular brands on the market. Nevertheless, considering the low price margins, it’s more than okay.

While browsing through the Anne Klein watch collection, it’s easy to notice that the brand focuses on an elegant style with a modern splash of trend-right touches.

The biggest chunk of models is probably best suited for women who appreciate a casual or semi-formal style. The number of timepieces in the entire collection that we can describe as “sporty” is really low. Considering the brand’s values and style from the very beginning, it’s understandable.

Starting with straps, you can select from one of the following materials:

  • stainless steel
  • leather
  • ceramic

Stainless steel watches are by far the biggest in number, although there are plenty of leather strap models to select from as well. The ones with ceramic bracelets (and other elements) are in the minority and at the top end of the pricing table but barely go beyond the $150 mark anyway.

Watch cases are either stainless steel or ceramic. Again, expect to pay a bit more when choosing a watch with the latter. Since Anne Klein designs timepieces exclusively for women, cases are rather small so that they look good on all wrist types. At the time of writing, the smallest diameter available is 21mm whereas the biggest one measures 36mm.

Crucially, all Anne Klein watches come with a scratch-resistant mineral crystal lens. It’s hardly a given for brands operating in a similar price range and the fact should definitely be appreciated.

There is also good news for those who like the watch to have a bit of a luxury feel to it. Selected models come with genuine Swarovski crystals and are available for as low as $60.

  • 30mm stainless steel case
  • Stainless steel bracelet with a sliding clasp
  • Mineral crystal dial
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • 100 feet / 30m water-resistance


There isn’t much choice when it comes to the types of movements in Anne Klein watches.

As already mentioned, Anne Klein timepieces are good-looking but low-budget wristwatches that won’t make your jaw drop in terms of craftsmanship, especially when it comes to the interior. Hence, at the time of writing, there aren’t any automatic models to pick from.

All timepieces are battery-powered, running on a Japanese quartz movement. The caliber used in AK timepieces is from Miyota, one of the most popular movement manufacturers. If you value precision above anything else, you shouldn’t be left disappointed. Anne Klein watches provide accuracy of around +15-30 seconds/month which is a fairly standard result for quartz wristwatches.


Anne Klein is one of the very few brands selling watches with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The lifetime guarantee period covers the owner against all defects related to material or workmanship. Naturally, the warranty does not apply to standard wear and tear caused by your own negligence. Anne Klein’s warranty excludes batteries, case, strap, crystal (glass) and bracelet.

Are Anne Klein Watches Water-Resistant?

The brand would have scored more points in the durability review if the water resistance was of a higher standard.

All watch models, without an exception, come with a 100 feet/30m WR rating. In other words, they are splashproof. Taking the watch for a swim or even wearing it in a shower might result in damage to the movement. In such a case, consider getting the timepiece only if you don’t mind taking it off before every encounter with water.

  • 34mm stainless steel case
  • Silver-tone mesh bracelet with adjustable end links; jewelry clasp and extender
  • Mineral crystal dial
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • 100 feet / 30m water-resistance

Where Are Anne Klein Watches Made?

Although Anne Klein watches production isn’t conducted in-house, all timepieces are manufactured and assembled in the United States. Responsible for that is an outside firm called Sutton Time.

As previously mentioned, all Anne Klein watches use the Japanese quartz movement by Miyota. Naturally, the movements are imported from Japan.

Do Anne Klein Watches Have Real Diamonds?

Yes, some Anne Klein models include genuine diamonds.

Because of the bargain-basement prices, there aren’t any watches that are decorated with more than 1 diamond, though. At the time of writing, there are 10 AK timepieces that come with a real diamond and you can check out these models by clicking here.

If you appreciate diamond-decorated timepieces that won’t break the bank, feel free to read the review of JBW watches. The US-based company focuses exclusively on designing and manufacturing diamond watches at pricing points affordable for most people.

Where to Buy Anne Klein Watches?

One of the biggest worries of people hunting for watches online is the possibility of encountering a counterfeit model. Whereas generally speaking the risk is real, it doesn’t relate to Anne Klein timepieces.

Sellers offering replica models target the most popular and sought-after brands in the world such as Omega, Rolex or Hublot. With all due respect, Anne Klein watches come nowhere near the brands mentioned above.

If you are a resident of the United States, the first obvious shopping option would be Anne Klein’s official website. The store offers free shipping on all orders above $50, which basically means free delivery on all watches available at The site doesn’t offer international shipping, though.

If you value same-day delivery, feel free to check out the AK watch collection on Amazon. Apart from the express shipping, the prices seem to be considerably cheaper on the majority of models you can find on the official site.

Price Reduction
  • 28mm stainless steel case
  • Black enamel filled gold-tone bangle with adjustable end links
  • Mineral crystal lens
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • 100 feet / 30m water-resistance

Is Anne Klein a Good Watch Brand? Conclusion

Are Anne Klein watches any good? Conclusion

If you had some doubts regarding whether the brand is the right choice for your next purchase, I hope that the Anne Klein watches review has cleared the majority of them.

To sum up, I think it’s fair to say that Anne Klein provides decent enough value, considering the low cost of all models. At the same time, you should be aware that by paying south of $100 for a timepiece, you won’t get a time-telling powerhouse that can compete with some of the best on the market.

Anne Klein isn’t a sole watch manufacturer and timepieces are just one of many categories the US fashion brand specializes in. If you treat these watches more like a fashion accessory that can accurately time instead of expecting a God-knows-what level of watchmaking craftsmanship, Anne Klein is unlikely to disappoint you.

The brand is a solid budget choice for elegant, minimalistic dress watches that will definitely grab a lot of attention due to the exterior that in many cases looks way above the price.

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