Best Android Smartwatch Under 100 (Top Models for 2022)

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Would you believe a G-Shock I was gifted in 2014 by my grandpa started my lifelong journey of a watch geek?

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It feels like an eternity since the release of LG’s G Watch, the world’s first-ever WearOS smartwatch, in the summer of 2014. Time certainly does fly and I feel old just writing that. 

Since then, tens of leading tech brands have followed suit. With each year, a bigger number of smartwatches come to the surface. Considering that most of the new releases arrive with ever-advancing features, the prices are on a constant rise as well. So, is it still possible to get a reliable device that won’t break the bank?

It certainly is – although the choice is not as big as I had expected before starting the research. Anyhow, the goal of this article is to help you find the best Android smartwatch under 100 dollars and I’m positive the list below will do just that. Without more ado, let’s have a closer look at the 5 budget models that should do the job.

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Best Smartwatch for Android Under $100 (Top 3 Overview)

Best Android Smartwatch Under 100 Dollars (Top 3 Reviewed)

Ticwatch E

Ticwatch E Check Price

All things considered – that is features, price and durability – I couldn’t have picked any other watch but Ticwatch E. The budget smartwatch, also known as Ticwatch Express, came to the surface in 2017 but it still puts many competitors in the same price range to shame. 

Ticwatch E,  thanks to the round case, gives us the look and feel closer to that of a regular watch. The case is made from plastic, the band is silicone, whereas the OLED dial is scratch-resistant. All of that should be considered okay for the price – it’s pretty rugged and easy to clean.

The watch is available in three color variations: black (Shadow), white (Ice) and yellow (Lemon). There is some good news for those that love tinkering with the design – there are many colors of bands to choose from that you can purchase separately. Depending on your mood, occasion and outfit, you will be able to select from hundreds of free watch faces available in the app.

Crucially, Ticwatch Express comes with the AOD (Always On Display) mode. That’s hardly a given when it comes to budget Android smartwatches so it’s great to have it here. The process of checking the time should always be as hassle-free as possible and with Ticwatch E, it certainly is.

Moving on to other essential features, I should definitely mention the built-in GPS. With the availability of detailed data such as average speed, distance traveled and calories burned, you will enjoy a great insight into your fitness exertions. 

After you connect Ticwatch E to your Android smartphone, you will be able to choose notifications that you’d like to see on your wrist. Apart from incoming calls and text messages, the smartwatch can display emails, social media updates, calendar reminders and more.

Probably the most important feature of Ticwatch E is that it allows you to answer and make phone calls. As well as that, texting from your wrist is also possible. As far as Android smartwatches under 100 bucks are concerned, that’s a rarity. It is that which makes Ticwatch E a true standout on this list.

According to product specifications on Mobvoi’s website, you can expect the smartwatch to run for around 2 days. Looking at user reviews across the web, though, it seems as if 24 hours of use is probably closer to the truth – especially if you would like to use the abovementioned AOD mode. 

As good as Ticwatch E is for the price, the water-resistance could’ve been better. Although the IP67 will protect the smartwatch from sporadical splashes, it pretty much rules out swimming.

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Amazift Bip

Amazfit Bip Check Price

When looking for the best Android smartwatch under 100 dollars, it’s actually not that easy to find a budget pick. That’s because all of them can be classified as budget! Nevertheless, as in all my buying guides, I had to pick one. This time I decided to go with Amazfit Bip smartwatch.

This Android smartwatch was produced by the Chinese tech mogul Huami which is solely responsible for releasing smart wearables for world-renowned brand Xiaomi. Since its premiere in the summer of 2019, the Bip model has scored awesome reviews both from Android and iOS users.

Beginning with the exterior, I think it’s clear to see the designers were greatly inspired by the Apple Watch. And there’s nothing wrong with that – the rectangular case is something that many (me included) particularly like about the model.

The reflective, 1,28-inch display screen is made from Corning Gorillas 3 Glass and has an additional layer of AF coating. When it comes to the band, it’s polycarbonate. A fairly durable combo for the price.

Apart from the all-black version you see above, there are also three other available: white, dark green and cinnabar red. Once you download the Mi App, you will be able to select from hundreds of free watch faces to suit different occasions and moods.

While connected to your Android smartphone, Amazfit Bip will be able to display most, if not all, notifications of your choice. These include incoming calls, emails, text messages and social media updates. Thanks to the AOD mode, you can be up to date with all important information without any weird wrist movements to unlock the screen. Unfortunately, the smartwatch doesn’t support making phone calls or texting. To do either, you will still have to use your mobile.

Two Amazfit Bip’s features that definitely need mentioning are the heart rate monitor and built-in GPS. With the PPG optical sensor, you can accurately monitor your heartbeat patterns throughout the day as well as during sleep. The pulse data collected by the Amazfit App also gives you great insight into your sleeping patterns.

With the accurate GPS feature, you can track your physical endeavors outdoors. Data such as distance traveled, average pace, and calories burned are available both on your wrist and in the history books of your Mi App. 

The rectangular smartwatch is IP68 water-resistant. In other words, it’s totally fine to wear while jogging in the rain, washing your hands, or even going for a brief swimming session.

Last but not least, I can’t go without mentioning the incredible battery life of this device. If you don’t go overboard with the number of apps you want to run, the smartwatch can run even for a whopping 45 days on a single charge. 

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Timex TWG012600

Timex Metropolitan TW2P82300 Check Price

You should find this Timex model really appealing if you enjoy the feel of a traditional wristwatch. Mostly known as Timex Metropolitan, it’s a unique piece combining an orthodox watch design with some essential smartwatch features. Hence, it’s my top stylish pick when it comes to Wear OS watches under 100 dollars. 

The hybrid smartwatch, because that’s the name used for wearables that resemble a traditional watch, was released in 2017. To this date, it’s just one of the very few smartwatches produced by the American company.

Timex TWG012600 comes with a 42mm brass case and a black silicone band. If you prefer a more elegant style, you can get the version of the watch with a stainless steel bracelet or leather strap (available here). Crucially, the dial window is made from scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal which probably makes it the most durable option on the list.

The black dial of the watch includes silver-tone hour markers and white, luminous hands. In addition, there are two retrograde sub-dials. Furthermore, Timex’s proprietary Indiglo Light-Up feature ensures comfortable viewing at night.

Unlike other products on the list, the face of this watch is unalterable. Even though it connects with your smartphone just like other smartwatches mentioned in this article, all the data such as steps, distance and sleep metrics will be stored and available for view only on your mobile. That’s pretty much the case for most hybrid smartwatches.

Two aspects in which this Timex smartwatch holds an advantage over competitors are the battery life and water-resistance. Since it’s powered by a replaceable lithium battery, you won’t have to worry about having to charge it every day. In fact, you can expect up to 1 year of hassle-free use. On the waterproofing front, it boasts a 5ATM water-resistance.

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Alternative Picks: 2 More Android Smartwatches Under 100

Wear OS watches under 100 - alternative picks

If the unthinkable happens and none of the top 3 picks mentioned above sits right with you, below find 2 additional smartwatches that should provide further food for thought. They might not come from as well-established brands as those above but they still provide a good quality-price ratio. Most importantly, both are available for peanuts.

Coulax SN82

COULAX Smartwatch Check Price

There’s a high chance you’ve never heard about the Coulax brand before. I don’t blame you – I’ve come across their products only recently as well. They are one of the up-and-coming budget smartwatch brands originating from China but quickly gaining popularity in Europe and the US. At the time of writing, the Coulax GPS smartwatch is their most famed release. And if the user reviews are anything to go by, it’s a low-risk option that’s well worth a shot.

The smartwatch comes with a stainless steel case that’s available in two color variations – dark grey (as shown here) and silver. The band is semi-leather, semi-silicone. The size of the LCD screen is approximately 1.3 inches. Design-wise, it’s probably the most stylish choice next to the Timex model above. 

When it comes to the watch features, you can adjust the look of your dial with tens of free watch faces to choose from. Naturally, the smartwatch allows for the selection of notifications you’d like to be displayed on the screen. These include incoming calls, text messages and social media updates.

Unfortunately, Coulax doesn’t have a built-in speaker, nor a microphone. Thus, answering or making phone calls from your wrist is not possible. Replying to text messages will have to be done from your mobile as well.

The smartwatch uses the YiFit app for all fitness and health-related data. With Coulax SN82, you can enjoy round-the-clock tracking of your steps, heart rate and blood pressure. Sadly, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS. Nevertheless, when connected to your smartphone’s navigation, it will display fitness-related data such as calories burned, distance traveled, or average speed. 

As regards to the battery life, it’s really solid for the price. On a full charge, you can expect up to 10 days of use. There is also good news related to the water-resistance. With the IP68 standard, going for an occasional swim shouldn’t harm the watch in any way.

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Anmino ASM6C

Anmino ASM6C Check Price

Closing my list of the best Android smartwatches under 100 bucks is Anmino. Just like Coulax, it’s hardly a brand that’s on everyone’s lips. At the same time, it definitely won’t break your bank. And, most importantly, it shouldn’t disappoint you in any way – as long as you don’t expect it to mimic the newest smartwatches on the market that sell for 5x the price or more.

Anmino ASM6C is available in 2 colors – grey (presented here) and green. The smartwatch comes with a stainless steel bezel and silicone band, whereas the 1.3-inch dial is made from scratch-resistant Corning glass. It’s a pretty sturdy set for such a low-budget product. When it comes to watch faces, there are tons of free ones available once you install the Smart-Time app.

The watch has a built-in GPS, with support both for GPS and GLONASS. Only my top choice, Ticwatch E, can boast about providing as precise and complex navigation data. Physically active people will definitely enjoy its perks, being able to track their keep-fit sessions in great detail.

Unsurprisingly, the smartwatch allows for most notifications to be displayed on the screen. You can pick the ones you wish to see once you connect it with your smartphone. Regrettably, answering phone calls or replying to text messages is not possible with this Animno model. And to be perfectly honest – I’d have been really surprised if it was, considering the price.

Another feature that’s not included is the AOD mode. On a brighter note, the smartwatch comes with a fairly accurate heart rate and blood pressure monitors, as well as a pedometer. Other useful apps will help get your breathing on the right track or remind you to move. 

Depending on how much you exploit the watch, the battery can last anywhere between 1-3 days. Looking at the lifespan of other models on the list, it’s an acceptable result. Water-resistance is just IP67 so it definitely rules out swimming.

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Picking the Best Android Watch Under 100: Conclusion & FAQ

Smartwatches with Android Wear Under $100 - Conclusion

I’m positive that the list I created has delivered at least one WearOS smartwatch worthy of your attention.

Being honest, when the idea to create this guide first crossed my mind, I expected the choice to be bigger. Sadly, it does seem that the vast majority of newly-released Android smartwatches cost well above the $100 mark. At the same time, it is still possible to find sound models capable of doing the job at very modest pricing – if you know how to search for them.

Since I perfectly understand that there’s no accounting for tastes and you might not fancy the look of any of the models included on my list, below I have listed some of the most important features to look out for while browsing for the watch on your own.

How important is the durability of the smartwatch?

Whether you are looking for a 5 figure luxury timepiece or budget Android wear under 100 bucks, before anything else, you need to make sure that the product will stand the test of time. Certain types of materials are considerably more durable than others and it’s important to know how to distinguish between them.

  • Straps

Since smartwatches are very frequently used during fitness activities, it’s essential to pick models with the most sturdy watch bands. Those that are considered durable are silicone and polycarbonate. If you like the feel of a stainless steel bracelet, it’s okay as well.

Try to avoid going for a leather strap. I get it – they look the most elaborate. Nevertheless, they are most prone to defects and can wear off quickly when in frequent contact with sweat, water or other fluids.

  • Glass

Love to lift heavy weights and check the workout progress on your smartwatch every 2 minutes? Good – but make sure you pick one with a rugged glass. When shopping for Android smartwatches under $100, you can’t expect to get the best-in-the-business sapphire crystal dial. But it’s only fair to accept nothing less than Corning glass, mineral crystal or any other scratch-resistant material. Please, avoid plastic/acrylic lenses at all costs!

  • Water-resistance

The watch needs to be water-resistant, there’s no getting around it. Consider buying watches with at least an IP67 waterproof rating. IP68 would be great and anything above, excellent. 

What are the essential features for an Android smartwatch?

Since we are trying to find the best Android smartwatch under 100 bucks, and not a penny more, we can’t expect the watch to have all the fancy features in the world. What we can do, though, is to make sure that most of the essential ones are on board. Find them below.

  • Heart rate monitor

Pretty much an integral part of any smartwatch coming out these days. There have been countless cases all around the world when a properly-working heart rate sensor saved someone’s life or helped diagnose a pre-existing condition like AFib. When it comes to bargain-basement smartwatches, you might not get as precise data as in top-end models but most of the time they will be enough during standard, everyday use. 

  • Pedometer

Moving your body has never been as important as in today’s, sedentary-mode times. A pedometer helps you keep track of your daily activity and further boosts your chances of leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • GPS

It’s important the watch you buy has a built-in GPS. Many of the low-budget smartwatches don’t. In such an instance, make sure the smartwatch is at least compatible with your mobile’s navigation app. GPS is an integral part of any smartwatch especially for people who want to get insights into their fitness endeavors. 

  • Customizable face

One of the biggest perks of wearables is that they are super design-flexible. Especially WearOS smartwatches come with tens, if not hundreds, of free watch faces. The ability to select a different style for a different occasion is great and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Always-On Display

A watch should first and foremost look and act like a watch! Being able to check the time without any awkward wrist acrobatics should be considered essential. Although AOD is hardly a given with budget Android smartwatches, it is available in some models – as proven with the list in this article.

  • Phone calls & text messages

The ability to answer phone calls and reply to text messages is a truly rare feature when it comes to Android smartwatches under 100 dollars. It’s hard to deny that very few models in this price range will have it but there are some that do – as proven with Ticwatch E above. It’s a great luxury to have and it was the exact reason why the Mobvoi’s smartwatch blew away its competitors on the list. 

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