Obaku Watches Review (Is It a Good, Reliable Brand?)

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Would you believe a G-Shock I was gifted in 2014 by my grandpa started my lifelong journey of a watch geek?

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Throughout the last decade or two, the classic wristwatch market has unquestionably progressed. Not only do these timepieces have traditional and unusual styles, but some of them are also made of high-quality materials that would last for decades without scratching or cracking.

Every watch collector understands the significance of having a high-end timepiece in their possession. It’s practically everything to them! Possessing these excellent timepieces adds to your styling in a distinct way that none of your other everyday wear can.

Designers paying homage to the good old times have flooded the industry with elegant and antique wristwatch designs. Nowadays, every manufacturer has many timepieces to choose from. With an overwhelming number, each with a rich history, it’s challenging to decide which one to purchase.

The Obaku brand is among the watchmakers that folks might be snoozing on lately. Although you may not be aware, Obaku has managed to manufacture traditional vintage-style timepieces with elegant yet straightforward displays and medium-sized casings that reflect the label’s speed.

Obaku timepieces are easily deceived in a variety of ways. A glance at their watches selection suggests the artistry of old-school watchmakers, maybe from a long-established firm.

The firm started to create patterns that were influenced by serenity, harmony, and minimalism. Their styles are basic yet attractive, and they produce an appealing watch that is available for purchase at a reasonable price.

You won’t confuse these timepieces with those from Patek Philippe and Cartier. However, the style and craftsmanship will astound you. And to further dwell on the brand’s popularity, this Obaku Watch Brand Review will cover everything you need to know about their exceptional timepieces!

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Obaku History & Background

Many have eschewed beautiful wristwear in favor of timekeeping on electronics. Ever since the emergence of smartphones, and timepieces have especially gone out of style.

However, it appears that the old method is returning, with wristwatch sales increasing and more individuals than before investing in innovative watches.

When it comes to opting for the ideal wristwatch for you, there are so many factors to consider – pricing, sturdiness, appearance, clasp, and workmanship – that it may be tough to locate something that meets all your requirements. And this is precisely where the Obaku brand comes in.

Zen Philosophy

Obaku gets its title from a stream of Zen philosophy formed at the foot of Mount Obaku in 1661. Obaku Zen aims to accomplish entire physical and mental harmony. It’s a condition of thought, not a method of being.

Obaku Zen aims to view objects clearly and focus on the basics generated by your ideas and instincts. Zen philosophy has shaped core principles throughout Asian territory that honor minimalism and the quest for history’s significance. It places a premium on honesty and serenity.

Obaku was born from the concept that the products we consume to decorate must have tranquillity and harmony. Zen ideals have bred inherent purity – both in thinking and action – throughout Asia.

The Obaku logo is based on the Zen cursive script flow of life, often recognized as the Enso, which translates to “circle” in Japanese. It is a representation of the time and represents boldness and grace.

The calligraphic Enso denotes when the intellect is unfettered to let the body and soul produce without interference.

Danish Design

Danish style has developed from a core attitude of producing straightforward, robust, and powerful architecture to positively impact essential living conditions via minimalism and utility coupled with critical features like efficiency, sharp lines, and a basic aesthetic since the Viking period.

Danish design is currently renowned all over the globe for its attention to utility, elegance, and the use of high-end materials. Obaku patterns are ageless and one-of-a-kind, and they are built to endure a lifetime.

Ultimately – The Obaku Inspiration

Obaku manufactures classic design timepieces that are influenced by austerity and elegance. All Obaku timepieces are inspired by the traditional Danish design heritage and the Asian Zen Philosophy, which focuses on the essentials in life.

It may appear challenging to combine cultures that originated hundreds of kilometers away, yet Obaku’s creators have succeeded in creating designs that combine Asian-style idioms and Nordic.

Every Obaku timepieces are classic and will last a lifetime. Obaku offers luxury elements and one-of-a-kind patterns at a reasonable price.

Christian Mikkelsen – The Force Behind Obaku

Christian Mikkelsen, a Danish manufacturer, is among the driving factors behind the Obaku wristwatch series. He studied at the Danish School of Architecture in Aarhus with a concentration in industrial design. It is primarily viewed as among the finest in the industry.

Christian has been making timepieces for over fifteen years and is known for its modern and straightforward styles worldwide.

“When I create a wristwatch, I consider it to be far more than just a timepiece. An excellent wristwatch, in my opinion, must be enjoyable to glance at, handle, and wear. It really should elicit an emotional response from individuals and reveal a facet of their character,” Christian says.

Are Obaku Watches Any Good? Quality Review

We could go on and on about the perks of Obaku watches, but we believe the characteristics listed below will be enough to persuade you to buy one right now.


To put it very short, the vast majority of Obaku watches oscillate in the dressy spectrum. They are incredibly stylish and oftentimes very minimalistic.

We will have a closer look at the types of styles in the Obaku Watch Collections section.


Obaku timepieces are fashionable on the surface, and they are also recognized for their long-term durability, thanks to the 316L stainless steel. With time, the company has made cautions not to jeopardize the wristwatch’s sturdiness.

When you contemplate the Obaku watches’ excellence and excellent craft, you will immediately imagine the high-grade components that will last for a long time.

From the exterior, timepieces of the average standard are prone to fractures and scratches. This is because they are not constructed from high-quality material that can endure stress and sharp corners.

Obaku, on the other hand, selects the components for its timepieces with attention, guaranteeing which only the highest quality components are used.


Notably, all Obaku watches are fuelled by Japanese quartz automatic movements. Depending on the design and type, you can select between automatic and quartz watches. The movements usually employed are Ronda, Seiko, and Miyota (Citizen).

When you want unparalleled accuracy, go for a battery-powered version. When you prefer highly sophisticated and sometimes vintage calibers, go with an automatic watch. Considering the watches’ low price, the quality of the movements is rather good.
Whereas many designers’ wristwatch enthusiasts favor automatic mechanical movements, they will inevitably boost the watch’s price.

And such pieces were designed to meet consumers at a specific price range, rendering automatic movements unfeasible at this moment in their product category. On the other hand, Quartz movements need minimal care apart from replacing the batteries every two years or more.

Obaku Watch Collections

Below find a description of the styles and functionalities offered by Obaku.


Obaku solar movement watches took the watch industry by storm (no exaggeration!). And it’s not only due to their elegant and classy designs, which are there for everyone to see but for something different this time.

They are by and away from the most ecological watch, you would have come across by now. You will not have to replace a battery anymore! Any source of light fuels the Obaku solar family watches and, therefore, will continue to work for as long as you wear them.

The wristwatch will continue to operate normally thanks to outstanding innovation. The charge it receives is due to keeping it in the light source once you have worn it.

Even if you’ve worn it for a decent amount of time and have left it in a dark location, recharge it by exposing it to ambient lighting for 72 hours or natural sunshine for 8 hours.

This has been the most ecologically friendly wristwatch choice because no cells are required, and the timepieces are regularly charged. Get yours right away!

But that’s only the battery side of things so far. The Solar series is waterproof like all other Obaku watches. With their minimalistic dials and lumen hour indicators, you get a classy-looking line of wristwatches.

Although none of the Solar series devices is meant for aquatic use, they are all water-resistant to three atmospheres. The watch display is protected by mineral glass, and the straps seem to be either genuine leather or stainless steel.


The number second favorite of ours from the Obaku watch series is the Slim wristwatches. And as the name suggests, these watches are ultra-slim, owing to their beautiful and compact straps.

The wristwatch casings of the Obaku thin line are just 4,8mm thick, and then when worn, they almost seem like they blend into your wrist. The sapphire crystal on all of the timepieces in this collection is highly scratch-resistant.

All the timepieces in the Obaku thin line are the culmination of years of refining and expertise. They’ve started on a quest to produce ultra-thin, contemporary, and no-compromise watches inspired by Danish architecture and watchmaking heritage.

The timepieces are a continual refinement of what they feel will be the next wristwatch territory to capture. Obaku Slim collection can withstand water of at least 3ATM. Therefore, don’t worry about diving deep into the water.


While we may have been rambling on about the Obaku stainless steel watches all this time, there is simply no denying that the Obaku Leather Straps collection is nothing short of sheer class, elegance, and minimalism design at its absolute peak.

Available in different colors varying from white, black, pinks, dark brown, etc., you can’t ignore these Leather Strap collections.

When it comes to the build quality, it’s simply excellent, great value for money. They feature Japanese-made stainless steel that is exceptionally dependable.

Although none of their designs is meant for water usage, they are all resistant to water in three atmospheres. The watch body is protected by crystal sapphire, and the bands consist of natural leather.

Overall, the Obaku Leather Straps timepieces have the excellent build quality, especially compared to their pricing. Because they are battery-powered, you’ll need to change the batteries every two years or more. It would also be an excellent way to upgrade the water-resistant gaskets.

Milanese Mesh

Just when you think Obaku is running out of variety to enrich its customers with the most modern wristwatch collection, it throws the Milanese Mesh Bracelet collection right in front of you which speaks for their sophisticated and luxurious display.

When we tried the Milanese Mesh Bracelet hands-on, we were instantly attracted to the excellent dials around 43mm in size. The strap that you will see on them is of mesh design which undoubtedly captures the interest of many watch enthusiasts (including us!).

Obaku stainless steel mesh bracelet men’s timepieces are an authentic Danish design influenced by the Zen idea of “less is more.” On the case back of the wristwatches is etched the designer’s identity, which gives a personalized and exquisite addition to the style, designed to make you feel the occasion.

From their official website, you get to choose your favorite Milanese Mesh Bracelet wristwatch. The watches are made of stainless steel mesh bracelets and are water-resistant.

Stainless Steel 

Last but not least, in this Obaku brand review, the Obaku Stainless Steel Links collection is nothing short of an accurate depiction of a minimalistic design.

Like the other dials we have mentioned above, the Steel Links have large-sized dials of around 43mm and 44mm, depending on your watch choice.

This vintage watch collection has a recognizable look to it. In other ways, it draws inspiration from the watch industry’s occasionally cautious approach. You only notice excellence once you focus on that dial.

Internally, there’s an exciting wave pattern that complements the wristwatch’s concept. As a result, it has a solemn tone to it. Obaku Steel Links series is also a bit funny because of the hues available.

Oh, and don’t panic, the wristwatch is 3ATM water-resistant. Therefore, you can take it inside the pool as well. Thus, in a way, you’ve got a full-fledged gem on your wrists.

Obaku Watch Warranty

All Obaku watches come with a 2-year international warranty period when purchased from their official website and other international online shopping websites. Compared to many other firms, which only offer a two-year warranty, this is a significant advantage.

The warranty covers any flaws in the components or artistry. However, normal wear & tear, abuse, and defects during battery replacement are not covered.

The above limitations and omissions might not apply to you since some countries do not permit limitations on the length of any implied condition or the exemption of incidental or consequential damages done.

You have certain legal protections under this Warranty, and you can additionally have protections that vary by the state location.
Obaku will replace or repair any damaged components given free of charge within a reasonable time if the wristwatch has a fault stated above during the warranty period. Obaku retains the right to change the watch at any moment without notice.

Please provide a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase.

Where Are Obaku Watches Made?

Obaku is a Danish wristwatch manufacturer that produces the bulk of its timepieces in Denmark. With their ancient Zen Philosophy, that’s where the company’s hard work started.

Since then, the firm has been on a quest to provide its clients with high-quality automatic timepieces that can be worn every day.
Since the beginning, they’ve had the same philosophy: always make watches that every customer is proud to wear.

They want to convert their timepieces into a current fashion statement by combining traditional and modern elements.

Are Obaku Watches Good?

Obaku is a high-quality, long-lasting watch. Buyers may order any watch from Obaku’s official site and have it shipped to them in any location. The brand is well-known for on-time delivery. The website’s buying process is straightforward. The timepieces are stunning and of excellent quality. They’re light and comfortable to wear. You’re also guaranteed to fall in love with their timepieces’ exquisite and refined design.

So, are Obaku watches good?

The million-dollar question this one is. They are! Obaku is no short of your top-quality microbrands that produce high-quality watches crafted from stainless steel, which can withstand sharp edges and scratches.

On top of that, all the Obaku watches are waterproof creations. However, you should still avoid using them in water merely as a precautionary measure. If you’re not a fan of stainless steel chain watches, you can opt for their leather strap models that add a pleasing style to your daily wear.

Is Obaku a Good Watch Brand? Conclusion

Are Obaku watches any good? Summary

In this Obaku Watches Brand Review, one thing for sure is that Obaku wristwatches have a lot going for them, especially with their design. While the product portfolio is Scandinavian in design, it also draws influence from the Japanese, who supply the steel for the casings and the movements utilized in the watches.

The watches are beautiful, stylish watches that are well-constructed and designed to be enticing. The product line’s cost varies from $100 to $300, and several versions may be purchased on offer at a substantial discount. Apart from a few quality issues, such as the Leather Straps wearing out over time, Obaku watches are a gem!

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