Indian Watch Brands (13 Best Watch Companies in India)

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Would you believe a G-Shock I was gifted in 2014 by my grandpa started my lifelong journey of a watch geek?

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India is widely known for its rich culture and is also well-known for a wide range of things, including its cuisine, customs, the concentration of people, stunning natural scenery, dialects, traditional performances, and Bollywood.

Or perhaps the Hindi movie business, yoga origins, meditation, and scenic wonders. We could go on forever, really.

But where we lack in knowledge about India, is about its watches.

Indian watch brands have a very brief history of producing quality products over the period as well. Indian timepieces are known for their reliability, affordability, longevity, and most of all their exquisite looks which are bound to elevate your looks.

This article is designed to walk you through a list of some of the best Indian watchmakers where each Indian watch company will be accompanied by a short description of the watch types it produces and its general price range so that you can get to assess whether or not the said brand will work for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the topic.


HMT watch

In 1961, HMT established a watch production facility in Bangalore in partnership with Citizen Watch Co., Japan.

HMT effectively used brand-new precise manufacturing techniques for volume development and assembling of micro-sized elements as the first maker of timepieces in the nation. The earliest Automatic Day-Date wristwatch, the first Quartz monitor, the initial Braille watch, the inaugural Ana-Digi watch, and other “firsts” were all introduced as a result of this continuing love affair with “firsts.”

On February 7, 1953, this brand’s foundation was set. The Hon. Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru presented the original set of manually made wrist watches. The firm experienced significant growth as a result of its rising reputation and interest in timepieces.

Depending on their mechanism, these watches are trustworthy, somewhat durable, and, with proper care, survive for many generations. HMT produces both the watch and the internal movement internally, which significantly increases its value. To maintain accurate telling time and trouble-free functionality that lasts for a long time, HMT employs premium quality, accurate anodized elements.

The price of HMT watches starts from as low as 525 Indian Rs and goes as high as 12500 Indian Rs.


Titan watch

Titan Industries Ltd was established in 1984 and officially opened for operation in 1986.

In 1987, the business established a fully comprehensive wristwatch production plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, using early technological expertise from Europe and Japan.

Hugo Boss as well as Tommy Hilfiger timepieces were licensed for sales and promotion by the firm in 2011. 2012 saw the incorporation of Favre Leuba. The division’s turnover in 2018 was $2,126 crore or 10% of the business’s overall sales. With the help of licensing for high-end fashion watches from worldwide companies, Titan Company continued its groundbreaking work and introduced foreign names to the Indian marketplace.

Titan Company Limited is one of the Indian manufacturers of high-end goods that specializes in producing stylish items including jewelry, timepieces, and eyeglasses.

When it refers to the value for money, Titan watches are the best choice when it pertains to craftsmanship. Even longer-lasting than Swiss motions, it. The greatest amazing feature of the whole Titan watch series is its low cost. One of the top 10 watch manufacturing brands in the world is Titan watches.

Titan provides its customers with high-quality goods at fair prices. They manufacture incredibly robust, long-lasting, and robust timepieces. As other watch companies have exploded into the Indian marketplace, Titan has stepped up to another level. Its latest collection has fantastic designs and now caters to both maximum and minimum price brackets.

The price bracket of most of their products is in the range of 300 Indian rupees to 26,995 Indian rupees.


Fastrack watch

Fastrack was first introduced in 1998, and then in 2005, it established a stand-alone urban youth trademark.

Ever since the company has established a place for itself by producing stylish yet reasonably-priced timepieces and eyewear. In 2009, Fastrack expanded into the accessory market with a selection of bags, wristbands, as well as wallets. Established in 1998 as a Titan Watches subsidiary brand, Fastrack is an Indian leading retailer of trendy accessories.

An Indian manufacturer of high-end goods, Titan Company Limited focuses on the creation of timepieces, and jewelry, including eyeglasses. Fastrack is a reliable watch company. It is one of the top youth accessories companies in India and was introduced as a Titan Watches sub-brand around 1998.

It’s an excellent, flawless watch. No need to worry because the belt is made of leather. It’s a great business where you may find reliable stuff. This business offers the best goods at the best price.

All Fasttrack timepieces have had the same mechanism in terms of how they operate. We may infer from the craftsmanship offered by the Fastrack trademark that the timepieces from this well-known company are not overpriced. Fastrack is the place to go if you’re trying to buy the ideal watch for a special someone.

The price of their men’s watches collection ranges between the price of 750 Indian rupees up to the price of 4750 Indian rupees.


Sonata watch

To provide customers with more cheap timepieces in the unorganized sector, Sonata was introduced in 1997. In 2013, Sonata passed the 50-million-watch benchmark.

Sonata timepieces made up 4.6 million of Titan’s total 14 million current sales the year before, comprising 1 million SF timepieces. The most popular and best-selling watch brand in India, Sonata, has been providing elegant, stylish, and modern designs.

With the broadest selection of modern and classic styles, Sonata is the most popular watch manufacturer in India and is ingrained in the emotions of all Indians.

Sonata is a long-standing, high-quality brand. For all age groups, an excellent assortment is available at a fair price. Their timepieces have cutting-edge designs and are easily accessible online. Many of them have a rough appearance and are quite water-resistant, making them perfect for sports and other recreational sports.

Sonata has a huge selection of styles at an excellent price. Release a remark with the newest fashion trends.

The price of Sonata watches starts from just 499 Indian rupees and goes all the way up to the range of 2999 Indian rupees only.

Jaipur Watch Company

Aarni watch

The Jaipur Watch Company is India’s premier personalized wristwatch manufacturer and firmly supports the “Make in India” concept.

A beautiful handmade limited-run collection of classic items with a subtly modern aesthetic element was launched in 2013. Each watch is painstakingly created to be treasured as keepsakes that may be handed down from generation to generation.

The Jaipur Watch Company was founded with the belief that a wristwatch should be the custodian of memory. Then, via their numerous Ready-To-Wear collections, or via a profoundly personalized masterpiece that is a true embodiment depending on an understanding that a customer offers us while requesting one, this essential philosophy is either expressed in creative manifestation that is drawn from History.

In either case, the Jaipur Watch Company adheres to the rigorous quality of mechanics’ wristwatch workmanship and provides the guarantee that each watch it produces will be a distinctive fashion statement. Propelled by experience, tradition, enthusiasm, and a deep awareness of people.

A high-end Swiss Quartz automatic mechanism powers the wristwatch. Its band is made from real, expertly handmade leather. The Jaipur Watch Company, founded by Gaurav Mehta, is India’s first custom watch firm. Its timepiece range has a very regal feel. The Jaipur Watch Company and its premium collections were created as a result of their united enthusiasm for horology as well as numismatics.

The price of their watches starts from just 65,000 Indian rupees and goes all the way up to the range of 90,000 Indian rupees for basic watches. For their exquisite collection, you can enquire through their website.


Raga watch

When Titan Raga was introduced in 1992, it was intended to be a special circumstance watch that would be purchased and given as a present.

The typical Indian center category woman in India at the time considered it sufficient to ever possess a single dress wristwatch. Titan Firm Limited, an Indian luxury goods company that primarily produces fashion components including jewelry, wristwatch, and eyeglasses, debuted Raga.

A new line of wristwatches from Titan called Raga Coordinate is aimed at women’s consumers. Ladies’ watches called Titan Raga are renowned for their stunning appearance and communicate to today’s contemporary women through their distinctive creative narrative.

I consider it to be in excellent company with other watch manufacturers. Owing to its aesthetics, the Titan Raga watch series stands apart from other timepieces. The catches are quite beautiful and snug. Yet after a season, the dials still appear fresh and stylish. It is renowned for selling exquisite timepieces that surpass any global brand in terms of shape and appearance for a far lower price.

Titan Raga is the ideal way to add a touch of refinement to any cultural or Indo-Western combination. It is influenced by the finest international design components. India’s Titan Raga is genuinely unusual in its flawless fusion of ancient allure with a contemporary sensibility.

Their watch prices start from just 2595 Indian rupees and go all the way up to the range of 8895 Indian rupees only.


Xylys watch

Titan imports a unique line of Swiss-made watches under the name Xylys.

The variety of items sold by Xylys is summed up in the motto Different by Design.

High-end timepieces, like the men’s Xylys watches, are well-equipped to serve a range of functions. These expensive watches will appeal to a whole new group of potential buyers. Xylys was developed for the achievers of the next generation who look beyond the apparent.

Their attitudes, morals, and distinctive personal identities are reflected in Xylys. They exhibit a desire for pursuing their ambitions while living life boldly and on their terms. The luxury watch market in India, which is now concentrated by well-known European manufacturers, has just welcomed Xylys. Xylys seems to have been a high-end Swiss watch manufacturer.

With so many Worlds of Titan storefronts spread out around the nation, Titan has an edge in successfully distributing Xylys, and the layouts are attractive enough even to draw in prospective customers. The strong rivalry from the well-known Swiss brand labels is one of the things working against Xylys.

Titan’s special line of Swiss-made timepieces, Xylys, are visually pleasing and ergonomically sound. Titan imports a unique line of Swiss-made watches under the name Xylys. The slogan “Different by Design” refers to the variety of visually pleasing and technically sound goods sold by Xylys. A feeling of the mission is ingrained in Xylys, which is intended to be unorthodox, inventive, and fearless to defy the norms.

The Xylys line of timepieces, which vary in price from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 30,000, features over 100 unique variants and is divided into three catalogs: Contemporary, Classic, as well as Sport.


Maxima watch

A goal to offer a wristwatch that was precise, dependable, assured of excellence and supported by exceptional after-sales management gave birth to Maxima in 1996.

The most popular watch company in India, Maxima Watches, provides a variety of timepieces, featuring men’s, women’s, plus wearables as well as chronograph timepieces.

A style that is comfortable for you, meets high criteria and matches you. Maxima timepieces are affordable. It’s a great alternative if you’re seeking a less expensive substitute.

The company Maxima is renowned for its low-price range and excellent level of sturdiness. These timepieces are the most sought-after among their rivals since they are accessible to everyone, including children, women, and even men.

The majority of firms rely on China imports without doing any quality checks, however, Maxima produces only items that are entirely created in India. For after-sale assistance, they offer national service centers. The brand Maxima is renowned for its low-price range and excellent level of durability. They have been the only watch company that produces water-resistant timepieces.

Since Maxima is known for being a highly affordable brand, most of its products can be purchased for less than 1000 Indian Rupees.


Octane watch

One of the newest members of Titan’s line of high-end timepieces is the Octane.

The Titan Octane model is well recognized for its dependability and robustness. It has a very manly appearance and is elegant to look at. The Titan Octane doesn’t seem to be merely an ordinary watch since Titan has become one of the greatest manufacturers in the industry. It makes a unique fashion impression.

It is seen as a representation of dependability and trustworthiness. With its pace, it is designed to amaze. It has a chronograph that accurately and precisely captures split-second judgments.

Although the dial is a little bit tiny and the watch’s functionality and style are excellent, it gives you a regal appearance. Octane watches lie in the mid-range when it comes to placing them in terms of pricing. They offer complete returns in terms of reliability and functionality and also do not require you to splurge cash a lot, but will be on a little higher edge than some highly affordable brands we have placed on our list.

The price of their watches starts from as low as 2895 Indian rupees and goes all the way up to the price range of 10,995 Indian rupees.


Zoop watch

In 2008, Zoop had a countrywide rollout that concluded in the most recent national launch after being tested in six cities.

The Titan “ZOOP” watch collection is a lively and vivid collection that represents youth and enjoyment. Each watch in ZOOP’s extensive range is specially created to satisfy a child’s desire to be hip, but fashionable and is consistent with the brand’s distinctive stance of “Be Cool.”

The Titan brand is widely recognized for producing child’s timepieces with cutting-edge patterns and an astounding array of shades. The Zoop collection of watches falls under this umbrella. You don’t need to worry about their timepieces remaining waterproof because they are completely waterproof up to 50 meters.

Most zoop watches start from as low as 420 Indian rupees and go up as high as 1395 Indian rupees.


Chumbak watch

Vivek and Shubhra’s passion for traveling and gathering trinkets was the catalyst for everything.

They established Chumbak, which in Sanskrit translates as “a magnet,” in Bangalore in 2010 to create amusing mementos and collectibles that were motivated by India.

Since then, Chumbak has developed into a luxury brand with worldwide inspiration, producing happy goods in the home décor, clothing, jewelry, and personal grooming categories—all intended to make your home, workplace, and wardrobe more cheerful.

Their designs and products are influenced by many cultures and artistic movements from across the world and combined with a bright, cheerful, and upbeat look. Their great consideration for design and engineering in each of their painstakingly produced goods is at the heart of it all.

Since most of the goods at Chumbak are handcrafted, their prices are often higher than those at other websites. Furthermore, they are pretty trustworthy, and despite their price, the items’ quality is excellent. It has a distinctive and attractive design that is likely to draw everyone’s attention.

Their watches are available on their website and their price starts from as low as 1048 Indian rupees and goes all the way up to 4796 Indian rupees.

Bangalore Watch Company

Bangalore Watch Company watch

A married couple of the household established the Bangalore Watch Company in 2017 in the same space as HMT.

HMT, which closed in 2015, was India’s first wristwatch production firm, and to those of you who seem to be unfamiliar.

The tech-savvy pair Nirupesh Joshi with Mercy Amalraj waited over a year since the company’s founding to introduce an automated watch, but it was instantly popular and won praise from all over the country.

These companies produce top-notch pilot watches. The fact that Bangalore Watch Company watches prioritizes quality over everything else and keeps its ambitions under wraps is a plus.

They are unquestionably more accessible for Indian watch purchasers, yet because of the aforementioned rigidity, they have a broader worldwide appeal. A perfect compromise between rigid and flexible, the supplied quick-release band has a stiff feel, but yet bends to the wrist.

They have a vaulted sapphire glass with an anti-reflective covering, 100 meters of water resistance, luminous markers and pointers, and a circular counting bezel. The Renaissance timepieces arrive in a gleaming, piano-black varnished box from Bangalore Watch Company, which raises anticipation.

Most of their watches lie between the price range of 50,000 Indian rupees and go all the way up to the range of 70,000 Indian rupees.


Horpa watch

Rajeev Asrani determined to launch an eCommerce wristwatch firm in 2017 after spending nearly 15 years operating in watch retailers in India and Aruba.

He chose the name by combining the keywords horology (hor) and passion (pa). HORPA was founded with the ambition and goal of being a respected independent watch manufacturer from India, known for its workmanship and creative prowess.

Each HORPA element is completed with a strong emphasis on appearance and exceptional craftsmanship following a thorough investigation of all available choices.

It is the gathering together of experts who are enthusiastic about greatness, and it is founded on the pillars of enthusiasm, competence, and cooperation. HORPA sees its future in a more artistic light, to establish a Design Studio that may provide scientists with a framework to birth original and distinctive design innovations.

Horpa is placed in the mid-range watches because their watches are not very expensive, but also do not lie on the lower end of the spectrum. On average their watches are available for only 15,500 Indian rupees.


Indian watch brands might not be something the country is famous for yet but its bright future is quite near.

This article has walked you through some of their in-house built and rightfully famous watch brands to give you an idea of their unique designs and workmanship. We hope you got to know about Indian watch brands in closer detail through this article.

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