14 Finnish Watch Brands (Top Watches Made in Finland)

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Finland is best known for its lakes and saunas all of which involve water, but did you know that it also produces some of the world’s popular watches? Finland’s industrious population manufactures some fascinating timepieces.

Finnish watch brands appear to be somewhat more distinctive and have their distinctive aesthetic philosophy, in contrast to many other Scandinavian watch brands that prioritize simplicity.

This article will introduce you to some of the best Finland watch brands, where each will be accompanied by a short-detailed description and their average price range so that you can get to know the brand in more detail and decide which one to visit for your next watch collection addition.

Finland’s Watch Brands List

We have found as many as fourteen reputable Finnish watchmakers that in our opinion are well worthy of a mention on our website.

The list goes like this:


Aarni watch

The Finnish term for unmanaged, wild woodland that has never seen the touch of mankind is Aarni.

Three guys who bonded and eventually realized they shared a love of watches ended up building their distinctive watch workshop where they would make wooden components, which is how this company got its start in a modest Finnish community.

It shouldn’t be surprising that this concept was born while these 3 pals were relaxing and having fun in a forest. They devote years to creating their goods, choosing only the best possible materials, parts, and workmanship. They meticulously evaluate our items before they could even see the brightness of the day.

The price of their watches starts from just €149.90 and goes all the way up to €489.90. The timepieces are gorgeous in every way. Even if the color is rather dark, the wooden texture is lovely. It’s ideal in that you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it in the wintertime and won’t perspire under the band in the summertime.


Aittokoski watch

Standalone watchmaking Aittokoski Timecrafts is situated in the Central Finnish city of Jyväskylä.

After investing endless hours researching watches and studying books on the subject, he chose to move along the spectrum from taking part in creating something instead of just wanting to locate the perfect watch for him. Dr. Timo Aittokoski created the company.

Timepieces of the highest caliber are made by Aittokoski Timecrafts in an extraordinary, inventive, distinctive, and genuine manner.

Fractalis, an automated timepiece with several easily recognizable features, is the brand’s first model.

The next one, the Argyron, is presently under production. Beautiful Aittokoski mechanical precision wristwatches will only be produced in small numbers, rendering them genuine novelties in terms of both quality and availability. Aittokoski is a company that just launched in May of 2019.

Their Fractalis steel is their cheapest collection priced at just 6 750€, incl. VAT 24%, while their most expensive collection is that of Fractalis Titanium G5 is priced at just 9 250€, incl. VAT 24%.


Demotu watch

When DeMotu‘s initial model, DMG, was released in 2004, the company’s history officially commenced.

Headquartered in Finland’s Helsinki-Malmi Airport, they have created their range of pilot timepieces and gadgets that are inspired by aircraft.

Each clock is individually manufactured in Finland to the exacting standards of workmanship and functionality as genuine pilot instrumentation. For units like Air Squadrons, Pilot Fleets, as well as Special Forces units, they create specialized and tailored collections.

One of several oldest continuously operating airports in Europe, Helsinki-Malmi Airport, houses production operations for De Motu Pilot Mechanisms. Their equipment can also be lifted by aircraft for a demonstration journey from the hangar, which is next to the manufacturing plant.


Gronefeld watch

Johan Grönefeld laid the groundwork for the Grönefeld family’s more than a century-long experience in the watch industry in 1912.

The brothers increased their staff of watchmakers to 13 as a reflection of the brand’s consistent growth and to fulfill orders. In addition, they moved from their little and outdated workshop in Oldenzaal, their birthplace, to a magnificently restored, 700m2, two-floor studio a few meters away.

Additionally, the proposed site is the same structure where Bart and Tim attended preschool in the 1970s. Nowadays, the watchmaker Gronefeld brothers collaborate to produce intricate works of horological art. Grand Prix de Horlogerie winners are their wristwatches.

Their premium watch collection starts from a very higher price range i.e., $53,499, and goes all the way up to the range of $205,000. So, if you are looking for something shiny yet midrange, then this might not be the brand for you, however, you can still check it out if you’ve got cash to splurge.


Ilmar watch

Helsinki, Finland is home to the watchmaker business Ilmar Watches.

The business was established by a team of individuals who had a love of timepieces and the Nordic environment. Their goal was to use conventional fine craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind watches that would depict the untamed yet stunning environments of the Nordics.

The goal of Ilmar watches is to combine Finnish Artisan to elevate the timepiece to an artistic medium. They developed this brand to honor Finnish craftspeople and the natural world. Their timepieces are all proudly made by hand in Finland.


Leijona watch

J.W. Lindroos chose well when he chose the Leijona brand name since, at the time, the heraldic lion represented the ambitions of Finland for independence. Initially made in Switzerland, the watches were eventually largely produced in China and Japan.

The company has just brought back timepieces made in Switzerland. Lion is the Finnish word for Leijona. The company may trace its roots back to the final years of the 19th century. Their big, solid timepiece makes a space claim and settles down on the wrist with ease.

Over a century has passed since Leijona became the most well-known watch company in Finland. Regarding their quality, the timepieces in their range are incredibly affordable. They are so well-liked because of this.

Their men’s basic watch collection starts from just 149€ and goes all the way up to 329 € only so you can understand that most of their other collections will be priced in the same range, hence they are quite affordable.


Polar watch

Polar made the first move toward establishing itself as the forerunner of wearable sports technology exactly 40 years ago, in 1977, when it submitted its first patent application.

The business was started in 1977 and has its headquarters in Kempele, Finland. With 26 companies that supply more than 35,000 retailer locations in more than 70 countries worldwide, Polar employs over 1,200 people worldwide.

Running is a wonderful activity for Polar watches. The business offers some of the most precise wrist-based pulse rate sensing applications together with practical training and recuperation solutions.

Additionally, Polar timepieces have a great design and affordable prices. Compared to Garmin, Polar’s watch selection is more condensed. The greatest running watch available from Polar is among the top wearables.

Most of their watches can be seen priced at 199 euros with a few going up to the range of 299 euros as well in their basic collection. As the technology-infused increased, the prices go up to the range of 499 euros and beyond as well.


Pook watch

Japan produced several of the finest exquisite diving timepieces.

The business created the initial Japanese water-resistant wristwatch in 1959. Based in North Karelia, the Finnish microbrand Pook Watches draws inspiration from the Nordic environment and scuba diving.

Pook has been providing watch enthusiasts with competitively priced wristwatches since 2016 by fusing sparkling colors and classic designs. Pook certainly doesn’t want to merge in with the monochrome crowd, as evidenced by the watches’ distinctive aesthetics, narratives, and high-quality components.

The wild-style Nitrogen line, which emanates a vintage attitude and sportiness, is one of the diving timepieces that complement the backdrop of the brand’s narrative.

The price of their watches starts from just 199,60 € Inc. Vat and goes all the way up to only 1 919,76 € Inc. Vat.


Rohje watch

Two buddies were inspired to make the big move on the wettest day of fall 2017. A Finnish watch company Rohje was therefore established.

For the daring, they have a variety of high-quality timepieces and watch bands. In addition to being versatile and sophisticated, Rohje timepieces are notable for their exquisite charm.

They are made for brave individuals who enjoy trying new things.

Notwithstanding the inclusion of functions like the upper and bottom sub-dials and a schedule, the appearance is maintained simple and tidy in classic Nordic style. The watch display is just what the timepiece is all about. The watch is a very personal object that was made with extra love, care, attention to detail, and a knack for history as well.

Most of their watches are priced at 209 euros so you can count it as one of the most affordable brands out there.


Ronkko watch

Self-governing craftsman Antti Rönkkö is established in Finland.

With manufacturer Antti Rönkkö at the leadership, the Finnish autonomous company Rönkkö has created several intriguing watches ever since the debut of its inaugural wristwatch in 2012.

The task was to develop a design for entrepreneurial Finnish watchmaker Antti Rönkkö’s brand. The first Steel Labyrinth wristwatch made by Rönkkö, who also designed and built it, was purchased by Nokia’s CEO.

Throughout 2012, Rönkkö released five distinct clocks with various complexities, each of which drew design cues from folklore.

Their watches start from the price range of $96 and go all the way up to $87,156.


Sarpaneva watch

Stepan established Sarpaneva Timepieces in Helsinki in 2003 and debuted his first line, which was influenced by the roughness of the nation, his passion for custom motorcycles, and a now-famous and renowned moon face.

The extremely skilled craftsman from Finland, Stepan Sarpaneva of Sarpaneva Watches, is a master watch inventor and craftsman. Sarpaneva Watches was founded at Helsinki’s Cable Factory in 2003.

The earliest Sarpaneva timepieces were created using a steel cutter in Stepan’s kitchen at house. He relocated his studio to the former cable factory in 2003. The watches made by Sarpaneva are incredibly attractive and comfortable to wear.

Their most famous watch built to date is the Sarpaneva Korona K0, and it comes priced at just $14,897.

S.U.F. Helsinki

S.U.F Helsinki

In Stepan’s early independent watchmaking career, S.U.F. Helsinki was established in 2003 with Sarpaneva watches.

Stepan accidentally enrolled in the Finnish watchmaking school in 1989. It is a Finnish watch company that is authentically Finnish. Helsinki-designed and -built limited edition clocks.

Not everyone can wear these timepieces. They are extraordinary clocks created for extraordinary individuals. Since their watches are produced in small quantities, you can be confident that only a small number of people will possess what you are wearing.

Their most cheap watch is priced at 2650 euros while their most expensive and intricate collection starts from the price range of 3100 euros.


Suunto watch

Tuomas Vohlonen, a Finnish orienteer and the creator of the liquid-filled field compass, founded Suunto in 1936.

The business started off as a modest workshop that produced compasses and other precise tools for the Finnish military.

Suunto is a global business now with more than 150 patents and 300 prizes for innovation. Athletes, explorers, and mountaineers all around the world utilize the company’s goods.

In 2014, Suunto released the Suunto Ambit2, a GPS watch with many features for outdoor enthusiasts.

The watch has since been updated with the Ambit3, which adds even more features and functionality. The Ambit3 is a premium GPS watch that offers top-of-the-line performance for athletes and adventurers alike.

The Ambit3 has a number of features that make it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. First, the watch is designed to be rugged and durable, with a tough stainless steel casing and a mineral crystal glass face.

The watch is also water-resistant to 100 meters, making it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports.


Voutilainen watch

In 2002, Finnish designer Kari Voutilainen established the business that bears his namesake.

In 2002, Voutilainen founded his own company, Kari Voutilainen Artisan d’Horlogerie d’Art.

The Voutilainen Masterpiece 6 was the very first item. Kari’s timepieces are marked “made by hand” rather than “Swiss Manufactured.” The production of the dial simply takes roughly 3 weeks, 3 artisans, and 5 steps.

Most of their watches are priced at an average of 185,000 pounds.


This article was intended to give you a brief idea about Finnish watch brands and to introduce you to some of them which are known for producing unique and attractive timepieces.

We hope you get to take from this article what you came here for and hopefully add a Finnish watch brand to your collection next time you go wristwatch shopping.

At TimepieceKing, we do our best to cover watchmakers from all around the world. If you’d like to explore really exotic watch markets, read our guides to watch brands in Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico.

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