Best Vibrating Alarm Watches for 2022 (Heavy Sleepers, Take Note)

Best vibrating alarm watches

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We live in a world in which a smartwatch allows you to make and receive phone calls and messages, track the whereabouts of your relatives or pay at a grocery store.

There’s no denying that these feature-packed devices are a great pull for tech-savvy folks as they allow them to perform all the daily tasks even without the need for a smartphone. That’s how powerful modern smartwatches are.

There’s just one but: they’re not the cheapest things you could buy.

Luckily, as forgotten as they seem to be, there are still ultra-affordable and practical wristwatches that always find great use in everyday life.

Certainly belonging to this is list is the good, old timepiece with a vibrating alarm. This type of watch can go a long way in helping even the heaviest of sleepers break the damning habit.

In today’s article, we will take a look at the 7 best vibrating alarm watches you can get in 2021. All come with a healthy list of ultra-strong and easy-to-set-up daily alarms that can help you with your everyday dealings.

At a Glance:

Furthermore, should none of these models cater to your taste, at the bottom of the article you will find a short Buying Guide that will help you pick the best vibrating watch on your own.

Without further delay, let’s go!

Best Vibrating Alarm Watches (Top 7 Reviewed)

Casio G-Shock GD350-1CR

From all the reliable watchmakers currently on the market, Casio is leading the way in terms of the number of watches with the vibrating alarm function. The popular G-Shock series is particularly rich in these.

Apart from being some of the toughest watches on the planet, G-Shocks are extremely functional. This particular model was released in 2018 and to this day is considered one of the best vibrating alarm watches by Casio. 

Typically for a G-Shock, the watch comes with an all-resin body. The case measures 50mm. The rugged bezel includes four buttons that help you operate the watch functions. And there are many!

Amongst others, the digital screen displays a full-auto calendar (until 2099), 12/24 hour formats, low battery warning, and, naturally, daily alarms. You can set up to 5 of these and select the much-desired vibration alert instead of a sound, or combine both.

The display glass is made from scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass and uses Casio’s Super Illuminator LED backlight for easy nighttime use. The backlight’s Auto feature means you don’t have to push any buttons in order to check the time as it detects the wrist movement automatically.

The watch runs on Japanese quartz movement which ensures excellent accuracy of +/- 15 seconds/monthly. 

Naturally, it’s shock-resistant. On the waterproofing front, the G-Shock can handle depths of up to 200m.

Timex Grid Shock

Timex is another well-known manufacturer that offers more than one vibrating watch for heavy sleepers. 

The Grid Shock model we have here belongs to the Expedition line known for its G-Shock-like endurance and longevity. If you’re a fan of tactical watches, this one is a great alternative.

The first thing that’s easily noticeable is the rectangular case. Although the shape is different, the diameter matches that of the G-Shock model above – 50mm. Both the case and the band are made from resin. The case also features a stainless steel top plate.

In terms of the functions, the Grid Shock offers a similar list to the model above. In addition to the vibrating alarm, it’s equipped with a 24-hour countdown timer, stopwatch, 24-hour time, calendar, and 100-hour chronograph with lap and split times. There’s also the Hydration Timer that helps you stay properly hydrated throughout the day. For easy reading after dusk, Timer uses its proprietary Indiglo Light-Up technology.

Perhaps the inclusion of an acrylic lens is a bit of a let-down as it’s not as enduring as the mineral crystal offered in Casio G-Shocks. On the plus side, the watch is shock-resistant to I.S.O standards and water-resistant up to 100m.

Timex Grid Shock is powered by Japanese quartz movement with an accuracy of +/- 15 seconds/month.

Timex T49950

The list of the best vibrating alarm watches deserves at least two Timex models. Why? These are some of the cheapest non-Chinese timepieces offering the extremely useful feature and they provide long years of hassle-free use.

Similar to the Grid Shock model above, this one also belongs to the Expedition collection. However, it couldn’t be more different in terms of the looks.

Timex T49950 departs from the rectangular shape offered by the Grid Shock, opting for the standard round case. The case is equal in size, measuring 50mm in diameter. Just like the strap, it’s made from resin. 

The model is also the first vibrating alarm wristwatch on today’s list that offers a negative display. Those who have owned a timepiece with such a display know that it’s super-easy to read in a good light but can be a bit of a struggle looking at it from a different angle and/or bad light. Please keep that in mind!

The model provides you with a myriad of useful features. Apart from being an excellent vibrating alarm watch, it offers other functions such as a 24-hour countdown timer, 100-hour chronograph, military time mode, hydration timer, and a month, day & date calendar.

Akin to the above Timex timepiece, it’s equipped with ISO-certified shock resistance. It also offers an impressive 20 ATM (200m) water resistance.

The digital timepiece uses a Japanese quartz movement and shouldn’t lose or gain more than 15 seconds monthly.

Casio G-Shock GD-350-1BER

We’ve had the negative display Timex watch so it’s only fair to include one from Casio as well.

This one comes with what we can safely call an oversized case. Measuring 53,4mm in diameter, it’s the second-largest model on today’s list of the best vibrating alarm watches. Like the vast majority of G-Shocks, this one also boasts a full resin body.

Outside of the fact that the display is negative, the arrangement of the dial is very akin to the first G-Shock on the list. The model arrives with a plethora of useful functions, including 5 daily (or one-time) alarms using a sound and/or vibration, full auto-calendar until 2099, 12/24 hour format, stopwatch, and countdown timer. 

The countdown timer includes a big, readily distinguishable button for quick access and reliable functioning. The inclusion of Casio’s Auto LED function allows the display to illuminate anytime the watch is turned towards the face for reading. The caseback includes a unique shock absorber construction that helps to guarantee that vibrations are felt strongly while it is worn. This probably makes it the strongest vibrating watch on the list.

For solid protection against cracks and scratches, the dial window is made from mineral crystal glass. G-Shock GD-350-1BER is equipped with shock and water resistance (up to 200m).

The Japanese quartz movement ensures unbeatable accuracy of +/- 15 seconds/month.

Ticci T0003VB

If you find the number of vibrating alarms in any of the previous four models too low, there are some brands that focus strictly on this kind of timepieces, offering up to 10 daily alarms with the vibration feature.

The Ticci watch you see here is one of such models. 

Since the brand isn’t anywhere near as mainstream as either Casio or Timex, the price is also considerably lower. This model can be snatched for way below $50 and comes with 8 vibrating alarms that work on auto-repeat all days. There are three settings for the alerts: both sound and vibration, only sound, and only vibration. Such an impressive number of alarms makes the watch a popular choice amongst folks on medication. Additionally, it’s equipped with a countdown timer and stopwatch.

How about the looks? 

The timepiece comes with a fairly large polyurethane case, measuring 54mm in diameter. The blue band is made from the same material. The dial window is made from acrylic which, considering the bargain-basement pricing, is to be expected. For easy reading in the dark, the watch is equipped with a bright backlight. Unfortunately, it’s not shock resistant and the water resistance is really modest (30m).

The watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement, matching the accuracy of more popular predecessors on the list (+/- 15 seconds/month).

eSeasonGear VB80

Finding all the watches so far a bit too massive for your wrist? This model from the up-and-coming US brand, aSeasonGear, should provide you with more food for thought.

In fact, it’s more of a sport band than a timepiece. However, due to the combination of ultra-small size, low price, and the presence of 8 vibrating alarms, it was a no-brainer to include the model on the list of best vibrating alarm watches.

The band is made from silicone and is suitable for varying wrist sizes, ranging from 16cm to 21cm. Depending on your preferences, the LED display shows 12- or 24-hour time.

What’s worth noting, the waking vibration alarm lasts for 40 seconds so even the heavy sleepers should get out of bed easily. The remaining 7 alarms you set for the rest of the day last 20 seconds each. The watch is USB rechargeable, meaning you won’t have to spend anything extra on replacement batteries.

If you decide to go for this model, you’ll have to be careful with any exposure to water. The IP65 water resistance rating means it’s only splashproof so any longer exposure (ie. while swimming) poses a risk of damage. Regrettably, eSeasonGear doesn’t offer shock resistance.

It’s probably the best vibrating alarm wristband for the price.

Wobl Vibrating Watch

Closing the list of best vibrating alarm watches is another less-known brand that takes a lot of pride in offering these practical timepieces.

Wobl is advertised as the world’s smallest vibrating alarm watch. Measuring just 31mm in diameter, it certainly is incredibly small. Not without a reason, it’s a popular purchase both for kids and adults.

The case is made from silicone whilst the band material is a nylon-cotton blend. The good news is: the band is interchangeable. Different colors and designs are available on Wobl’s official website 

Wobl comes with 8 individually-set alarms that can be signaled by vibration, sound, or both simultaneously. It’s also equipped with a stopwatch and countdown timer.

The watch isn’t resistant to shocks although it offers a modest water resistance up to 30m.

Best Vibrating Alarm Watches: Buying Guide

We have high hopes that today’s article goes a long way in helping you pick the best silent alarm watch.

All 7 models described above use extremely strong vibrations that make sure you never fail to get up on time, take your medicine or supplements, or simply go for a break from work.

At the same time, we’re aware that there’s no accounting for taste. If you don’t fancy the looks of the models we discussed today, you might want to find some alternatives. To make the task easier, we’ve prepared a short and easy-to-grasp Buying Guide that will help you pick the right product on your own.

Also, further down the article, we’ve answered some Frequently Asked Questions on the subject.

What to Look For in a Vibrating Alarm Watch?

Naturally, the alarm vibration is a must.

But it’s not the only thing you should cross off the list before going ahead with the purchase. After all, you’d like the timepiece to serve you well for years. Also, you should simply enjoy wearing it. Therefore, make sure of:

a) Durability

If you are able to spend upwards of $50, you should get a watch that is made from enduring materials. In the ideal world, the most damage-prone part of the watch, the dial, should be made from mineral crystal.

If you’re an extremely cautious person, a solid acrylic window is also acceptable. We advise against getting such a watch if you work in demanding professions like EMTs, firefighters, or construction workers. It’s simply asking for trouble. However, for everyday use, it should be okay.

Moving on to other elements, it’s wise to opt for watches with lasting straps. Silicone, rubber, or stainless steel bands are known for their endurance. In fact, the same applies to cases. Although leather straps look elegant, they tend to deteriorate much quicker.

It’s essential the watch offers some level of water resistance. At the very least, make sure it’s splashproof. In the ideal world, pick timepieces with at least a 50m WR rating.

Finally, a shock resistance certainly wouldn’t go amiss. Timepieces able to absorb shocks tend to outlive the ones that don’t by quite a margin.

b) Design

There’s no point arguing about tastes.

Each person has his own idea of what an ideal wristwatch should look like. Hence, you should also consider the style aspect as important.

Do you prefer a sporty or more elegant design?

Do you have a slender or a larger wrist? Not all watches look universally great on all wrist sizes. For example, if you’re a man with a massive wrist, you might want to go for a watch with at least a 45mm case size. On the other hand, if you’re a female or a guy with a slender wrist, a watch with a smaller case size (<45mm) might be a better option look-wise.

Some folks also pay a lot of attention to the weight of the watch. Do you like being aware that you are carrying your timepiece or prefer to forget it’s even there?

c) Additional functions

Most vibrating alarm watches come with a list of additional features.

One of the most important ones is the backlight (or any form of luminescence). It’s essential reading the time is as hassle-free in the dark as it is during the day.

Other popular features that seem to be appreciated by most are:

  • stopwatch
  • countdown timer
  • calendar

Who Should Get a Watch With Vibrating Alarm?

We think that a vibrating alarm watch can be a practical help to folks from all walks of life.

However, it can be especially useful for the following:

a) Heavy sleepers

We all know someone who sleeps so deeply he would be able to sleep through a rock concert. For such a person, an alarm sound might not be enough to wake him up. Hence, a wristwatch providing strong vibrations could be a real game-changer. 

A vibrating alarm watch can also be extremely useful if your daily routine differs from that of your roomie, partner, or child. Everyone but you is unaffected by a buzzing watch, allowing others to continue sleeping.

b) People with hectic schedules

You may set your vibrating alarm watch to remind you of what has to be done if your job schedule is full with meetings and submitting critical reports, or if you are a nurse caring for demanding patients.

A buzzing mode, rather than a sound alarm, is a simple method to get notice without attracting too much attention from others around you.

c) Deaf or hearing impaired 

A typical sound alarm is ineffective for the hearing impaired. The volume on a gadget may be adjusted to its maximum setting, but this may be unpleasant to those around you and you still might not hear it properly. As a result, a vibrating watch is an excellent choice for medication reminders and wake-up alarms.

The same applies to people who are deaf. 

d) Elderly

Older adults have a tendency to neglect important duties in their daily lives. A vibrating alarm watch guarantees that the user gets the necessary reminders, whether it’s taking medications many times a day, going for a walk, or consuming at specific times.

This sort of wristwear is particularly beneficial to people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (read also: Smartwatches for Seniors). 

Which Casio Watches Have Vibrating Alarm?

A lion’s share of models with the vibration alarm belongs to the G-Shock series – like the two we discussed in this article.

However, other collections also have a few vibrating models to pick from. You can go to the Casio website and type “vibration alarm” in the search bar or simply click here

What is the Best Casio Vibration Alarm Watch?

Due to an impressive number of alarms (5) and strong vibration, we consider the two G-Shock models included in this article (G-Shock GD350-1CR and G-Shock GD-350-1BER) as the best picks at present. 

What's the Best Vibrating Alarm Watch for Heavy Sleepers?

People who are extremely difficult to wake up should opt for watches with strong and lasting vibrations (+30 seconds plus).

From today’s list, all watch models apart from the last one offer at least a 30-second vibration. Due to the specially-designed caseback, the vibrations provided by G-Shock GD-350-1BER are the strongest.

What's the Best Smartwatch With Vibrating Alarm?

If you opt for a more modern wearable, good news. The vast majority of smartwatches offer daily vibrating alarms.

A popular smart watch with a vibrating alarm is the Apple Watch. For Android users, Samsung Galaxy Active might be the smartwatch with the strongest vibration. 

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