Spinnaker Watches Review (Are They Any Good?)

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The purpose of timepieces is to convey stories. They are the only bystanders to our escapades, accompanying us on our trip throughout life’s adventures. They are our technological companions who are always willing to help us. Naturally, tales pique our curiosity about watches and assist us in determining what versions are ideal for us.

There are a variety of watchmakers to select from in the watch market. Apart from well-established names such as Seiko, Bulova, or Tissot, you can also come across some new and ominous watchmakers with a remarkable assortment of head-turning watches.

Timepieces have gotten even more inexpensive over time, and nowadays most people can afford at least one quality wristwatch. This is due to the ever-growing list of quality microbrands, which have elevated timepieces beyond their traditional status as an emblem of elegance.

Such brands make the benefit of time more accessible to individuals at a reasonable cost. Today, we’re focusing on one of these companies, Spinnaker, which is causing a lot of buzz in and around watch communities.

In this Spinnaker watches review, we will discover everything in detail about the brand. So, let’s now analyze whether the timepieces are worth all the clients’ fuss about them in their reviews.

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Are Spinnaker Watches Any Good? Quality Review

Several timepiece manufacturers have mastered the art of designing timepieces that emphasize style and design as their primary focus. Over the years, Spinnaker has done just that.

Before we peek at their collections, we’ll look at the overall picture of Spinnaker watches to see what they have to offer in terms of design, durability, and movement. Are these characteristics sufficient to distinguish them from the competitors? Let’s have a look.


Spinnaker watches come in a variety of styles, from the traditional to the genuinely avant-garde. Each watch is constructed to resist and fashioned to perform for life beneath, beyond, and alongside the sea, using high-quality materials.

Spinnaker makes some of the most inexpensive diving watches nowadays, many of which boast exceptional water resistance properties.

In terms of design, Spinnaker timepieces pay respect to well-known companies’ classic diving timepieces. Many microbrands, though, derive their ideas from traditional styles, which is expected.

Spinnaker uses this to stay up with contemporary technologies while also taking advantage of several collectors’ positive reactions to older homage.

We will have a closer look at the different designs offered by the 5 most popular collections further down the article.


What good is a wristwatch which wouldn’t age gracefully?

Let’s start with having a look at the part of the watch that’s the most vulnerable to damage – the dial.


Gladly, in this aspect, Spinnaker passes the test with flying colors.

The brand offers two types of glass – mineral crystal and sapphire crystal. The former is available with the lower-priced models while the latter occupies the higher end of the pricing table. With that said, you can still get a reliable sapphire crystal model for less than $400 which makes Spinnaker one of the more affordable brands offering sapphire glass.

This Spinnaker Hull model is a good example of a low-budget timepiece utilizing mineral glass. A popular timepiece with sapphire crystal is this Spinnaker Croft.

Sapphire crystal is by far the more premium type and an ever-present element of all the timepieces from top-shelf watchmakers. As things stand, it’s the most scratch-resistant material used in the horological industry.

What’s worth noting, sapphire glass watch models offered by Spinnaker come with an anti-reflective coating. This makes the timepieces super-easy to read in any light. At times you might actually forget the crystal is even there.


There is a lot of variety when it comes to bracelets. The bracelet’s durability will be mostly determined by your own choices. You can pick from the following:

  • Rubber straps – extremely lasting kind for fans of the sporty look
  • leather bands – perhaps the most attractive yet delicate type
  • nylon bands – military-styled, also quite tough

The good news is that the straps on all AVI-8 versions are interchangeable. This is a great option for individuals who desire a single watch that can be used for a variety of situations. Additional straps can be purchased either with or without the watch.


The vast majority of Spinnaker timepieces use 316L stainless steel cases. This is a popular option since it has the finest anti-corrosion and anti-scratch qualities.

Lately, Spinnaker has started adding more watches with titanium casings. The material is considered more premium as it’s about 40% lighter and possesses greater strength. However, it’s not as scratch-resistant. Hence, if you’re prone to scratching your watches, stainless steel models are still a better option.

What’s more, a lot of watches have screw-down crowns and casebacks. This goes a long way toward preventing water damage to the watch.

Water Resistance

Since most Spinnaker watches are designed for diving enthusiasts, it’s natural to expect a fairly impressive water resistance. And they provide just that.

At the very least, you can expect the watch to be water-resistant up to 100m. The high-end models are able to withstand depths of up to 300m.

Spinnaker Warranty

The current International Warranty covers any timepieces sold or submitted for warranty servicing anywhere in the world.

For twenty-four (24) months from the date of acquisition, the Spinnaker wristwatch is warranted against every developer’s fault, according to some additional conditions.

Before getting warranty servicing, you must provide evidence of purchase to a Spinnaker Authorized After-Sales Customer Service Center, Spinnaker Authorised Reseller, or any Spinnaker boutiques or meet with registering criteria.

The guarantee does not cover the following:

  • Abuse, carelessness, or mishaps leading to error and harm
  • The battery, the casing, the glass, the band, or the bracelets
  • Inappropriate usage, changes, manipulation, disassembly, or unauthorized alterations or fixes create faults and destruction

Also, remember, unless the item is designated as water-resistant, it will be harmed by water.

Any element determined to be faulty by system integration due to a manufacturing fault will be replaced immediately for free at Spinnaker’s Absolute Discretion when your wristwatch is received during the warranty duration

Any servicing or fixes performed after the warranty term has expired will be subjected to a service fee.


To suit a variety of tastes, Spinnaker offers two types of movement: quartz and automatic.

Only Japanese movements are used by the brand. These, along with the Swiss, are the most dependable. The movements are mostly made by Seiko or Miyota, two of Asia’s most well-known movement manufacturers. There are also a few timepieces running on Hattori calibers.

If accuracy is more important to you than complication, opting for one of the battery-powered (quartz) timekeepers is the way to go. It’s doubtful that they will lose or gain more than 15 seconds every month. When you go through the Spinnaker collections (which we’ll do in a minute), you’ll see that chronographs make up a big portion of the quartz watches.

Spinnaker automatic watches are powered by the Seiko NH35 automatic movement, which is quite popular among microbrands. And with a precision of -20/+40 seconds per day, it’s a pretty good value. Its 42-hour energy reserve is also a strong selling point. Watches utilizing this movement come with see-through casebacks.

Spinnaker Watch Collections

At the time of writing, there are 13 collections to pick from. Discussing each would probably be a bit too much so we’ve picked the 5 most distinctive lines: Bradner, Fleus, Croft, Hull, and Dumas. These should give you a better idea of what to expect from the brand in terms of looks and functions.

Without further ado, let’s go.

Spinnaker Bradner

The Spinnaker Bradner combines the finest of current and historical aesthetics. Like other Spinnaker watches, it has a historical appearance, yet it focuses on the contemporary side of the divide. The casing of the wristwatch is made of 316L stainless steel and has a satin-brushed texture.

There are two crowns on the compressor-style casing at 2 and 4 o’clock and an internal revolving bezel. Its diving design is maintained with a size of 42mm and a thickness of 15mm.

The Seiko NH35 automatic movement is visible through an exposition case-back with a polished natural display. The screw-down head controls the hands-on dial at 4 o’clock, whereas the screw-down crown at 2 o’clock controls the internal revolving bezel.

An anti-reflective covering combined with sapphire glass protects the dial. The wristwatch comes with a 180m water resistance. This style is available with a variety of bands and bracelets, ranging from leather to stainless steel.

Given its appearance, Bradner’s dial seems to be multi-dimensional. The thickness it provides appears to be more advanced than antique, yet the interior bezel is old in every way.

A bespoke mold with five-minute marks is also shown. The Super-Luminova technology makes things more straightforward to see even in poorly-lit areas, from the primary display to the internal bezel.

Spinnaker Fleuss

The Spinnaker Fluess wristwatch series, which continues the diving motif, is nicknamed after Henry Fleuss. It is primarily credited with inventing the first self-contained breathing underwater equipment in 1878.

Each Spinnaker Fleuss timepiece pays homage to Fleuss and the explorers who essentially created the intricacies of marine exploration by allowing individuals to experience realms beneath the waters.

The glossy dials with big Arabic numbers and 43mm bodies with stainless steel bands give those beautiful dive timepieces a more contemporary appearance than their other ranges. And like other Spinnaker watches, the Fluess also comes with the Seiko NH35 movement up close.

The Spinnaker manufacturers have ensured bright hour markings with a lumen hue that guarantees excellent visibility at night for better readability.

Spinnaker Croft

The Spinnaker Croft timepiece series is influenced by Robert Croft, a US Navy diving commander who was the first to plunge to a depth of 200 feet freely. It’s the ultimate diver’s equipment for people who require a rugged and trustworthy wristwatch that can handle the waters.

Like the previous Spinnaker watches we’ve seen, this wristwatch has an exposition case back that lets you examine the Seiko NH35 movement from nearby.

The casings are Marine Grade stainless steel with a unidirectional rotating bezel and a beautiful matt polished aluminum bezel with bright markers at the 60-minute mark. The bezels have also been meticulously constructed to provide exact time readings with precisely 120 ticks.

You’ll receive outstanding readability, just like any other feedback you’ll require. The simple plan includes hour indicators that are round and rectangular, as well as large second hands.

It’s simple to discern the minute hand margins since they’re a different color. Not to add that the wristwatch has a bright lumen that makes it easily visible even in the darkness.

Spinnaker Hull

Spinnaker Hull, like the Bradner, is all business for the antique appearance. It demonstrates a deft blend of a traditional design, the latest techniques, and an antique appearance.

While it isn’t as old as the Bradner, it has an antique feel that makes it a perfect complement to older timepieces.

Given its 42mm diameter, the watch’s cushioned casing is evocative of several swimmers’ timepieces. It is, nonetheless, only 12mm thick, making it relatively light. But it’s understandable since it’s a wristwatch without a rotating bezel.

It also features a standard 22mm ring size, which means it will most likely work with whatever leather band you have on hand. Like the other Spinnaker timepieces we’ve seen, this wristwatch features an exposition case back that allows you to see the Seiko NH35 movement up close.

The timepiece’s fumée dial is available in various hues, including blue, brown, and green. The mild lume is a creamy hue that gives it a more vintage appearance.

With curved clock indicators and crisp dials, it stays modest. The wristwatch also has a sandwiched dial, which adds depth.

Spinnaker Dumas

The Spinnaker Dumas is a widely accepted model from Spinnaker’s historical range of watches, though not the most renowned yet. The octagonal watch was created as a tribute to Frédéric Dumas, thus the namesake.

The French swimming icon, one-third of the Les Mousqemers, pioneered diving as we understand it today. Dumas invented the diving regulators with engineers Émile Gagnan, Philippe Tailliez, and Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The Dumas collection symbolizes the more powerful and heavy shapes in diving watches, drawing inspiration from 1970s trends. It captures the essential objective of a diving timepiece by concentrating strictly on functionality and utility.

The wristwatch, on the other hand, is not lacking in terms of looks. It’s as appealing to the eyes as practical, with colorways inspired by classic dive timepieces.

The timepiece has a sapphire crystal, which ensures excellent protection against cracks and scratches, and a 300m water resistance. This is equal to 1000 feet, which is a reasonably remarkable depth classification for a wristwatch at about this price point.

The wristwatch also includes a 120-click unidirectional rotating bezel. Such characteristics alone demonstrate how robust and excellent the timepieces are for maritime excursions, including a casual dip or snorkeling.

The wristwatch’s robust design draws more toward an industrial style. With a thickness of 15mm and a diameter of 44mm, it’s hefty like any diving wristwatch of its style and functionality.

The octagonal stainless steel casing, which is marine-grade, appears to be rather large. It is, nevertheless, pleasant to wear and rests nicely on the wrists. Anybody who likes significant cases and fat timepieces will consider this watch to be an excellent complement.

The Seiko NH35 automatic self-winding movement, which powers the Dumas, is still prevalent.

Where Are Spinnaker Watches Made?

Despite the fact that Spinnaker is a British brand that uses only Japanese movements, all watches are made and assembled in Hong Kong. The country is a popular manufacturing location for watchmakers in the low-to-mid-range price range.

Who Makes Spinnaker Watches?

Dartmouth Brands is the owner of the Spinnaker brand. It was founded in 2013.

The UK-based company now owns 14 watch brands, including AVI-8, Thomas Earnshaw, and Duxot. Spinnaker, on the other hand, is what they’re most known for.

Where to Buy Spinnaker Watches?

Spinnaker isn’t a world-renowned brand (yet). As a result, the number of sites where you may purchase one of these watches is still limited.

The official website of the brand is the first and most obvious option. All items are sent from the online store’s warehouses in the United States and the United Kingdom. It provides free shipping on all orders.

Amazon is the place to go if you value super-fast shipping (even same-day) and inexpensive rates. It now has over 50 watch models available, with pricing starting at $200.

Finally, if you don’t mind pre-owned models, eBay is a good place to start.

Spinnaker Watches Review: Conclusion

Are Spinnaker watches any good? Conclusion

If you’ve been on the edge regarding the purchase of your first Spinnaker watch, we hope that the Spinnaker watches review has helped you make the decision – whatever that is.

If there’s anything this Spinnaker watch company review has proved, it’s the fact that the brand has a lot going for it. Whereas the Spinnaker timepieces make clear allusions to specific, somewhat obscure historical inspirations, they are unabashedly their own thing.

For a diverse combination, they combine historical DNA with a more contemporary, graphical dial. They’re fun, quirky, and undoubtedly durable.

The Spinnaker watches are not for everyone, but those attracted to the multifaceted casing and multilayered dial of the 1970s would get great joy out of it.

Due to impressive water-resistance capabilities, the presence of sapphire crystal, and the ultra-reliable automatic movement in the form of Seiko’s NH35A, Spinnaker stands out among most microbrands.

If you’d like to explore more affordable dive watches, check out our lists of best Seiko divers and top Citizen dive watches. You can also get familiar with Seapro watches.

Alternatively, should you want to explore more names in the micro brand sector, we invite you to read our reviews of Philip Stein, Vincero, Triwa, or Spinnaker.

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