Torgoen Watches Review (Is It a Good Watch Brand?)

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Torgoen is a Swiss watchmaker with a presence in the United States. They make their items in Switzerland and sell them all over the world. Their distinct design sets them apart from other watch brands.

They’ve turned their knowledge of flying and the cockpit into a timepiece. Navigation bars, multiple time zones, and military format displays are examples of traditional designs.

Torgoen has various collaborations with traditional and automated movements, having been in the business for 20 years. ETA SA, ISA SWISS, RONDA, and VALANVRON, all based in Switzerland, are part of this cooperation.

Torgoen has also formed partnerships with organizations that provide them with accessibility to pilots who provide continuous feedback on their goods. California Fire Pilot Association and Reynolds Jet Management are two of these organizations.

Even though the acquisitions may suggest that Torgoen timepieces are shifting their focus to become more fashion-oriented instead of keeping loyal to their heritage, this should not be the case.

Torgoen watches are known for their simplicity and basic design — the clocks are easy to read and free of fashion-forward embellishments. And that’s what established a strong foundation for the company in the first instance, and it is doubtful that it will change its course.

Torgoen wearables are a breath of fresh air due to their distinct attraction of historical appearance and great portability. This Torgoen Watches Review will explore some of the top collections of Torgoen watches that offer extraordinary functionalities.

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Torgoen History & Background

Torgoen was founded in 2009 by a combination of aviation aficionados and watchmakers with years of expertise in manufacturing timepieces for some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

After several years in the watchmaking business, we felt it was time to create our brand, focusing on three key characteristics: Affordability x Design x Quality.

Torgoen’s forte is creating visually beautiful and long-lasting vintage-style pilot watches.

One of Torgoen’s creators, Benzi Rosenski, who is also a fully licensed Single Engine pilot, describes the brand’s origins as an “aim of offering professional pilot timepieces with excellent Swiss mechanisms that don’t cost millions to obtain.” Torgoen watches, according to their claim, are all priced far below $500.

Thor, the god of thunder in Nordic legend, and goen, a derivation of “goen,” are the two syllables that make up the company’s unique name. Torgoen is a watch brand that stands for utility, originality, and elegance in style.

E. Gluck Corporation purchased the Torgoen trademark in the United States in 2019. Another well-known watch business, Armitron, is manufactured by the E. Gluck watch firm. They also make watches for high-end fashion labels, including Nine West, Juicy Couture, and Anne Klein.

E. Gluck’s direct-to-consumer company will benefit from the purchase, as well Torgoen’s worldwide development potential.

Torgoen uses only high-quality materials and inspects the products and their elements at every stage of the manufacturing process. The watch movements are all made in Switzerland. They also employ K1, stainless steel 316L cases, Sapphire crystals, and premium Italian leather belts.

The company has a staff of specialists and experts in charge of overseeing the whole production process. Components are inspected before and after manufacturing, and each watch is put through a series of quality-control tests before, between, and then after the final testing.

The brand concept was influenced by old cockpit instrumentation, as we are pilots and fans of the entire aviation environment. The creative team has a lot of expertise and is quite innovative. Several ergonomic tests were undertaken for excellent visibility and accessibility, and the essential and clear style became a hallmark for all Torgoen timepieces.

The company has always emphasized perfecting our art. They have always been confident that we have produced the most outstanding value range of aviation timepieces available while maintaining the highest level of design, components, and craftsmanship in the business.

The Torgoen team used these ideas to create and update its watch layout. That is why Torgoen has introduced a diverse watch collection to the marketplace, and you will be glad to know that they have been producing excellent pilot timepieces to complement your style.

Torgoen has been in the watchmaking business for a long time and is dedicated to supplying us with high-quality products that are precise and accurate. They only employ the best components and utilize production processes and materials that fulfill the highest industry standards.

Are Torgoen Watches Any Good? Quality Review 

Torgoen watches stand out for their high-quality materials and calibers, often lacking in watches in this price category. The company has chosen a risky approach to provide clients with high-quality timepieces at low prices. Torgoen outperforms a slew of other watch brands who make similar claims but fall well short in practice.

We’ve seen numerous manufacturers outfit their wristwatches with visible mechanisms, pair them with gleaming finishes, and advertise them as “affordable luxury” while charging $300 or more. Torgoen isn’t like that; the brand stays loyal to its values and is committed to completing the task at hand.

Torgoen has not yet gotten the credit it deserves, in our viewpoint, since it’s a company that not only meets but frequently surpasses expectations when it comes to producing high-quality watches. For somewhere between $150 and $300, you may obtain a watch with a famous Swiss mechanism, sapphire crystal, and elegant aesthetics without any cheap fashion features.


Torgoen wears have a particular style that sets them apart from the competition. Compared to the massive selection of modern timepieces now widespread, the wearables are a breath of fresh air due to their distinct attraction of historical design and great portability.

Torgoen timepieces are distinguished by the initial “T” and a digit after it. Only at the time of publication, the company offers ten distinct collections, of which we will focus on the eight most popular of them.


Torgoen uses higher-grade 316L stainless steel for the casings, a high-class sapphire crystal, a slightly weaker toughened mineral for dial preservation, long-lasting illumination in the watch hands and hour markings, and authentic Italian material for the bands.

Except for the leather, which receives mixed reviews regardless of the maker, Torgoen timepieces are highly reliable and will endure for many years if carefully monitored.

Torgoen strives to amaze the consumers as much as feasible regarding consistency requirements, as seen by the sapphire crystal and Swiss movement. The majority of the customers are pleased with the ultimate construction quality.


Each Torgoen watch has a Swiss movement, which is mainly Ronda quartz. Additional calibers used in the timepieces are from the Swiss, ISA, ETA, or Valanvron manufacturing lines. These timepieces are well-known powerhouses with exceptional completeness and consistency that seldom let their owners down.

Torgoen frequently adds the suffix “Swiss” to its name due to its usage of movements. This does not, nonetheless, imply that all of the timepieces are Swiss-made. For a watch to have the Swiss-Made label, it must be built in Switzerland, and at least 60% of the manufacturing expenses must be incurred there.

While about three-quarters of Torgoen’s timepieces have a Swiss caliber and are constructed abroad, a quarter of the watches are Swiss-made and appear with a genuine Swiss Made badge. That is a strong indication that Torgoen is serious about the timepieces it sells.

Most tickers with the Swiss Movt or Swiss Movement designation, like the great majority of non-Japanese and non-Swiss manufacturers, are consequently made in low-cost Asia. However, unlike many others, Torgoen employs a specialist team of experts and designers who oversee the whole production process on-site and conduct stringent quality control testing before selling the timepieces.

Torgoen Watch Collections 

Torgoen T9

The T9 line has 42millimetres watches with traditional aircraft styling, bold design with analog dials. A toughened mineral crystal is included with every T9. The watches have a Ronda GMT movement with a black, blue, or creme face. Aside from the standard leather bands, you’ll also stumble upon stainless steel versions.

The T9 wears are the cheapest in terms of pricing. And when you couple that with the excellent quality levels you’ll get with this range, you’ll have a fantastic unique selling proposition. The watch’s price remains around $150, leaving it as a tremendous profitability ticker with a Swiss quartz movement. Look out for the Torgoen T9 Bluebird to get yourself a handy deal!

Get a more detailed look at the timepiece by reading our Torgoen T9 Watch Review.

60 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 42mm stainless steel case
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • GMT function

Torgoen T10

The T10 series is slightly more expensive than the T9 collection, although only by a tiny margin. The timepieces feature a more straightforward design with a three-hand mechanism and a crisper display, making them ideal for sophisticated casual wear.

The collection includes 44mm and 41mm watches with dials spanning from cream to patterned black. This one also offers more beautiful displays with a carbon fiber construction and silicone band choices. The Torgoen T10 Carbon Sapphire is the model that stands out among the bigger T10s. It also comes with a water-repellent silicone strap that makes it suitable for surface water activities.

22 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 44mm stainless steel case
  • Silicone strap
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Date window

Torgoen T16

The T16 series is a collection of athletic chronographs. The T16 line also includes Swiss Made timepieces as well as traditional Swiss Movement listings. The pieces have a slight resemblance to the T10s, but they include three subdials and additional pushers. The displays come in various colors, including green and breeze, while the casings come in sizes of 41mm and 44mm.

The Torgoen T16 Night Pro is the best-rated Swiss-made watch in its series. It’s a quartz clock with large blue numerals and well-placed stopwatch dials. The luminous dial on this 44mm watch is a particular aspect that shines for up to 8 hours when adequately exposed to sunlight.

5 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 44mm stainless steel case
  • Genuine leather band
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Chronograph function

Torgoen T18

The Torgoen T18 line was created in collaboration with renowned Team Pelfrey Star Mazda racers, and it brings flying speed to the racing. All watches have Swiss ETA quartz chronograph movements, toughened mineral crystals, and carbon fiber displays with complex surfaces. These Torgoen’s are the chain’s most extensive, with a diameter of 45mm.

The line-shaped seconds’ indicator on the underside of the dial is a distinctive feature that gives the Torgoen T18 wristwatch a particular appeal. The Torgoen T18 watches are slightly overpriced due to the use of a toughened mineral rather than sapphire and the lack of a Swiss Made badge. The one to impress the most out of this line is the T18 Blue Carbon Fiber.

23 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 45mm stainless steel case
  • Silicone strap
  • Scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Chronograph function

Torgoen T21

Welcome to the wonderful world of flying instruction. This TorgoenT21 Flight GMT is a unique watch that includes a working E6B analog flight computer. This 44mm watch is robust, trustworthy, and elegant, with a solid stainless-steel body and best-in-class sapphire crystal glass.

The most famous T21 production is the T21 Blue Sapphire with a brown strap color, cream exterior, and a blue color dial. The Ronda Swiss Quartz movement is infused inside a sapphire crystal and has a vintage leather strap. When you peep all this in a $295, it looks like a steal to us!

Torgoen T25

The T25 timepieces have a lot in common with the T9 timepieces. A varied case choice from 41mm to 44mm in size, the option of sapphire crystals rather than mineral glasses, and various watches with brass and meteorite dials are among the few distinguishing features.

The pattern varies from model to model, giving each clock its distinct charm. One of the most popular of these is the T25M Calvius for its uniquely designed dial.

7 Reviews (Click to read)
  • 44mm stainless steel case
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • GMT function

Torgoen T42

They’re all various colors, yet they all have the same design pattern. The Swiss Made mark is on these 41mm Torgoen timepieces driven by a 25-jewel ETA 2824 mechanism. The movement is well known in the business and used by several major brands, including Hamilton and Tissot.

Additionally, because the movement beats at a greater frequency than most of the other automatics (28,800 bph vs. 21,600 bph), you’ll be able to appreciate a lovely skimming movement of the second hand with eight steps per second.

Torgoen T42 watches are water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) and have anti-reflective and scratch-resistant dials. The T42 Dark Grey Automatic is yet to release, yet it seems to have topped the popularity charts among the Torgoen community already!

Torgoen T43

The dive-inspired T43 series has been the latest change to Torgoen’s row. Beginning with a screw-down crown and ratcheted unidirectional bezel, the 44mm timepieces have all the hallmarks of real diving wristwear, including illuminated indicators and a 200m (660ft) water resistance. Despite this, the T43 wears are worthwhile choices due to their desirable pricing around the $200 level.

Additionally, sapphire crystals are used, making the pricing even more attractive. When we came across the T43 Black Diver Sapphire, we couldn’t take off the eyes of this beautiful and stylish wear.

Are Torgoen Watches Waterproof?

As mentioned above, Torgoen is made of stainless steel of high quality that ensures resistance to rust. But are these watches waterproof, is the question. Torgoen watches have an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Expert says watches made of this material are some of the best and most reliable you can get in today’s market.

Torgoen watches, which are larger, are 100m (330ft) waterproof. Their smaller counterparts offer 50m (165ft) water resistance. If you’re considering diving into that level, we would recommend taking off the watch prior.

Torgoen Watch Warranty

The dive-inspired T43 series has been the latest change to Torgoen’s row. Beginning with a screw-down crown and ratcheted unidirectional bezel, the 44mm timepieces have all the hallmarks of real diving wristwear, including illuminated indicators and a 200m (660ft) water resistance. Despite this, the T43 wears are worthwhile choices due to their desirable pricing around the $200 level.

Additionally, sapphire crystals are used, making the pricing even more attractive. When we came across the T43 Black Diver Sapphire, we couldn’t take off the eyes of this beautiful and stylish wear.

Torgoen Watches Review: Conclusion

Is Torgoen a Good Brand? Conclusion

So hopefully, the Torgoen watches review has assisted you in selecting to choose whether or not to purchase one of the brand’s watches. Torgoen, from our perspective, makes high-quality timepieces that are worth investing in since they measure up to their premium models and provide a long-lasting experience.

Moreover, the company does not flaunt its over-the-top style but takes the historical aviation-inspired range exceptionally seriously.

Although Torgoen isn’t one of the old folks in the industry that goes way back to the start of the twentieth century, it’s undoubtedly one of the best-sellers out there. The watches involve a classy vintage design, but the Torgoen watches are becoming more fashion-oriented while keeping loyal to their heritage.

Torgoen timepieces are known for their elegance and basic design — the clocks are easy to follow and free of fashion-forward embellishments. That is what established a strong foundation for the company initially, and it is doubtful that it will change its course.

Torgoen watches are inspired by the instrumentation seen in aviation cockpits. As a result, you’ll see strategically placed subdials, watch hands that resemble the hands of different gauges, and hour numbers written in a script similar to that found on mid-century airplanes.

The timepieces have big displays, plain lettering, vivid markings, and prominent hands to help a pilot “stay ahead of the plane” when making rapid judgments. The design guarantees that the user receives all of the necessary information without going through all of the possible style components before arriving at the precise moment.

Customers are usually satisfied with their purchases and suggest this firm to others, except for the rare hiccup in the process.

Maintaining Torgoen’s three fundamental values – quality, design, and affordability – is indeed the brand’s driving factor and the secret to unlocking numerous gates to further achievement in the coming years.

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