Smart Apps to Manage Work-Life Balance

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Lack of proper work-life balance could lead to a lot of challenges.

Your company might record a lower turnover and you could have dissatisfied customers. More employees might ask for sick leave and productivity could go low. It is crucial to create an excellent work-life balance both for yourself and your employees. 

It enhances productivity and your entire team stays motivated. Many work-life balance apps can help you and your teams create a balanced work and private life. They include health and well-being, focus, and scheduling applications.

Here are the top smart apps to help you live a balanced work life.


One of the issues that affects many employees is handling too many appointments. You could spend more hours planning meetings and be late to attend others.

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Fantastical is one of the best apps for life and work management. It helps you create your events and manage schedules with ease. There is more that you can do with this app and enhance your work-life management.

  • Create schedules for meetings and different tasks
  • Create views for each day, week, or month.
  • Connect the software with other applications such as Calendar and CRM.
  • Create reminders for meetings and tasks

A lot of work-life balance tools demand subscriptions. It can be expensive for you if you need to use more than one app.

There is another way to help you save subscription money. You can share multiple passwords with different users. There are different ways to share passwords on Apple gadgets. It is necessary to learn how to share passwords from iPhone to Mac and still have your data safe.

One of the methods to share passwords and secure information is through a password manager. It encrypts and stores your passwords securely in one place allowing you to access them at any time.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is one of the apps at work to use for distraction elimination. Distractions cause you to delay completing your tasks. Due to this, you might be forced to extend work hours to complete them. This could affect your mental and emotional health in a big way.

The main goal of the app is to help you work without distraction and complete your tasks on time. It helps you avoid spending more time at work due to time spent checking notifications or receiving telephone calls not related to work. There is more that you can do with this application.

  • Measure your progression and achievements through insights and reporting.
  • Break down your work into 25-minute tasks and take a short break after each.
  • Block or limit permissions of applications that cause distractions most.
  • Track your time to view how much time you were productive.


Pocket is one of the best apps for life that helps you stay informed. Sometimes you might want to get information on multiple topics. For instance, you might want to read about workouts, yoga, and a good diet. You might have searched and found top-notch articles covering these topics.

The challenge is that you might not have time to read them immediately. You will likely forget the sources of these topics after some time. Pocket helps you keep a record of every article that you desire to read. It helps you achieve other goals such as:

  • Save your to-read lists based on categories or titles.
  • Use its audio function to listen to content instead of reading.
  • Create bookmarks to show where you stopped in the last read.
  • Customize your content by adding your preferred colors and fonts.
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Headspace is one of the good work apps that help you to enhance your mental health.

Its developers work closely with mental health experts to determine the best features to add. They developed it with the main goal of helping users live improved mental and emotional lives. As a result, they benefit from a better social life and lead motivated work lives.

The application helps you achieve more.

  • Access resources to use to improve your sleep patterns, meditation, and mental wellness.
  • Access numerous exercises to do including meditations.
  • Explore content for good parenting and kid’s lives.
  • Create customized sessions for use at home or office.


Mint is a choice application for people who want to manage their finances better. You can use it if you want to save more money and create manageable budgets. You may use it online or download it to achieve a variety of things.

  • Link your savings account and credit cards.
  • Create specific savings objectives and monitor your success.
  • Establish investing objectives and personalize transactional and expenditure alerts.
  • Set up bill-paying notifications and obtain money-management educational materials.


You can do more when you effectively manage your private and professional lives.

Numerous tools can support you in maintaining a healthy work-life balance to keep you motivated. Some of them support you in managing your finances. 

Other tools help you manage your relationships and physical and emotional well-being. To enable you to have a productive and healthy life, you should select apps that offer an array of functions.

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