How to Sync Apple Watch with MacBook? (Step-by-step Guide)

🕑  Last Updated: October 31, 2023

Do you own an Apple Watch to transform the way you make payments, unlock your Mac, and more? Don’t know how to connect it to your MacBook to access received messages from Apple Watch to MacBook? Want to sync both devices to transfer data seamlessly?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, continue reading.

Apple products are widely recognized for working effortlessly with each other. Pairing an Apple Watch with a MacBook smoothens workflow with great convenience. In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to sync both devices in no time with reduced effort.

Understand Compatibility Before Establishing Connection

Before you sync an Apple Watch with a MacBook, make sure both devices are compatible. Both devices must be running the latest versions of software for effective performance. The Apple Watch should run watchOS 3 or later to be able to sync with Mac.

If you are wondering how to view msg files on mac, keep both devices in proximity. To sync, both devices must be running the same Apple ID. Once you consider these things, you can simply connect your Apple Watch and MacBook by following the instructed step-by-step process.

Create Bluetooth Connection

Setting up a Bluetooth connection between MacBook and Apple Watch unlocks a world of synchronicity and great convenience. Swipe upwards on your watch and open the Control Center and click the Bluetooth icon.

A little sight of a blue glow means the Bluetooth connection has been enabled. On macOS, tap the Apple icon at the top left side and head to System Preferences. Click the Bluetooth icon. Find the Apple Watch listed under Devices. Select your Watch and tap Pair.  

Use iTunes to Sync Data

iTunes can be used to conveniently sync data from Apple Watch to MacBook. Just be sure the entire data is updated across both devices. Pair Apple Watch with MacBook via charging cable. Then, open iTunes on Mac and choose the device icon at the top left side.

In the sidebar menu, click Summary and scroll down to access Options. Confirm ‘Automatically sync when this [Apple Watch] is connected’ is marked. In the sidebar menu, tap Music and tick the box ‘Sync Music’. Once you made the required selections, tap Apply.  

Unlock MacBook with Apple Watch

If your MacBook doesn’t have Touch ID, unlock it with your Apple Watch. Create a 4-digit passcode on your watch with your iPhone. Now, enable the unlock feature. Reach System Preferences, click Security and Privacy on MacBook, and Tap General.

Checkmark Use your Apple Watch to unlock applications and your Mac. Now, you can unlock your MacBook and apps that can log in with Apple Watch. The best alternative is to update your watch to the latest OS and activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices.   

Change Audio with Your Apple Watch

To change audio, connect your Apple Watch to your Mac’s iTunes library using the remote app. Access the remote app on your watch and click Add Device. It’ll show a 4-digit number on the screen. On your Mac, open the Music app and see your watch name under the Devices section.

If you don’t see your watch name, be sure you have not closed the Remote app. Enter the 4-digit code on your watch and wait for the confirmation by iTunes. Now, you can play, pause, adjust volume, and change audio on your Mac with Apple Watch. The Podcast app can’t be controlled on Mac with the Apple Watch.

Make Payments Using Apple Watch

Surprisingly, payments can now be made on your MacBook using Apple Watch. Yes, it is true when you buy something through Safari on your MacBook with Apple Pay. Remember, this feature doesn’t function on Firefox or Google Chrome.

If you see the option to pay using an Apple Watch, tap the side button on your watch twice to pay the amount. Before making a payment, be sure the feature is activated by default when both devices are within proximity and use the same Apple ID.

Authenticate Apps From Watch

Once you unlock your MacBook with an Apple Watch, you can use your watch to authenticate Mac applications. When you download any app on your Mac computer, you will get an approval request on your smartwatch.

Tap the side button on your Apple Watch twice to authenticate the approval request. When apps on your Mac computer need approval for performing any tasks, it will send the same approval requests.


So, you can see that after connecting your Apple Watch with your MacBook, you can sync data and perform more tasks. You can better optimize your Mac experience by controlling your Mac remotely in multiple ways.

If you experience any connectivity issues, look for Bluetooth connectivity. Check both devices are running on the advanced software updates. Sometimes Wi-Fi interference can be the major culprit. If it is, move near to the Wi-Fi router or reset it.

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