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The vintage watch industry has undoubtedly made leaps of progression over the last couple of decades. Not only do these watches offer classic and unique designs, but some of them are also enriched with quality construction able to last for years without a single scratch or a crack.

Any watch enthusiast knows the value of having a top-quality watch in their hands. It’s literally their everything! Having these incredible watches adds to your style and fashion in a unique way, which, frankly speaking, none of your everyday wear would.

The market is congested with stylish and vintage watch collections by manufacturers paying tribute to the good old days. Now that each manufacturer is offering a ton of watches, each with its design and construction, it has become ever so difficult to decide on the one you want to buy.

One of the watch manufacturers that people may have been sleeping on recently is the Triwa brand. While you may not know, Triwa has continued to deliver classic vintage-style watches with simplistic yet beautiful dials and medium-sized cases that depict the brand’s swiftness.

The Swedish brand has been around for over a decade now. Triwa has impressed a large section of the watch community with its exceptional case designs throughout its illustrious history. Their primary focus has always been on manufacturing stylish watches that will go well with your everyday wear.

In today’s Triwa watches review, we’re going to explore in detail some of the best Triwa watches – and exactly why they’re so good.

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Triwa Watches History

Triwa was founded in 2007 by four friends with the sole purpose of altering customer perceptions of the watch business. They saw that specific customers’ attitudes were excessively concentrated on the brand’s overall reputation and heritage, which prompted them to establish the firm.

Ludvig Scheja, Tobias Ericsson, Harold Wachtmeister, and Didrik Wachtmeister, four friends, thought that the watchmaking sector needed a change. So instead of developing timepieces with the idea of grandeur or something to be appreciated from afar, the firm started with the fundamentals.

Triwa chose the most extraordinary leathers and experts Sweden has to provide. A natural, youthful, and self-contained brand, they aspired to produce timepieces with stunning design and expert craftsmanship. They worked closely with skilled art directors to create brand loyalty they were confident of, deserving of praise and admiration.

TRIWA watches, which stands for “Transforming the Industry of Watch,” was founded shortly after gathering the finest resources to fulfill their goal. They used to pay close attention to their competition when they first began out (mostly companies that had started before them).

They also kept a close eye on their coworkers and other firms outside of the watch sector. This drove the Triwa team on a quest to find the most effective promotion, transport, and design methods, all of which are critical to an organization’s growth.

The company’s four joint proprietors believed in the Triwa brand they developed and put out all of their efforts to see it succeed. As for the Triwa watches sales, the original range of timepieces went up for sale. They were entirely purchased in a short time by watch aficionados all over the globe.

Since then, the company has grown significantly, from the original four employees to a thriving workforce of over 40. When the four buddies quit their day jobs at first, their coworkers assumed they were insane.

After more than a decade, the Triwa brand has grown fast, producing modern and elegant watches with traditional origins that any watch enthusiast can use for high-end timepieces. The firm has a creative design lab in Stockholm, where all of its watch designs and production occur.

Triwa’s Falken line shined brightly during spring and into summertime, with fresh updates to the collection arriving shortly after Baselworld. The acquisitions include men’s and women’s watches, keeping the selection well-balanced, unlike some other rivals who focus solely on men’s timepieces. identifies the brand’s concept as “sleek, light, and uncomplicated timepieces,” ensuring that the styles and materials utilized are ones that people will want to wear and flaunt at any event.

Triwa is a one-of-a-kind company with pastel color palettes that include touches of carbon, gold, and ivory to highlight the more delicate features of their timepieces. Triwa watches have a really earthy feel to them, which we really like.

They are always made with a lot of research and innovation. The designers get a lot of their motivation from the soil, sea, and sky surrounding them, which lets them include a little bit of the people’s history into their creations, which only adds to their uniqueness.

Are Triwa Watches Any Good? (Quality Review)

We can talk about a plethora of Triwa watch qualities, but we think the following features explained down below should be enough to win you over.


Triwa watches are stylish in their looks, but they are well-known to offer durability in the long term. One thing the brand has ensured over the years is not to compromise the watch’s durability. When you consider the quality and fine craftsmanship of the Triwa watches, you can instantly depict the quality materials that will perform in the longer run.

Average-quality watches are generally prone to scratches and cracks from the outside. That’s because they are not made from high-quality components able to withstand pressure and sharp edges. However, Triwa chooses the ingredients for their watches with care, ensuring that only the finest quality materials are utilized. They are developed in Sweden, and all of their real leather watch bands are made there.


Significantly, all Triwa timepieces are powered by Swiss-made quartz movements. You may choose from automatic or quartz watches based on the style and model.

Choose a battery-powered model if you desire unrivaled precision. Choose an automatic watch if you want more complicated and occasionally antique calibers. The quality of the movements is relatively high, bearing in mind the watches’ modest prices.

Triwa Warranty

Triwa goods come with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. Because your order confirmation/receipt is your warranty, Triwa urges that you keep it. Would you please keep in mind that the company only has spare parts on hand for goods from the existing portfolio? Triwa does not supply replacement parts for models that are no longer in production.

However, used cells and batteries and natural wear and tear on the casing, screen, and straps are not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover any damage to the watch caused by abnormal usage, lack of care, carelessness, mishaps, inappropriate use of the watch, or failure to follow TRIWA’s instructions.

Triwa Watch Collections

There is no doubt that Triwa is rich in style and design when it comes to watchmaking. They have a habit of producing world-class watch designs that attract a global audience. Some of their most delicate stylistic designs include:

Time for Oceans

Triwa has teamed up alongside Tide Ocean Material to accomplish this (based out of Switzerland). The material is gathered from the water, cleansed, and crushed into grains before being utilized to create new items. That takes the shape of the Triwa Time for Oceans in this example.

The Triwa Time for Oceans, other than its color, has a pretty familiar appearance. The dial has an Explorer feel to it, while the handset has a Ranger feel to it. In other words, it takes lessons from the more cautious stance that the watch industry may sometimes take. When you zoom in on that dial, meanwhile, you notice something isn’t quite right.

There’s an intriguing wave design buried inside there, which underlines the watch’s theme. So, yes, it has a serious tone to it. Considering the four colors offered, the Triwa Time for Oceans is also a little fun. Oh, and don’t worry, the wristwatch has a 100m water resistance certification so that you can wear it in the pool. So, in a sense, you’re demonstrating the watch’s origins.

Time for Peace 2.0

Triwa uses unique elements in the creation of its timepieces. The majority of the time, these are non-metallic materials like acetate and plastics. They already had one unique metal-cased watch in their collection, and now they’ve added another.

The Triwa Time for Peace 2.0 is part of the Triwa X Humanium Metal watches line launched in 2018. The short version is that they’re utilizing metal from confiscated firearms that have been melted down. They’re also donating 15% of sales volumes to the regions where the guns were produced as a bonus. Triwa has given over $100,000 to anti-violence programs in El Salvador since those initial timepieces, so they’re making an impact.

New colors are coming in for the new Triwa Time for Peace 2.0 – blue (which is the most popular) and green. Both of these timepieces have a vibrant red date wheel and color-coordinated straps. These are on sale for $249 (or $269 for the special edition), which is an excellent price for something that also helps to do good in the world.

Time Humanium 39

The black brushed casing has a lot of charm. The Humanium Metal sign “Hu” may be seen in the center of the left-hand side. It reminds you of the periodic table of elements every time you see it. It’s got to be the font style and the narrow frame it’s in. The overall aesthetic is simple and beautiful. The date disc has a unique red backdrop, the middle seconds’ indicator is cherry red, and a blob in the center of the crown is likewise bright red.

The Humanium 39 is a strong challenger in the €500 to €750 pricing range, thanks to the Miyota 9015. We were shocked to see a Hu logo imprinted on the rotors when we returned the non-transparent casing. Given that most owners will never see it, Triwa deserves praise for going above and beyond.

The slate grey case complements the vertically polished dial surface, which feels chilly. The sapphire glass has a flawlessly smooth surface. The crown reminded us of the chamber of a pistol. It’s a great touch to have the armament dismantled.

The crown is secured with screws, which may surprise you. The crown resembles a bullet when viewed from the side, with the red dot representing the primer. Swedish leather that has been organically colored is thin and supple. It gives a very smooth and pleasant wearing experience compared to most conventional leather straps seen on contemporary timepieces.

Time Ash Spira Watch

You won’t be disappointed with the Ash Spira watch with a brown leather band if you’re searching for a Triwa men’s watch that blends elegance with classic features. From the big and sturdy band to the strong watch face that maintains your day on track, everything about this watch screams elegance.

This watch has a gorgeous leather band, and the entire mechanism is shockproof, so you can be confident that it will last a long time. The Ash Spira costs around $85, so Triwa’s Pacific Lansen Chrono is a slightly less expensive version of the analog leather timepiece if you’re on a budget.

Where Are Triwa Watches Made?

All TRIWA’s product design and development are conducted in their Stockholm office, where they stick to the same philosophy they’ve had since the beginning: only make items they’d wear themselves. They hope to convert the watch into a modern style statement by blending traditional designs and modern Scandinavian minimalism.

Triwa Watches Review: Conclusion

Triwa was formed by four friends in 2007 with the primary goal of changing customer opinions of the watch industry. This is a one-of-a-kind company with pastel color palettes that include touches of graphite, gold, and ivory to highlight the more advanced features of their timepieces.

Triwa watches have a really earthy feel to them, which we really like. They are always made with a lot of research & innovation. The manufacturers get a lot of their influence from the land, sea, and atmosphere surrounding them. This lets them include a little bit of the place’s culture in their creations, which only adds to their uniqueness.

Look no further if you’re seeking a decent watch that’s both cheap and well-made. Triwa watches feature a variety of styles to choose from. The native Swedish heritage with El Salvador origins is a plus if a unique approach to selecting materials and case construction isn’t enough.

We nearly forgot to note that a percentage of the proceeds goes to the organization that gathered the weapons. This helps victims of armed violence support the victims of armed violence. So, tell me again, are you inclined to try your luck with Triwa?

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